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fkr OREGON STATE THEATRE SECTION OREGON STATE THEATK- THEATK- t SECTION i I-4- I-4- I-4- I-4- yOL. XXIII., NO. 11. CORVALLIS, OREGON, WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 1031. ESTAr;l.J.;;!Ei: Mew fegmi Stake 11 v OREEOH STATE IS Lit RUTHEATER Tomorrow night tne . aoors oi rnrallis'" newest theater, the Ore gon State, will swing open, the curtain will part, and the first program program will be presented to its patrons. patrons. , A remarkable change has been executed inside, the four walls of u hat was formerly -the -the Whiteside Brothers garage. - A Modern Theater u ;A modern, talking picture playhouse, playhouse, equipped with the latest de-. de-. de-. velopments in the theater business, and decorated in a.' Spanish design design of charm and dignity.; r ..The foyer, with its. deep velvety carpets, its beautiful burnt orange !. drapes and hangings, presents a pleasing invitation to the amuse-.. amuse-.. amuse-.. ment Seeker. . . ' , The auditorium wih paneled walls and ' colorful decoration sweeps downward to the mighty proscentium arch, colored in gay Spanish colorB with Corinthian columns columns on each side. -S -S , ; Wen Ventilated . On each side of the stage, high on the walls is a grilled window with a carved balcony from which hangs a gorgeous i Spanish shawl, adding a bright note of color. Ventilation Ventilation and heat is furnished thrn these openings. , " A front curtain of burnt orange plush covers the stage opening with a grand drapery of green and gold. The seats are red and green with a soft box cushion seat and com- com- FULL VIEW OF LARGE SCREEN AND AUDITORIUM FROM REAR OF - ; NEW OREGON STATE SHOW HOUSE " -jet -jet 4 - r-r, r-r, r-r, Ik , , r,-' r,-' r,-' i i I r.-". r.-". r.-". I J With a seating capacity of 586 persons, all the seats attractively arranged to permit the occupant, of any to have a full view of the screen, the Oregon State theater at its opening tomorrow evening will offer Corvallis theater goers a modernly and attractively equipped theater. The new screen is larger than the ordinary screen which will give a splendid view of all pictures. fortable back, and are so spaced that an unobstructed viewcan be had of the staee at all times. - A Wide Screen - The house has been specially constructed constructed with the thought always in mind to give the best results in imiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiii sound and projection therefore the stage was proportioned for the Ultra Ultra Wide screen "which is the only installation in the city, v Large Spanish chandeliers hang from the ceiling, furnishing in themselves a decorative motif, this (Continued on para 2.) 51 J: -: -: COMPLIMENTS to the New w laajfagssssnwassa" vyt'".To-gj. vyt'".To-gj. vyt'".To-gj. 1 " from . i City Hall Pharmacy - -; -; Madison Street . I giiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii f iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I CORDIAL GREETINGS INDEPENDENT OPERATOR OF STATE THEATER CHAIN .... . V ; " ' We Welcome You to Our Midst i THE PARIS UP-STAIRS UP-STAIRS UP-STAIRS STORE tiiitiitiiiiiif tiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiim tmii in i fi i iiiiiiiiii itmi iiiiitiiit iiiiiiii iiiittm A. G. Roy, Sr. Mr. Roy's father has been in the theater business for many years and during this time efforts in pro moting the smaller and yet attrac tive show house have met with success. His business in Medford, Grants Pass, La Grande and Eu gene has met with filled houses and how the opening" tomorrow ' night of another Roy theater marks j the entrance of this group into I Corvallis and the state college iam- iam- !pus activities. .'