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meui- mat- Is U14-both Cben- uf of of mm ComrriunieatJoaa an uehanm tot tats eapanmcnt shout be aflrtreawxl Ik Tbs LtnUsvUle Cbeas CluB cseeU at rooms 613. aad 81 Commcrea HuUdiag, Fourth an Mala. Rooms open a aU hours. J1 Ob eat Slayers wolromed. ProbIema?ro. OA. eeond nrlae la tourner of fha Ft. Join Globe. (By A. F. MactenxieJ , Black ,.- ,.- T . r,, rft ta r ;A LJ. "3 I -1 -1 1 X i fr-3t fr-3t fr-3t mm rX tTT"i r a t 1 i sal tkLi L:.J twJ iiti While l-U l-U l-U ViTilto to play and male In two moves. isolations. PROBLEM SO. M. -It-ij:. -It-ij:. -It-ij:. -It-ij:. Solved by V. H. F.llerton. Loulivllk-: Loulivllk-: Loulivllk-: Mrs. T. H. Hood, CyptitUna. , 1'POJiLd-M 1'POJiLd-M 1'POJiLd-M XO. 06. J-ll-Ut-. J-ll-Ut-. J-ll-Ut-. J-ll-Ut-. J-ll-Ut-. J-ll-Ut-. J-ll-Ut-. folved by W. it. F.llerton. A. C Lmls- Lmls- vllle: Mrs. T. H. Hood. Crnuuana: li. c L, LUiaot-thtown. LUiaot-thtown. LUiaot-thtown. The Sew York Meeting. TMlowint Is the first zame .if tho tvl maf-Uodge maf-Uodge maf-Uodge match. Tiayed July 21 : liUY lJVYZ. White (7sUutr) H-aJt H-aJt H-aJt (Hodee 1-I'-K4 1-I'-K4 1-I'-K4 1-I'-K4 1-I'-K4 I 1-K4 1-K4 1-K4 3 At-s!U At-s!U At-s!U 3- 3- U-Kti U-Kti U-Kti 3 P-J P-J P-J " 4- 4- --U.--Kt --U.--Kt --U.--Kt --U.--Kt --U.--Kt --U.--Kt 4 Hxil t 1" VIJ t S Kt K2 V. K3 O Kt K3 7PQ4 7-P-5t 7-P-5t 7-P-5t 7-P-5t 7-P-5t 6-C'ai.Ues 6-C'ai.Ues 6-C'ai.Ues t 1' KJ t Iv Kt O Cas lcs 10- 10- 1 KKt 1 V Qt 11 P K3 11 11 K' 13-B 13-B 13-B K a. l-l-l'-Qil l-l-l'-Qil l-l-l'-Qil l-l-l'-Qil l-l-l'-Qil l-l-l'-Qil l-l-l'-Qil 1 rsiBl 13 1 j ji-p. ji-p. ji-p. Kiid 14 r.xr 15 l-OB4 l-OB4 l-OB4 li H K't tl 10 Kt Ktl 1 il K' 17-Uiit-CJ 17-Uiit-CJ 17-Uiit-CJ 17-Uiit-CJ 17-Uiit-CJ 17-Kt-KU5 17-Kt-KU5 17-Kt-KU5 17-Kt-KU5 17-Kt-KU5 Kt 4 1 r Q Q J iMJRa l' KlKt 3-RtxH 3-RtxH 3-RtxH SO-Kt-il SO-Kt-il SO-Kt-il SO-Kt-il SO-Kt-il oVpC'KU Cl-KWR Cl-KWR Cl-KWR 5$-UKt 5$-UKt 5$-UKt S2-I5-Kr2 S2-I5-Kr2 S2-I5-Kr2 S2-I5-Kr2 S2-I5-Kr2 il-Kt-ftB il-Kt-ftB il-Kt-ftB il-Kt-ftB il-Kt-ftB S U3-l-K3 U3-l-K3 U3-l-K3 U3-l-K3 U3-l-K3 JiQ-QJ JiQ-QJ JiQ-QJ B4ipKJvt3 sKt Kta tb-Kl-QU tb-Kl-QU tb-Kl-QU tb-Kl-QU tb-Kl-QU rj op Qut r-' r-' r-' r-G'-i r-G'-i r-G'-i r-G'-i r-G'-i Sr pQK S.-7 S.-7 S.-7 1-vR: 1-vR: 1-vR: pnKi a 11 via "0 IQ'5 C9 B atl atTS-Qj atTS-Qj atTS-Qj si-R-Knsi. si-R-Knsi. si-R-Knsi. si-R-Knsi. si-R-Knsi. Q QU9 W-Q-QB3 W-Q-QB3 W-Q-QB3 W-Q-QB3 W-Q-QB3 33-u-K 33-u-K 33-u-K 33-u-K 33-u-K -n -n :t.irtK:i 84-C-CKt3 84-C-CKt3 84-C-CKt3 84-C-CKt3 84-C-CKt3 ?4-J-Q2 ?4-J-Q2 ?4-J-Q2 ?4-J-Q2 ?4-J-Q2 .iv-n-QB .iv-n-QB .iv-n-QB .iv-n-QB .iv-n-QB 4 r,r-p-Kui r,r-p-Kui r,r-p-Kui r,r-p-Kui r,r-p-Kui 7j.p 37 PP saTC-RCt saTC-RCt saTC-RCt . aa-P-Kiu aa-P-Kiu aa-P-Kiu aa-P-Kiu aa-P-Kiu 3 ,-Kt-R ,-Kt-R ,-Kt-R ,-Kt-R ,-Kt-R 1 S0-Q--K4 S0-Q--K4 S0-Q--K4 S0-Q--K4 S0-Q--K4 S0-Q--K4 1-Kt-B 1-Kt-B 1-Kt-B 1-Kt-B 1-Kt-B i 41 U-HKt U-HKt U-HKt K1 41-Q-1?J 41-Q-1?J 41-Q-1?J 41-Q-1?J 41-Q-1?J arKt-Q-l arKt-Q-l arKt-Q-l arKt-Q-l arKt-Q-l 4:i-'3-K2 4:i-'3-K2 4:i-'3-K2 4:i-'3-K2 4:i-'3-K2 4'45-Clt 4'45-Clt 4'45-Clt t 44- 44- Jt-C-nn. Jt-C-nn. Jt-C-nn. Jt-C-nn. Jt-C-nn. 45-r.