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 - ndg-Mnt Col-leee, Epinw-pal a been in poor...
ndg-Mnt Col-leee, Epinw-pal a been in poor health nnd is now quit delicate, having found it acoassary to spend th greater portion of th lost two years in Florida. California, and Cuba. - 81EEP1N6 BEAUTY. Eatertaiamaat far th Baefit f brae Church to Begin nt ilo-caalet ilo-caalet ilo-caalet Thi week. The original, romantic fairy extrava ganza, - bleeping Beauty , founded on the popular nursery tale ot the anine name, win be presented on Friday even ing aad Saturday Afternoon thi week. for the -benefit -benefit of Graj church. The teatecta&nmeht i to be an elaboratd one, the. costuming handscme, and tho chancten purtzayed by choice youthful tolent. Sleeping Beauty wa first performed performed A tho Theater Boyal, Drury ILune, Xjondoo Eater Bfonday, April 2Q,'1840; and the story is as follow t: In the year 1543, T nomas turnumed Noddy. King of Koland, and his wife, Queen Serena, iesued invitation to lords aud ladie and fairies of tho court d attend tho chifeteniag of the Princess Lmhelle. their infant daughter. Seven fairies wer invited, tho rairy Baneful being forgotten, by renson of her exceeding exceeding Ad age. One of Iter imps informing informing her ot tb'a fact, she vow ven-geonce, ven-geonce, ven-geonce, mount her fiery dragon and arrive arrive at the castle jut as the festivities, are about to commence. As her revenge, tho decree that ere the iTinces attains her majority, she shall run a spimik through, her hand and die. Tbe Fairy Antiduta eomea to the rescue providing thte th decree shall be only in pirt t alnllad, the Frlncess lumberinr for one fcpodred years, nt the expiration ef that fme being awakened by a ranae, wtii MMuses her. " tr&lim Carrte- Carrte- Furguson, petite bru- bru- fott -of -of fourteen years, will b the aineess. and tluring tite aocixid act will amg the pretty balkid. Every Koao Must Have it Thorn,' from Wang, anl ThinkinT of Thee." by C. ATwhita. 6ho displays remarkable mosicsl and 4 cam tie ability, and ' promise to mako ait intelligent and vivacious Princess. TfiDm.Ceoko ha won iauiela for himself ere now in ltzht opera, and i thorooiihJy at home . .in tlte comedy role ot Baron iVetotum. He - will sing " Brown Oe-Vst.-er Oe-Vst.-er Oe-Vst.-er Oe-Vst.-er Oe-Vst.-er Ale,' from Bobin Hood. Bobert J. llaight atwuine the par of the Kiu f Kolaud, and Miae Linda Lee will be the Queen. - Henry Tilford. the Frince, will sing "Wake, Lady, Wake," from tbe Doctor of Alcantitra. Box-sheet Box-sheet Box-sheet for ticket for Sleeping Beauty will be open lor on week, bo- bo- gnu lag Monday leerva seau lor Friday, SI ; fetYved seat for nutine ven:y-nve ven:y-nve ven:y-nve cent; admMsion to balcony, fifty cent. CDOimunloattoos and xchangs for this epartmeot houat b addrasssd t th tutor. -Th -Th Loanrtlle Cheat Club mseU at rooms C13 and fll Oommere Building. Fourth and Midn Booms opca at all hours. aU cbSttS piayara welcomed. Problem No. TT. By .Miss Lillian Balra. Black (6). i- i- i i " 4 ? St i ( r i a-r-J a-r-J a-r-J a-r-J a-r-J i ""i fn x 3 r.3 i i Ll2 iLrs ! In' gr 5,? ft LJa tu iTaal Wait (10K Wklte to play aod mat In? tw moves. 