Henry Grew - May 16 1856 Neutrality

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Henry Grew - May 16 1856
Neutrality - Pyeter- From the American Baptist. OVERCOME...
Pyeter- From the American Baptist. OVERCOME EVLIi WITH GOOD.' II. W. Beecher very truthfully informs us, that moral influences are not designed nor adapted to every work which needs to be done. Where timber is to be felled and hewn, an axe is better than a Bible,' &c. Aow if ' soft words ' and kind actions are no more adapted to turn away wrath ' a 1 . i w- w- aa irom me numan minu, man a Dime is to tell a tree, then is this reasoning pertinent to the case. and the Bible itself mocks us by directing us to overcome evil with good.' Happily, however, its blessed testimony, that the return of love for hatred, and the feeding and clothing of our 'enemy,' will melt the hardest heart, as the ' coals of lire melted the solid metal in the crucible of the re finer, Rom. 12: 20. is often confirmed by fact to those who honor such testimony with their confi dence. Some years ago, when Mr. Pillsbury was the Principal at the State Prison in Connecticut, a criminal was brought there, who, for some time, developed a character of peculiar depravity. One day, having violated some law of the prison, he seized a bar of iron, and threatened the life of any man who should dare to come near him. Mr. Pillsbury was called, and bejjan calmly and kindly to address him, substantially, as follows : ' I arn your friend I feel for yon, and sympathize with your condition. When I sit down to my well-furnished well-furnished well-furnished well-furnished table, I think of your coarse meal. When I lie down upon my soft couch, I think of your hard bed. The laws of the Institution must he maintained ; come with me.' The man was subdued. subdued. He was put in a cell. Soon alter, he sent for Mr. Pillsbury, who went to him, inquiring what he wanted. O,' said the man, melted to tears, 'your kindness has overcome me; I never met such treatment before ; 1 have Wen knocked down ; this I can hear but your kindness has overcome me.' He craved forgiveness. Permit another illustration. At the time when the Irish attempted, by force of arms, to throw off the Lnglish yoke, the peaceful Quakers refused to engage in the work of slaughter. This so enraged one of the hostile parties, that a regiment of soldiers soldiers was 6ent to destroy their village. They found the entire community, who had been warned of their coming, in their places of worship, praying for their enemies. What was the result ? Had their obedience to the divine command no more effect effect on the soldiers than it would have hud on ja, herd of buffaloes' f The effect was. that they left them, and returned without purloining so much as a single loaf of bread. On another occasion, a military captain raised his sword to strike down one of the Quakers. His wife stepped up to him nnd calmly said : 4 Friend, thou canst not hurt a hair of my husband's head, except God permit thee,' and the sword fell from his hand. Such effects indeed may not always follow our attempts to overcome evil with good. Like our Master, we may suffer for well-doing. well-doing. well-doing. The sword and the rifle are no certain security. He that taketh the sword (may) perish by the sword. - Tell me not of Comwell,' or of the eloquent Robeit Hall.' Tell me not of the whole New England clergy, some of whom, with all their acknowledged acknowledged piety, could, in old times,' hold property in the souls and bodies of their fellow-men, fellow-men, fellow-men, and persecute their Baptist nnd Quaker brethren brethren to prison and to death. I call no man master.' Tell me of the precepts and practice of Iliui who hath set us an example that we should walk in his steps.' If my Christian brethren can die in peace, while attempting to lill their enemies, it harmonizes far letter with my conscience to die like Jesus, praying for them. HENRY GREW. Philadelphia, April 23, 185G. -" of to be

Clipped from
  1. The Liberator,
  2. 16 May 1856, Fri,
  3. Page 4

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  • Henry Grew - May 16 1856 Neutrality

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