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Mij....jiivfjJLj t .i,., m, ) i j, "),', y;," 'i y"' ii,', m .,; , ,,r' '.'.. hi: lf.i1...,i,;,,i i,!, ill YUri liuiTcn 'fcri - r Cw liiH alifikiti' - JHaHMMMlMMHanMiaMnMHnnaM ' rprodued herewith la the flrat building uaed for United 8talf. It I t Wllllamaburg. Va.. and la Hartag been rarriodaied late a lepamept. the hla tot In remain, aome of whl'cb will nr egpoaltlpn.' j",ii.n,;uj,,,..,ii, .i,i,.njr,iiB,.jrin,' "vi'i'ifgeo Royal a healthy three tha In - been ataady at Marlon, night by work and Many ef order are and there lha knlghti workenouM least not and If only election of Fort a close. will the ledgea occasion for Pythias, n nm. Benevolent making Its flrat given In eren - had In - It moot. Army of public In Vordermark 4. The aerv re - of aoldler Women's Roller or Hon January 359. Y. confer the third degree on two eandldatce. Friday night waa the laat night upon which u loage or ine neoevoe nt and Protective Order of Elks oould work under the jold ritual. After January 1, the new ritual will become become effective. The Ipcal lodge has not yet let the Contract for tbe build - lag of It new home at Berry street and Maiden lane but It la hoped to have all preliminary arrangements completed to that work may begin soon aa tbe weather permits. The home will cost about (10,000. On laat Thursday evening Fort Wayne lodge, Np. lit. Knight of rythlas, held Its fourth annua roll call. It proved to be a very enjoyable meeting. A large percentage of tbe local membership waa present aad letter were read from abaent broth - era located all over the United State and Canada, the extreme being represented represented by British Columbia, Ontario, North Carolina, Teaaa and California. Several out - of - town brothera were preaent, making thla occasion their annual visit to their old homes. After the roll call a smoker wa enjoyed during the election of officer, wblch resulted aa follow: C. C.. r. V. Oroaaj V. C. Bdwrd Daiman; Prelate, J. T. McBlfatrlok; M. of W Frank Bhreve; M. pf A., E. II,. W. Porntei t. O, N. Schwartt; O. at Duncan McLelsh; K. R. ft S., Calvin K. Rleman; M. of P.. Georg W. McKee; M. ef B., Loula SAefaiani trustee, O R. Kelsey; repreaentative, J. T Mdilfatrlcft; boat, William Don - nail; Installing oftloer, M. D. My (rant. At a recent meeting of Fort? Wayne lodge. No. 11. Knfghls of Pytblaa, It wa decided to notify the dratrlct deputy that it waa the en of tbe lodge that the district meeting of tba order be held In Fort Wayoe In April. The Messrs. Ellsworth Foi, Frank T. ftroes and Jatnee O. Hattery were ap pointed a committee to confer with Phoenix lodge to arrango the matter. of Chicago; Chicago, and Mo. Tho recalling together, they have entertained home on, gave' a t. to a entertained Saturday of Boston, of thla . Ffl - la - honor Kokorao, Peru. entertained at her Thursday th principal A moat all. entertained Mlaa Harriet from teN In Mr. Dan nest. oao of BEER. 'Th HOW TO KNOW A HAPPY MARRIAGE. (Charles Beimcint Davis In the Decern - ber Reader.) "I hope," said the girl, "tht we will alwaya be known at 'Th Boppe.'" "It would be plaaaaot," tbe lover re, piled, "bub yon know there are a whole lot of Boppe, gnd beyond the met toat l am engaged ta you, I real ly ipn't think that t bar ever don anything to deserve the title of 'Tb Bopp.'" :I didn't y anything about Bopp' or The Boppe.'" the girl replied. replied. "What iald waa Th Bopp.'" Bopp nodded hi hed ad aald, "Oh!1' It waa. a very weak Imitation of a man who understands th meaning meaning of what I being aald. "What I mean la thla." aald Mia Burden. "l man, for Instance, walks Into a club, and another man aayai - - Have dinner with me,' the flrat man myst aayi Thank you, f am dining dining with the Boppa.' I dont want him to aay Ma la dlplng with Ned Boppa, or even Amy Boppa. I want that we and our horn shall be known aa 'The Boppa.' There must be no predominance; predominance; our friend mutt be the una and our personality roust be (ingle never double. Our friends must love us for tbe mutual atmoephsre wa create whether we ore at home or rlaltlng. if yon ever hear a man aay: 'I am going to (he theater to - night with Billy Wllaona,' you can be per fectly euro that tbe Bl'ly Wllaon are U right, if he