4t above nrublem ww awarded th aacisl srixe In M:e Hrtstol Vsrearv touraer jror the best problem by one wbo aad aever Competed ia a tuumey. Alias Uaird ia but aefo er ot age. Problem No. Tfi. ' , (America Chess Sfthly 4 , By Jonathan Hall. Boston. Bteck f3l. t9-L t9-L t9-L i. t V s v m m .in t..;.s - . Willi is. Whit W rmy and iat to U-re U-re U-re moves. Fur (a nrst curroct toiaUon oi Mil urn problems a pacliaf f cholc Chess Utera- Utera- turn, . . kolaUoaa. PROBLEM XO. 73. - J-B J-B J-B Kt 2. Solved by A. L, W- W- H. EHerto. ettv; Charles 8. Jacob). ICS aiulosa, iowa; S. C L., Eiiiabetbtown. r"BOLtM NO. 74. f-Kt-0 f-Kt-0 f-Kt-0 f-Kt-0 f-Kt-0 S , 1 K-Q K-Q K-Q S 2 Q K. sq K B 4 3 Q K. B. mate. fr.lved bv W. H. Ellerton. city: . W. Lb, iaris: Chasa Club, iiardinaburg. Ind. Cans la Kw York. ' On of Qte twenty gsrres played stnnd-l stnnd-l stnnd-l eously by Mr. Tsrltigorin at th Man-hattab Man-hattab Man-hattab Cue Ctub, April , U aa follows: (inm tb Beauklya SUiBiar4-Unioa4 SUiBiar4-Unioa4 SUiBiar4-Unioa4 EVANS GAMBIT DECLINED. While (Mr. Tkchigurin) Black (Mr. Bridge) 11 -It -It 4 1 P K 4 9-iCt-K 9-iCt-K 9-iCt-K 9-iCt-K 9-iCt-K B 3 3 U B 4 4 P U Kt 4 o P Q K 4 Castles 7 P K S 8 P-Kt P-Kt P-Kt &-Kt.Kt &-Kt.Kt &-Kt.Kt 10 P B 3 11 P U 4 1-2 1-2 1-2 B K 3 13 P K tt 3 14 Q B 3 15 Kt B 3 1 PaK P 17 Pxa p 18 QaB 1 l K Kt SO, 5SO K-Kt K-Kt K-Kt T 21 PxP 21 QxP 2 Kt Q B 3 3 U U 4 4 B Kt 3 (a) ft f Q H 3 P VI 3 7 M U S 8 Kt-Q Kt-Q Kt-Q 3 9 BxKt 10 U K 3 I 11 J-B J-B J-B 3 12 Kb iC B 3 13 Q Kt 3 14 CasUea. 15 K U so, ltf PxK. P 17 Baa : . 18 PxP 19 B K 3 SO P B 4 jsi KtxP' 22ktQ 3 tb) S3 BxB P 24 B B 4 - 5 KtxB... - ' 2-K 2-K 2-K Kt t4. V!7 U B K a ' 2 ft Vp B 3 39 Q B Q SO.. . ;to B K 3 31 QxP, ca. S2 B S. eh. 33 ft B. 3. cu. 34 U Q 7 35 RxP. Ch. 3l- 3l- B , ch. . 1 - J?OTE8. s id 2 KtxKt . 27 0 B 4 28 Kt K. 3 2 Q-Q Q-Q Q-Q 4 30 Q B 6 31 i K 7 (d) 3J K-B K-B K-B 3 3.! K. . 34 K-Kt K-Kt K-Kt 4- 4- 35 Kt-U Kt-U Kt-U 3 ie) . 30 KxB 37 Besigns. (0 (a) Xaay cxrert do not play th Evuis, for Um rcawou tlwt the refusal of tt gajn- gajn- BM'-frtvea BM'-frtvea BM'-frtvea watte naaaasd sasae. 1b a very lncenlous move, wblck must aav surpcuc4 Mr. X. .. ,,. ukt 3. toning a clmnre of Queens, would have given While a good gsme. '- '- (U) white probably taw Uta luts of th Pawn, but did not thins: U would be nous. In view of his threatening mat. Black played th" ending la line style. e This looked very prouttslng. toe It kreaene to tn a pluc. Taa ivpiy must Kav been a surpriso. . -I) -I) for If 37. K-Kt K-Kt K-Kt sq, Q Kt 6. . 38. K-U K-U K-U su, QxKk ea. 3to. Kt Kt sq, Q Kt a. ch. 40. K-lisq, K-lisq, K-lisq, B B 8, ca. 41. JLxa, at mates. Chess Culling. A chess club haa been crganixed at uaesrsiown. au- au- Toledo U after the next Tailed Slates Chase AiMOoiation meetins. Mr. enowalter was in Baltimore last week, giving exhibition. The match with Llpsohuta was postponed, one week, and begins begins to-morrow, to-morrow, to-morrow, Xr. SUHoitx ptaved twenty slmllitMiWMH games at tbe Boston Chess Club, wiroinff . l.j., m nti dnvln t. Ha also plyd a aumoer of eoBSuaUlioa and odds games- games- . Tb Xaeters' Timrnameiw at London closed Apnl a, with tb loliowtng soorat Laftaer. won 1. 1-2. 1-2. 