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Neyman Birthday - 13 THOUGH BORN 1 00 YEARS SON OF NEY, IS...
13 THOUGH BORN 1 00 YEARS SON OF NEY, IS -FOURTH BIRTHDAY All Saltillo and Nearby Indiana Towns Honor' the Old-c:t Inhstitant, Whose Leap Year Dlrth Has Mado One Fcaturs cf His Life Peculiar. a Venerable Physician, VVhcs Strange Story cf His Origin is Believed By His Nel3h-bors, Though Disputed By Writers of French History. a THE . INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, SATURDAY,. FEBRUARY 29, 1903. AGO MARSHAL CELEBRATING (FYom a Staff Corr pon4nt.) . . ALTILLO, Ind., February Tt good old-fashioned common folks most of ' them Democrat from the days when Jackson had 11 rit tw tbe platform that it !Vt the "biled" shirt that, made the.. r.n-tr pouring Into ; Saltillo to-day from all along tba Monea. p above Or-. 1'ans to clown below Far a bee station, and from all tha surrounding country, from the sinks of Lost river to . thjs White river bluffiTh Cookies' and tha Ver.omaea' hitch-rack places wera full of .. vehicles before 10 o'clock, and area tha ft trains on tha Monon, that have not f'TP'd here In years, except when no f them knocked a yesrlln off tha track 'rne three yeara ago, are coming a' full stop, ant everybody la eating canned Unify-more oyster and chicken noodles . and celebrating "old . Doc" Neyman'a twenty-fourth birthday. T Corn on February 29, 1808. - It Isn't every town that gets tha faat trains to stop and that gets up a' big celebration because ona of its citizens la to celebrate Ms twenty-fourth- birthday, ar.d It Is not every man that has such an tnte resting; twenty-fourth birthday to celebrate. Thoygh this ta only his twerrty-f ourth b'rthday, aU th!a part of tha; world whs fu'.l -cf Indiana and malaria hen "Doc" Keyman waa born. Chicago then wits only an Indian camp, and there waa rrt a clle cf railroad anywhere. And, by j :.ks. no fI!ow bad tagged a microbe tha peepers shining to-day tinder "oU Doc's" shaggy white browa first opened. TbtLt waa back on February 2. : . : . ... ( Abla ts Fool Old Father "Tint. . It was a lucky thlng'for me. said "( ; i Poc". to-day. with a chuckle. "that I was born cn February 29. for I've been a is to fool old Father Time by telling OQViIFALL IliL OF THE PROPHET Th3 Influcnca of Tecumtha s rcth or Among the Indians Ciilcf Element of. Strength cf His Confederacy, ; ::o hea:::; to questio:i. ; ' THE MAfi'S SINCERITY Travea Fe;ht with . Fanatic Convlc-t!ci that They Would be Supor-raturaHy Protected, and Prephsfa HuTilIii!:ii vvsa Pathetic IZ'T J. T. Toaa. r.'otwl-Tf'n.Vrf the eloquence, mag-T.'f'.-'-n and "h' !iU repute of Teonmtha f -.X the In2 ans, there is little room i r (',)it!r.n that the chief element of r'f -r-h in fc'.j confederacy waa the in-"-.ea cf I'.s trother, tha Prophet. The M';1r,i! came cf thla man waa the IHjd V. co! 1 only written Iw-le-waav cr Cl-'.A-wa-cM-ca. but more prop- : La-lu-e-tsee-ka. 'When he assumed t rol a cf rrcphet. at our "White river I !ivare towns, in 1855, he took tha i r-.t cf Tf n-kwa-ta-wa or Ha Who ; :'; t'.e Door Open. American writers I vve commonly denounced him as an lm-i '.:r, ar. 1 a eonscloue humbug, but THE. NEVTsAAWZf HOAHs him that . this waa only my twentieth, twenty-second or twenty-third birthday chances are that I'd never g.ot to ' be a hundred f he'd known tha straight of it." Tha old man who la now celebrating: hla twenty-fourth, birthday' to-day hammered hi cane on the floor and chuckled over the way be rot tha beat of Father Time. "'Long; ago. I aald I'd fool tha old .reaper."; he continued, "and, now I've about got my. mind made up to live to be 110. Tou eTe thla 'ahould. by rlfhU, be ray twenty-fifth birthday, but I lost ona -birthday in 1300. that being bo leap