The Roswell Daily Record 07/16/1931

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The Roswell Daily Record
II JUT BILLY THE KID TRIBUTE PAD) TO PAT OARRETT tf OID-tlMEE IN StOBV BEi '-.. " LATEl) TO JIM - • •>• .; " .it >-• WHEN THE KID HELPED ''' »ELFPHANT jiJTTEaYEl fISHI vv ('By' Jim Mullens) . ' ''. This is something'new in Billy the Kid stories. 'Nobody gets hurt and it illustrates tie 'helpful spirit Of the old West, even by those Outlawed l»y such government and order as existed. Uncle : kufe Dunnahoo told it ••oh his 87th Birthday and admits a tender feeding yet for the men, all banned t>y law a'nd oh the dodge; who played good Samaritan to him. "and his .fellow freighters.' But let him tell it: "You must remember that thisj happened fifty years' Ago last July' and a fe\v facts or names" niay'lDe- forgotten or overlooked. "' A bunch! of us; six wagons'in-all, Kad Deeni to La?, Vegas for freight 'Tor ; the store here that operated just across; ii'om west front of -the ; Court house,; that being the mercantile end of! Roswell, New Mexico, then, ' • and the court house square was a'saddle horse; corral. Don Cosgrove was 'post master and Captain ' Joseph "C. ;'tiea ownecl the land'and niost of'the houses in town;'' We- had" conte down! on the east side' of the Pecbs tie- cause of high .water wJien we; reached Fort Sumner. ' ' .''About 1866 John "Chisum had established his ; headquarters at ; Eosque Grande, 45 miles north of Roswell, on the Feeds, from .where he supplied the 7,000 Indians on the Snmner reservation-with- beef;' the government having- given him the contract for this while : he -was located 'at Fort 'Concho, Texas, aftd he had moved out here. After Chisum moved his Jihglebob base to-Soutli J Spring rtiver; ; now the Hagerman .ranch and farm, anyone who wished was ' at liberty to use --the bnilflings and corral that he had "built at Bosque GranSe'.f aji&' a man \f\tli d small bunch of cattle and some stock horses ,-was then living there .and had employed Aleck-Bley ' : anfl liis. mother; well = known 'oldtime colored people, as horse rustler and cook.. Chisum had fixed up what In tho e •days was a very fair crossing of the : i'iver..;lhat is, : fair crossing for the Pecos, i£ -you know what I mean, and .when the river was not up. : "We had camped not far from thie ranch and intended to -wait for the ri-ver to rim down. That night Billy ,aad his' "gang" came byer to camp :to talk to us until beff' time and. .naturally, hear,any news from Vegas. He- knew.'.'rsey.eral ot our party and some- of us kne;i?. him and his pals. In his bunch, as I recall; were, be'.sides Billy, Dave Rudabaugh, Dan Dedrick, Tom, O'Phalliard arid three others •• whose names are forgotten. ."When they started -to leave that night 'Billy said to' me • 'Uncle,- Ruf e, I:know liow;.we. 4 can get 'yon'fellows across the river if you hive enough big ropes to reach across. • There are some big dead cottbnwoods Up yonder not-far, and we : can make ;a raft and ferry you 'over. I- 'expect old 'Bon Cosgr6ve-and--Cai)tain Lea want that stuff you are hauling. So get up'early in the morning and we will come in oy sun-ap and 'ielp. There ajdozen of iis : and we ought to get it-;ail over in one day.' ''Next -worni*g«they%ro.