Samuel Wesner Doesn't Want To Die With His Boots On

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Samuel Wesner Doesn't Want To Die With His Boots On - NEWARK., OHIO, MONDAY, MAY 22 1893 guidance...
NEWARK., OHIO, MONDAY, MAY 22 1893 guidance democratic much as seen with at it strange to TRAGEDY IN COURT. An Indiana Temple of Justice Stained With Blood. AN ATTORNEY SHOT DOWN to of A refusing He a Democrat. the in his discrediting partisan were of on are positions. intention Cleveland, a of Car- Samuel Wesner Shot Down by Colej Brown, at Danville--The Murder the Outgrowth of a Suit In Which We»uer and Brown Were Interested. DAJTVILLE, lad.. May 23,--The Hendricks Hendricks county courtroom was the scene Or .% rnMe tragedy Saturday. Samuel Samuel Wesner, the leading criminal law- £gl in this part of the state, armgd with a dagger, engaged in mortal own- e v e r , wrth the result that Wesner's body lies in a casket at his Uome_ at Lebanon, while Brown crunchesjn § cell at the county jail. Both murderer and victim are residents residents of Lebanon, 20 miles north of this itv. Wesner. as stated, is the leading .tiorney at the Boone county bar, while Jjrown is the richest man in Boona Quntv. his, wealth being estimated at OQ. Brown ovjjs a number 01 } feS§ » fcg hardware store, and is ent of the Lebanon Natural G-as company. His oonnedtion with the lat- tW institution was indirectly the cause thai led tip the tragedy. Last winter the residence of Martin Hoke, at Lebanon, was blown up by a natural gas explosion. Hoke entered suit against the gas company for $3,000. Wesner was the leading attorney for the plaintiff, while Brown as president of the company, was the central figure of the defendants. Brown made affidavit affidavit that he could not secure a fair and impartial trial at Lebanon, and the case was brought to this city on a change of veime. The trial commenced last Tuesday. Brovrn as a witness was cross-examined cross-examined very severely. The closing speech for the plaintiff was concluded by Wesner Wesner a few nmmres after noon, and court adjourned until 1 o'clock. In his speech summing up the case Wesner scored Brown unmercifully, and strongly hinted that in his testimony he had been guilty of rank perjury. The courtroom had been cle'ared of lawyers and witnesses, and not over a dozen persons remained. Judge Hadley Hadley was putting the finishing touches to his charge, and Wesner, leaning against the judge's desk, was talking to his client. Brown approached Wesner and Baid: "My reputation is as good aa yours, d--n you." The testimony ia not exactly clear as to the conversation that followed, but Wesner replied in a taunting manner and dared Brown to draw his gun. Quick as a flash Brown drew a revolver revolver and fired twice. As the pistol cracked, Wesner reeled for an instant, then Ms hand sought his pocket, and as Ms hand was raised, in it flashed a murderous dagger? "You have done me, but I will get you," hissed Wesner, as he rushed on Brown, who was backing backing off. still pointing the smoking weapon at his antagonist. The right hand of Wesner descended, but Brown caught the blade in his hand, and the two men went to the floor, with Wesner Wesner on top. There was a desperate strug-le for a few seconds. Wesner trying to plunge his dagger in Brown's body, whfle He stated that ne natl acted in fense. and that Brown had been grcssor. He gave some directions as his business affairs and sent his love tils tamily. He was oerfectlv cool collected. His last words were: "AiU my boots off. I do not want to die iny boots on." Forty minutes after .had been shot, Wesner was a corpse. After the combatants had been separated, Brown submitted quietly to arrest, and was -ak°n ^ ,-.,,-i rp . weapon with which he had^done murderous work was a No. 3? Wfison. double-action, revolver Examination Examination showed two empty shells ue «upty chamber and twounexploded cartridges. The dagger with which Wesner attempted attempted to put a quietus on Brown ui th? possession of the sheriff. It is double-edged affair, 10 inches long and an inch wide. The sheath in which ¥£JiSgrried was "picked up from ^®6om fl^aft?f'tfie trag^liT ]^FpSsfmortem held upofl" !he body 8J WesneT ghows that the fatal ' Entered his bf east an inch to the fee £§I e of bis breast bone, ranged fluwnward and backward, lodging und und £ r the ^kin four inches ffoin the of the spme. The other bullet struck Wesner in the left forearm, ranged Wardaad lodged near the elbow. In Weaner s pockets were found a of cartridges, but no pistol. Wesner was 53 years old. Brown 50; both specimens of physical manhood. Shortly after the tragedy the jury returned a verdict for the defendant. All afternoon there was mutterings of a lynching, and late at night the sheriff took his prisoner and went to Indianapolis and locked him up ia jail at that city. PEACE PROBABLE. An Armistice Between Nicaraguan Annies Annies About Effected. s. May 21.--The state department department is in receipt of information, which, though it is unofficial, is considered considered absolutely authentic, to the effect effect that an arrangement for an armistice armistice has been reached by the government government of Nicaragua and the revolutionists. revolutionists. The source of the news is concealed, concealed, beyond the fact that it did not come direct to Secretary Gresham from Nicaragua. It is expected that the cruiser Atlanta will reach Greytown a day or two and the Alliance will probably be a few -days later in reaching the west coast of Nicaragua, where most of the fighting has taken place. Kentucky Derby. CINCINNATI, May 22.--Buck McCann won the derby race at Latonia race Course Saturday afternoon. STystery ExpIametT. , SING, May 22.--Two guards, whc 4o~not want their names used, say that Guard Murphy had no revolver when Roehl and Pallister overpowered him on the nigh^ of their escape. Hulse was the only one who had a pistol, that was found on Pallister fully loaded. loaded. It is the opinion of prison officials now that Roehl and Pallister were sh-»t while trying to board a boat, being taken for river pirates. Detective Jackson says that he oaw a sloop anchored off the prison on the night of April Oue Person Srts Fire to Another. WATERBURY, Conn.. May 22,--Maude, the 8-year-old daughter of H. L. Roberts Roberts of JSaugatuck.was burned to death. Her clothing caught fire, and she rushed upstairs and sought the protection protection of an aged woman, named Mary Brown tried in vain to get another shot I Monroe of Waterbury. The with Ms pistol. Then Wesner's strength failed him, and the spectators, having recovered from the temporary stupefaction stupefaction in which the tragedy had thrown them, pulled Wesner off,, and Brown scrambled to his feet. The latter was unhurt, except for an ugly cut in his hand, where he had caught the descending descending dagger. Wesner was helped to a chair, and later was placed on a mattress. He rapidly rapidly weakened as the blood flowed from his wounds. A physician was called and decided that he could not live. Wesner accepted, tha. situation which the latter was lying was set and the woman died a'few hours afterward afterward from injuries received. Mike Kelly signs With J»ew York. NEW YortK. May 22.--Michael 3. Kelly, the wall known ball player, arrived arrived in this city from the west anu met Manager Ware at the St. James hotel. It did not take the "King" very long to come to terms, and satisfactory arrangements were soon made, whereby whereby the New York team will have the benefit of his services for the remainder ol the season. on of

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