"Wild Man" account, 1895

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"Wild Man" account, 1895 - : CINCINXATI, SATU1TDAT; AJJGUST C. la CaJW...
: CINCINXATI, SATU1TDAT; AJJGUST C. la CaJW California Market Street, In California. from which cam from a nil ore. Ala H. Kabon, aa4 Ita product. cultivated by been supplying coast with SB ba been that th grown on rank in ita in Arabia sod being is almost one smoking take it in results. extract, but it is unprofitable, costing consid tor the us tbe nannisn sugar a verv or cube of manner wiu trance When eater re cranium to several col thi state in th natural parte of the live. smoking. are used in pulverized small quantity puffa of inhaled, hours. , and Talk, IMnVt-eotly. annroachesV-Oh. Mr. this waltz? Indeed. cannot waltz; it a exciting, and everything Just lov on a conversation know it must but I can't musio so I'm an exquisite play if. Oh, but never such beauties, but they're waltz, Mr. were floating nam on my too bad! I've bad looks, readjust her musicians, hard and evening warm it ia in to faint. open the aren t they? Just too he bow would you I told ba! ba! were you 'Refreshments?1 now! What of them! Do you away aa room. - Marks the of E. H. fr-uper-intendent upon the marked him, confined be, ""with only clew., and I description a term was about It wasn't I noticed a appear to not my size, growth of face was had been rent of his pallor that ia so plain that be beard, and growth and H turned In dealing on this a man of confinement. witnesses It ia never those who an earnest men confined When the in for a him to in tbe open when the of a natural gives him a a visible Stroke oX Kecovering. living to curiosities of The fearful lightning living on near was in bed struck death-dealing the bead, enveloped a dazzling skinless was still the red - Wben look upon, ber body, was a mass skin, th covering of Ham. woman regained will recover, and If she Exposition - ; the daughter marriage by was even a in the cradle, Colonel Ig-nacio Obu-po on to the of tbe day-old came to should be betrothal be an intelligent woman, became the them Mariano . " , ' Jericho road, Jericho, there Urge and black snake species. For up. neither over me watching I J wuuiu out motion- ; . a 1 uiMbu3iicu, ivr -it autitgo- j finally killed ! by an eye-witnweot for oer . y iry 7dy. r.ensTER Wild Han of the Hondo. A Creature That Terrorized a . Texas District. Carried an Enormous Club aad Bafiad Erery Effort To Captor ". ' . Him. '. ISt. ImI. Otoba-Dafsmnl.) For nearly two year Southwestern Texas nas occasionally been agitated by rumor ot a wild man, who inhabited tbe mountains of the Hondo and the Mod in a. Recently this monster baa been frightening women and children and creating consternation among th settlers and cow bo vs. About two month ago a Mrs. Anderson, th wife of a rancher living on the headwaters of the kfodina, v driving in a buggy with ber two little ehil dren. along a lonclv mountain pes, a little after sundown, wben near ber bom b was suddenly confronted by a naked giant, who j i's iaw ids) rvma in inwi vi uer diiw, making savage gesture and yelling like a Comanche Indian. Ibis ladv has been raised on tbe frontier, and she has beard the warwhoop of tbe fed warrior on the warpath: aha has. tort been close to a stampeded herd of 5,000 or O.0U0 steers, and she ia familiar with the cyclone of the plains: but she say that ber meeting with th s wild man of the plains frightened her aa ah had nvr beep ingbtened before. The monster danced about In the road, wielding club 5 or 8 feet long tor several momenta. Tha horse became bad! V frightened and made desperate attempt to turn around and escape. Mra Anderson sav ah had hard ly time to collect her senses befor th thing disappeared, bbe expected every instant to see the savage man strike lb horse, and ah realised that ahe would be powerless in the bands of such a frightful colossus. Fortunate ly tor herself, she is a woman m spieBdio courage and a tine driver. Tbe man was no sooner out of tbe way than the put tbe lash to ber horse and made him fly toward tbe bouse. One of the children looked bark and screamed. "Mamma, he ia coming!" The ladv did not need further warning, nor did she draw breath between the blows she waa rain ing on ber horse, until she was well within reach of protection. It waa afterward discov ered, from the tracks of the wild man. that he bad run along the road for a distance of 8u0 yara alter the buggy. a nitut, rmsr-v urzaiKxcx. Previous to thi