29 june 1967

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29 june 1967 - Admiral Sees Danger If Bombing Is Halted -y...
Admiral Sees Danger If Bombing Is Halted -y GEORGE ESPEK ABOARD CARRIER CONSTELLATION, CONSTELLATION, l?) - The admiral admiral who directs Navy air attacks attacks on North Vietnam says the fighting in South Vietnam would be a lot more difficult for our ground forces" if the bombing slopped. ' "You would be giving North v letnam the ability to introduce far greater amounts of material and far greater numbers of! men into the South than they I can. do now," said Rear Adm Roger W. Mehle, commander of Navy Task Force 77. Stopping the raids/ nn the Rorlh would make it "virtually impossible to clean out the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese regulars" regulars" in South Vietnam, he said. ' "THAT OF. course, in turn, would:make the task of allow REAR ADM. ROGER MEHLE . . . task force commander tAP Wfrephoto) one," said Mehle in an inter- view.Aboard his flagship, the economic and environment Bapn ~^ . ·* «' t o Boost Agriculture "RAWAT tTMn"T T»I.:~I_- .- *5r RAWALPINDI, Pakistan. ,,, ·- Pakistan, facing continuing food .shortages, has launched a crash program to increase agri- cultura! production arid eliminate eliminate the need for importing frtnnrrri-mr . · ° shortages, Pakistan will import 2.25 million tons of wheat and 22D.ODO tons of rice during (fie 1967-68 fiscal year. ' During 1966-67 Pakistan 5m- ported 2 million tons of food- foou^-Tsins " i" · -- *--" WA **·**··"-* !««, - ,,, Presldent jS" s Sf «£· XS Ajub Khan s government, the, ! 970,000 tons of wheat and all the rS' IT 16 d r" PTM^ 111 in - corn - ot «er assistance came eludes the use of high - yield from Australia, Canada, Bur- seeds, improved fertilizers and ma, China and Thailand pesticides and'more mechani-j Like neighboring India. Pakis- zauon of farms, *«« t,«~ i _ = J ,% [ ··"" *"-*-' i i i in i^viiOivlCL CLUlv^ QIHJ* Bulldozers and tractors are ce ?s with the high - yield hy- being used for the first time in brid wheat seeds from Mexico, many, parts of the country. Pakistan has .sowed 42,000 tons Wells are being dug and minor of tn ese seeds to produce more irrigation schemes planned toi see d- '·' lands blossom! .Rice .seeds from the Philip- carriers, 400 warplanes, one anti - submarine warfare carrier, carrier, 25 destroyers, cruisers and other support ships, and 35,000 men. Three of the carriers always always are on "Yankee Station," the area of the Tonkin Gulf off North Vietnam from which the Navy raids are launched. Only the. North Vietnamese can measure precisely the effectiveness effectiveness of U.S. bombing, the admiral said, but "there are very good indications' this is very..painful .to them -- that they're hurting badly." ."I THINK there appears to be a great log jam of shipping in Haiphong," he.said. "They don't seem to be able to unload ships as quickly as they were able to do in the past," he said. "They aren't able to assemble assemble materials being furnished by their supporters into convoys and trainloads. They aren't able to run these materials through train lines down to the South. "There are i n d i c a t i they've had to divert very large numbers of their manpower to repairing damaged military targets." targets." "AU o! this," Mehle -said, "supports the Judgment that our object of making the price of their aggression against South .Vietnam as high as we can -- that, objective is- being reached;" ·' V: .': '. · · Mehle-said-it is clear-though, that the North Vietnamese still are able-1o infiltrate some men and material · into South Vietnam. Vietnam. - ..., -. ;. WHAT DOES the fact that many of the 'same targets are hit over and over, again indicate about the effectiveness of the air strikes? Mehle replied that some targets "are not tiny little single points. They are extensive extensive installations. One has to go back to get all things in the complex." ' · ··' He mentoined the Namj cigarettes Fnrf Wnrt-h ^kn^Ir. ! To enc ' 0 " r age farmers to in- r o r r W o r t h bChOOls -crease" -production, minimum i .Superintendent Quits P" ces haVe been guaranteed on ^ jthe open market for foodgrains FORT "WORTH, ffl -- The] Steps also are being taken to superintendent of Fort Worth 'increase production of other Schools;, Elden Busby, resigned!crops, inclu ding new potato and unexpectedly last night. He has'peanut varieties. · been superintendent since 19S3. j The government has begun j ·In a letter Mo the school [simultaneous efforts to improve! board, Busby said he was re- j livestock and poultry production signing to become executive di-land to ti-y to harvest more fish rector of Region 11 of the Edu-i If everything goes well °ov- cation Service Center for. the;ernment officials say, Pakistan State of Texas. --i' : .··- ,' jshould be. able to produce Busby joined the Fort. Worth ^enough food for its: 100 million school system as a teacher inypeople.by"the eiurof the-third ir:___ ' -five -. year plan in 1970. .TMad - rail transshipment point, tion . and n electrc ower With jet fighter ' - bonbers j flying so fast, "you don't al-l ways put the' bomb exactly] where, you want it/'. Mehle said. "We. must go back'to get the desired damage. level. We want to insure, that important structures structures are out' of operation or destroyed. "North Vietnam places great yalue r "on some of these targets' and repairs them. If there, are indications that is the case, we go back and do it over again." h*vJ h v*a- Since The n U of ;In linking . imposed m i 3J portion flue-cured lobcco. U

Clipped from
  1. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times,
  2. 29 Jun 1967, Thu,
  3. Page 31

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