-Ki.t2 45-r.-Ki.t2 45-r.-Ki.t2 45-r.-Ki.t2 45-r.-Ki.t2 4 R KlA . 40-2-VR. 40-2-VR. 40-2-VR. 40-2-VR. 40-2-VR. 47kpx 47-3-Kt 47-3-Kt 47-3-Kt 47-3-Kt 47-3-Kt . Zil-RI Zil-RI Zil-RI Sl-K-Kt Sl-K-Kt Sl-K-Kt Sl-K-Kt Sl-K-Kt 8. -.. -.. 52-Kt 52-Kt 52-Kt 3 f Kri3 64-1V-B 64-1V-B 64-1V-B 64-1V-B 64-1V-B " , OT-O-H OT-O-H OT-O-H OT-O-H OT-O-H leb. 5-Dk-.,, 5-Dk-.,, 5-Dk-.,, 5-Dk-.,, 5-Dk-.,, -o-i'-'i-t -o-i'-'i-t -o-i'-'i-t -o-i'-'i-t -o-i'-'i-t -o-i'-'i-t -o-i'-'i-t -o-i'-'i-t &,;,P. aisuo g 03-P 03-P 03-P Kit .-R .-R .-R 2i 4l5xP C4 Ran H--KUR H--KUR H--KUR H--KUR h. . f-o-KxP f-o-KxP f-o-KxP f-o-KxP f-o-KxP . sTxt-(M sTxt-(M sTxt-(M (ch.) e'-K- e'-K- e'-K- e'-K- . nKt-Bi nKt-Bi nKt-Bi ;a-RjKt ;a-RjKt ;a-RjKt - KPxR lio-p- lio-p- lio-p- lio-p- . 70 P HH TO-K TO-K TO-K Q-i Q-i Q-i 71-P 71-P 71-P T.-S T.-S T.-S Tl-T Tl-T Tl-T y7 --.l.-KCT --.l.-KCT --.l.-KCT --.l.-KCT --.l.-KCT 72-P 72-P 72-P WO n-ssQ n-ssQ n-ssQ iK-ms iK-ms iK-ms beUgus. -. -. : Hews aad Gossip. The BildMimmr meeting f the Kew Ym l bets AhiuUihi N;n st Kkc-Iclca Kkc-Iclca Kkc-Iclca July at- at- The first day a evotd to the ni-Ui'h ni-Ui'h ni-Ui'h between IMiuar and li'-drei. li'-drei. li'-drei. m tfto nrst ir iioacra won -wuu. -wuu. xn iiirihrr tr-wn tr-wn tr-wn kaa b-eti b-eti b-eti rereivcd. yivj plarcr eiitered tr :hillliea P u.Kmrv. tin ihlrtv ihe handlrap. u 1 v. Huha. tPrkoent of the United stc Che Atmk tattoo. y there will l no meeting ibi year. 11 vim 113 true it U a -peat -peat pliy. TJ. - . ... 1 lu. .rti r, ia a, am Srm tbattim. afiil a mceUag Mbould be held averr jaar. Owo year wil viu new a ,(xv hu-.h hu-.h hu-.h in (k. ini-L ini-L ini-L A eurti buwl I n a thi tmll ! .oukl fat U- U- Say tor Um .World SA Con-nrss Con-nrss Con-nrss next year, poskiul. Let on b aeiA 2g The Zresoen IntrnloBal rnnriia nW Jtty ao. rr. Tnm-jc. Tnm-jc. Tnm-jc. of ama- ama- rurc, winner of Uie Mancbcxtrr tourna. mnt of ltUO. Won t.rt prize wuh 1 wiim! MakOWits aad lon-cs lon-cs lon-cs till for recoad aad thirtl, with 11 wtn; Marco and Walbniat tie for fourth and ftttk, with TO. Tte fIerlal prise for iht lot seore -ralnt -ralnt ta I'nie winners was wa by biarXibanM. hrvnr"- hrvnr"- o( the soo-rrlxe soo-rrlxe soo-rrlxe winners: Wiaawer and Rtu-fl-lebra, Rtu-fl-lebra, Rtu-fl-lebra, Rtu-fl-lebra, Rtu-fl-lebra, p f-S f-S f-S ; Uawn and r-otacaall. r-otacaall. r-otacaall. , p; blackburne. 8; Aibln. bcbottlander ao-t ao-t ao-t Von frfheva, 7; MJ-xs MJ-xs MJ-xs and oa. 6: Paal son and Loman. a 1-2. 