affair th story of tbe wild man of Hondo bad been treated aa a myth. It waa not many day before Mrs. Anderson's story was confirmed in a way that set tbe whole country wild with excitement, and made women and children shudder. A bridal party, composed of the bride and groom and five or six young ladies and gentlemen, were going acroe th divide to tbe bouse ot a relative, where thev Tnarjd to ronolilde the nuntial festivities with a dance. They were in the hap piest humor, singing, langhmg and joging each other, when, as they entered the narrow gorge, some one said: "Look out for tbe wild man!" The word bad hardly ceased to echo through the mountain pa.ie before the veritable monster himself, of whom they beard so much, sprang Into the path directly in front of the bridegroom's horse. Without other warnings or other preliminaries than savage velL which one ladv com cared to tne scream of a panther, he swung his club over his head and relied the bridegroom s none to tne ground with a single blow. Tbe little mus tang upon which the bride was riding wheeled around in the oath and th young woman nartiallv lost her seat in the sad ale. Tbe monster sprang over the bone and rider lying in the path and seized the bride by th arm. 1 he other horses oeram mgnieBeo. The girl were screaming and tbe young men were trying to urge toeir norses to id rescue of tbe terror-stricken bride The bridegroom's horse bad fallen on ita rider leg. and its fran tic efforts to regain its feet only caused it to slide further down into tbe gulcn. it wss all the work of a few seconds. The monster tore the bride from the saddle, and. throwing ber body over his tbonlder aa if ahe bad been a kitten, be sprang into the gorge below, free ing tbe blood of th bridal party with bis sav age yell. The gorge waa a perfect thicket of bushes; and tbe nrst leap put tbe monsterand his victim out of sight. The young men bad their pistols in their hands, but were afraid to Ore lor leer of blttiug tn once. All ot tnom have been raised in th mountains, and ail are noted for their desperate courage. Tbe wild man bad hardly reached tbe bottom of the gulch before they were out of their saddles and in swift pursuit . - ' tu arupg P OCA b ED, In a few momenta the young ladies called to tliera and shouted that tbe monster waa np on the side of the mountain, but that he did not have the girl with him. Tbe boyaclimbed back up into the path, and sure enough there stood the wild man on a rock, far up on the side of the mountain. They began to fire their nistola at him. and this appeared to please him immensely. lie danced and yelled and flourished bis club and several times started toward tbem, U wae considerably beyjnd pistol shot. One ot the young men who had remained iu the gorge came upon the limp, apparently lifeless body of tbe bride. The toor girl bad fainted, but waa otherwise unhurt, except that her arm and shoulder pained her from the wrench that the monster give per in c ragging ner irora ue saddle. The whole party were soon collected round the bride, and in a few momenta th frightened girt recovered sufficiently to inform ber friend that she wa more wared than hurt. Tbe bridegroom' leg was pretty badly bruised, bnt be forgot all about that wben be once more got possession of his brand-new wife. The cowbovs were now on their mettle. Tbe wild man of th Hondo waa no longer a myth. They homed the girl to the nearest farm house, and at once set out on the trail of the monster. The girls say and all others, aa to that matter that this wild creature of the Hondo is tbe largest, at least tbetallest. man tbey ever saw. His unkempt beard and hair hang nearly to his nip. and seems to be matted with dirt and other foreign substances. His face was very white, bis teeth could be plainly seen, and hi arms, they thought, were longer than the arm of the average man. He makes an immense track, and has never been seen with a stitch of any kind of clothing on hi body. He attacked th bridal party on th ftth of June, between 11 and 12 o'clock, in I toed U art's Canyon, in tbe Hondo Mountain. and before sundown that same evening be was seen by a sheep herder on the bead of the Modina, more than 40 miles away. AU tbe cowboys in tbe country were in pursuit, and on the next day tbey were joined by an old bear hunter with pack of bounds. The dogs took the trail, and in the evening several of tbe hardest riders caught aglimpseof tbe flee ing monster as Be ran over the mountain, a mil or more ahead of the houtida, . A