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Neyman Article  - of S7 tl 7 11)1 no tr41 of - v. - from IKIray...
of S7 tl 7 11)1 no tr41 of - v. - from IKIray Mr I II Powoll, Wabash bolKmraker, has returned from Toledo txjran, CofTman, a, brakemtm on a Wiibash freight train stepped off of his train at the Andiews lpot, Iutaday mornlnK. and the ground ut. - 4iif slip per and a heel of the engine crushed It Di W Williams was tallml and cllpd dff hla flnfserH which wore hunit; lnr by mire chreds niul bound up the Injuied member He wa tuftiri to the hospital nt I'ttii Coffmun H lit in Ii t Attica and he was on bin stcontl mil as a biaktmun on the Wabash rnuil United Htatcri army tills at,l lee yoilntf Ney follow el Ho went to lofftrstn Ilniratks nt Ht L.ous und nliHtod He try, he Ml with hlB hand on the ruil 4 was In the HIghth lnfanti lining tin NGY'S SON, HEYMAH SiYS HTOIIY OF I)H NHYMAN, OF HALTIILOSVIM 1 , AOPI) 11, INI nr Ahsi uts Tin: tiuith of tiii: i.ih:ni that napoiiona MAItHIIAI WAH NOT SHOT IllTT IIFCAMH A TRArilKK IN NOHTlt OAUOLlNA 8A1H Hh HAH ' PKHH TO PKOVI1 IT IXMIISVILLE .Jan 11 A ffaltllltfl ville Ihd , iibout twtnty - foui miles I ink fiotn New Albany, liven a man of 92 known to I he public as I)i I? M (' Nty - uar To the few who have heard his Htory he Is Kugene Ney third son of Marshal Ney tl e brnvittt nf the br ' Quite natiiially his storj Is connecfed with the Itetiul thftt Maishal Noy vs not itHll I - hot In the IuxembouiR (lurdenH but wat Hplrlte.! away to die icounti h hool teu her In North laio - lintt Tfte try til 1 not become known when questioned that his name T tvouia . (J Vrr sal a by Draler Jk Jlro. of In - - an - at of "r htm, and man It is only Stminole war and wns oImh n, tin pedltlon ugainst th Mormons He iiiYt saw Murblial Nej ml for the Ust lime all.r In 1843. ut uhlih timr yi ung Nt y hntl it turned t i II lift ind wan I raetltlng nit dlt In In Hi o atvh tovwp Ind They met by nit t nieiit in a ta i a kt pt by 1 homu Mllti n at Kti.ttKitl, N C Of IIiIh uitetiiif Ir Neyman has little to sn ltttr ht wt nt to JutkHon Miss lit a tht w n vith VI xio bmk t in h went iMiln Into tin uuny but tin i the as auuud name which In HlilJ l urs He h i ether lelitent on thit siitjL be ( mill fui many ytuis ht f ai.d jirose Cut Ion fui a serious ofTt iimi t nniiltttd dining the Hemliiole war lb mjs that i tiny bt fomtd a ery di ir comrade lit lug brutally punlHticl bv Ins aptaln In the t xttws of hiH angt i h dun k the t apt iln How lit (fltn it of the (t miIIi - Im dot'K not sn I ut h n h went into the Mtxican um up detmttl it bent to Lhanf; his naun ftu the win hotrriAttfd lathe Wt t (mlUs for st v i ral j earH Ivilentl h jiospered for when he returned an I sttlrd at Camp HebuiK he wai In i w ttmifott able t ircuniftant s In fid be Is now said to be worth $100,000 In the meat) time Pt ter Stitni Nij who had been Identified as tht material by a cloz n p oplt died ln It man county N I and was hurried In I bird Cretk tlnuth That was In 184u It was neatly thirty jtais after Ney s tbath that Ur Ni ynian put chast tl Pa nth. i t'ave four niilea fiom his "home In s iltillosville Ni tm ta)uld Imagine i what pur pfu ht l)6uxht it and tht pun hase tauatd t inMlderiible c tinri tit It aftfr ward d )opkd that It ua ht th1r cat that lr Ntjimn piojxinexl t Intti tht itinutns 4i ltter Stuart N He bad bttn Htlttly eta 1 1 ptnidlnK la binp, time wit It the dt neons t f tho ri'lrdttit t k ill u nh fn the pin pone tl Httutlna that he has admitted thaT?Ma?shaV xJ, "" - 1"' bt - is ,. .1. wa his father He now say that at jiniiy i,r cyrnun went m, - a ' hlt death papers will be forthcoming to prove his story At a met ting In this ctty between Ir Neyman and the Itt Di James A Weston the mithoi of a book about the North Cut ollna Ney, and two newspapei men, Di Ney man for the first time told of the fare veil atene between bis mother and Matshal Ney The parting took place on the evening following1 the supposed execution He also told of Interviews with his father In thla country Regarding the parting he says that although only eight years old nt the time he remembers distinctly how his father of whom he stood In great dread, came In disguise to hla home, kissed his wife and children Kood by, and mounting1 the horse that stood waiting at the door, lode away into the night Of what happened to Marshal Ney dur ing the next five years he knows nothingnothing - except what his father told him when they next met, which nas Baltimore In 1R21 It seems that when Ney left home on that night he escaped into England aided by iioweiful friends and puftsports furnished by the Duke of Wellington In Knfclaml he was be - fi ion Jed by 'William Cobbett, tht famous llbeial leader of parliament ' Cobbett gae him letters to Influential people In Ualtimore and aided hint to moss undetected to this country Ileie Ney was In ptrfict safety, but on ne (ount of his f i lends in t England and Pi a ii re who might hae sufferod so verely had their part In his escapi become known he kept his Identity a secret Here lie became a