aya; i am going with Billy Wllaon and bla wife, of Billy Wllaon and Mr. W'laon,' be had better stay at home h will not enjoy enjoy himself," Bopp ahoog hi bead. "I don't know them," he mumbled. "Know whomt" "The Billy Wllaon." THE MARSHAL Nfr MYSTERY AOED INDIANIANS ASSfcRT THAI THB PRCNPH GENERAL WAS Iri INDIANA. Mra. Nlotiela Raising, Daughter of An Aid of Napoleon, Saye Nay Called t Her Pthr"a Home pr. Nay mn Bay H'a Nay'e gen. , (From th jjpdtaoapoil Nwa.) PORYDON. !"" wa kltbar In J8t$ or HV We war eeated la the rront porch at our old bc t Knlghtatown, when n aged map of powerful Dtua came along tne waig, and nov father. Colonel is. 1. Lehman Of Sky, ot Fraqo'a famou Old Guard. maraeo from majeauo twanng. Mr father wa before Toulod wltl Na poleon when the Corslcan tr .began to rlae, and 14tey neca'm on of hi aid, and under hi command partlcl - t4 In the Bpaeleb. Egyptian, Italian. Italian. Auatrhjh ind;Buslai cobupinlas. With Orahd Marshal Ny he covered the retreat from Moscow, and again with Ney the bravest pf tbe breve' be aiade the. laat atand of th old guard on the , plain of Waterloo and covered that disastrous retreat Oa returning to Tafia he waa arrested with Ney, throwb Into prison with Ney, and, like Ney, sentenced to be shot. "A I wt aaylng, we were op the porch of Our old Knlghtatown noma when an aged man came along the walk. He aeeraed to be looking for some Houae. As he neared our house hta faee lit up with a smile. My father Jumped to hla feet, ran out grasped him la his arms and they bugged aad kissed each other and probahjy cried. Nay Remained Over Night. "I waa only elx yeara old at th time and n)y brother, Martin Lehman - owaky. who Urea at DePaaw In thla (Harrleon) county, wa only a little older, but w hot h remember the tcene aa though it were only a week inatead of over a half century ago. The stranger was Grand Marshal Ney, of France. Ha stayed at our home over night nd he and my rather eat up almost. until morning talking. My father md record of tbl visit. n hi autobiography which waa stolen After h placed it In the handa of th printer . I know that any one who rale' a voice jgalnat the old stery that Ney was executed back of the Luxembourg gardens meet with dis approval and I also know that It has been lnaated by aome that the mn who visited our hom at Knlghtatown wa a Polish doctor." Mr. Nicholas Reislng, daughter of tne poneh military ganlua of the French army who. after escaping th same kind of, execution to which Ney wag sentenced aad who finally, after several ' year M th est where he w recognlied r Lafayette, came to Indiana aad lived - and died here, sat befor her In her farmhouse near the laat old Lebmanowaky homeatead In which he died. Her etory waa very almple and Is parallel with tbe record record made by the Hev. W. A. Sadtler In hla historical record Of Lehmanowsky "Utoder Two Captains" written Id the form of an adtobtograpry of the dead aid of Napoleon and aaaoclate of Ney. Mra. Raising and ber brother, Martin, who Uvea only ten miles from her home, tab more than paaalng Interest In the discussions tbst follow any article even ralalng th suspicion that Ney waa not ahot by hla own soldiers who Idellged htm and were assigned to execute him. Resistance to Inquiry. Only one who hi tried In France to Investigate this great mystery can appreciate tha official . forces that, in - dating tbt Ney bll b recorded aa hiving been executed, refuses even to permit plolure being taken f hi unmarked unmarked grave In 'the famous f'ei'4 Le - Vnaiae cemetery in ran - rr tome reason there I In thll country, and especially especially U Indiana, a atrong determination determination oa tb part of many to loaiat that tho man. bo appeared In tbl country a few years after th battle pf Waterloo and who taught school and died In North Carolina waa not Ney. t'Thero caa, - t all - events be no doubt," raid Mrs. Relelng. "about my father's having been arrested, placed In prison like Ney and like him sentenced sentenced 'o he executed, apd that he received received flies handed Into tlrn In a cake, and was helped to escape to thla country, country, where he wa recognlied by Lafayette Lafayette and other prominent men and by them placed In' A govenrment position. Of courae, he was not so prominent a man