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 - CommusxaUoos and exchangea for tlds eepaitmest...
CommusxaUoos and exchangea for tlds eepaitmest should be addressed to the chess editor. Ccrrespondenee. Chess Club, llardissburg, lnU Many thsnks ft- ft- the game. WIU always be glad to hear from you. - Preblssa So. 45. Chmposnd for the CrxiHer-JournsJ CrxiHer-JournsJ CrxiHer-JournsJ by T. W. Feed. UrouUyn, N. Y. . Black (4) R !,jm.Li L1.I lid Ma LU kej I. T'7 K t V 4 r r T.j rra5 rT r- r- I V ""'1 White (7) White to ptay and mnto M two moves. For each cot rcct solution, two newspapers containing chew columns. olatioBs. PB- PB- PLEM KO. 43. 1 C-Kt C-Kt C-Kt 5 l-PxC l-PxC l-PxC -P-llh(ch -P-llh(ch -P-llh(ch -P-llh(ch a-PiPmale. a-PiPmale. a-PiPmale. orations ate obrlout. Solved by &ircas Kohn. Frank Bre-ster. Bre-ster. Bre-ster. hr; Itardinklriitr lhf-n lhf-n lhf-n fluh, liardiosburg. Ind.; 11. C. U. J.!ltsiiethton. PKOhLKM NO. 43. 1-Q-K7; 1-Q-K7; 1-Q-K7; 1-Q-K7; 1-Q-K7; 8 WeJ 1 j W. J. EU. CovUigton. Ky. Chess In at.'Lsaia The following pretty gams Is the first In the Consultation Match. Bobbin and Pick vs. Hiish and kocrper. STAUNXt.X'a OI'tXINQ. . Whlte Black tltohlMns snd Pick. (Hlrsh snd Koeruer i I H K 4 l-PK l-PK l-PK 4 ' -KK -KK BS 2-.'! 2-.'! 2-.'! na 3-e-ua 3-e-ua 3-e-ua 3-e-ua 3-e-ua a-Kt-r.a a-Kt-r.a a-Kt-r.a a-Kt-r.a a-Kt-r.a -V-Q -V-Q -V-Q -V-Q 4 4-1 4-1 4-1 IP Bad. Mr. Mas Judd thinks KtxP proper here. 5-P 5-P 5-P K 5 8 Kt- Kt- KS 7- 7- PxP 7-k.t-i 7-k.t-i 7-k.t-i 7-k.t-i 7-k.t-i 3 As a re-uli re-uli re-uli of his esk frauth move. Black lofces vaiuabla tnno with this hL whibi White attalus a line development. 8- 8- V-Q V-Q V-Q 5 -Kl -Kl (K J)Q 5 CKixKt KtxKt JO QK 4 . 10-U-Kt 10-U-Kt 10-U-Kt 10-U-Kt 10-U-Kt S (chl ii-Kt-n ii-Kt-n ii-Kt-n ii-Kt-n ii-Kt-n 3 , , n-r-sim n-r-sim n-r-sim n-r-sim n-r-sim li b-j:i b-j:i b-j:i U 12-PxP 12-PxP 12-PxP en. pas.. 13-KtxP 13-KtxP 13-KtxP " - . 13-P 13-P 13-P K.U4 ' ' This tis game, but hs had Dothihg good. QK 3 WU probably best. ia rar eo. pns. (en; ij--i!!i ij--i!!i ij--i!!i ij--i!!i 14 Ca.iles. 14-QxP 14-QxP 14-QxP 15 P-JO P-JO P-JO 1HH 4 (ch 17- 17- Kt Q 1 ' - 18- 18- 11 KKt 5 III Q M o (chl SO-Kt-B SO-Kt-B SO-Kt-B SO-Kt-B SO-Kt-B 7 (chl 1 U-ll U-ll U-ll 7- 7- state. l-tJXP l-tJXP l-tJXP inK n IT I) QH 4 1 Kt ill 3" lw K K so. SO-BxKt SO-BxKt SO-BxKt Leoklag Hack ward." , Tho Leeds (Eng.) Mercury has txed up the following game, supposed to have been plavod by two : dulfers, showing bow Lhird's famous. Looking Backward prob-. prob-. prob-. lent nay bo reached by actual ploy Whits. Black l-PK l-PK l-PK 11 4 s kv-jc kv-jc kv-jc ii a a p-k p-k p-k it 4 4 It K 5 Kl 4) U 3 6 lit J 5 -, -, 7 P Q U 3 8 I'xKt t PvP 10- 10- B-Kt B-Kt B-Kt a 11- 11- 1E U S4 1J-UXP 1J-UXP 1J-UXP t.l IIP' 14-PxR 14-PxR 14-PxR 14 PxP ltt-Kt-K ltt-Kt-K ltt-Kt-K ltt-Kt-K ltt-Kt-K 6v(cM 17 B Kt a 13 ii Q B 4 19 Kt Kt (Chl IX) KtxH 21 li Q ft ' BxR 83 n K S 24 K-B K-B K-B it ; - EoKt3T " 37-OxKt 37-OxKt 37-OxKt fiM-o fiM-o fiM-o Q n 8 U-K-B U-K-B U-K-B U-K-B U-K-B S 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K H 4 S Kt Q B 3 S-I'-Q S-I'-Q S-I'-Q S-I'-Q S-I'-Q K 4 4 P K a 5 P-j P-j P-j Kt 4 - 6-KtxKt 6-KtxKt 6-KtxKt 7 Kt-Kt Kt-Kt Kt-Kt 6 8- 8- P-lt P-lt P-lt 8 t-IMJt t-IMJt t-IMJt . 