.:' Mr. Roy states that he is well ! pleased with Corvallis and is glad to open a theater here. He states that it will be the aim of himself and his son to' give the best of picture and service. ' WILL MANAGE NEW THEATER IN CITY u - 1 1 OPEFJIHGPRQGHA M FEATURESGOr.lEDY To be pursued by one woman is according to certain gentlemen of experience, quite a heavenly attainment. attainment. VTo be hounded by two beauties U a sultan's prerogative. But when four former and very fair Follies damsels chase a man the height of something or other has been reached. Far front being fanciful, this exact situation confronts the or dinarily blase Lowell Sherman in Radio Pitcures" hilarious "Bachelor Apartment," featured on the opening opening program at the new Oregon State Theater. CORVALLIS MAYOR EXTENDS GREETING With the opening of the Oregon State theater tomorrow tomorrow night Corvallis theater theater goers will have the op- op- . portunity to avails themt selves of another splendid splendid . entertainment attraction. attraction. This city already is favored by fine attractions but the addition of this new theater by A. G. Roy, Sr., and his son A. G. Roy, Jr., is greatly appreciated by the city. ' Corvallis is glad ' to receive nw business establishments and as mayor mayor of Corvallis it is with , pleasure that this welcome is extended to the managers of the Oregon State and to wish them success as residents residents of Corvallis. . GEORGE C. PENSON, Mayor. By a strange coincidence the girls are really Follies entertainers entertainers who were formerly featured by Zicgfield. They are Irene Dunne, Mae Muray, Kitty Kelly and Niel rrancis. . A fifth Follies beauty appears in the" picture, Claudia Dell, but she, fortunately for Sherman distributes her charms and attentions on an other man. Though the pursuit is hot and the girls are of the determined " variety, variety, Sherman finally eludes them only to stumble into a fresh series of embarrassing situations. The picture which features Slier-man Slier-man Slier-man under his gwn directions, concerns concerns the amorous adventures of a man-about-town, man-about-town, man-about-town, man-about-town, man-about-town, who is loved by four women. The situation becomes extremely serious and embarrassing when this play-boy play-boy play-boy decides to discard these ' - v - old loves in favor cf an innrccrt girl who think men are cha.l only only by bill collectors aiid tacwafc,- tacwafc,- In the end Sherman rrprts triumphant; triumphant; the four eager beauti.; gnash their teeth and start r.Aer another likely prospect. "Bachelor Apartment" fa an uiv. roariously futiny comtily of unj i r society and is the most intrigucing-picture intrigucing-picture intrigucing-picture in which Lccl hi ma has eppeared to Jate. " r Congratulations Oregon State Theatre A modern up-to-the-minute up-to-the-minute up-to-the-minute up-to-the-minute up-to-the-minute up-to-the-minute up-to-the-minute playhouse Heated by Ga 2 '?! THE MODERN FUEE Quick Clean Healthful r. 217 So. 2nd St. Phone 818 !J!II!Il!Il!ill!l!lllIllJiiil!!!l!SH A. G. Roy, Jr. . Alfred G. Roy, Jr., son of A. G. Roy, Sr owner of the new Oregon State theater which opens in Corvallis Corvallis tomorrow : night at, 6:30 o'clock with the first ' of three shows to be shown Thursday eve ning, is to be the manager of the I Oregon State. He will reside in this city and is te take over the! active work in conducting the business business of the new theater. . Mr. Roy came to Oregon from California in 1928 and immediate ly upon his return to Oregon entered entered business with his father. The j first theater was in Medford and J ss later houses were built in Eugene and Grants Pass, both of which ' m found Mr. Roy, Jr., actively en-jss en-jss en-jss gaged-in gaged-in gaged-in getting the two houses ss started. : jsss Later ; when a new. house was i built by his father in La Grande, I ra he went there for several months , until the house got well started ' -3 -3 after which he returned to. Med-1 Med-1 Med-1 ford where he remained until the' start of construction of the Ore-! Ore-! Ore-! s eon State. I !l!lllll!iI!IIIIll!l!lllllllllll!llll!!l!lil!l!!l!IIIIIIIIIII!!IIII!iiliI!ll!lll!II!jfl!l!n mWUM M M t SBB si m sr a 1VESTERN ELECTRIC TALKING EQUIPMENT THE-WORLD'S THE-WORLD'S THE-WORLD'S FINEST Best Wishes to OREGON STATE THEATRE tc E. E. MARSH, Resident Manager W to the New trr ( rctr:ArjO(iwl 1 r--v r--v r--v r--v , We Are Proud to State the Equipment and Furnishings Were Supplied by Us National Theatre1 Supply Co, Inc. Portland Branch" ."4, r l r. 3 :::;::::::;:!::!!!!!!!!!:i!!!ii!inni!!ii!i:i!ii!in!n!!U!!in iMitiiiinti,inMf!mfi"ntftffitp!iMMMH,M'!iMt!rf?nrHi;!iifitni i,luli,ii,M,,,a,ii1iiiiiuiwiiluiilia(iii,.iuiuiiiiiuu.iiiiiii"iiiHiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiii

Clipped from
  1. Corvallis Gazette-Times,
  2. 13 May 1931, Wed,
  3. Page 9

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