Opinion of Commission in Watts' Case

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Opinion of Commission in Watts' Case - OPINION OF COMMUNION IN - W ATI'S' OABB). In to...
OPINION OF COMMUNION IN - W ATI'S' OABB). In to on is to of In es- at Is of arc If, at in to and tile and our them of men aud this OFFICE COM, ON OITMRNKIIIP, I Tuhlequali, 1. T. April 2(1, 1888, ( Cherokee Nation*} V*. \ W. J. Wallt, et at. ) We deem It best to give a syn upsls of the history of this case from its Inception down to tho present time. Under the provisions of an Act, approved February 7th, 1888, amending an Act entitled "An Act providing for the uppolntmoiit of a Commission to try and deter mine applications for Cherokee citizenship," approved December 8tli, 1880, W. J. Walts and others were accordingly notified to appear before this Commission ou the Kith, day of April 1888 ( then and there to establish their rights to citizenship In the Cherokee Nation, and having been culled on three several days at tho Court house door in tho town of Table- qnah, and answer being make either in person or by attorney, now jfomes It. F. Wyly, Nation's Attorney, and moves the Commission to declare these parties as " Intruders upon tho Cherokee public domain." Motion . was sustained by the Commission for these reasons; first, that W. ,1. Watts, did, some time during the year 1872, appear before Chief Justice John S. Vaun, of the Supreme Court of this Nation, aud submitted the evidence of his claim to citizenship for up proval or rejection, the same to lie repotted to the National Council for Its Una! action under the law. Now the law under which Mr. Vitnii was then actl ig, was based upon a Joint resolution of the National Council, approved December 10th, 18011, entitled "Joint Resolution of ihe National Council in regard to the North Carolina Cheiokeos." This resolution was passed upon petition from the ClicrokecH then living iu tho Stale of North Carolina, asking to lie admitted into the Chciolteo Nation, us members thereof. The Act referred to, entitled ".'.11 Act relating to the North Carolina Oherokees," under which the Chief Justice of the Supremo Court of the Cherokee Nation, made his report of this case, was " as follows : ''Bo it enacted by the National Council, That ull such Cher ties as concerns their ritlnensldp, up to the present time. . T HIB I). Tho evidence of those parties show, that some of them or their ancestors should appear upon the census rolls of the Oher­ okees taken Iu the Old Nation in the year 18.')ft, If In Tennessee, as alleged The rolls fall to show the name of any of those parties, or their oncestor'n, though there are persons on them by the iinino of Watts, who are enrolled thereon as full blooded Cheiokeos. W. J. Wutts and others have to establish a lineal descent from some person whose name must appear on any of the rolls, to-wlt: Rolls or 18,'in, 1848, I8ftl and 18513. i hey have ignored tho rights aud priv* lege tendered them to try and prove their descent from some one on those rolls, which if proven, would entitle them to Cherokee citizenship. This Is their affair, aud not ours. It. will bo seen at once by reference to the act, approved Nov. 20th, 1870, that the Chief Justice of tho Supreme Court had 110 authority to admit or reject applicants for Cherokee citizenship) only make report with his recommendation iu the premises. W. J, Watts, J. S, Morgan, Tom Blackard, John lllalock, Thomas Hope, Matt Nicholson, Mrs, May berry, one Patterson, one Nord, Mrs. Boyd, one lllalock, A. J Watts, William Wutts, Marlon Watts, Mrs, Holoinun Walls aud Mc Watts, and their families, are hereby declare" by'this Commission to lie intruders upon the pub He domain of the Cherokee Nation. J ..T. AiiAtit, Chairman Commission JOHN E. GimTKit, CotnmiHiiioiier TSof that will rttfitu who whh promptly, Mr. arrived Mr. hia resident We afternoon Meigs Col. a fine Blair Mr. Telephone accident aold Instead' glad improving. List Isemhlp _,, Mora Cora, Jr., ' brought night stealing.. remembered, Flint effects to LETTER FROM WASHINGTON. Sutherland's Neck Saved Hopes for Hllderbrnntl—Le (ji8lation. Witdliluu'oii. I».C, A >"ll Ii. I --H. DKAUCIIII '.1< TAIN : -\!y business here was to do what 1 coahl to save the lives of Hick Htilherhind and Jeff llildcrlmiud. I have been here less than a week. Sutherland's sentence was commuted yesterday by tho president to imprisonment, uud hut for 1 lie delay In forwarding some uoc-HMury panel's, I think llilderbraiid would have.been pardoned. 