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 - Till. NEW YORK TIMES. BATURDAY. JULY 0. 1013....
Till. NEW YORK TIMES. BATURDAY. JULY 0. 1013. Rupprecht's and Said. ADMITTED Ra- and : London.) foroea on ad In today's General Hamel ia flhtin Almost th of Crow alon'r th th Alane. attacka repulaed. yaater- at prepa the north broke BAng-ulnary enemy pen tha wood of Ha-tnei by oar Sre-toaneux back into activity front of Rupprecht intensity in yesterday's fighting activity the Avra SAULSBURY PROPOSES CONCERT IN PACIFIC NO TROOPS ON LOST VESSEL Wads Allies o Bar Germany as Long as She Pursues Barbarous Methods in War, Ceattaoed frees Faaa 1, Cl elaaa. U., S. Jf. ; mother. Mra. Mary E. Hamm. 54 Wlnthrop Street. Lyn n. Maaa. " Joseph r. liowdea. seaman, aseoad class. V. 8. N. ; mother. Wre. Saiea Bw-den, house No. S3, Mountain LAkea, N. J. Ambrose C. Ford, fireman, eecond atibmarlne peril In th foortei moettaa of transport aervic which ended June Su. lls. The Antilles. President linooln. and Covington were all aunk returning to America and the live loot wer credited either to the merchant personnel or the navy, none from the army having ben lost In any of these three torpedoing. Etafclh tAtweet of fteleed Ship. Th Covington waa th eighth largest of th Oemtaa veoaela aia4 by the United Statea and converted Into trans r.rf TTKak l..w.lft. t s h an a mm e...pi dasa, V. 8. M. R. F.; mother. Mra. k-. ,KI. - i , -s - " larger than th Covlngteei are Ike lovta-than. fomerly the Vaiertarvd. S4.Sk: tone. XUiaabeth Q. ford. S2 Meuat Veraoa Street. 8omrvlU. Maaa. William Henry Lnch. Jr, fireman. first class. V. 8. N. i another, Mra. Margaret Lynch. 1,200 row Aveaoe. Man Payne, seaman, second class, N. N. V.; mother. Mra. Mary I'Ayne. S3 Bemeat Avenue. West New Brighton, 8. L. N. T. 1 Lloyd II. Bllvernan. aeaman. second claaa, U. 8. N. ; father. Tarto A. 8U- I vernail. Balnbrtdaa, K T. K Pasaeagera Aboard. asset. Germans counterattack Special to re 'ee yerk Tim.. WA8HINOTOX. " July & Senator Saulibury of Delaware. President pro tern, of th Senate and a close student of Eastern affairs, today introduced a resolution for concerted action by the United States. Oreat Britain, and Japan to keep Germany out of the Paclfio Ocean. Ha expects to seek general dla-enseion of hla resolution by tha Senate At the first oDTtortunltv- "I WAnt to keep those mttdera pirates I lktcr. from Infesting the Pacific aa they have M Albert 8. Infested other waters." (aid Senator aulshury. in explaining th purpose of th measure. " 1 want to see tha United States and allied nations do something concrete and definite now toward, preventing the spread of the fiendish doctrines of Kultur to portions of the glob not yet badly Infected. " I am -In favor of a League to Enforce Peace, but that. In the nature of things. awhile here la eomethlng we can do now. right WM 'rnr'ly -- Cincinnati, having along that Una. Th combined strength I been renamed when aha waa put lata of the United StAtea. Great Britain, and th United States eervloe, Hhe was 40 Japan could keep Oermany out of the feet long. U foot beam; groee leekftaga, Paclfio forever. ( lt.S3. Eh was used aa ft transport but Thia measure appllea primarily, of hl army personnel or paaeenera course, to the war, and la meant to pre- aboard when aha waa torpedoed, vent the Germans from getting naval .' Veeaola have been searching foe and submarine bases anywher in tnlMlr' -. " Depart- Psclflc waler. But If Germany ner- mnt waltsd tha report of tha names alaU after the war In her t barbarian 1 ' those mlaslng. whu h waa not received methods, aha ahould be kept out then until today, before announcing th well and not permitted to ahare in I lh hlP-" the commercial benettu that will 11 In Covingtoa was on of th largest Pacific trade. Until the Oerman people transports that have been la th aervic have aigntried their complete rejection ot th Prehln- army aad Its of tha principles which they now accept Xo wU1 H take aaoOier th princlplea which aanctlon tha alnking "raa out f the line of oansnaal. of peaceful merchantmen and hospital cation to Europe, the second wtthia ships until that time Oermanv ahauLl virtually a month, as It was only MTh Covlngtoa. on of th Germaa . 