1-2. 1-2. : TO RELEASE TALTOH HALL Report That Ills Friends Are Preys tag t Make a Desperate Eflort. Bristol, Tenn, Aug. Sr-cial.) Sr-cial.) Sr-cial.) M. Pet er, who arrived here this aXteraooei from Kentucky, says there 1 great ex-ertemwnt ex-ertemwnt ex-ertemwnt in Wi crnntv ovrr tlie ra-x-rt ra-x-rt ra-x-rt ra-x-rt ra-x-rt that Talton Hall's frVnde in Let-.ii-er Let-.ii-er Let-.ii-er Let-.ii-er Let-.ii-er county, Ky, are seourrng the touu4 tains for tuea to rel-ase rel-ase rel-ase him Irom the Wise county Jail. Tliere are only rwen-. rwen-. rwen-. ty gunrds with rifl-s rifl-s rifl-s at thn jsil, and a t3b of Hall' friends could ooa overpower overpower tliem, 1 he rflicials or Big Stone Gap anit ntiior towi-s towi-s towi-s are arming laea and seocW ing them to Wian as last as tbey can, Talten Hall and "Doc Tailor, who ia in jail for the vrhoWalo butchery C Moonshimr MuTliua and family at Poond Gtip, siiook hands 1a the iad tills wvrk, nnd made fri-Mviv fri-Mviv fri-Mviv llaii and . Tyl have teen bitttr enemi' sin Taylor aK'uned in arr-ling arr-ling arr-ling UsU. It is tho oniuina of the Wi county people that tite friends of Hall and Taylor know ot this and are working tor?ther. Taylor is to he trtnd for murd'r in ?Mpteniber anct liail is to he Jiangeo. ir a larp force of oftioer do not go to the jait the two dfirjierednes may be relcaacd beiore to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow s sun set. KILLED WHILE HUNTING. Mrshacb Warfield Aecidratly Shot Bf m Com panioa. Frankfort, Ky Aug.' C iSperial.)- iSperial.)- nenry Shannon, a lad of seventeen years, formerly of Loaisville, enr-e enr-e enr-e to the dty last niirht snd deliverel himt-elf himt-elf himt-elf np ta the jailer for killing his little eousia. .Mestiach TIbNh M, ilurtn year ot agN This moin'.ns torontr Uelamey invests Gated the matte:, and as the evidence tended to show that the Killing w-aa w-aa w-aa t.ur-ly t.ur-ly t.ur-ly Bcculer-tal. Bcculer-tal. Bcculer-tal. tl-e tl-e tl-e Jury teturned a verdict acc-,nUtg!y. acc-,nUtg!y. acc-,nUtg!y. and Siannon rclcujKell. The two hoys and another, nauied Willi-;m Willi-;m Willi-;m fr-onas fr-onas fr-onas wr ott ia th wihmIs, three tuiks from t lie city oa tit Plat Crk turnpike, i-hootinc i-hootinc i-hootinc aauirrala. A squirrel ran into a tree and Shannon,, witd a cocfeed, twenty-two twenty-two twenty-two ealibr rile. sat down to await fcr Uk. squirrel t tvepp-'a.. tvepp-'a.. tvepp-'a.. The gun accidentally dropped ont nf Ms ha mis and eaploeWI iut aa WnrSeld orew near bim, and the l-f.ll l-f.ll l-f.ll entered sltove the 3' and killed til lad instant b. COL KING'S RIND AFTECTED. At Timea the Coademaed Slaa Sees entirely Bereft of Reason