year." Says He Is Son of Marshal Ney. In the course of the last few years most ' Indiana people have read of Dr. K. M. G. Key-man. for there as running In and nt of hla twenty-four peouUar mile-atoaea of life oae of tbVraoet fascinating romaooee In Indiana. This la tha mavn that claims to be the eon of tha famous Grand Marshal Kay. Of France, who was NapoUon'i right arm In tha Hokow 'campatga, and who covered . his retreat from the land of snow and from the dls- aatreas field of Waterloo; th man who vrtth 20.0OO. : ' '' - " j-r V waa aeot to bring Napoleon back to Paris Oalr SO,000 ppla lived ta all whst U' bow IbsIsbs, JUlaalaC' M lehtgaa sit In aa Iron cage when Napoleon escaped Wlacoaala there waa aa Weatrra eltyi Vlaceaaea, Claetaaati, 8. Louis, Kti-from Elba and returned to Franca, but kaskU aad Saata Fa were the prlaelpal aettleaaeata west of the AUeghaalea. who, on meeting hla old commander, went , Chicago waa nit thoaght of. ladtaaapolla waa set feaaded aatU thtrteea years over to him with hla army - aad . became later. . . 1 .;.:, - , , . ; , , . re"?.01 , COr"1C!n'' Ulumph"1 Ther. waa a. keroae.e or m ..a the tallaw dip waa the ataaaard light, " . ' i re waa ho aaeh thlag aa a match, aad Clafa were aaedt the reoklag ateve waa . As History Records Nay's Fata. --' "kaowai a-araaeats were hV kaaai at a caatlraa plew exlatedi the pple.: It la an old atory. often repeated to In- m ?mmmmn' Mo" aIa arrea. paper for wt.w -ta. diana nraripapera, but It neceiBirlly . " There was aot a aalle'of railroad, aad the, trip f rem ?(ew York te .Phlla-; rung tn throurU the story of his Strang "'Pkl ' mm? ! ttvo hears, took two days ataglsg. The first atesaaboat birthday oalabratlon to-day how this' Jaet eraaaea ' the Atlaatle with the aid af sails. Thera ware aaly half a wonderful leader of tha famous Old Guard papcre' weat mt tha AUeghaalea tha Vlaceaaea Saa betas; anaaag the aaoat : was cUpped Into prison after Waterloo reaalaeat. ;v . ; v ; yi .-,- and how. In the gray of a morning soon - V The telearraph waa aadreaaaed af It was thlrty-atayeara he fare the firat after, he waa led out Into a blind alley telegram waa seat aad mall waa a a faat aad aa alow aa the atagea. "It taak In the rear of the Luxembourg where a terra da ye ferLeslsa tm hear af the fall ef Wsterloei all Aaa erica knew r. the magnUlcent statue of the marshal now battle af Manila before. the gaaa were rool." New York was farther 1 rot rhlU., marks the spot and was thera shot by- a delehla thaa Capetewa la from Salt (lie to-day. . '""Th t 'k 0,dlr' fc':" ;'Waahlaartoa, who had 'died aly alae -years" befere. waa regarded aa'a Veiry' That i the way that hlatory;. at all wealthy naa, leavlag aa estate valaea lacladlag las da aad alaves at g53S,000.. ejents. has It But the hundred-old Dr.i, mm erideaca af great wealth ha swaed -oae hoadred cowa.-- - , j I -! v,. fttrmia, wno js celebrating hla twenfy-four birthday In Saltnio. Ind., today, and, many others who have Inveatl-gated tho case, have a different story of what happened when ; the gune of - the firing aquad ' lined up in front of "the Bravest of the Brave," were discharged that mornUrg. . ' Dr Neyman's. Story. i, . . T waa born." aald Dr. Neymaa, '!n commenting on attaining htt neT hundredth year' to-day, "In Parla. on February 29. 1808. ily father was Grand Marshal Key, and my mother -was Madam Key. his wife, whose maiden name wasi Mile. Aglae Augule. ,1 was the third pf four children, and, waa between . seven and eight years old when : Waterloo crashed over our. house. ' Of course I re-, dumber It. and then HniLflm nf raorrow. It was along In 1S21 that I next aaw my father. That waa In Baltimore.