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 - OomcuBlcaUatu and exchanges for this aportmmt...
OomcuBlcaUatu and exchanges for this aportmmt should bo addressed Uie less editor. Tie Louisville Cats Club meets al rooms 613 and 014 commerce Building. Fourth and M:dn. Rooms open at all hours. IU1 cbes. player welcomed. CorreapoaOener. . f H.. 6t Paul The paper comes all right now. ;dt thanks. t C. 6. J, Des Moines-Sorrr to My per did not show up week. tjie 1 Prlncttoo Brownson's Chess Journal Is the best thins for lovers of problem, ddress O. A. Brownson. Eocfcdile, la. i Problem No. CO. i iiiy rionman.) i First prise, the Chrltms tournament of the Sew York 6Ua-Zeltanc i Black (7). fy- ... fii ? al fcsi M tel f rT'i m m PS; .EAS rai m n iia White (Ui. White to play and mate is two mores. Kolatioas. PBOBLESX KO. 58. 1-Q-B8. . i"?.' J57 A- J- C W. II. rJlerton. tou-IsvtUe; n. :. U. Uxabethuwn ; Craig Tingle. Georgetown H. J. N.. Jeffenonville Jn4; Che Uub. HarsiwbuVg. litdT ' The Jsdd.ahewalter Match - Talr teeatk Game. kcy iopEa. Whits (Mr. Jadd) . Black (Mr. Showalten 1-P-R 4 s k ki a 3 a it Kt & 4 Castle 5- P-Q 4 i P-J o 7- Kl n 3 ! 8 Kttht o wtxK e 10- Kt-ll 4 11- Kt-K3fa) a a p-n 4 14 p-q Kt 3 (b) 11 B Kt 2 J(lQ Q 3 17 K U Ml 1-Q II kt wq (e) IftKt B 3-Q aq SO 0 B al (d 21 P-B 3 3 Q B 2 S3-P-0 K 4 () 24 Q B i 2u Q Kt 3 S R B 3 27 It Q 3 KUB, C1BK 3 (b 1 P K. 4 2 Q Kt B 3 8 Kt B 3 4 Ktxp 6 B K S 0 Kt Q 3 7 KUB 8 KI Kt sq S P Q 3 .O-OasUei II- P-Q U 4 la P-li 4 III Kt Q s 14 B B a lb B Q 5 19 U B 3 17- P-U Kt 4 18 B B 31 - i-a i k m 30 M K 6 21 P B i 24-B Kt 8 S3 K R K 19 24 E Kt S 2.1 O b 2 S BxP 27 R (K 5) K S 23-QxKt 20 Q Q 0' ncgns. KOTE& ( In the eleventh game Mr. Jndd pisf-sd 11-Kt-Q 4 here. - Ib Very bad. and really opening the "ay for a win nine attack for white. ct The only move, as black threatens to win plere by ! P Kt 5. (1 Aaln the only tnove, black threaten! nc Ct-KxKL e Tt rerent Kt R 4. ihn E Kt 3 U no better, for then E K IT wins. rmn teenth and Una) game, played Jnnuary BUY LOPEZ. Whit (Mr. ohewalter) J P-K4 e-KKt n 3 u n Kt - 4 R-R4 . . "ft Titles. I C 4 7-ir Kt 3 (al a-prp o-Kl Kt 3 fll rv m 2 OKI n 3 3 P-QR 3 4 Kt B 3 3-KtxP P-OKt I T-P-Q 4 ) Kt K 2 0 KUKt 10 B Kt 3 (o 11- O-QS la p n 3 14- Kt3M; 15 Castles (e). 1-Kt K 4 - IT-O-Kti la-B-KtSOt, 10 BxKt VO-KlxB CIBxB 2-i K Kt aq . 3 K B aq t!4 K Kt sfl 2i K B SO. ( iW K B S 27-K 111 ' J-K-4 r.el2nf. (k Jl 3 P3 13- Kt B3 13 Kit K sq 34 Oil Q SO. 10 B KB 4 (ft 17 V Kt O -19 B Kt3 CO KlB M-HxPr)f : 23 OxP cli E3 Q Kt 6 (elil j 4 O H 0 ( h' B-Q Kt feh) 27 O B 7 (chj 2-KPxKt f l Q B (ch) SO P K G SOTES. fa) 7 P-Q ft Is not favorable. - T-Ktx P uy be piayea. but be- text move is stronger. .... (b) A powerful eenllnoarVwi. bringing White's Q B Into pl7 and IncreaMns too pi tenure on the Q P. tr Apparently better now than B K 3. d The Q Is forced to saovo aa Wbite aroatens .trK. f arch last, patent-leather flexible soles, made en foot-form Price before this cat... Price now. to If Arctic or Rubber remember that we for Rubber SPECIAL ATTENTION K LEI U HANS & ammoth Shoe Market St, bet. i. stark has no move' on the hoanl I - , .m 4K H irlifll It i.'U exc pt this hazarlous experiment of rsstUnB on uie exposea 14 iui nam urawum Q Kt e. ass'ime a silll more menacing position. I K IRQ 11111114 V. ' ' " . . J " liflil hnd ueep-i)chte;I comblnstkm. .1.1 D. U .f. it rw)f takA thA B on a-Miitt of It-aUQ P l: KiKt; 20 BxR, PxB ; Si It B a lew ana win. in 1 note moves were rcrau.