11. aomethlng that muat walt Oov.msae.t. e, until we have conquered. But 1 T the George Washington, nam not changed. 2.1 7U tons, th America, formerly th Asnertka. SS.O tasks; th Mount Vernon, formerly th Krooprla- seasln Ceoille, 19.CA1 tone; tho Aga memnon, formerly th K alter WUbelm IL. 19.-C1 tons; tho Preeldent Lin coln, aasao not karrd. last by aua-ntartn on May St. la. lea tvna, an 4 th President Grant, name not chanced. 14.. tn tons. Where tho Covington was loet was not disclosed. Tho fact that aha was ' ettaa July 1 s4 no announcenwnt was made onlll July S leewta to tho ae-aumptlon that th alnking ooearred as is distance from th rreweft ewast. ooutdo th Kurepeaaj sen of convoy. The sink. Ing of th Certngtoa and rreaUWea Lin coln eiapkssisse th tmportaac of th ' earlleot poaotol fwengaetioei of tho 1 American detryer progran. so a to td1r waa valued fTVle!'? at i.")A0 when an waa Isssw ro. GERMANS EXULT OVER HOSPITAL SHIP'S L0SStr. fta oaf Imm ri I Asa AnxHSS snaaar Ufa. la a. I -We re f- it S--a a-f-fta s-.J tiwe tM l-e an-re 1 Yes, We'ce Sunk One More " KS.WV They Tell British Press Omits Harroaini Details. Hit. a T iee To Tuwa i , . . . a-4 ' I THE rtAOUn. July 4-Th Oml i-a-r W fi preeo has had aartuny ao' " "i .f ia- m. M Ilat r.- a- to er'-e aa si-a - le Ue t a-.i M hit a --m. '1 aa rpedotng ef IS HnerlteJ ak'p &M , 4 ui. r Caw la. Meet tho -, - - t---e a rew-et rrw I-uft swpt;-JJ- naay karrvwtag detail, l-oe j , ,..4r , - Mwi aateneia f tho rgsh .."? 111 Am a. -i-a 1U aa 4 l al WIU Se swttar to watt f j.,. , iiaaaaav a na's-aas a t a tiav't .-a I TVaae a te a in ayw aMeriaa aa w , M VMr t4 aa . ale hao ew Siaaa- k eg-- 4 LiaavSovery Bbltaa4 earutuag tnaay paper added 1 " Aa far Car a l a. ih owbeaafln imm aaaaAec a ata the aiaklrg. A3 trare of Konirg fUg k4 aaare be kept out. " The plan X have proposed would give Japan an opportunity to ehow her good faith, which I have never doubted, in pita of th Kaiaor-inaplred propaganda ao readily swallowed by many in our May St that tho Americas army trejve-port President Lincoln, aiao a farmer Ilamburg-Amejricaa liner, and af lAlSg groas tonnage, was sunk by ft subena rin when returning from Franca. Th Covington la tho fifth Amerloaa trnnevort that has gone down In th country. " Ruaaia too. ahould be allowed a nart t year. Th others wer th Tu. In this union when ah la able to play it. cmn, Moldavia. Antille. and Preaident W muat ahow our faitn in Itussia'e Lincoln.. Tho Tuacanla and Moldavia by ths ability and indention to com back and Mrr sunk whan carrying troops to south j reauma her aeat In tha circle of free Europe. They wr BriUah veaseU and repulsed and hands. taken 1, COO, and .according to which artillery activity Scherpenberg. U nothing r War Office taken . opera l.&AX On machine mortars against our eald " r" ra IKa I4, - a . at aa asf a a . Sl - A put th aavy la pwaitaas. fully to wa. (ra.'. mmA ficara- voy our transport gaiag ead cwenln. ,rut?a.aTn ipra-r DESTROYER OF U-BOAT vood gsing- acraoa. Uertnan rritka af tha U-boat policy la th Retrhetng kav , admitted thia. and th fart that aw . 1 than a mlitlaa men hare Wa pwt In DtftAit 5Xl'rf V FeJTI TnlsTg ! rraac witii a lew of only TH la la . .', .... ... . Itaeat proof that th a.bmwruk has CommsnirT 1 CTf. Yl ho UtTtrf rouna it virtually imp-aalUo to avk fully con voy ad Ira as porta. iraaarvt .-a i as tw a l-vva after total atrwo Me. ... i .ai r- a .c ai i a-rt l. ".- ." - e-waaead a a ws tae liMut waa ewaae mm - was aa4 7'aia an.te waa aee tM'4 eat was a:Il a tu. t ww 1 tmsaloa an tKe weaai tag taaiaad weat le tiksMM tae !, t eneet Sal a reaav.a. laavteg ww laaa it 10 e sumad ky aaaay LNat uue was d d br Car ana Ae a a r. (In Ml effWeo garg. ed al tha mws laa. wa va a aa a a"a vavdatw haLal aa ias" latiuaa ornare aw i44 la . 