Jewish Question Acute and Complex in Poland; Pogroms Exaggerated -- Germans and Bolsheviki Both Stir

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Jewish Question Acute and Complex in Poland; Pogroms Exaggerated -- Germans and Bolsheviki Both Stir - BALTIMORE, TUESDAY MORNING SEPTEMBER of the...
BALTIMORE, TUESDAY MORNING SEPTEMBER of the opposition in the Independent Socialist party, such as Haase, Cohn, Breitscheid, Rosenfeld and Wurm are of the same persuasion. Nearly all the great newspapers, with the exception of the chauvinistic reactionary press", are edited by Jews. Among them are . George Bernhard of the Vossiche Zeitung, which supported the U-boat war, and has always been violently anti-American ; Theodore Wolff of the Democratic Taggeblatt, and Hilf erding of the radical Freiheit. During the election campaign for the National Assembly last winter, the Anti-Semites got out a mass of pogromistic handbills and pamphlets, one of their propaganda bureaus in the' Potsdamer Strasse being run for a time by Wilhelm Marten, who was later accused of having furnished information to American agents and compelled to quit his job. I have one of these handbills. It divides the political leaders into "Cohn Varieties" and the "Luther, Bismarck and Hindenburg" sort. Among the former are Liebknecht, who, by the way, was not a Jew; Rosa Luxemburg, andl Uernberg, who is pictured on the sheet draped in an American flag. There is an appeal to national feeling, ending with the words, "The spirit of 1914 is still alive." Germans Uniting Against Jews. During the past few months dozens of ,lAll-Germban" societies have been formed, the members being sworn to secrecy. Among them are the "Deutsch Bund," with headquarters in Gotha, and the "Deutschen Truz und Schutz Bund." The former has thousands of old army officers among its members and the following appeal for membership gives an idea of its claims and ideals : r German Officers ! Fighters in the 'front ranks of your people, will you not now stand in the front ranks t in the struggle for the soul of Germany? , Only if we revive the German . spirit can we find the path that leads from the abyss to the heights. We need fellow fighters. The aims of the "Deutschen Truz und Schutz Bund" are summed up in its motto, "Germany for the Germans," and set forth in a handbill as follows : - Our task lies clearly before us. We have allowed J udaism to sow its seed, and we are facing a harvest whose yield means the overthrow of Pan-Germanism. Our duty is to enlighten the people with regard to the Jewish menace and to fight it with all available political, social and economic weapons. The bund will work openly, ceaselessly and ruthlessly to break the overlordship of the Jews. Applications for membership read : "I desire admittance to the Deutschen Trutz und Schutz Bund. The signature below was written with my own hand, and I certify to the best of my knowledge and belief that I am of Teutonic descent and that among my an-cesters and those of my wife there were none of Jewish birth or antecedents." Secret Anti-Jewish Lodges. Another influential association for the ostensible purpose of Jew-baitjpg is the Committee for Popular Enlightenment ( Ausschuss furVolksaufklaerung), which distributed anti-Semitic pamphlets all over Germany, appealing in particular to the military caste. A handbill widely circulated by this organization was headed: "The End of Militarism The Beginning of Jewish Lordship." There are other societies that are shrouded in mystery lodges with huge memberships which have been recently formed by the old monarchistic party. One, which has as its insignia three cryptic signs of which I was never able to discover the meaning, inserts this advertisement regularly in the organ of the Officers' party, the Deutsches Offizier-blatt: LODGE Z. H. B. German-national men and women of noble blond-Teutonic stock and aristocratic leanings, who are earnestly desirious of joining a strict pure Teutonic lodge should confidentially send their photogragphs and proofs of blood to the office of this paper, marked "German Need," 5560. They will then receive further information. The German nobility must organize closer than ever. The Assembly call to Germans is urgent in this hour of need. ' Bolshevism Not Racial. Such organizations have branches all over Germany, and they number their members by the millions. They are especially strong in the small towns and country districts, where the people are largely conservative, and they are all engaged in spreading monarchistic propaganda by every means in their power. The charge that there are many Jews among the Communists and Bolshevists in Germany is well founded, but the vast majority of them are not German Jews. Men of every nationality, Russians predominating, are found among the German Communists, but the racial factor is not by any means in the ascendant. The Jewish Communists are Internationals in every sense of the word, and they have nothing in common with Judaism, which is essentially conservative. The real roots of the Anti-Semitic agitation in Europe are social and economic, and it is this fact that makes Jew-baiting a powerful and popular weapon in the hands of the astute German politicians of the old regime. PENROSE HITS AT WILSON Criticizes President's Acceptance Of Gifts. Washington, Sept. 22. Senator Penrose, Republican, of Pennsylvania, declared in the Senate today that President Wilson and his party brought bac k from the Paris Peace Conference jewels' and other gifts from "crowned heads" which he lnd been told were worth more than $1,000,000. Interrupting a speech by Senator Ashurst, Democrat, Arizona, who said that in 1810 it had been proposed to prohibit acceptance of gifts from foreign rulers by the President, Senator Penrose asked if the Arizona Senator had in mind gifts made to President Wilson while in Europe. "I know nothing of that," Senator Ashurst replied, "but if any Democrat accepted such gifts he would receive my condemnation as quickly as if he were a Republican." "I have been told that the President and his party came back overburdened with presents from crowned heads and foreign governments," Senator Penrose said. "There was jewelry valued at hundreds of thousands .and I .was told that customs authorities valued the gifts at more than .$1.000.000." PRINCE REACHES VANCOUVER Admiral Hugh Rodman Firsrt To Greet Future King. Vancouver, B. C, Sept. 22 Guns boowed royal salutes and thousands of cheering spectators Jined the streets when the Prince of Wales, on tour of Canada", reached Vancouver today. Admiral Hugh Rodman, commander of the Pacific fleet, was the first to greet the Prince as he stepped from the train. "How do you do, Your Royal Highness," Admiral Rodman said as he grasped the left hand of the future King. The Prince's right hand is still sore from the thousands of handshakes received in Eastern Canada. The Prince, speaking at the welcome exercises held at Stanley Park, expressed his pleasure at the presence in port of Admiral Rodman's flagship, the New Mexico. THE WHOLESOME. BAKING Look for the big pound tin. sixteen fu!li ounces. The. powder, with l food value. Go buy it today 0

Clipped from
  1. The Baltimore Sun,
  2. 23 Sep 1919, Tue,
  3. Page 5

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  • Jewish Question Acute and Complex in Poland; Pogroms Exaggerated -- Germans and Bolsheviki Both Stir

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