10P i ll -li -li K 3 13- 13- P-Q P-Q P-Q U ia ft H 5 14- 14- K-B K-B K-B 8 li K Kt 8 ie-K-H ie-K-H ie-K-H ie-K-H ie-K-H 4-17-KxP 4-17-KxP 4-17-KxP 4-17-KxP 4-17-KxP lj-p-Kita lj-p-Kita lj-p-Kita lj-p-Kita lj-p-Kita 11V-KIR 11V-KIR 11V-KIR , so-rtxKt so-rtxKt so-rtxKt ; . ' Cl-QXK Cl-QXK Cl-QXK ' PC K K T 2-l 2-l 2-l Ovll (ch) U4-aP U4-aP U4-aP fotua -8jQ-Kt -8jQ-Kt -8jQ-Kt -8jQ-Kt 4 -P-H -P-H -P-H -P-H h 27-n-r.4 27-n-r.4 27-n-r.4 27-n-r.4 27-n-r.4 pa-K-n pa-K-n pa-K-n pa-K-n pa-K-n 2S-Q-H 2S-Q-H 2S-Q-H 2S-Q-H 2S-Q-H 4 (cU MAKE A' And break away houses, where . pay cash, to pay those to whom they to these prices is gnto cover losses in effect the bad debts of others. us. We sell to nd have but one low With us you only buy; at other pay for what YOU lor what some bought. CLOTHING, HATS, FIXINGS, MARKET BETWEEN SIXTH The Largest the OPEN EVENINGS a SO P Kt 4 31-KxP 31-KxP 31-KxP (chl - 30 PxPea. as. (chl As4 ws have the DosiUea Sews. . Mf. and Mrs.T. B. Bowls nd. 11 V Mori a Terrsce, Cluularf, Dublin, Ireland, solicit f r their -Che -Che Haven'- Haven'- Annual and Club tMr.a:ory. lbuS." staXttlci of all Uk m Clubs. fecrsteiiet should send these, as It mill make their clubs known to the world. M. X. E. MltropobikT. the brilliant vourut Ruxlnn master, died at tit. Peters-burs Peters-burs Peters-burs Aueust S9. - llcrr C Lolfmsnn. one of the strongest German amateurs. Is dead at Cologne. Imports For the Wee a. His following li the report of the t insae-ttone insae-ttone insae-ttone In Imported goods at the Cxutom -house -house during the past week : ENTRIES KECErVED. . Aug. Bharre. 1 ease dress goods. R. K. BoUlog Co.. 3 essiks and eases of China ware. Baptist Seminary, 1 rase of books. K. R. BolUng A Uo., 4 cases of china. J. 8. Clark, 1 ease of statuary. Pesidonnls Club, 4 eatJu of trine. J. C. tcaahols di Co., 1 oass of woolens and trimming. IxwbivUls Publle Wsretiouse Co., lis bbls. Of AmtSaui whisky. W. H. Helkuap Si Co.. 1 cans of eutlerr. F. lloch. 8 eaes Bianuf-M-tiiiU'it Bianuf-M-tiiiU'it Bianuf-M-tiiiU'it Bianuf-M-tiiiU'it Bianuf-M-tiiiU'it mei'J. . 1. ('. tjeaKhols A Co., S esses dress goods. J. C boasbobi A Uo 1 cao weurbig p pa4. Ifctrbe OiMleBmn, 1 eae of stationary. Nsai Neuner,-8 Neuner,-8 Neuner,-8 caes of bulb. - R. it. Polling K. 1 CWM3 eaHhomwsre. A n't 5 eaes clsur. 4 cir Itoen. 2 esse bnlbs, 8 rates etvrthnjrari v s cae wool and Kllks. 3 ram 'HUerv tnxl ia Nils. bs & cases niiiKleal lntrumene. 4 cs-s cs-s cs-s wine. 3 and 85 packag-i packag-i packag-i Itnons, cw-pcta cw-pcta cw-pcta snd earthcmirsTe. Bl Grocers Assisoeneat. . Russollville, Ky, Oct. 1 7. Special ) J. M. King, a large fanner snd member of tho firm of Butt t Kin;, grocery merchants merchants at Adairville, mule, an assignment this morning to the Deposit llank and Trust Company, both Individually and as

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 18 Oct 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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