1 think this will be done this week. 1 have taken some puiim however to examine the condition anil okeos (North Carolina Oherokees) proupocts of propped l«'MlHlation as may hereafter remove Into the ^SSSZ it$"JUM™ ^ Cherokee Nation aud permanently locate therein us citizens thereof, shall be deemed as Cherokee citl Zeus; I'ltoviiiKD, Said Chore kecs shall enroll themselves before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court within two months after their arrival in the Cherokee Nation and make satisfactory show tig to him of -their being Ohero­ kees, and the said Chief Justice is hereby required to- report the number, names, uges uud sex of Settlers to bring still iu remind ol aud find we all the for Unless the deadlock, which has now lasted more than a week, prevents the consideration of certain meiimircM, the following will no doubt pass both houses nud be signed by the president: First.-A bill to organize a United States court at Muakogee, Indian Territory. Second.—A bill for the relief of the Cherokee i'lecdiucn, tho Shaw noes and Deluwares. This takes $7/i,00i) out of the Cherokee funds mid pays it out to these people, Third.—A bill to allow the Old all persons udmltted by him to be entitled to Cherokee citizenship, and also the number, names, ages and sex of the persons denied tho rights of Cherokee citizenship to the annual session of the National Council In each year." Approved November 20, 1H70. .Mr. Vaun heard the evidence iu this case, uudor the foregoing quoted law, at Port Olbson, Cher okee Nution, and made a report iu which ho says: "This certifies that during my sitting us Chief Justice of the Supreme Ot., Cherokee Nation, to take evidence iu iitse of applications for Cherokee cHizeiishlp at Port Gibson, C. N.,j some time in April, IHTJ, as a 'Court of Commission 'authorized by the National Council for the same, one VV J. Watts, son of Muluchu Wutts, filed his application, then and there for Cherokee citizenship, with sufficient proof to entitle him to said right uccord lug to the best of my Judgment j which 1 forwarded to the Senate with my reoo/nendatloii, and class ed '».»' •/This Nov, flth, 1874. JOHN S. VAKN, the court organize of claims. Fourth.-- Tho bill to the territory of Oklahoma Fifth.—The Dawes sutiaw bill. Sixth.—All bills aaklug a right of way for railroads through tho Indian Territory. With the exception of the Old Settler bill the Indian delegations us a liiass are opposed to all these bills, but their opposition will not avail. I have not time now to review these various' measures; some other time I may do so. Sufllce it to say, iu my opinion it would be wiser for tho Indian delegation 10 to devote their energies to amending these bilis iu some Important particulars, rut her than to expend their strength In a fruitless effort to defeat 1 be inevitable. Should Ooiikllng 1I10 and Hluiiie return In good kuultii, my poll ic ul horoscope says the latter will certainly Jib the man Cleveland wlH 'have to beat again. I shall return to my dittlcH at Fort Smith next we'ek.—Indian Chieftain. ." M. 0. IlouiiiiVOT Just by Jack tho lie 10th, Is the mill have ' at Illinois enough Foreman Alma ed 12. C. P.. additional friendship about I lequah It Is will aud and guaranteed. the and All A.J B.C., 0. N." The recommendation of Mr. Venn, as Chief Justice, was placed before ihe Seriate of the Cherokee Nation, and a bill Watts' eltlsenship Brace Up. Hon ure i'celh g depredsed, your appetite is poor, you are bother* ed with llcuriuche, you are lldgi t ty, nervous, and geuieiilly out of softs, ami want to hraco up. itraco up, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or hitters, which have for their basis very cheap, bad whisky, and which stimulate yon for an hour, aud then leave yott In worse condition than before. What you want is alternative that will purify an your blood, start heulthy action of , Liver and Kidneys, restore your granting the vitality, and give renewed health passed that M<I strength. Such a medicine »- tum t««.» will And In Electric Bitters body, but Allied to pass the lower J„ D „ tt]y m oetlta a |, ot tie at branch of the National Council*. Bvans BrotherN Drug Store. consequently their claim was lost before that body. SBCIONO. We neat hear of these, parties being cited to appear before ihe " Chambers Court t" thii notice was duly served on the SWtb day of February, 1870, and tolling to appear »t the appointed time, Judgment was rendered against A. J. Watts, on Motion of 'John h. Lyons, Nation's Attorney, by de* fault. This is the history of these par- Norton. As required by law. I will set to the Highest bidder at the Conn Hotjis In this, Tauletjutth District at the regular term of the Circuit Court in May, the following de scribed hewed logs-. Nino logs SO feet long, 8 inches wide and tf Inches thick. The logs are situated at Jonas Hendricks' on the Bayou, GfcOBOB ItOAtiH, Sheriff. ed lit their customers of ply able and You size AN his they the Cherokee teen -he As cut I his ihe

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