-i w dme. (1 Thr-e appears -notMng better. "hlte threatens VQ R 4. which would brin? about a mating position. If Q Kt 6, P QBl . . ... . (kt whr wins ov xorce. wiwioui cour to his numerical sujwrioiity. Chess Calllsgt. Mr. Ounsberg h bren tprlously 111 of Inflammatory rheumatism, lie U now improving. a ui i Tn lift. t.n dArted la Xew York. It Is called the (Xmnctl Cham ber Club, ana meeu at 4o jmanwir. Mr. Cberles . Jacobs has a oripin eolnmn In the te Jloinee haturtoy lie-view, lie started a problem tourney last week. Reports from the Havana match have been very meager and rxratradletory. The laU report has tt Tschlcorln. 4 : btelnltz. S : draaa, 4. The b'ew Orlcana and Slanhottan are rvlr to arrance a team match by tele-grapv. It la Itopod that It wlU be arranCcJ, a nch an event, between the to leading clubs of tbas country, would be of nafconai Interest. Nothing bis been beard from Mr. tip. shuts to restard to his proposed matolt with Sir. thowalter. Tb tatter Is mxIoos to play, but the expected ehailenfra haa not ap-ppareil ao far. If It eomes off, toe match will be piayed in LoutovUle. BRIEF JELEGR&MS. Dr. AT B. Bradbnry, of Munrto. IndJ was struck by a Big lour train anil killed. The Parliament of Canada has been called for the dipstch of business on February 15. The ConnellsviUe, Pa,, Catholle church, valued at $100,000, was burned yesterday morning. Rev. Peter Hennaert Vicar General of the Detroit diooree. and tbe oldee priest In point of servioo in Drtroit, tiled Friday night of grippe, at St. Mary's Hospital. Tbe Ferdinand street branch of the Boston Electric Licht Company was de-' stroyed by fire early yesterday morning. The low is estimated at $200,000. One man Is thought to have been burned to death. , A man named Moorehead. from Kansas City, eo route to Oklahoma with a ear-load of goods, was killed in a wreck at Clemen ta, Ksn.; caused by the second section of a Santo Fe freight train running Into the rear of tbe first section. JL B. Puryear, the white man who was leader of tlie negro rioters in the late troubles in Lin wood. Ark., has been santenerd o twenty-one year in the -penit -ntiary. Cbsrb Nichols, one of the droperodoes, also revived a sentence of ten yenr3. This cloora the prosecution, Elder John B. Vane, of the Alfred. Mc SLskers, declares that the charges szainat the Community which wore recently published in a Boston paper are unqualifiedly falw, and that they emanated from an Alfred phyidan of shady reputation. He says the Community ooutts inveslicatiou from any fair-minded source In court or out. THE UEDERKRANZ CARNIVAL. The Aaaaal Sask Ball to Ce Gives On Fo binary 11. I The annual carnival of the Lkderkrana Singing Society takes place Thursday, February 1 1, at LiCderfcTanz HalL Louisville can not boat of many carnival entertainment and the Uederkranz's rnaeked hull i generally regarded ss an important event. : Tlie Society is making greet preparations for an elaborate stage production, with which tlie carnival is to be opened. : The mwt notable feature of the programme is to be a musical farce, written by a musician of this city, "The American 1 log Its exclusion from Germany, and Its triumphant return." The play consists of two acts, tbe first scene being laid in America on a West-,rn farm, and the lust in the great hall of thei Berlin imperial castle, where a grand court reception is tendered the porker. As a matter of eouwe, a great many chance for gorgeous displays of costumeo am offered, and souie of the tableaux will bo ma gnill cent. . ' John Ryan, em p loped at Snead'i found, ery. was sttutk ly a large board thrown by a circular saw and badly Injured yesterday morning. . i was struck In toe left ride, and tha slot rib was broken, ,

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 24 Jan 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 12

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