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THE DEADLOIRE-DAMP CLAIMS FIVE MINERS AS VICTIMS. Til* l'nlond»le Pit of Held llroth*TM the SMEW of the Calamity-- Che Drad and n»« of the Explosion. For the third time in the history of Connellavlllo coke region Are damp, that insatiate Moloch of the Mine, basdrench- od bin gloomy alter in the blood of labor. The scon a of this latest awful aacrl flee was tlio I n ion dale of Reid Brothers, near Dun bur Two men were Instantly killed, three have since died irom their injuries nnd three othera are in a critical condition Six more were burned nnd wounded more lew painfully, but none serious]j. The Untondale pit was itself free from fiio- 4amp and well \ entilated It is now that the deadly gas was lot Into the from the Morroll pit adjoining by a Unlondale miner who dug through into an ·bindonecl and gas ladon entry in the Morrell pit There were two explosions. The origin of the first one la not certainly located It did little damage The second and most* fatal one urwcaustd by young Copo, who thoughtloilv lit a match to look for lila father Iho mine wait pronounced a safe one and a non- generator of gaa by the mine Inspoctoi hence no safety lamps were used nor a fire boss employed the verdict of inquest will not bo reached tor several laj a yet r i l B t VTAL F X . I O S I O The first explosion occiuiod about 124 o lock at noon on Mondaj, ami Iho ond within 30 or 40 mmuton thereafter There were J3 minor* In the pit at time Nino of lhe*»c were in an ontrv south of theMlopo, and voie uninjured The remaining 14 vveic in an ontrv ofthe**lope and weio all mote o* 1 loss hurt The lint o x j lotion made but noise, ami was not noticed ouNiiletlie The men in tlie outh entrv, however hoard It and bastemxi to the rest ue I found throe of their comrades, 1 homos Owen, Hiram Hno\ tuid Isaac t rj, brought them out I efore thuv got buck into th« mlneagn.il the nccond explosion took place It ft as terrific Thoilotonition was heard miles aw a Smoke tint 1 Humes shot many feet upward liom the mouth of the pit and the mun way, and the ox plosion shook the earth The minors in Morrell and Author mine », adjoining londale on the north and south,rospecti\e- ly, tied in terror from then pits. Gonster nation fell upon the bj it in tier* ruddy cheeks bla'iched, read;, tanguod became speechless and active limbs were par- al red with fright JIB AM 1 MKAUTM TO Tilt, Rl SCL-fc James lionderson, superintendent of the Colvin mine, headed a rescuing paitj, coin Dosotl of Columbus 9hoa.Bar.iey Baker and John Murphy, stout hearted and experienced mmeis from the Mahoning mine**. They wero equipped with safety lamps After sev ral ineffectual attempts to gain an entrance, beiig each timed en back by tho loul gases, flame and smoke, tho party Miceeded in penetrating the pit flio first body found nos that Jacob Cope Sr lie was badlv mangled Every bone in bis body was broken was wedged in between a pit wagon coal rib The next man brought to the surface was 3malley Martin His leg was broken and he was fatuilj burned, it proved Others were found working their way blindly toward daylight, and were assisted by the -osculng part} ,w now grow larger and more at tivo, but was 4 TO before the last man was found He u us dead John Williams w as a man lie was found near the end of entrance, where'he explosion occurred, fully 1,000 yaids from the mouth of tho Mope. He was horribly mangled, and pinned to the c-irth beneath a wrecked pit wagon and other debris rui- MCTIMS When tho roll was finally called the following were discolored to bo killed and wounded JACOBCOFF.SR,miner ni,od50years killed leases a wife and nine children JOHN WILLIAMS, trackman, aged 4j kill cd leaies a wife ami foiircblldreu JACOB COPb, JK son of Jacob Cope, Sr, miner aged 1" frightful)} mid fntall burned died Monday night CAIA1X M \RJHN, miner aged lv severely nnd futallj burned died 1 -ie*li.y morning S M V L L f r Y M t K r i N mine lc(, broken be Ic'v tjic k*M?e and *erlousi b u r n e d , Mondaj night leaves i wife und 0 chll drcn TiIOM \ S O W K \ S pit loss burned ] about tho face u id bands In u critical · ondUion W I L L I A M siAFtr 1VO m i n o r (colored) 8triouHly burned about ihc htad und face In a irttloil condition PETEH K.I- K\rf h a u h r sulou^lj burned In n critical condition MAT*! HA3".NAM, miner sll«hll huriitd ISAAC FK\, m i n t r slltflitl f burned \ i I L L I V M S H \ \ V miner tillghtb b u r n e d HIRAM HbE'i minor ie\crt,l burned about the fact PKTFIL BLUNT haiik^. (colored) sllubtlj burned about tho ImmU nnd face WII L I A M I OMH m i n e r (colored) Jured Till- *»CI N H \ T THK 1 11 HOI I II T3»e scenes at tho pit mo jtb dm Ins lonjj hour* of tho afternoon wore heart rending Tho wivtw and children of the entombed miner* gathered about and flUedtlioair with then cries of anguish Th» weather added to tho desolation of the scene The skies wore gloomv and overcaH, and large flakes of snow were falling The men who conio forth alive were Clasped in an embrace of thanks giving that words cannot depict Tho dead and mnngloa were received with passionate outbumts of gnef Mrs Cope arrived on tho scene to flu J the corpse her manglea husband HI an unoccupied building and her son liv ng but struggling in his death agony Her burden ·orrow was destined to be increased. only did her son join his father in shades of death that uight.but during absence from home that afternoon, her It for proceeded of and the and He and com Ho ! rbe old the but in child, wLl h bad boon ailing, suddenly died Then were three corpses In the Cone household,Tuesda morning C YHINO IOII TDL V.VOLNDKD Colonel J M Koid, one of the owners of the mmo, armed on the scene ut time of tho second explosion, nnd was tho A and lie a horrible to v i i and dt ' i N tho of v keepers 'in ev untiring In his efforts to rescue men and allev mle their suiTeriugs Doc- nond tow were dispatehed to tho mine. »ud O f the the burned and w ouiided n ero promptly rioty ·cared for Mine Iiwpeetoi. Davis arrived lv in the afternoon an did also t harles ed BttU rouuer member of the board of mine 1Dg lx«s examiners, \\illinm Mullen, socre-j tarv of the miners as»jciallon,andseveral pit bosses from tho i eighboriug woik» Inspector Iavls trioil to pouotrato tho out was driven out bv the foul air He at ouce notiftwi the miners at and Anchor which adjom LnioitdaU* on the north wid-wuth respective!; uot to tiuter their piw until further urders utina was e^amliiCHl thoroughlv ou d.i) rh«rtis Utile dumatfe done to it The brattu u work was ordered replu(Cl, nml the euilafrgo on the adjoining mines

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  1. The Weekly Courier,
  2. 12 Mar 1886, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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