-I had been sent across the ocean by my mother, and waa met by. my father, who waa then a country school teacher In South Carolina, living there under ' the 4 I Naelea waa reeoastrwetlaa: tke map of ' Earopef ' Geeraje waa the British tbreaei AVaterloa waa. set foaakt till III l.k .wmmm 1mm 'Abrahaa Llaeels ksd set rrt teea hra Thaaaaa Jeffersaa waa Praalaeat of the latted Stateai Keatacky ' waa .."the- far; There were ealy 7,000,000 peoala la the T'alted Stateai Frsseef ' had 0je tlsnea mm aaaay fear tlmea aa saaari- Italy aaa Great l, aeable aar papnlatlaa. j . Ther were amly are el ilea lm tha ' had Jast heroaae the Urges t, had aaly . TV,000 Baltliaore with 35,000 was thlrdi There wera aa labor Miens aaa wages raa froaa two ta fear shllllags a dar ts SO eeats. ...'-. , - .: - There were aa postage ataaaps aad aaly 1,000 psatefflrea la America. 'ey-aaaa .was tweaty-alao years old before postage ataaapa were lareated. ' Letter ' charge was 25 eeate a letter., The pspalar pea was the arrargasse' oallL ' , ' ' . name of Peter Stuart Key. He picked out which had been arranged, It Ja understood, , for ma a medical career, and put me In by Wellington, who greatly: admired his' school, in Philadelphia, where I studied bravery and ability as an adversary, he at the Jefferaon Medical College ' under came over the Alleghanlea Into .the new. ,rr.' Jamea Rush., ' ,' v.; country that waa just opening. Be spent "t never; lived with.; my .father in thU over a year In thlscountry, northwest of country,' but I aaw him a half-doen or, the Ohio, hunting with some old trappera. - oro tlmea, the last time In tha fortlea, at. a tavern kept by Thomas Allison, at he happened on a wonderfully beautiful StatesVille.-K. C. He-was then teaching cave,- which received the name of. School In Rowan county. South Carolina, panther Cave by reason of a fight with' where he died November 15, 1S4S. Instating panther Inside of It. It was : either that he was the great French marehal. Marshal Ney or the Polander. Lehmtn-"I went "to Rowan county thirty .years . owaky. who also served under my, father, later and tried to get hla body to bury and also escaped from a similar eiecu-It In a cava in the hills along-Twin creek.' Hon. that had the fight wlth'rthe -panther.' four miles northeast of - Baltlllo.- When Tha fact la set forth graphically In the i my father disappeared from France after Washington county histories. - : the bogus execution by bl own soldiers, "My father waa much pleased with the' Trt HEV5MAW AMD ' OMC OF MIS MftHVi prople Geranaay aad. evea' Aaatrla had Brltala three tinea as ma ay, ti4 ens -f , . I .-. l. i . , . ( . " '' v. I TJatta4 - States, aaa New. Yark. -whteh 100,000 papalatloa FhtlaelphU had ; Bes tea with fourth, aad Charlea ; v.-, :- ' ; . . - . While through here with the trappers BP. MEJrtVSfsW orr beauty of the cave and the country and Carolina; V. he hai quietly insisted U hla residents that remembers Dr. Neyman he told me-that he wanted to be byrled in 'closest rrlenda that Wafather was: the and met him- in the days when he waa It. So. in 1876. 1 bought the land, on which famous marshal.-j v V '& known as Dr. Key., is elghty-one-year-oia the -cave Is located, from John Whlttet, " Severat ietvFrench - and . Americans- Thomas.- Men&ugh, ho lives at Salem. paying Jilm 100 for It, and therf tried to.wbo havebeen writing . concerning--Key,: "The first, time I ever aaw Dr. Neyman. ret my-father's body. and. bring It backt have "come to see him. and they have, as a he aald, "waa in the City of Mexico dur-here. but I was not permitted to do so'bo-? rule.: found hrs storyjconslstent.' though-i In the Mexican . war.. He was then. It I cause ' of ' the? local- 6bJectlons; in 'Rowani ln :.'