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14-A-Centrol 14-A-North 14-A-Wert 10-A-Eg* Black Panther Leader Talks jo Students, Denies Racism (In one of the first open pritm programs at San Fer- Valley State College semester, campus Stua Stua Democratic Soci- ijty tponsored a talk which Beared up some widespread jkisunderstandings of the controversial controversial Black Panther a crowd of hundred students on '5 Sherman Banks, deputy ^lairman of tiie Black Panther Panther Party of Los Angeles, ad- several Friday. Devoting most of his time to toiswering questions. 2 Banks hotly denied that the iailitant organization embraces embraces racism, closing the ttibject by declaring, "We'll leave that to the Klu Klux Klan and White Citizens Councils." Councils." Self-Defense Arming Neither do the Panthers urge black peoole to go out and shoot whites, Bank said. The subject was brought up when a student asked the de puty chairman about a statement statement to that effect which a national weekly news magazine magazine alleged was made by Eldridge Cleaver, Black Panther Panther minister of information. "Eldridge never said that,' 1 claimed Banks, "and he has never said anyting close to it. The Black Panthers urge black people to arm themselves themselves only for the purpose of self-defense against police who brutalize them in their own community." He indicated that Cleaver is considering filing a libel suit against the news magazine which Banks said grossly misquoted the Panther information information minister. Lectures Limited B a n k s briefly mentioned the controversy surrounding Cleaver's planned lectures in an experimental course at the case, Banks explained that never has been disclosed two Oakland police officers stopped Newton in the first place on the night of the shooting. "What happened," Banks charged, "is that the two police officers started arguing about killing Huey and we contend that the policemen shot themselves and wounded Huey." Negro Officers Banks, following the custom of Black Panthers, usually referred to policemen as pigs." Asked about Negro police officers patrolling ghetto areas, areas, Bank* quickly replied, "A pig is a pig. We don't what color he is." He said the Panthers are concerned with the issues of integration or racial separatism separatism because "those are abstract abstract issues." Critical of Party Banks continued, "We are University of California, eley. The UC Regents limited Cleaver -- and all other visiting visiting Panthers -- to one appearance appearance on the campus per quarter, quarter, though he had been sched uled to deliver 10 of 20 lectures lectures hi the new course. Said Banks, "The Black Panthers take no stand in this issu* beyond what Eldridge has said. Hte has said from the start that he will go along with whatever the students at Ber keley want. The issue must be decided among students, fac ulty and administration." Newton Sentenced Banks made Ms most fiery remarks concerning tiie trial and sentencing of Panther leader Huey P. Newton. Newton this week was sentenced sentenced to two to 15 years in prison after being convicted of manslaughter in a shooting which ended in the death of an Oakland police officer. "W« will exhaust all legal alternatives to free Huey," said Banks, "If that fails, then ws will try something else. Then the limit." The Los sky win be the Unclear Angeles Panther leader also declared, "I keep thinking about all these people --(Gov. Ronald) Reagan, Max Rafferty, Hubert Humphrey, Richard Nixon -- and how they're trying to stop us from gaining freedom. It's getting to tiie point that we can only relate to action now." Again regarding tiie Newton Youth Held In Year-Old Shooting A youth sought since another another Pacoima youth was shot through the leg on July 11, 1967, in Panorama City was arrested in a Van Nuys Municipal Municipal Court. He is Tracey Alan Janzen 19, of 13801 Bromich Ave., Pacoima, who was booked Wednesday on an assault with a deadly weapon charge. He was detained at Juvenile Hall because the crime occurred when Janzen was a juvenile, according to Van Nuys Det. Sgt. L. H. Bouey. The victim was Dennis P. O'Connor 17, of 9007 Woodale Ave., Pacoima, who had those who wished to aid tiie Black Panthers could help circulate a petition which ii aimed at putting a City Charter amendment on the ballot to "give th« people of each community control over their police." Petition Circulated He said a similar petition being circulated in Oakland The Panther proposal calls a 15-man board of citizens hire, fire and review tiie conduct of the "pigs." "How would the Panthers react to a white being beat iy police?" a student asked. "We're concerned about c i v i l i z a t i o n Banks. "We'll come to the support of whites who are victims of the brutality. We vant everyone to be able to share in the wealth of this lation." Banks also listed tlie .0-point official Black Panther 'arty program. The program includes: "Self-det« r m I n a hrough control over the insti-j utions which affect our lives. · "Full employment for 1 people. · "An end to tiie robbery our community by white concerned with improving :onditions here and now for our people. At this point in history, the important tiling to obtain jobs so our people can feed, clothe and house themselves."' In answer to another ques tion, Banks spoke critically the Peace and Freedom in Los Angeles. There is statewide coalition between the Panthers and Peace and Freedom. He said, "It is our job work in the black community and the job of whites to theirs in an effort to eliminate white racism. "We feel Peace and Free dom is neglecting its duty Los Angeles; members here are not radical, or even lutionary, and unless they take some action to meet obligations we may have to end the coalition." He told the students that chants. "An education that ex-1 poses the racist nature of ociety and that gives us ar. accurate view of our history, culture and true heritage. · "Exempt all black men 'rom military service. · "Release all black men rom jails and prisons because they didn't receive a fair in this white racist system, and have them retried by their peers in the black community." Banks said the Panthers also want to have the United STations conduct a poll among black people in America to determine what they want egard to various issues and hen have the U.N. help get what they want. The audience applauded at several points, but Banks received received tlie most enthusiastic ·espouse when he said, "As 'ar as we're concerned, the Democratic and Republican Parties can fade away into trash can of history." Examination

Clipped from
  1. Valley News,
  2. 29 Sep 1968, Sun,
  3. Page 14

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