as the great mar ahal, but If he waa helped to liberty and to thla country. Is jt all all Improbable Improbable that Ney was slipped out through the earn agencle akd - was not shot by hi soldier, who Mollaed him?" Thue Hra, Reislng reasons concern; Ing the "probrtlllly" of Nev'e escaping escaping oxeoutlon. and It happens that her reasoning runs parallel with that of the Mverl memwho bay written volumes volumes on tb myVry surrounding the demise of tbe historical gfand mar - Hiel and the man, who waa ao dearly nia nouoi. wno appearea in amenca LEHMAN'S VOLUME lPdfl WHAT WE EXPECT lat Ho roust bo able to show npn - jutgt 24 - Ho must thoroughly undarsUnd tbo 8ii He rougt know what it reouirea to 4th He must bo able to Drove bevond a t in'atuAl.4tA truth ' 6lh - be q ftbsolute truth. tie able) to know when eotl 6th He) Qiui know that th public depend buy from. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav' ' $25 son's Derea, nlarl v ' may fabrics it's the a swell shortly afterward, and who Mra. Retains: Retains: and others say tbey saw In Indi ana in 1843. tory not Entirely New - Mra. jtaflaing'a story, It seems, after all, Is not entirely hew. She and others others who saw the man they call Ney have told It before many yeara ago - and possibly the fact got Into tbe public print in paat generatlona. Leh - ftianowaky. It la aejterted. Included a full record nf thla meeting In hla autobiography, autobiography, which ao ihysterlouely dlaappeared ofter lie had placed It In the hands of publishers. Her etory cornea to light again at a Ume when It haa new nlgnlflcanee. It tallies with a story told by a 9S year old mao. Dr. Eugene M. C. Neyman, of ealalllo, Waablngton county, who saya he I a son of Grand Marshal Ney, aad who, when aeen a. few weeka ago In hla bed, tp which he la confined part of the time, Insisted that Ney bad been la Indiana not once, but twice the flrat time shortly after hla arrival In tbl country and the second time along lu the '40a, shortly before th death of Peter Btuart Ney, tb school teacher In North Carolina. Dr. Nay - man's claim of being a eon of Grand Marshal Nay has been told of before In Indiana, and ha brought forth much comment and dlicusalon, making making It useless at thla tlm either to brand htm as a - genuine son of tbe grna marsnai or an impostor, lie hap. It will be recalled, refused to en - tor Into a full dlsoiiaalon of hla assertion, assertion, Inalatltyr that be will leave behind him at - hla death Danera that will clear up the mystery. That tlm doe not seem to be far off n few years at most. "The laat time I saw my father," aald Dr. Noyman, "wa In the '40s wbon we met In a tavern, kept by Thomaa Allison, at fttatesvllle, N. C." Dr. Neyman Is not inclined, even In hla lest days, to discuss his parentage parentage further than to Insist that he la a legitimate sop of Ney. and that ho waa born In Paris In 1808. He speaks French aa a Frenchman. There waa a son ICgene, but It Is recorded that he entered official life. Dr. Neyman Insists that, ho la that son Eugene, but he does not sttempt to account for tbe Riigeno of official record - He saya th( his father gave him money In this country the last time they met he received fl.pDn. He will not Indicate the nature of his paper that. It is supposed after his death, may throw a gleam of light on this entire historical mjatery. 1 REAL Transfer John C. street : William man, on aaat Una south beslnoln. Margaret f.llow. for addition of lota Fred II. tie. lota 1MOJ. Cortimerelal William E. Comm.rclal H.nry 4 And 6, Catharine trlc works, Adolph trto works, addition. ilanry works, lot uneriee trie worka. William lot III, W. addition. school Wyes, lots addition. Ilet - nherd Morrell, addition. Bthal (, Whtte'a !,eonard miii. lot a. Jacob nvx - h. lot William lots it and lot 1, a. Burseaa' O. N. lo the Fletcher's Walter and John addition. Jim F. for H.S0. hlll H.lrs' Iula C. Schaf.r. White's 4th Mcculloch's waltar It Robertson. addition. Walter lot B. Oak township. Herman lar. for l. William Fred Moeller. addlllnn. Fred C. ll.Mn. part Frederick north out lota, Theodore

Clipped from
  1. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette,
  2. 30 Dec 1906, Sun,
  3. Page 5

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