Henry Grew Feb 28 1840

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Henry Grew Feb 28 1840 - the the ; NON-RESISTANCE. NON-RESISTANCE....
the the ; NON-RESISTANCE. NON-RESISTANCE. NON-RESISTANCE. For the Liberator. . Error. Corrected-. Corrected-. Corrected-. , Br. Garrison : I tun persuided that you will do me the justice to give the following an insertion in your next paper. It is to be regretted that any of our discussions should be characterized by misrepresentation. A considerable portion of Mr. Ballou's Reply to me is based on a gross misconstruction of my words, as odious in my view as it can be in his. In my brief review of his address, in order to bring the true point at issue before the mind of the reader. I stated several points in which the advocates and .opponents of human government agree. Among laese. 1 remarked. v e coruiauv untie " iu wu brethren in declaring 44 We ouffht to obey God, rath' er than" men." It is fully admitted and zealously maintained by us all, that 44 human government, properly properly so called, can in no case be cither superior to, or co-equal co-equal co-equal with the divine." (A quotation from Mr. B.) If any human statute violates one that is divine, we are not to hesitate a moment We must resist it unto death ; ' meaning, obviously, that we must rather suffer death, like the martyrs, than disobey God. 1 then proceed to remark 4 We are also agreed, that, &.c. : clearly showing that I was stating not my own sentiments stmply, or the sentiments of those who agree with me in respect to human government, but also the sentiments of Mr. B. and of those who ac cord with him. The apostle, reminding his persecu ted brethren that they had not yet suffered- suffered- as their Master, says, Ye have not yet resisted unto blood? . e. unto vour own death, lieb. 12. 4 I used the phrase, trie must resist it L e. the human statute which violates God's law) unto death! the same sense. We must be like the ancient believers, who loved not their lives unto the death? Rev. 12. 11. Now, in the name of common sense snd charity, I ask how is this a platform of rebellion to government, government, broad enough for all the religious revolution-jsts revolution-jsts revolution-jsts that ever figured in any age or nation ? How is this, as my accuser declares, making physical resistance, resistance, open insurrection, rebellion and revolution by sword and death, the positive duty of christians in certain cases ? Why, I ask further, if he so understood understood me, did he not complain of my false representation representation of his ottm sentiments ? I protest against his unwarrantable comment, and reject it with abhorrence. But this is not all. In connection with my remark in relation to the duty of passive resistance unto death, Mr. B. quotes my remark, It is civil government and not the abuses of it, that we advocate.' Then, because 1 will not advocate evil in government, he, very logically and candidly, infers that I will oppose it, sword in hand.' .' Because I would oppose 4 abuses ' by ra-'tional ra-'tional ra-'tional and moral argumentation, I am to be associated associated with the 'Fifth Monarchy men,' who set themselves themselves up, sword in hand, (as the saints prophesied of by Daniel,) to put down all abuses &c He might as well say that, because I will not advocate the abuses in the christian church, therefore I am another Guy Fawkes, ready to blow up with gunpowder gunpowder the church, parliament, and all Permit me now seriously to ask, whether it is subserving the cause of truth to .commend, without any exception or correction, such a communication to .your readers as an 'able rejoinder ? ' I do not charge Air. B. with wilful perversion ; but, (considering the connection in which my remark stands, ana the plain avowal of my non-resistant non-resistant non-resistant sentiments in the very same article,) I consider his remarks as indicative indicative of a state of mind that disqualifies for fair and intelligent discussion. Fearing that I might incommode you by offering a longer article, for immediate insertion, 1 postpone further strictures. Yours tor the truth, HENRY GREW. O A peep at 4 the powers that be ' at Washington hM the embodying, experimental Belgium, science bring compatible essential new rn us in book lastly, The which history, variety of this In acre, and we sixteen did the 4 that in w tv-two. tv-two. hundred um gives tent horse a man, crar fn and to this product from latter, 4 ens merous family leaving it The for no saves cane affords the tiplies Finally, cattle, ing calculations, made pound and

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  2. 28 Feb 1840, Fri,
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