sthonl teacher, securiivg many pupils through Cobbett s Influence W hen young Ney came to this country In 1821, his father apprenticed him to Drs Rush and Cox, the Philadelphia surgeons, and It was under them that the son received his education It was not until fourteen years later thai father and son met again Peter Stuart Ney waa then teaching" school In Iredell county, North Carolina He made his home with Placebo Houston, a fanner To this place young Ney made his nay reaching It at supper time He asked to be accommodated for the night but his i equest was refused, the farmer saying that every bed was occupied Young Ney Insisted saying that as It was the only house within reach, he must sleep there or on the roadside. He agreed to sleep on the floor intl the farmer yielded to hla entreaties At supper fathti and son sat opposite each other but dloVnot si?eak After the meal they loft the house together, went he hind u haystack and leinalneo! theie talking until nearly morning This Is cortoborated by Mrs Mary C Datton daughter of Farmer Houston She says that when she and the other membcis of the family were told of the meeting behind the hayotack by Frederick a farm hand they remembered tbat when the two men faced each other at the table, there seemed to be a sign of understanding between tnem At this meeting Ney gave his sun a check for $1,000 for his start In life and earnestly recommended him helitvtd but when Ii fVeyrrtaw .under to prove bv mi ex. mim Uton, of th skull that the dt ttl mitt is Mat shit Nt the authorities wt i nufllch ntb lm prcHHtd to itet t have it cxhuim d This was Ione op M t J 1881) Marshal Ney a skull hid on been trepanmd ntvd Di Ntyrnan hupi d to shmv thl but ht was dlHUppointt d, the body be Iiir In sui h a condition after foi ty three ytnrs that examination was un possible The ihuich authoiltleu tht n finally refused to allow the remains to be removed During thla whoh lima Dr Neyman had remained silent n the subject ex cept to the church authorities and In all probability would have remained silent Rut the stoiy leaked out In Ninth Carolina, coming to the eais of Ir WVston, rector of (he chuirh of the Ascension, at Hlckor N C Dr Wes ton was then completing a book on the piobable fate of Maishal Ney and was of tourse much Intended He wrote to Dr Neyman anil recelvetl a rt ply asking him not to it veal hLs llentity but aefcmttlng the tiuth of the stoiy of "Tht (he world rlvjtrt may and this our I und will iruliit tundrt tt fili li iJf M!d tbost )iR t x for nt, In ihink IIh H'lvir dt ma vt r him imj his t dir t menu 1 1 1 1 Ktiiird eh Mr i hnriM allvt f r I I Ih r ght tiee dollar for n tht on I trust trusts as i have word ttmblj try of the not it v I OHIO tif t (if t tbt tin tjnt tin y I tniHtH ft r noon rail us Home Hon my wmi relievo of I the Any tlon Hcntttr think trust lion la t The tale had Icruii to ppreati ,n id v and neiote long ur N - yiiiii who ium tinned by m my pi dt To th( at ht i nve little satisfit li . contenting him j seir with the stattm at that the Ptlitol teacher hurried In Nuth Cailnin w ai certalnb Marshal Nt It Is onlv shite the publication f n nrtlt le wiitttn by a man ut Albam N Y ,t w!n snej he la related to MaMhal Ney that Dr Nomnn haa ,len my portitulirs to Hupport hla stuttmtit The till le it feiied to Hcoutetl thi Idea thnt Maralnl Ney ditd In this countiy or an j Ih re t Ise pave In the I.ux mbourg Clai It lis A mong hla fi le nil a vei st rtmg point In favor of In Neyman a atory Is the apparent lack of Incentive for him to falsify II haa wealth fai beond his needs an 1 haa at moat but very few years to lf He cares noth ing for ostentation a id evidently noth Ing for any fame vhi h the matter ma bring him as In evidenced by his long silence and many dt nials Another point Is the remarkable reerhulanca between lr Neyman s eon and the pictures of tttj, hnii but , ftii tt dldatt of him nttd tlitl it no deuce tho Marshal Ney tvht n the latter waa$2t)00 about middle age Dr Neyman a famllvj wlre lhe ttt 'a lawyer H known to have papt rs which no one Is to see until after the d.rtora death Dr Neymm says they will proe his rase History reconls that Matnhal Ntyf,Ti Ihhtl son was namtd Hugene mil that ho was born in 1808 in 1 - arla, h would " , . . . ... tiuc i i.i.iKe mm in - sani. oK - na ,n . inian ,, were ho HvInK Hul about thin i Int Dr Neyman s stoiy and Laitittsae s encyclopedia elivergt Ijirousne gives Count Eugene cnitci It hhvi he in trred the French dlplomatlt ft t v it e lull Tast and It In 11 Ibnrv was stationed at vatinua ftutiqn titien Kllini. antl In 1843 vyas sent at churge d affalrn Urn 7.11. ht ittuinetf to l'oi lv pMt In 181i pufTeilnt? hirn the Hint hm wbah To ca,usod his death In th. same? ear Aurt "". furOcr to - how that Eugene N t w m 1 a Deraon known to th Iworlil nilnui ,A to enlist In the writings by him are rooatloneil siarimi

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  1. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette,
  2. 12 Jan 1900, Fri,
  3. Page 5

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