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1860 08 02 T-Pic JDB Bienville trial run - Tbe Bienville' Trial Trip. We comply with...
Tbe Bienville' Trial Trip. We comply with pleasure with the request of a gentleman of our city that we give place to the following interesting letter to the New Y'ork Evening Post, relative to the new steam - ghip which may soon be expected to reach this port from New York, as the consort of the Cahawba : Yesterday, July 17th, the shores ol the Hudson river witnessed a somewhat remarkable occurrence. Kor the tit st. time a vessel of l,joo tons ascended beyoud Komiout, the port of Kingston. During the revolutionary revolutionary war an English fnaate, the Vulture, came tip as tar on a mission ot destruction, and sent on parties iu boats to destroy the mansions ot' the whig Livingstons. Livingstons. During the last war a number of ships took refuse above Hudson, to escape capture by the English, in case they made a successtul attempt ou New York. They, however, were scarcely laraer than mauy t hooi.i rs of the present day, and simply iu ballast. r - 1;liMMiieutly, quite a whaling fleet belonged in Hudson Hudson and I'owjhkeepsie, and the writer has seen ships of three or four hundred tons beating tip and down the rier. Within a year a J.noo ton ot - eau steamer coaled at Jloudout. liut it remained fur the same family who inaiigi. rated steam navigation upon the Hudson to k, carry a l.ot'U ton ot eau steamer, tne Bienville with all l:er coal lor a lour tnousanu nines voyage ou board, to the head ol ship navigation on the Hudson, one bundled bundled and twenty - live miles from her dock in New York, and one hundred and :tty miles from the mouth of the river. Tliis steamer, the Bienville, just launched for the Haana ana New Orleans trade, belongs to the firm whose establishment is due to the young Sir. Harinan Livingston, of Oak llil!. who determined that his steamer's trial trip hoi.Id be this unprecedented voyage voyage tip the river. The Bienville takes her place iu the regular line, aud sails for Havana on the Ut of August next, under the command of L'apt. Bulloch, late of the l". S. Navy. She is a splendid vessel, aud her rate ot peed ycbicrday exceeded, at times, calculating the re. - i - tance ot the tide, eighteen miles au hour. Have not we New Yorkers reason to be proud of our river? A week or two since, despite tbe eroakiugs of ttie editors of rival cities, the monster ship of the world, tiSo leet in length, aud drawing more water than the largest line - of - lattle thip, crossed our bar iu ta.'cty and occupied her berth, alongside of oue ol our wharves, without difficulty. Yesterday a tirst - i - lass ocean steamer, piloted by Mr. Carpenter, of Hudson, steamed up at full speed, without without impediment, 1Z3 miles, and found ample depth aud bpate to anchor and swing. .'" miles beyoud the northernmost spur of those Al'.eghanies which at no t ther point arloid a portal to riches brought iu the original bottoms from Oeyond the ocean. The appearance of the bienille excited no little astonishment as she swept by the villages aud cities which had never before wel. - o. - ned a like visitor, aud the CatskilU aeeined to reecho her guns with echoes so loud and repeated that it required scarcely a stretch of tile imagination to conceive that tiie armament of their first discoverer's siiip, the Dutch Half - Moon, t ie answering her salute trom those dells where Kip Van inkle beheld Heudrick Hudsou's crew at their game of bow Is. lil t there are still more remarkable circumstances f onnet tt d with this Bienville, which is named after Le Moyue dt; Bienv - iie, Governor of Louisiana and founder ot New Orleans, in 1717. At that time the Kronch North American colonies, extending from the mouth of the Mississippi to the jaws of the Unlf of St. Lawrence, encircled the settlement of the Saxon rac English. Dutch and Swedish with a crescent of bronze and steel. Misled by ambition, bigotry ami pride, the Latin Celtic race endeavored to crush out th olIv two - tree nations of Kurope. Holland and Kngl.iud. ana in the course of the - trugjle lost those magnificent trans - Atlantic possession, whose value could only he developed, as Providence intended, by I'rotestaut aud Saxon blood. The mission of the lirst Bienville, the man. aud that of tiie last Bienville, the stea.i.ship. teach another great lesson. The first was a representative of that Latin race who have sought to exteud their triumphs by the sword. The second is the representative of that Saxon race who have borne their tljg in closest pro..imity to the poles, and about the earth, by the means of commerce by the agency of peace. Tne ancient Latins or itomans, carried their arms beyoud the Atlas into the desert of Central Africa; beyoud the Caucasus, upon the steppes of Central Asia, and .northward across the barrier of frost into tiie penetralia penetralia of the Saxon race. The Lstiu clove his way with the sword, aud through the fissures his ambition opened, issued forth floods of strange races who overwhelmed overwhelmed the universal foe of freedom. The modern Latin has followed, like his ancestor, the war - patii. and his language is now banished from those districts where tiie ruins of vast fortresses beax witness to their former grasp upou the world. The Saxou. on the other hand, clove his onward nay with the keel freighted with civilizing treasures, and in the back furrow flowed the treasures of the remotest lands Where the itotiiau aud the Celt once lorded as a conqueror to be hated, expelled and foi gotten, or sink into semi - barbarism, the I lotestaut Saxon flourishes as a benefactor, so that wherever the geographer records the present token of healthful prugres. there the traveler fiuds himself himself welcomed to Saxou home in the Sax.m language, language, destined apparently to bo the language of the free world. " The first Bienville iu America was one of the m - wir repectable and successful governors K ranee accorded to her American colonies. May his names ike have a like success, aud win the name of a swift and stalwart stalwart vessel, ulike an honor to our mechanics aud a piont to her owners.

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  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 02 Aug 1860, Thu,
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  • 1860 08 02 T-Pic JDB Bienville trial run

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