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Chess With Sam Laird - -r6 .- "TUr-r,' tamcfen, N. 1., Thursday,...
-r6 .- "TUr-r,' tamcfen, N. 1., Thursday, October 3, 1957 Chess With Sam Laird: '57 National Rating List Names 915 Players Chrss Life recently published the first 1357 supplementary list;jS of national chess ratings, as compiled by Kenneth Harkness, rating I statistician of the U. S. Chess Federation. Harkness hopes to' release similar supplementary ratings every three months. Such lists will be in addition to the custrfmary annually ratings. They will carry only the names arfd ratings of players who competed in matches or tournaments qualifying for rating during ine laicst list contains Cardoso White 1 P-K4 J KI-KB3 3 P-tH 4 Klxl' 5 P KB? Klwhpr CarduHo Black White F-QB4 30 BxKt I'-lT. 21 W-KI5 PxP 22 QxO Kt-KBl 2.-) Kxlt P-K4 24 K-Q B KlficU QKt-Q2 25 KlxR names and ratings bl 913 players ssful handling the black pieces who competed in rated events be-m same opening. awn .lan 1 nnH Mmvh 31 of I SICILIAN DtKINSE this year". The next supplement will cover the period between April 1 and June 30. Under this system, the names of, only four of the 15 senior or gnjnd masters in this country ap-ptfftr in the newest ratings. Grand Waster Samuel Reshevsky, our only player in the top category, did not play in a rated event during the period covered. Hence his rating remains at 2GG3. The four, senior masters whose ratings changed were Arthur Bis-guier, down to 2172 from a previous 2529; George Kramer, of Philadelphia, up to 2118 from 240-1; Max Pavey (recently de-censed) down to 2101 from 2129. and W. J, Lombnrd.-who jumped from 2319 to 2490. Lombardy's -rating does not include his playTTT l TTT M?,?"1 misht be iiiinicst Here own infcuri Jt Ji UMl, of Phila 7 KI-B5 PxP 9 ExKlrh 10 KI-K3 1 1 P-QH4 12 Kt-H.t 11 Caitlcj 14 K-R. 15 BxB IS P- 17 B Kt5 1H Q-Q2 la Qii-g P-U4 2 K-Kt P-QH3 27 K-B2 WxB 2S K1-B3 B-H4 29 H-KKI3 P-QKI4 30 I'lP Catlr31 K-Kl l'P32 P-QH3 BxKt 33 Kt-K4 B-KI2 34 KxB QR-B 3S KxP Q-K3 36 P-QH4 KK-Q Rrilctu H-B3 riuhrr Black qxb HxKrh B-U4 P-B4 P-HS B-B3 PxPrh K-K12 P-KH4 State Cancer Deatli Hike Anthony DiCamillo. delphia, scored one of the biggest increases in the new list, eoinc tTXlPtL fe Vhe greatest jump in? lino between senior anrf ',!' announced today A 12 percent increase in cancer deaths in Camden County in 1956, in the state, by the nary" masters. American Cancer Society, New The sensational young Bobby Jersey Division. Fischer soared from a mere Class' Deaths in Camden County in-B figure of 172G to 2298, skipping' ceased by 67 from 547 to 614 Class A altogether, as he vaulted: during the year, according to into the master division. At thelK'ires compiled from the roc-ae of 14, he doubtless will mnke'ords of the New Jersey State De-the "senior" master category in partmcnt of Health, the society the next supplementary list, when announced, he is credited with his victory n'0m of H Inn II S I lnnti rhftmnifmtmn Camden was one of 14 counties! The spectacular crowth of or- in the state showing increased ganized chess activities in South cancer deaths durjig lU.ib. with Jersey in the last two years, the greatest decrease recorded in unner tne sown jersey mess as- t- uuiuy, u- uiwn station's energetic promotion, is dropped by 62 to 1780. reflected in the number of Smith The total deaths in the state K-Kt.vnews BxKt p-B4ohiinnt k-k'4 Jersey players listed in the USCF ratings, No fewer than 106 Jersey ites from the disease was 9937, an increase of 131 Counties showing a jump in resident in the counties from Mer-ideaths besides Camden were At- ccr south are listed in the supple-jlantic with 27 above 1955; Ber-mentary ratings. It should also be gen, 31; Cumberland, 8; Glouces-remembered that this is bv no ter, 17; Hudson. 