-assertmg he IS Kugene y' he bar run -f am not mletaken In my man. aurgeon of county, where' hla " memory ' was , uch - afoul of the French, histories that' atate-' the, Second Mlalaa1ppl Regiment. One revered.'' ! ': 'v V - I ihe," sonVEugene -TCey ' Went Into the iof. the, soldiers had killed a priest,, and , ; 4-French diplomatic; service.? At all times. : Dr. 1 Key was called . aa a witness. I T'm 6 Saw Hr , atner,( Neyman , lias refused to produce . the met him at Salem many years later. I '"My fathercame ba'cko' lridianaabout ' proofa' that he aayg he' hM and that thought -I had seen the roan before, and 1837, and bought -land In Jackson county. ; will, he IneletsV .straighten" but -' French asked hinr if he waa not the Df. Tfey If the Jand Tecords are examined It wUl : history . He says these will not be g:ye.i that had been a witness at that; .murder be found that this is true. The last time; td the world Tintir after he has .paaaed ; trial, an l be admitted that he was." I saw him at the tAvern at Statesville away, ven now he has not forgotten his Besides being In the Mexican war. Ney-we went to a haystack and spent the night" French-: K .- : . ;v man also served In the Florida campaign there talking. C He gave me $1,000 at that ' . ViohhoVa Bel leva Hia'-'Storv nd a1"0 ln B IOW rslment ld trt c,vl1 tlme-the last remittance that I received ; 7 Vftl9hbor r' Hig-tory.. waT. ,Ii4k has alw.ya , possessed txcep-from; him.". . ; , ' - That hla neighbors accept him a thai tlonal military ability:; and has tojd hla Though , there may be many doubting, son of. Grand. Marshal Key" Is shown tn . friends that he waa' vrged by his jfather Thomases over the country; the" people of the decorations "of the Saltillo Methodist to enter millUry service.. He did ncjt take BaltUlo, w-ith whom Dr.. Neyman haa lived church tb-day 1 The speeches are being , the name of Neyman until durlrig the moat of the time for more than forty . made 'under" the entwined flaga of France ( civil war, -years, have accepted as true hla atate- and the 'United States,, On the right aide . , d!t-k niHeat Man ment that he la a son of Grand Marah.I of the choir arch la. a larg. black me-' Prlze Won b the 0.,de,t Mn-Ney. He has siways been a man of my- dalllon. wiUn the words France. 1WV : For several yeara Dr. Neyman. who has tery.'a great, big. stately, soldierly man laid on it . in great yellow letters. The ' alwaya been popular In thla part of the of military bearing and commanding na- French, flag ia draped around It.- On the State, has been-taking a great deal of tureV and he la well educated. ' He haa- left aide of the' arch la- a similar me- Intereat in Id settlers' meetings, and one alwaya been peculiar, and from, first to dalllon. with the words. "Indiana, 19M." of the corners of bis little home is filled last, as did the' mysterious Peter Stuart' and with the American flag draped over It. with prise canes that have been bestowed Ney.'the schoolmaster who died in North 1 , Up to two yeara ago Dr. Neyman prac- eri him. as "the oldest man present." Six o PVhATHElIV CftVE WHICH ' DP.MCVVSW CL WM. WA3 'Tirhf g - tlced medicine , regularly, and for forty years or more he answered calls from all thla part-of the country, and went day; and niaht. Ha had a marvelous physlaue and seemed never to tire. A little over hd her "youns man'' ready bright and two years ago. however, he went with hla early for the day. and when ask-d how-wife to Oklahoma to see one of his sons, -'t felt to be 100 years old, he chuckled and there he cot into a low malarial end said: country. It was too much for a man of "Why, all right; I don't feel much older such advanced years, .and hla health than any other man n his twenty-fourth broke rapidly. Thla winter .he has' been . birthday. Come arui se me on my confined to the house, and arranirementa twenty-fifth I'll bo jwr." had to be made to-day to take