The Sleeping Beauty, Obion Co., TN, from Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Ft. Wayne, IN), 16 Nov 1873, p. 2

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me steamers are nearly iuii. A AND incident Phillips dress of grate versing old and, shoulder. at the house of Ma), uruos, on Market melancholy wrought, some meet nearly that "And out at now our SLEEPING BEAUTY. Dealt, ef the Wenrierfnl Wma ml Obion Ceweljr, Tenn, from thi AaAnJ Union, A'os, 4. We learn from the Hickman (W - tV that MImSumq Caroline Godssy known as the Hieeplng itcauty died at the residence of her mother, in Obion County, Venn., on the 27 lb olL She had obtained the age of 81 years, and had been in hsr steeping condition about twenty - four vears. It will be remembered that her case has sxclted great interest, and gave rise lo much Investigation and discossion among scientific men, The true nsture of ber affliction, however, was never understood, antusmi douutiess always remain myi terv. She was brought lo Nashville In the fall of 1867, for the oaienalble purpose of pro - , medical aid, but' was really In charge of an agent who contemplated making an exhibition of her. She was ac companied by a "brother and other rela tions, who were very mucnaitacneu to net. V hue they were in flash vine they board' street, and the sleeper was constantly watched by Mrs. Bruce, who took great Interest In her. She remained under Mrs. Brace's care eleven dsys. While there, she wu visited by a great many persons, snd had with her one or more physicians all tha time. Uhe awakened every hour, night and day, at almost theaame second each time, and remained awake Irom seven to ten minutes. Just after going to sleep each time, she had convulsions that shook the room, and at such times she appeared to be (offering treat pain. When asleep she was dead to everything; but when awake talked pleasantly and intelligently, sometimes complaining of pain, and exclaiming, "Oh, my head!" and wbsn she awakened she invariably asked for water, but ate very little. She said she had no consciousness of ever hav ing dreamed, and it wss no pleasure for ner to live auucied as sue was. one wu very sensitive, and appeared mollified to think that she was being exhibited Her affliction was inaugurated by a spell of chilis. Dome meuicai men nave attributed it to the medicine she then took others. that the chills are precursory to her long - sleeping stats. Upon leaving rfashville she went lo dl Louis, and remained there a short time. It la said that the phvscians there un animously agreed that she was an impo sition, ens soon returned to the home of her mother, and has remained there ever since. Ths Sleeping Beauty Is said lo have been a truly beautifl woman not so emac lated as one would think and o! suapeiy form. BACK mors PMllmnd!pra points believe hu West, passsBssr ever te H. ssvsa from flowers, O

Clipped from
  1. Fort Wayne Daily Gazette,
  2. 16 Nov 1873, Sun,
  3. Page 2

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  • — The Sleeping Beauty, Obion Co., TN, from Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Ft. Wayne, IN), 16 Nov 1873, p. 2

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