1-2. lost 1121 blackburne, won 6, lost 2; Mason, won 4, Kt 4: Uuna-berr. Uuna-berr. Uuna-berr. won 31-3, 31-3, 31-3, tot 3 1-2; 1-2; 1-2; Bird, won 1, mm chess publlo will read with rrcret. tAO rjuOww nwii.pwiwi uraw .- .- tetnitx in te Dcocauber autufcer of Ute In-. In-. In-. . t. . uk' Tli. iw hi n L mi m- m- J"-. J"-. J"-. - -. -. . bnr. iM concludes the seventh vo.uma of this nauaatee. comes out mur onmuis after Its haw la duo. aud I regf to slate, that cbJstly oa aecouat f ay vu-j vu-j vu-j engagement engagement I am unable at present to re-rover re-rover re-rover arrears of time rn tlie publication l this Journal, and I bsv. tberetatw. derided . i - . n a I. w h mrtt WM K ! -" -" " -M -M ' mtentioai and der to begin a now series m January yvmr mv sUncss perndk aod I may express hope that chess friends will -du -du obUge at wXa tbeu aapport In that evenk - It 1 to be hoped that the next meet-tng meet-tng meet-tng of th Kentnrky Chess Association wtU b more successful than its predereKeor. Heretofor th metiis hae only laoted on day. and. there haa aever beea a real tournament. tournament. - Keatucky sh-!d. sh-!d. sh-!d. In this respect, tone lemono from her Hooker sfc-t-r, sfc-t-r, sfc-t-r, sfc-t-r, sfc-t-r, wtt r tbey bave fine meetings. If ta officer wlU this vear provide tor a touraantent with prises, select a suitable time and place, and let the people know about It. mere will probably b a BMeatnt; of whioh no tM could ho ashamed. Th Assoctalloa chouJd not wH to be Invited, but select a and go there with the cxpecusaktn o( tlte members eaterUiuing Ueaielves. TliU U Mie only wav to run such a tiling, but It la ccrtuin that the plnvers of the plsce te-lected te-lected te-lected wUl tot he backward in extending oM-fasbloned oM-fasbloned oM-fasbloned KaoUwky hospjtaXl-sy. hospjtaXl-sy. hospjtaXl-sy. MACSHAMn'S ? WETMIART. A Yonait Wsmii CmposUr Circa th SntcM f ller Bclilh4 to at fj. At romantic sequel t the suicide t James F, MacTShane. at tb WaverVy lItJ haa heen dvoloorsl. XjjtSltan wa engmsrd to b married to Mis? Ma Agenbroad. a compositor on tho Cincinnati Cincinnati Cosumeicial Caaett They had been regularly corresponding 'with each other, and only a few day be Jure th suicide waa committed MaoShane wrote a letter to her. in which ho seemed to be in good spirit. On tho night srvr th suicide. Mis AffMihnAft vu ariven the headline to a special detailing IaeSUane' d ath. She took her seal at the case and wa pro-Baring pro-Baring pro-Baring to set up tlte headline, when th wa seen to reel and fail to tho floor. AttT sit bad recovered, tlto torv of ltr engaKement to Atacbluuio wa learned. When ahe saw his nam sh bad fainted, and the prostration was o gr- gr- at that so wilt not be able I resume her Uutk for several dsys. FEVU CIQHTT recT. Carpenter Coy Or Trm tb ra-fivwstA ra-fivwstA ra-fivwstA Uttdge, UsiaarisnUal ts bart. .Cyw W. Coy. a carpenter employed on the rennyslvunia bridge, bad a thrtU-in thrtU-in thrtU-in exDerienco vet rdty ntr-ai-g- ntr-ai-g- ntr-ai-g- ntr-ai-g- ntr-ai-g- ntr-ai-g- U wa working oa. tho hridtTN when' ha

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 17 Apr 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 15

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