him over to the church for the celebration. A great crowd of, old peopla gathered in -Saltlllo.for the big dinner. to-dajV and more especially for the speaking at the meeting-house" this afternoon. .Among them are Mrs. Rachel Case, who Is "go- ing on ninety-nlne";'"01d Sandy" Booker, who . is eighty-eight- ana iiacnei cook, who ta Just past eighty-nine, .William and Rpbert GreeA.. eighty-two and eighty-four years old, feapectlvely. who stick to the saddle as in the old days, hitched at oncof the racks early, and they were eAllstw Ave : 1 e r-Vii I rr hv I "nfi ft Frank" Smith. "Old , Aunt - Barbard" Freed, who Is about t;f Ighty : "old Mrs.Q. .rhlcps. who Is past seventy; Mrs Ham Strouther, who Is seventy-three; Polly Matthews, who haa tumed-seventy: Mrs. John ;Vellom. who does not care, if people know "she is eighty; (Suaan Case, who Is seventy-seven; "Doc! W. F. Matthews snd "Uncle'V John, Wlllfong. both seventy-four years old, and a lot of oth- er Washington and- prange county, old-timera. All of them even nlnety-elght-ycar-old Tlache! Case, believe that.- Dr. Neyman is 1(T years old. all right, for when they first saw him, forty years ago. he was then a man - well advanced in years.- -; - :. . ' . ' Served In Three Wars. One of the most interesting of the older yaara ace ha attended anl "made a re"H at the ona hundredth- birthday party given for "Grandma- Cauble. at Illtch-coek station, and he was much interested though ha could not attend it in the , ona hundredth birthday party given for lira. Amelia Turley, of Orleans, on January 12. - At the celebration held for Grandma Cauble, six years ago. he invited the people to come over and help him eelebeata his twenty-fourth birthday to-lty. an! this momlnjr he waa rather inclined to issue invitations for February. 29. : Tha celebration to-day waa given by the peoplo of JSaltlllo as a n hole, but wa under tha direction of JMrs. "W. C. Cook and Leroy V'ellom. Thedlnner was served in tha Knights f Pythias hall," and the speakins; this afternoon was in the Methodist church. ,", . Expecta to Live to be 104. Mrs. Neyman. who Is but sixty-seven. But whether, he is going to stay another four years or not. he has already had Panther cave prepared to receive his body, and there he expects to sleep tba lone sleep in the chamber of the living rock, where, he Insists, his father, one of the' most picturesque figures In history, slept through several winter nights when the people or Kurope believed that h" was sleeping the long rest In Tere La . chaise cemetery, on the hills of.! Paris, At all events, whether he la or Is not a son of Ney, he is undoubtedly .rounding out a remarkable career and having one of th most ilni-.l hl-tha w ..a given In ladiana. USED AT TRIALS Official Reports Are Generally Accepted as . Conclusive Evidence By Judge and Jury In All Courts. SOME NOTABLE CASES IN" V WHICH WEATHER FIGURED Storm that Swept Galveston Caused Wreck- Near Chlcago--Sult Against Railroad that Failed Because Wind was Blowing In Wrong Direction. Foreigners :who have Visited this country say Americans talk about the weather more than any other- people on earth. That may be. because we know more about the weather than any other peopla on earth, for no other country haa a meteorological service at all approaching in acope, accuracy and completeness that of the United States. The Weather Bureau, .at Washington, receives every day from nearly 200 stations, distributed throughout this country and the West Indies, two regular sets of weather tel.grams. at 8 o'clock a. m. and p. .m., on whlch-are based the morning end evening weather charts-and the forecasts for the next thirty-six hours. These forecasts immediately WEATHER RECORDS

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