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o can in game 321 Thai game the in by had 40 smaller. Conceivably It is because Maureen Maureen is so very delightfully Irish. and 1925. So you can't tell. At least I can't. SPORT-SLANTS When the 1929 gridiron campaign [opened,.one of the main topics was whether Roy Riegels, the big, .blond captain of _ the University of California, California, could "take it." In the New Year's day climax to the previous season, Riegels stunned stunned his partisans as well as the football world in general by doing one of the stunts that are written about but seldom seen--dashing about 70 yards the wrong way after after recovering a fumble. His team lost the game, to Georgia Tech, by the margin of a single point, as a safety was the outcome of that backward dash. However crushing that blow was to him at the time. Roy Riegels has eom e back. Not only has he "taken it" but this season he has played the game of his life, leading California California to the top of the Pacific Coast Conference in one of the season's season's biggest surprises and stamping himself personally as a prospective Ail-American center. If that isn't a story-book comeback, comeback, there never was one. Riegels' jump.: from being the "goat" of one season to a hero of the next is as dramatic as any development of the year and that inclm!; th e meteoric rise of Yale's ,Albie "Booth. Riegels has the right perspective and a sense of humor as well as natural football ability. At a dinner in San Francisco last August, where the Pasadena game was a topic, Roy prefaced a short speech by remarking:' remarking:' "I still think I was going the right When I asked him what he had been doing to get into condition for this season, he grinned and said: "Oh, I've been working on an asparagus asparagus farm all summer." Six feet tall and weighing 175 pounds, Riegels is rangy and fast. He plays a roving center on defense, defense, hopping all over the field to make tackles and displaying an intuitive intuitive ability to diagnose plays. He was a star against Pennsylvania, and at Los Angeles was the outstanding lineman of the day as California whipped Southern California. This November 23 at Palo Alto. The East has seen both perform for Heinecke was a play-wrecker in the'game witn" the Army in New York last December. December. The Stanford star was a casualty casualty at the slart of the season but apparently has returned to form. If Riegels can outplay his stocky Cardinal Cardinal rival he may clinch the All- American honors that seem within his grasp. and lastly the element of professionalism, professionalism, in high-powered scouting scouting methods. *Yale athletic officials, coaches and athletes," says the Carnegie report, "appear to be unanimous in their conviction that the absence ot scouting decreases the importance importance of victory at football and augments augments the attractiveness of the game'ns a diversion.." Among 4 the Canadian universities, where the English influence'may be predominant, predominant, scouting is considered un- sportsmanlike and the athlete authorities authorities of Dominion institutions have agreed not to make use it. The agitation of a few years ago to abolish football scouting, led by T. A. D. Jones of Yale, seems to have all but expired. The Ells alone among major colleges have adhered generally to the non-scouting non-scouting policy with such of their opponents opponents as will agree to it, but Harvard and West Point, after experimenting, experimenting, have not besn among them. The Crimson opposed the idea from the outset, yielding only under pressure. The Army has decided decided that scouting is a legitimate military maneuver, essential to the march against enemy gridiron strongholds. Scouting is on a high powered, systematized basis in .the Middle West, especially the Big Ten. Spe- j cial facilities are afforded the visit- ng scouts. Far from'being obliged to operate with any secrecy, they are welcomed, dined and entertained entertained !:y many of the big schools who aside choice seojts for these eagle-eye:. ub::i-vers. No guaran- :ees, however, go with the information information they obtain. Many of the scouts never see their own team perform. They are like he advance men of a circus, always always one or two jumps ahead of heir own forces. The arguments in favor of scout- ng as they are summed up in the Carnegie Foundation's report, are hat it gives the better team a bet- :er opportunity to win, relieves the itrain upon a coach, remove? suspicion suspicion and distrust which develop n non-scouting agreements which are difficult to enforce. Opponents of scouting on the ilher hand, point to its cost, running running as high a;, $6GO iur each was the Oakland youth's first ap-| scout or $3.500 for a season: its sa- pearance in the motion pi ire telt | vor since his disastrous stunt . t Pasadena Pasadena and the big crowd in Jie Coliseum Coliseum watched him stage a great come-back. of over-emphnsis on winning Centers seem to flourish on the Pacific Coast, among other things, and two of the best will come to grips when Riegels opposes Heinecke of Stanford in the "big game" on Storage rifcBe BLIND To This Whether or not athletic ability is inherited and if so, to what extent extent it is interesting this year to note the presence of T. Truxton Hare Jr.,'in the Yale line,; Willie Heston Jr., in the Michigan' backfield, backfield, Paul Stagg at quarterback on the-team'coached by his'father, A. A. Stagg at Chicago and a son of Dan McGugin, Vanderbilt coach, on his squad. A famous Harvard rowing coach one time In describing the effect on the participants of a grilling four mile race, said: "The way the boys perform the first mile depends.on their training training ;the second mile depends-on their personal life habits; the third mile depends upon how their'fath- ers lived, and the fourth mile depends depends upon their ancestors generally." generally." in The No. 30, Thursday number of a members Cafe the furnished recent Following gram vocal College Miss iino A dancing master sayS many of thc modern dancers are too heavy on their 'feet. And not only theirs, either.--Adrian Daily Telegram. BEN Ben Friday funeral of Jr., after Deceased his wife, Stafford parents, Jackson Sr., three The cannibal isn't ' "Yes," "but it having a ner."--The (Chemically FOR YOUR Does not evaporate or connections and radiator. Keeps from weather. Gallons $2.75 Quarts TSc Half gallons $1.45 Pints 50c

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