7 Ha U'ea r-rru aft-w aa Net! a e-eraiy. La. .! -i. a CEIS A BRONZE MEDAL ei the First Shot of the War. wilt la Baas Avrgj La 1S. j Tho Art twfa anted laat aignt a y dal far The Cincinnati waa a eiatar akia i. tha CJeveiand. and was waist In lte ieiia-iad aarWw ta Ueat. Caen- burg la lsug for th Hamburg-Asaanraa) -ir 1'cwwe IV War. U. S. wa-s Una. t ran o th laleraaedial aarv. , r,mrvd4 ua rrew af iwa Ita-r Ico t New Tork la the aeaaaer aad th " hat crew r.r4 the Mediterranean I. the Wlntar. T ii, nm American shat cf th war. aa Aartl waa aleo aaod for round -the. w arid vey- 1,T- :" rfcl ,w U t was tm, daetrwywd ky the arrurary of tte a a- la April. 19l(X a delegation of rltleena'rr 4 r44 ,K An-rWa tarns from Oarine-tl la .a. .... ' -ofTWr. w ho oa:y a few waaa aa ateamahlp four oil paintings of arenas lAamC war Waea aa a) la I aawat NEW U-EOaT Osawiis Aaaa Tsst l a aad Abwwt waa saaaaJ as fw WAS fjaaiaaa a 4a aiis a aw jism uv. as Osae4 as yw JT.M. is la-4 aa en taa eg aar ax TVe avtary aa and enlightened nations, china also. I were under etiarg ml ma snuaa avy believe, ousrht to receive encouraaemant I when lost. along that line." I Th Tuscan la waa aunk off tho north- Th reaolution offarea hr Ranatne east coast of Ireland. Tha Moldavia Saulabury aiatea that "it le oDDortuna we wk croaalng the English Channel ror th Governments of the United days before th Preaident Lincoln atatee. Japan, and Great Britain, now torfedoed. Tho army loet 21 of- aUlad in war against the powera of tcr and men in th sinklnr of tho Central Europe, to enter Into agreements J Tuacanla and Moldavia, and these ar to render It Inexpedient for any one. and 1 " soldier loet going or corning in Impoaaibls for said Central Powera. to tn" nT sinhinga, aitnougn more tnan enter upon, engage In Or Duraue a course I a million men n Down aaiety trans- of warfare, or use methods of warfare I ported to Europe in tho teeta of tnoiwirn paaeengera on account on th Pacific Ocean, not Justified or warranted by th lawa of war as here tofcr accepted and construed by this Oovarhment and lie aUtea." 1 celabrated hU thirty-nrwt VlnhSsy. Ta tnexial was prewentsd le Cosaraaodaf War at a dinner at th TW Clb. tx treaentatlew being rawde by Jaha St - Staww. Chairteat mt the AledaJ Cweajwlt-tee of the Sanat. In hia apawcA Mr taw refarvvd le the ... w . .- ..... Mr ... nautical career of tho Cincinnati op to I , , . . . maternal aide la a tfaesl af liar. ahal Xey. while MJ.e was of their city, which were hurg In ths main saloon companiona sy. and wer a board when the veaewl waa aeiaed by tho United fttataa Uwvarnsnant la DoaVa last April. . The only eicitlng Incident In th th day ah was torpedoed was a fir. hick started In tho After hold In April. lUli The crew fought tho flemao day and night for alnet-ets hours until aha arrived la New Tork on April 1 an the fire boa Is want to meet her. The twln-acr ew ateams&lo had an era. I age apeaO af U knots al.4 tkm popular or ti-r aiwiirig hla atrral tswaiat Cm mander War etttared the Naval Academy when he was 12 yeae o'd. and was gradi-ated four yeara later ane.g the tcp mea of I ha cUns lie la now aee of the etacwtive effi'afa ta tk traa-art fleet, snd kaa paraoaat'y red fart 1 w ,twaa w saart-aaa win. Swt 4 gaJ -a al ,aa-eaai aa wf a.:gaa la aevary W-.a It Aaaw ed AauWaa waea r tm aa if aa aa aad al w a. iM 7 a -e ltae 1 '" f 1 aatn l I". a.: 9 ae ., ae k aiaa l.. a f aa f '- p lal .a 1 at.a 4 as as a e ... a. f1.a a a l l.a ai I I Ka it ,'-ia la I's (;- a I w t!wl a. w ht ft aua y . T J- . I FRENCH STROKES WANTS UBOR CONFERENCE. RRTT NP, Rlll llKK Mill A A At Vi 4ViUUll Dutch Socialist Leader Publishes an pletely surprised aad overwhelmed la several of tna -J rootlrr cperailwna ta believed to be due to the wurft f the allied alrmea. In both caaee American aid has served to change th tide of the righting. Th arrival f Amertan troota by th hundred of theuaanda has enabled , a iwbuii a a viiubi .. leva, rM it Tsi HER OTHER J ! r?rmrru brTf . Alter JmU 4 Cihhrm. n-a- . , . - , That Others Have Aided

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