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Championship Chess - Championship Chess BLAKE STEVENS Texas State...
Championship Chess BLAKE STEVENS Texas State Champion Joel S. Quinones, a member of the San Antonio Chess Club, displayed his sluU in his encounter with Chess Master George Kol- tanowsky, and demonstrated that when he is in form he is a dangerous adversary. The opening selected by Kol- tanowsky, a Queen's Pawn Game, drifts into unknown channels early ( a b o u t move 6). Then a Colle S y s t e m evolves in which White's- Queen Bishop P a w n has been over- advanced to QB4 (instead of QB3) and the Queen is misplaced on QN3. This is a case of striving for oo much, which reacts in Black's favor. This game caused "Kolty" to ponder each move for a considerable length of time, and all the other players who participated in the simultaneous exhibition were able lo devote a few more precious seconds to their own games. WI.M.. ° Black Bishops make the win negligible. In the next game Mr. Quinones plays the opening indifferently quickly gels an inferior game. Then his opponent makes an but his error -- his singje error -is greater than the sum total minor inaccuracies committed by Quinones, which tills the balance past the equal line. Now another weak move would probably swing it back again. This time Quinones . plays the correct move (19) and from then on does not let up, - move mercilessly precise. While BUtk ViU«re! Slovens J.S. qulnones 1 r-qi 2 F-qB4 3 N-QB3»1 4 QiP ( Q-Ql 6 P-K4b) 7 B-KN5 8 B U I 9 B-N3 10 R-D1 11 K/i-KS 1.1 RPiN 14 P-BS is q-H2 16 N-Ki 17 11-0! 19 K.Ql'l 20 R*Q6 21 NI2I-B3! 23 R-qi C. N-KB3 F-QIU PiF N-QB3 P-K3 B-N5 P-KK3 T-XN4 q-B3 P-QN3 NxB B-B4 B-N2 n-K6 q-K4 F-Qm F*F Q-K3 Q-R7 q-RKch . N-qs 3 r-K: .4 r-oni D Q-N3 II N-K", 7 N-O.U3 NiB 9 P-KR3 10 B qs 11 O-O 12 P-K4 IX Nil* 14 H«N 13 11-112 ID B-N5 17 K K . K I ( b ) IR Il-lUT 10 B-N.% tO Q K ) I 81 P-qnS Eg B-M 23 Bil it q-at 23 B-K5 to Rxll 21 H « K J. s . P-Q1 N-KI13 I1-N3 P.BS Q-BJ r.K3(»] K-Q3 N»N N-xm o-o P-QNS H-K2 P-KRS Q-n.M «J»«!P C1-B4 q-NS QR-Q1 l l i l K d ) (a) Yielding the Two 'Bishops for development. (b) 17 QR-Q1! so as to answer 17 ... P-KR3 with 18 B-QB1 and keep the attacking possibilities very much open. (c) Black keeps White busy with no chance lo think of going over to a Kingside assault. (d) It could be a long, tedious win for B l a c k , but the Two S3 Q-Rlch _ , _ 24 BxNFch Resigns " (a) 3 P-Q5 retains slight advantage whereas the move played relinquishes all of it. (b) Weak, setting up a target for Black. 6 P-K3.B-N5; 7 KN-K2 is better. After 19 RxQP Black can not capture because of the Knight fork. Holding Back On checking results of the Hastings tournament we find t h a neither Tahl nor Olafsson played, only the minor masters Uhlmann, Daiga, Duckstein, Wade, Barden, and a few others participated. The main reason the stronger players declined to play is probably due In part to the fact they did not want to reveal their l a t e s t opening stratcgems, preferring to save them for the all important Candidate's Tournament. This is not the case with Fischer. He is in the midst of U.S. National Championship, and going strong. With two rounds remaining, he is leading such notables as Reshcvsky, Bisguier, Evans, Loinbardy, Donald and Robert Byrne, Shcrwin, Mednis, and Benko. And he is only 15! Surely a future world champion!

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 18 Jan 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 75

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