14; Hunterdon, means a full list of rated South'3; Mercer, 4; Morris, 50; Pas-Jersey players, since the ratings'saie, 27; Salem, 30; Somerset, 8, of a number of others who were and Warren, 17. Those reporting included in the last regular an-J a drop besides Essex were Bur-nual ratings did not change so as lington, 16; Cumberland, 3; Mid-to reauire them to be named in dlescx, 53; Monmouth, 13; Sussex, the sunnlemcntarv ficures. The 3, and Union, 24. Ocean reported, bulk of those rated in the supple-! the same number, 163, for each menlary list, however,-did not ap-lof the years. pear in the annual ratings issued r ,. ... i . ... , t ast-aui im v iniiii'l l!it-T Tn alfhniifTH cnmi nf IVinmi J m lltob by counties Bergen, Camden, 1123; 614; l:it T.iv nlfhrnifh cnrni nf tVinm are veterans who have appeared1 deaths in Inpm in nrnvlnuc 'nn?K: (lOllOWS: Thus there are more than fourl AUantie, 330; rated Fvnnrt nl.ivfr in South Burlington, 224; Jersey, although only that number Ma'. Ill; Cumberland, appear in the supplementary rat-!J Issext 1 80; Gloucester, inis. Thev are Andrew Cbrrs-i"3; Hudson. 132; Hunterdon, santhis, of Moerestown RCA (one Mercer, 441 ; Middlesex, of the new member clubs of the:"onmo,l,n. 5-' Morris, 3G7; gaz-SICA) and Camden, at 2100: H..'0"". 163; Passaic, 707; Salem. B!ird?e of Atlantic Citv at 202G: fS; Somerset. 167; Sussex. 82; I President Edmund Ellis, of the Union, K, and Warren, 12.. Camden City Chess Club, 2025 Five New Jersey residents died (a slight drop from his 1956 rat-!0 cancer in state institutions and ing of 2ffi0); and Philip Morrell.!two in military establishments, former Kansas City star who is. one of the organizers of the new f ji i) HaddnnflelJ club, at 2023. (Looks I JHM1C 1 lUlll'l"! h like Burdse. Ellis and Morrell would make un a really evenly i I () JlCel Hi SIIOI'O mitohed trio, d.iesn't it?) .... ,. .. . , K A Tlio ratings show, in addition to' ' imM L ' u , , , the four experts, 31 South Jersey ;anmversary will be celebrated plavrrs In Class A. 39 in Class B. h moi;e th;'"200J? tnd W in Cl'iss C (Remember- and Clles,s o ll- l'- McLuliyion in-again that a considerable num-haPUT' Telephone Pioneers Cap-ber of rlavers in each groun do 'America, gather here Friday for Philadel-rot appeHr -m the suppl..mWtar-,tl?TP0U aniual rcuni,on- l-t because their standing has! The three-day meeting will. mt changed since publication of mark the KrouP's 2jth annuaI cn-,Oaklyrt the regular annual list ) Vention as well a;? the 35th anni-;and A full list of the South Jersey vprsarv oI the Ioundin2 I the,at supplementary ratings will be car-!chaP,cr:, , . ried in this column within the Th. McCully Chapter is part of next few weeks a na''-on"le fellowship organiza- ' jtion of 187,000 members whose Speaking of Bobby Fischer, purpose is to perpetuate friend- since his brilliant success at ships formed in business. The Me-, re-Cleveland and his later one in the. Cully Chapter is composed of New Jersey Open, bis star con-J some 7100 active and retired cm-, tinues undimmed. He has just'ploycs of the New Jersey Bell scored a decisive triumph over Telephone Co. with 21 or morehe re-19 year-old Rodolfo Cardoso, jun-, years of telephone service. ior champion of the Philippine, William A. Hughes, president Islands, in an eight-game match of New Jersey Bell, will speak at at the Manhattan Chess Club. !a dinner meeting Saturday night Last week we published the in the Convention Hall, Charles sore ot their second game m tianicn, president or me or-which Bobby conducted the white gnnization also will speak. Rich-side of a Sicilian Defense to vic-;ard E. Levis, senior vice presi-tory over bis older foe. Here is dent, will be toastmastcr. the score of their fifth game, in. Headquarters for the convention which Bobby was equ: illy sue-will be in the Ambassador Hotel,

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