Germany helps assist Lenin's Overthrow of Tsar during WWI

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Germany helps assist Lenin's Overthrow of Tsar during WWI - to M. a a . di.-every to Amer-lean rifles-- I...
to M. a a . di.-every to Amer-lean rifles-- I 001L- - (Continued from rot page.) to se.sist the people of Russia to attain i their utmost hope of liberty and or 1 dered peace:: , I bharp Line Drawn. This remark of the president's is a puto.c recognition of the fact that the oo.snevik leaders have not trusted the American government or accepted it as representing the American people a Lotorious fact 3.1 Ehown On innumerabe oocasions in the speeches of Trotzky and Lenine, in their official newspaper organs, and even in the official declarations of the so-called Bolshevik government. Lesides, in this sante remark the pi esident clearly draws a line between the, Bolshevik'. the " present leaders" of Russia. and the Russian people. In !other parts of the declaration the president also clearly discriminates, re-I ferring to the Russian people in some I caNes and to the Russian representatives in another. ' Rule by Violence. 1 President Wilson is fully aware that there are half a dozen or more " governments I throughout Rustia- which do not recognize the Bolsheviki in their Iterritories. , Ile is also aware that the Bolshevik' obtain their present position in Moscow, Petrograd. and on the northWeFtern army front largely by via. lenee. He knows that the elected members of the constitutional assembly have 1 shown a non-Bolshevik majority in 1 spite of the fact that the Itgisheviki have imprisoned representatives whom they did not like and ousted others. lie knows that the peasant congress ' was anti-Boisheviki and that Trotzky and Lenine have therefore decided to organize a congress to suit themselves. Cities Against Party. Ile knows that even as late as the fall nearly all the municipal elections , gave anti-Bolshevik majorities, which caused Lenine and Trotzky to dissolve the municipal constitution when they came into power. . Ile knows that the railway unions I failed to recognize the Bolshevik' until It was reorganized by Lenine and Trotzky. . lie knows that of the twenty important Socialist newspapers in Russia only two support the Bolsheviki and that most of the others have been suppressed. Even Gorky's Bolshevik paper refuses to give its support to the Lenine and Trotzky separate peace negotiations. The president also knows that all the world famed Russian Socialist leaders, except Lenine and Trotzky, . have either been persecuted or imprisoned so as to deprive the Russian masses of their natural and chosen leaders some of whom have served in and out of prison for half a century. Whet' Faction Chiefs. It Is only necessary . to mention Breschkevsky, Kropotkin, Plechoriott Aksentleff. Gots. Teeretelli;Tschernott. and Dan. The Bolshevik' are only one of three chief Socialist factions in Russia. The above leaders represent the other two factions; and all eketions shave shown that their following outnuthbers that of the Bolshevik! almost two to onewithout mentioning lo-ommom , the Constitutional Democrats, the so. called "bourgeois" party. which alone It .almost as, numerically Important In some of the large cities 'as the -Bolshevik'. themr5elvea. lk.foreover. 'these parties bate been' more friendly to the entente than ,to.the Germans. The Bolshevik!,. on tbe. contrary. have been steadily Germanophile and hostile to the entente: They are not pro-German in the sense of being prokalserists. but they , are pro-German in the sense of being pro-German So-1 cialista Thia, is. almost as , danger. ous, for, whilo they accept the leader ship of the German Socialists (who themselves are in varying degree under the influence of the German government), these same .Bolsheviki repudiate utterly all the representative labor organizations of Great. Britain. America, and France! : , Reign of Terror., The Bolshevik rigitne has been a reign of violence,- not to say of real terror. It is utterly Impossible that It 'should be recognized by America or any democratic government. Mr. Swope and - others' assert that the gores mitent has discovered " that no sinister German influence lay behind the Bolshevik program." While It is true that the -Bolshevik' are not pro-kaiser and have received none of the kaiser's money, it is equally certainand entirely well known , to the governmentthat all the vast tnachittery of .the Geiman, propaganda in Russia. with its hundred thousand agents, was used for the purpose of overthrowing the , Kerensky government and establishing the government of Trotzky. , There can be no question that the overthrow of the genuine and constructive democracy or Russia was accomplishei1 . solely because of the aid of this vast German propaganda machine. The kaiser, then, has steadily been 1 pro-Bolshevik. Of course, he intends merely to use the Bolshevik' for his Purposes. These purposes are first to bring. Russia to chaos and utterly to disorganize her army. This purpose has, already been largely accom-plished-, Torture Middle Clalees. The setond hope. no doubt. has been so to torture all the middle classes of Russia, Including all persons even with a small education or with a small amount of property, as to drive them as the last resort to welcome the in. tervention of the kaiser himself. in Russian politics. If' the Bolshevik' continue in power another six months this purpose will also doubtless . be accomPlished. In the third place. Germany has a dozen different economic - objects to negotiate with Russia. Even if there Is no separate peace, even if the Bolsheviki refuse to grant Germanys economic demands as a whole, there Is another Immediate danger almost as serious for the military successes of the allies. What is to prevent an economic armistice even if :Germany cannot secure all the supplies she desires? Why could she not enter into a period of barter with the needy Russians supplying herself.- for example, with such dire necessities as fats, copper, etc.? Further, if Trotzky will not release the German and Austrian prisoners fori.war purposte s. will he not perhaps release a part. of them. in exchange 1 . , ,. -

Clipped from
  1. Chicago Tribune,
  2. 20 Jan 1918, Sun,
  3. Page 6

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  • Germany helps assist Lenin's Overthrow of Tsar during WWI

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