TXiXIBlg LEAr. Jnst before sundown be struck toward a high range of mountains on the head of tbe Guadeloupe. Tbe bounds were getting pretty doss to him, and a half dozen cowboys were near enough at one time to fire several shot at bim from their 'Winchesters. Just before sundown be ran toward a high bluff that rises more than 100 feet above the JBoneyard water bole. Sow tbe pursuer felt sure thev would catch him. bom of tbem circled around into the valley, while others r bard after the dogs. ie ram straight to the bluff. Never were men more surprised than wben tbey aaw the naked monster leap over tbe blutf. Tbe pursuers in the valley saw between them and tbe wall uf rock, the form of a naked giant, with long hair streaming in tbe sunlight, swiftly dew-ending through the air. One of tbe bounds sprang over after bim, and the dog and giant could be seen together, as if they were fighting in the air. A tall elm, some tju feet high, stand ciose to the bluff, tbe top branches reaching within from HO to 50 feet of the high point from which the desperate man leaped. Tbe men in tbe valley saw the hound and man strike tbe top of this tall elm. Tbe man grasped toe main branch of th tree, and the men in the valley saw him swing over the deep water hole and then they heard a cnh. and tbe wild man disappeared from their sight. They at once galloped to the edge of the water and aaar thm ,i,,t KranrK ri tK lm ktree doattng on the surface. Then they blew their horns and a.i the cowbovs who had been engaged in the pursuit gathered about the Honeyard water hoi and concluded that the wild man of th Hondo was iying deed upon the bottom of the little lake, an feet baiow the surface of the water. A STKASOB Four or five days after this rotzser Ryan was rounding up a herd of b.g beef steers away out oa the divide. Suddeuly there was a stampede. The cowboys stood up in their stirrups and saw something away over in the midst ot the wild, surging herd something that took away their breath. At first it looked as if a naked grant swinzinr a long dab over his bead vaa running along over the backs of the mad cattie. lccaxioniy it looked as it the monster parsed for a moment to execute a pas seul or a war dance on the rump or sbouidersof a bucking Mei'cn bnih Iiw.ii do long tn-lim they recognized tne wil l man of the liomio, and liny pot spurs to tue.r ponies and c:rcie-l about, nim:r;r an erlort to mid the insroteijed caiiie. When-th? cattle began to circle tbe v. i.d man ap- j pearra is o.ve uropnea airai iie of one ct the Meenx rTctty woo this rt.t-r was throw) on the outside of the eircie. an 1 ihf n thew!i devil stood upon toe ammai ha k. .Never did mortal eyt l r.cii .ia f ' ' t. re 7 or feet fim trp tt:f. The erimal wa rad wrta tem.r, and nki-'g ti.e Wi.drt acrooatie enrms to get nd of u tormentor. At one instant it rot a few yr Is lor from th bard, and a aurt herd c- tck a'ter it. Tbe monster bent ever and ared th dog by on of its hind Wa..ow there was a some for an arte-1. Ihe steer plunged into the berd. and tbe naked eolosroe ;rrang to his feet -on Use animal's back, and sinr-.ng ft. doc around over hia bead be poured iurch a series of wild yel :s that made the cattle frantic. They broke away from the cowboys. and made the earth tremble beneath their sad ataoapede. In tbe cloud of dust the cowbovs snow lost sicht of the monster. and every body hoped tbat h bad been trampled to ueata peneeto toe tees ua so wuu tauia. ana last act. Xotbiifg more wa beard of tbe wild man until the night ot tne rourta oz juiy. maTl gathering of young people were at ranch hoase in the Hondo Mountain. Thev bad been celebrating the nation's birth day and were concluding the feativitie with a dance. All were in a great g e and tbe prompter in correct Western vernacular had just uttered the word. "Indies to the center. everybody rack and all take up slack." wben a wboi window waa idvered glass rained in the air and a naked cory appeared to spring througb th window and fail on the floor in uie tutus o i lie cancers, n gran awaxu and tied into the vara, while the men. suf fering little leas from terror, drew their re volvers and rushed to the' window, two three sprang and fired at a retreating form that wa disappearing ia a patch of corn ad i scent to the rani.. Tbe body was soot recognised that of a Mexican who bad been found dead out on th plain a few days previous. It bad heeu suppohcd tbat tbe unknown man bad been murdered, and a he had no friends tbe body waa buned where it ' had been found. A party of cowboys at once wnt to to grave out on the mama and dieovred that it bad recently been opened. It looked like the work of wolves, but a little investigation soon revealed the big-footed tracks of tbe wild man of tbe Hondo, Then veryboby becam enraged, aad the people assembled and declared tbey would bunt the monster to oeatn. From tbat hour to this not a trace of tbe strange being baa ever been found, though there 1 a rumor tbat be baa been seen away over on Devil River, more than a hundred mllea from tbe scene of bis deviltry. People who have seen him sre ready to swear that be was not a human being. They be 1-eve the thing to be wait unknown autochthonous monster who is either the first or tbe last of hia kind. THEIR DEVOTIONS. The Peculiar Ceremony of the Fakir In India. (Loads Qnase. 1 Tbe following Interesting description of an Indian fakir ia from a correspondent in Labor: Two day ago I returned from a abort trip with a mend to the sacred city of Ketas, where I had been before. This time I aaw aevsral interesting fakirs. There were the ordinary blear-eyed, asheroeered fellows, on with long brown hair banging about his shoulders. There was one flabby, besotted-looking man, witb practically nothing on but aahea, who was tolling lazily under tree looking mora or leas inebriate and content, his back propped up by the tree, hia head on one siae. contemplating with serene expression alternately hia well-rounded paunch and a brother fakir, who was performing bis devo- tiuii very vnvrgeitcauy a man aisuuice on. Thi other waa a very lean man and tail. Wben I first noticed him he was seated In ab straction. "Buddawiae. which la something like a tailor sits, only that th feet are brought out on to the opposite thighs, soles uppermost. He waa apparently contemplating bis or tong,whicb were stuck in tn ground before bim. sur rounding him wer a number of little fires. After a time be took uo hia conch shall and blew a blast, resembling exactly the braying ot a mora than uauaiiv malancbolv donkev. Then be raised hia bands outstretched abov hia head. ami. placing tbe calf of bis right leg across tbe thigh of his right, stood so. on on leg. tn prayer for some time. He looked leaner than ever like thi. His body was rubbed well ith gray ash. and his rusty-colored, coarse hair waa brought un in a bunch above his band, and tied firmly with a cord, so that the end stood up like ragged brush, tipped slightly to one side. He reminded me of a Christy minstrel. Wben the one-legged prayer was done he dropped down again, and took another turn at the conch and water. 1 hen be rose. stepped outside the fiery circle, and began to walk, deliberately, with long strides, around and around it. "Suddenly he threw himself down opposit on of tba fires; and then, raising himself slowly on band and toes, lowered himself aa slowly to the ground two or three times, touching it alternately with his toes and topknot. He repeated this at every fire with slight variations, sometimes drawing hia left Knee right up under bim. o tbat tba leg folded like a two-foot rule when be touched the ground with hi topknot. Thi concluded the prayers, wben he had another go at tbe conch and water, after,which he wrapped himself in a shawl and went to bathe in th sacred tank. In which men, women and children all do th me. There are usually large quantities of fifth Tarn, hut hn I Inanlrai whv thaea wctw so few on this occasion I wa told that so many people bad bathed there during the festival a few days before that tha fish bad died through tbe impurity of the water. I suppose. Vet, as I stood, I w a woman bathing in on place, a man' in another, two children in a third, while a girt drew water for drinking purpose from it in a fourth!" LARGEST FOUNTAIN la the World, I the One at tbe Port ot Uenevav . rpbiavdslphla Frees. The fountain that the municipality of Geneva ba recently established at th en trance of the port of that city is certainly th largest fountain that exist on the surface of the globe, since it is no leas than 900 feet in hight. it may o seen rrom a great distance, in clear weather, detaching itself like a great white sail Happing through the eOact of tbe ind. The city of Geneva possesses a most com plete distribution of water under prreaar. th motive powar for which 1 obtained from an artificial fall established upoa the Rhone at the point of th lake. Tb water for domestic purpose and for th running of cer tain motors is rawed to a height of 21A feet