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May 1961 6 - JAP GUARD Paddle Foot was sentenced to 30 years...
JAP GUARD Paddle Foot was sentenced to 30 years for cruelty to prisoners. I mrgrf 1 9 ' V" WHISKERS, boss of coal yard where prisoners worked, got a 25-year term. JAP GUARD Brown Eyes got a 10-year-term at his War Crime Commission trial. ALLEY CAT, another prison guard, got 40 years. Gl's nicknamed all guards. A-bomb blast turned rocks to powder FOREVER FAMOUS Coafieme feet. An old Jap told me that the Americans had a new weapon and it wouldn't be long before we were going home. The bombed area was off limits, but some of us wanted to see what the bomb had done. We walked out in our Japanese clothes with our faces browned. Nobody stopped us. We saw railroad cars lying five or six blocks from the tracks. You could pick up iron pipes and break them in two. Rocks would crumble into powder in your hands. Where people had been sitting, without falling over, there were just carcasses with all the meat gone from their bones. John Sadler I was working 2.0M feet into the mountain in a lead mine the day the atomic bene struck and thought nothing ml the iwerheratiea. The next day, the Japanese said it was a holiday. The rumors started flying that the war was Two generals say: WITH broken heart and head bowed in sadness but not in shame, I report that today I must arrange terms for the surrender of the fortified islands of Manila Bay. Please say to the nation that my troops and I have accomplished all that is humanly possible, and that we have upheld the best traditions of the United States and its Army. . . . With profund regret and with continued pride in my gallant troops, I go to meet the Japanese commander. General Jonathan Wainwright Bataan, with Corregidor the, citadel of its integral defense, made possible all that has happened since. History, I am sure, will record it as one of the decisive battles of the world. Its long protracted struggle enabled the United Nations to gather strength to resist in the Pacific. Had it not held out, Australia would have fallen with incalculable disastrous results. Our triumphs of today belong equally to that dead army. The Bataan garrison was destroyed due to its dreadful handicaps. But no army in history more thoroughly accomplished its mission. Let no man henceforth speak of it other than as of magnificent victory. . General Of The Army Douglas HacArthur over. The Japanese handed over their guns and walked out of the camp. We ate two horses in two weeks. One day I said, "Damned if there's not a sheep in the house," and, sure enough, there was that dude up there cooking away. ClemJe lent The Americans had dropped up chow by parachute, but they hadn't liberated us yet. And the Japs were bringing guns up into the mountains just like the war was still going on; so we decided to go to the Americans. We got 62 men together, even though they told us we would be court-martialed, and took off by train for Tokyo. We didn't see any Americans, just civilians. Finally, we saw a jeep coming around the corner with correspondents for Yank magazine in it. They wanted to know what we were doing there since Tokyo hadn't been taken yet. We told them we'd been over there three and a half years and were waiting to find somebody to turn in to. They jumped out of the jeep, took pictures, and said we were the first American troops to walk down the streets of Tokyo in formation. Marcus A. Lawson Wc were liberated by the 68th Airborne. I wrote my Mom and Dad a letter, caught a plane, flew to Okinawa, then back to Clark Field. In eight days they called out my name. I was going home! William Lee Peavler 1 u Wilson hod to shove cool cars like this. He fell from a trestle once and was sent to a hospital, where his bed was space on the bare floor.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 28 May 1961, Sun,
  3. Page 102

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