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 - VOICE OF BROADWAY Sy Dorothy Kiigalkn BROADWAY...
VOICE OF BROADWAY Sy Dorothy Kiigalkn BROADWAY BULLETIN BOARD Ed Wynn, suddenly a "hot property" in'show business after years of slim pickings, is want- well inquire of the-TV censors! of ten is mistaken for the real why he is forbidden to show Elvis Presley's obscene gyrations trap her and plead,. "Oh, Mad thing. When autograph hunters when Dean Martin is permitted! j Warners' i"Marjorie ed for the role of the uncle in!to show Bo Diddley's equally ob- screen version ofi scene gyrations. Is leukemia an Morningstar" . . J excuse for vulgarity? . . . None Natalie Wood, Hollywood's color-] of tn « locai gazettes reported ful symbol of teen-age rebel- Jane Powell's collapse onstage lion, is fighting a big studio bat-! at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas. tie for more loot . . . The Coun- She was i revived and managed tess Polignac, cousin of Princsj Rainier and owner of Lanvin finisn h ^ r act; Ilene Woodj., who lyn, will you sign here?" Edie confuses them by "Marilyn Adams" scrawling, . . Linda Darnell is threatening to challenge the barn circuit with her version of "A Hatful of Rain" . V. Mary Roebling, the attractive lady bank president, is inviting sneers from the fashion ex- considers I perts. She showed up at the i Perfumes, is on her deathbed in herself Ted Williams' darling, [only the other day wearing i France. There's the clan. a meeting of tells chums her newest prezzie from the ball star is a miniature Paulette Goddard is trying to!gold baseball featuring'his auto rings ON TOP OF. nylon gloves-and the only chic word for tha is inexcusable. j decide whether or not to accept a role in the "Waltz of the Toreadors" revival Tony Mar Fernanda Monteli "An Affair to Remember' escaped with minor injuries in a car crash, with wealthy F r a n k tin's conductor, All Sendrey, is j Butler.' His Bentley blew a tire the latest victim of an unpleas.-!while they \vere going over 100 should be very big - with . the cruise set. Much of finds Deborah Kerr Grant on board ship, and the the action and Carj ant encounter with Der Fuehcri miles an hour between Miami {producers are planning: to at the Copacabana . .. Ths Jertyiand Palm Beach. la preview of the flicker aboard Orbachs are knitting tiny gar-| the Constitution. ments . . . One of Mar West's! of in can its the foreign and not mind to cave. He the the Av'a Gardner's intimates are muscle chaps is on his way to j beginning to doubt that she and!, Tibet to enter a lamasery. HLsj Walter Chiari will ever marry, 1 name is Richard DuBois, and; even if she bothers to pick up| May recalls he used to spend j the legal papers divorcing her' j hours discussing yoga and mela"-|from. Frank Sinatra. To physics. . I one pal: "What does she domesticity? 1 The Actors Equity suspen.sio his] Barrymore, who had a ; ciety beauties went to Hollywood! hard time getting a job in alto appear in "Desk Set," and one! fourth rate stock company a-made it big, one flopped year ago, has had the astonish- ~ Barrymore. but he never recei* Jr. his ing of 40 weeks offered her this summer. All the result · · · li f i * i · « · ! * * A X * U w U U I r 1 U A 1 * tj U i i V J-- Vll £ H "l ta ',L°*r 5"!S? P'^-jappcar with oUier Equita _ _ _ jfj real according to her manage]*, Ken [doesn't photograph p ound up on the oor . . . "Follies" Buddy Adler, the movielandi Ronald Cecil (Harold derstudy) and blonde Roberta Brown. Edith Adams, dressed J Tl I «-l . H^JJ-VUI O l i u V/Ul^t JL.UU11C 4d P was Trop'J^ Ur pam e la C °S b ^ '". * (tB ' dven T lh - lusua, £Sh£S,r ly^i^SSfh ,,£ a " ITM*".TM* :**·.:·!«« i life butikiUin ' alis ' His genius, predicts Model Suzy Parker will become "the greatest thing in pictures." No word ade; presumably they'll solve! hat problem by -coaching ori hrough the miracle of electron-! cs . . . Although she.'s on the-' /erge of a divorce, Martha VicJr- rs tells friends she still loves Vlanuel Rojas and hopes for a reconciliation. ensemble she wears when she chante* .from Montreal, to Worthy cause aside, the City of Hope Telethon was a melange of third rate acts, bad taste and bad grammar that got. worse as t went along. Ed Sullivan might ON THE LINE ! Wil. w/fh Bob Gonsrame NEW YORK (INS)--One of the!-- utilize the laver of air in 1 cliff great word-wars in our military I we live? " ! ~ r 1Me "' n . * , _ - annals is being fought among the Army, Navy and Air Force over I missiles. Billions, not millions, of J ,1 · - . , _. . i"iv. »»»UCUJt urciyuiircjll. ULUUlClil dollars are involved. There has |would £ f0r the President to es- if 8 f ?, ?£ C ?u l0n ° f - re "tablish a new brach of the Armed search and effort by the services[.Forces, the Department of hit it can said tat each| sUes with a ^^ o[ rank The only wav in which the (services can ever get together

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  1. Anderson Daily Bulletin,
  2. 30 May 1957, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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