abov tb level of tbe lake, r or tb diarribo-tion of motiv force it is raised to a height of HBO feet. The reservoir is an open air one, and situated upon the top of sSeasingers. at a distance of three mile from tbe turbine hnilHinv A verv inreninna remlatruv in. vented by Mr. Turrettini, a? sure the uni- lormity ox pi umu i r in nm piping. Tbe length of tbe tint pip line ia about 0 miles and that of th second about 00. Jt is witb this latter tbat tbe fountain conduit is connected, The latter is set in play only on Sundays. It is sometime art in operation also on week days, in the evening. Instead of a single Jet of great height, several are then utilised that do not ria so bigh. rowerf ul electric light projectors, placed in a structure nearby, brightly Illuminate them with their rays of varied colors, which transform them inu a luminous fountain of the most beautiful aspect. " OREWSOME PLgDGE. The Executioner Pawned the OaiU lotlne and Lawc Hie Job. Lwodon Kewa.J Th boos in Paris of tbe famous Fanson family, wbo were from generatioa to generation tor so many years w hat tb French rrand-iloqnently call tb Exacutora of High Works in plain language, tb public xerution-ers is, U is said, about to be demolished. Th 8non hare a place ia French history, not only because they continued so long to bold their odious office, but becaae two cm their number, father and son. beld office during the evil days of tbe Beign of Terror, when tbey .wer kept so busily engored with their guillotine. Ihe last of the Sanson dynasty wa dismissed from hi post in tb teign of Louis Philippe, in 17. under remarkable cirrumstanrea. Although he had lnbvrited a comfortable fortune from his father, the executioner of tbe Kevfiiatian, be got into pecuniary difficulties, and was guilty of pawning his guillotine, surely the most luguliriotu pledge ever taken by mortal pawnt rkrr. An order came from the ProcuntPir General for the execution of a criminal, and the neceesary apparatus was nut forthcoming. Th prison authorities had perforce to get it out of pawn, and the execution took place. Buttbiastof the hanaons was informed that hi service would no longer be required. What became of hint afterward doe not appear to be known. . A BICYCLE A3 A II ILK VAGCS. A mf!kmn of Wiwah-ckon. Perm., use a bk-ycle in serving Lu euriy morning custom ers, lie has iuvei,te.'l a littie rig for strap ping the mi.k ran aaieiy to tbe machine. Tri- cyc.es bav long been used in such service, but this is prooaoiy tu r.rt instance of the mm. wtat unstable bicycle L:r.g m tucd. ret on Trula bill! tea. (Vaahloruia Star. rn;:am." s!ie s.ii !. severe. r. I am sur-pristd tuat you M;uu.i o tu i-.ret yourself as to bet on a bor?e r.n.'' 'I l aven't been t-:.non any bor?e race was t:ie ii-y.j. "lo:i w runz me. W hat I bet on i the j r.s.. ;;iui.;!ud of the horse owucj-s." CocjI O'mrtnion. r- ' i ""vc.l yvl a ' : tj e ' to go By A It Mrs. superb friends th Dung the black trail a tar-weed tririing even si Tb slowly of th th ber a shrill arreanuMi rustled she felt Doa A last in glimmer S-b eagerness, crossed board, she slippery tbe eetned "I she said manner of could just the "What he called get waa "feing mad aa even 1'vs If there's fault. pan "I am ingstone, engineer. broken, morrow to be look gets time What and him it uo and tell 1 11 be room, that nis held tb not left Allen tomed hira. ile him tbat a from idol and wa law. IHnner quiet stone Allen warmed-up The sullen ston shoulder', urns. "I "Whil nic for old sociable, again. - "I lighting The Spanish and pleasant vine-covered always con comfort Tb tb la tb For Mrs. insisted bedroom occupied, was no always na. books v si u able gold and n com "-y- Hut having ber voice stolen window welL adoring see tb around Allen night. will be Tne opened drew "What will be conflict Ko gland. Coming momenta ing, tbe tb dropping would could known courage band cisco an like a waa elaJ Tbe she and in any on night trembling evil what, acorn. The and she apartment. 'Kease fuIL work ahl for she felt Tb hi and aooa transformed water Irora lamp', ido.. little bim. "It's frontdoor, funny Alien delicate tb little bere." don't Xh. soon be nest. , "'h. do," k TU getting herself In ie-s in to stoop bererlf .Nearly restlessly aim-le.-!y Mie draggled tire looked tried to o'ber ."-be took to h Id t!:r t she we the strug-r..i.e so t.r-a :t r , i . It wa an en-.-rmoiis .cxin 5 vr - , year old, w.ia lopg born u.t vu. . ,. i -j 'rit - -

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