Memphis. Tcnn, Aug. Special- Special- Col. H. Clay Kiags mind become nor snd more afleeted aa the day set for hi execution draws nearer. His nervon. ncss increases, and at time be seem tabu tabu entirely bereft ot his nnsea, A few daya ag he aosaultod his soa-ro-law, soa-ro-law, soa-ro-law, soa-ro-law, soa-ro-law, ' Mr. Brooks, sua ran eaiiea so ae mv at tho tail, aceusinc Hrooks ct betnr on of the detMtiv who, as he thinks, ar lureu ny nis enemies to waica nira. a snot her tint he dro his devov-d devov-d devov-d wlfa from bis presence, ordering her to stay, aaay irom mm irom toraomnrai. Col. King is paying bat little atSjsa- atSjsa- tian to the efforts thsi ar being mad in his. behalf by counsel and member-, member-, member-, of hi family. He saya wliea th tint-. tint-. tint-. cornea he will di like a man, bat hi execution will be a judicial murder. Hia wife and daughter and several other Memphis women are betdesing Gov. Bo-rJmnan Bo-rJmnan Bo-rJmnan for a commutation of aente-ooe, aente-ooe, aente-ooe, hut ao lar apparently witoout resiirs A Lawyer Shot. Lutjt. Vs Aug. . H. TJ. Snyder, av mcmher of tit Luray bar. was shot la cvtning by L. E. Uroyle, Deputy Cob lector of Intetnal Kevenoe. of the Sixth) Virginia district, in th post-office. post-office. post-office. After the shooting, Broyles gav hi r volver to Campbell, the pustmastec, antf was arrested and plaoed in jail. Saya own eoodittoa is very serious. Both of the men are prominent Ba publicans. Broylea, it is slid, ha4 rhin-id rhin-id rhin-id fnyder with trying to reesov bim from the offioe et Collxtor, ad 11 i blievl that th ahootlnc waa th re-suit re-suit re-suit ot a pmmal quarrel oa Uu sab jet-U jet-U jet-U ' - Killed By aTrala. KashviTIe, Tentu, Aug. . 2. D. Hat tnn, an employe of Brejer'a barber shop, white oa bis way to work this aaorsintf ia atta-mptintr atta-mptintr atta-mptintr to crone the Northwestern- Northwestern- -railroad track, between Clay street n4 th new shop, waa struck by aa iaeona. ing (ia-M-tir-r (ia-M-tir-r (ia-M-tir-r (ia-M-tir-r (ia-M-tir-r (ia-M-tir-r (ia-M-tir-r train aud abstained injuries from which he diul ia a lew hour. Th Eagiaeer KUled. Knoxvilio, letin-, letin-, letin-, Aug. A pisswn ger train oa th tUTecinee, Virginia) and Georgia railroad was wreckd this ferenonn at Witt's foundery. Eaglnex Hob Boaart was killed, but B so els waa injured. 1 he cause of the wreck la unknown. " Taens Is no one artlela la the Bos of atedi. etn tha pre so h-rc h-rc h-rc a reaur tor ta. .BMMiey as a sood porout strencthaaiag ! utr. auea as Carter's fcmart Was a4 fida auftn Mac li arts flaatcrs,

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 07 Aug 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 11

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