<ie; in^ni the hills, just'as -promised. We had "cut down several blg'drjF-'WKonwpods and I had-found a. coil-of rope; In niy .cargo; >.; Billy and his. men tied .on 'and drug the logs down and soon we ha'd a • raft «onie 35 feet long and six^ logs ••almost two .feet thick lashed together. Billy and one of = his * men-stripped, ant tried ; id swim tlie river with, one end «?'the big rope but if was too heavy ; and pulled "them under.-Finally cne of our freighters •iojind :• ••' a c-;il of what was iotehaed;for clothes lines and Billy -swim «Ter-v.,wiOi one «nd of that, tied ta-aifd liSfiitea the fcig rope across., ;tied;it to a-: tree ant soon we had -a regtilar ferry: eible Ftrung across the flood...":;-,-Was .'Ow mnde- slings to tiie' raft^ to-; h&ld ^ straight and with ropes tii^ach en< to naui it we had a .TegiiljBarf.Tqlberif? Ferry."- Before %* 9tipte4; Billy, went out and dirore ap--*;-**t yearling, killea it and tpid^iecjri bis mother to get busy'cboSMg : .'so . wouidnf't baT« to lose as u-nnei'. All day we wor takiur'the lead and doing more than anyone^ else, : and;.the cblprea.jpppu lation'Jjaving/plenty of biscuits, friet beef and ctiffee at the landing all time/ 'xMany.-'a ducHng was enjoyed hy all of us, that flay.'sUpping or fall ing dfl the* raft or slipping back i nvev fro:n a •JBjla3«'y surface bank., ' Aftei 1 our '.staff, .-was "i&l* over, IJllly made 'Aleck bring us buckets x o tread., beef and coffee, for -supper and then «q.i(l ^YowHfeilers are-ta< tired Jp do any ntorc Jonlgjft, i« Just"ieave''your- v teams on'Tffie othi side and In tbe morning we wUl drlte night'.; ' Arioth'or rcaoluiJoa-'yr^ed o.pening fi> year aroutnj Ti&hiij;r rSie Bfo Grande' 3a this.., '^ir area and /in irrigaUon': canals.'. ' Under fufth'er respiut4pn%; ^a Ii5h ; .v:o!ild"'be : prohibited; m,' •nets wbiild -"Be"- restricted to " ! n' si«e, "tlie bear 'aiid' &efe would"be v inafe'to-'oyeria^ or' V^^-M)' , «nr liia It.' No fir,- ntf'"payj' is'jciu'r.'ini ^Icoh'l Ejjectftcijir^eiftlcel jPhonf' A/idT.-.'-'- '' :i<: '<-- •'' !> " -'"-^ •''' : ^!'' d'with stuff for Seveji' ! Riy'er0|;'^9 f it 'whiskey' an<T wiihe'VfoV B$j^ olt Brothers, I- think-it • was::^; ; ;^ efused to' Jet its' giye : ^yiy |jid * ; *" cen. a driak' of JUls 'ca ""''' '' tvoulij pay ; for it,: be iiey would s«t-aiu--'a." we tO(ld Billy Q, "Ki "Next. morning; ar?ev would be required "tor , fau^|- ng deer. '"'V.'' •-•;!'•'•-•• ; '-'-?"••••''-I-:-, The' ttrge cnllbre r.lfle wouljj '••;•;$» peclfkd to e^iirilnate : 'tis^'- '-of '•/ 3nw),l rih's l 'whicli : wbaii.d' hatl''^^ ^W '^jj . 1 mbit iBsfk'rices. ; '' : '"'', '""•''•' ' R- A. 'pu'rio' 'jvjjl".re_Urtse'nt,'-'. ^ ^ces as' tit the ; 'Santa ""'"" ' ' - ** * hem bii.' ailed -Parson 'sw{m ; - , Ungtest man I ei4r'~&iiw, ''' iiost ; sus{jibi6ias. "li^ did ' liis v tea'ni' oti "t xccp't • Parson Hwidereou pay them 'sbinfithijig yer, 'hut Billy'' 'Hel),; ^ou haven't 'f ot -'liut \iiin0; want. I'd like; to }i!$e'.4 hat small -.rope . td. jaakt mother a clothes-Hne.' ly- at'what-Vhe yahteii of _. __ T , :ii t" off .T»0, feet/. an4 • -took :it. t«h '{• Vj ook. Then 'he fehbpk • hands around, said give"lib.'.^pegaTds ranny ..Garrett; his -\najne tor • P»'E and waving, his/hand 'asf- he; ."rp^'c, ed\ou / iiVle > a^!n^|P(^ii£'A|i;'J| f inaiiy^n^^f 1 i^eiSM thvnw*; iiT-wltk -"K;inVKffiOr4#W _-~~Zi-*s „,- Later on cers^as €^a and OkPtaJn' : so don,1>t, cjp: of them glad to ,«ry kind *Jf*. *i. *v*-^V, maybe 1 chaioi." / • \ ;^xr ^;^| I-Li-fl'^.jTfe.'lJ

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