"...striking out like the mighty Casey" Louisveill Courier-Journal 10 June 1894 p 5

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"...striking out like the mighty Casey"  Louisveill Courier-Journal 10 June 1894 p 5 - SEWANEES FINE ATHLETES. Collegd Boys Beat...
SEWANEES FINE ATHLETES. Collegd Boys Beat Athletic Club In a Close and Excit 1 . Game. - ng Howevjsr, j Xacott and Sample, Two Lduiswille Ecyi, Took Chief Farta In tha Victory. i 0 kft-ernoon of lAiif-an, in tha the-entire pit bull by spnctifc-tor was . well adver- adver- t-bo t-bo t-bo attend- attend- aeveral drag 1 'His heavens-had have Vice but car at B, came the club There nlne- nlne- and get to the Im-On Im-On of and The game 'between the Louisville Ath letic Clsb and tho nine from! Snwanee at Park: was close and exciting. Sewaned woo the gaino after the local local tennk had taken the lend, but tho result was in doubt until the last roan had been retired. Ben Sander make a great strike-out strike-out strike-out record la faring tl Sown Sown nee hoya to fan the air eleven times, but they succeeded in making Just a many hit, and that, too, at atimo when they wtre needed. : I The game had. not been thwd, and as a conaeqnenee ance waa light. There were parties, and society waa well represented In proportion to the number) present. iAt the start the cheering; ,wa all fbr A. C. iThat ball crank of many -fears' -fears' standlnr, Mr. li. C. Dickens, looked opon this as inhospitable and) began to si lout fur ISewonee. Soon others had fallowed fallowed I Ids lead, 'and toward the end 'the enthiuiasta on both aides emed to bo about equally dividud. Jiven when Sewailee was behind, Mr. Dickens claimed the victory., and culled to the oollege boys to knock Ben Sanders out of the bcx. The young men iu hiaj vicinity attempted attempted to guy him by side! remarks by iuitating tlie wliiiAllng of the wind through his whibkers on a bjreery night. But tlie leader of the Sewanee rooters was nut to be hushed, and even when Umpire lluk lloiburn attempted to call him down, he bravely continued Ids war cry. At the ckx-e ckx-e ckx-e he Joined the Sewanfc toys in .'giving their oollege jyell. j lvrrj-'a lvrrj-'a lvrrj-'a error hist tlie game for I. A. C. and ix slashinii hit bv Ett. a Louisville Louisville boy, drove in the winning run. Lotiivil was very much inj evidence in the wmninii team, fur Semple, another toy from the i'alls City, pitched and did better work that Sander. I Tlie Sewanee nine is by far the bett soiateur nine that has been mm here in n-uny n-uny n-uny a tlay and they looked winners from the) start. Tavo iight-weights, iight-weights, iight-weights, Catcher' Catcher' Dexter, and Short-stop Short-stop Short-stop Leak, did the iMttt: work. The petition ol Carniicliaei, tlie tall third h-.i-vrnun, h-.i-vrnun, h-.i-vrnun, h-.i-vrnun, h-.i-vrnun, caused him to bo likened to "Casey at tlie bat," and he carried out the analogy I by etrikius out like the mljrhty Casey kt a critical tage. The hotue-run hotue-run hotue-run drive Of McComb'a was- was- the feature oil the I. A. C. side. ' In the second inning W inders - was given a. walk to first, and Carmichael's wild throw gave GiaiebrooU a life. Mo-Comb Mo-Comb Mo-Comb hit to center ami mad a dash for second with Ulnzebrouk still glued to the bate after Sanders bad 1 scored. Car-michael Car-michael Car-michael tested liia arm by making another another wild throw and Glazebrook came home.' In . their half Dexter made a double to lefti and scored on Seuiples single. Tlie next three batsmen struck out. 1 McComb made his home! run in the fourth, but in the same inning Suaper made a double and scored when McCoiub, alter hard run, dropped aemples long iiy. I . In the sixth Sewanee tied the sooro. on)or nuwle a hit to center and Dexter followed with one too hoi for Morton to handle. Boone's passed bail advanced both a base, and Soai er scored on Kscott's sacrifice. In the eighth Berry juggled Dester's irreu-idr. irreu-idr. irreu-idr. and the little catcher stole second. Then Juscotti put a lino hiti over second and the winning run erossed tho plate. In the ninth. &mple did! great worn. sioComo went oat on a foul tip, and Steele and Morton atrnck out; The score: I inuMc, .will an lar is "In crwiae lsi-llln lsi-llln lsi-llln medals the of session. on or Heas-lltt. f urn Ci-ssfiU Ci-ssfiU tnera-beii-hlp tnera-beii-hlp further exercises proba-blv ly ! Said ! i that who in The Mrs. can it in the be " we be are lam-aey li. T. U A. C Duyt. r. f 4 0 O Bentv, 2b 4 0 8 W-lllLs. W-lllLs. W-lllLs. s. B.. ....... 4-0 4-0 4-0 1 Sunders, p 3 1 1 liliiebrwik. lb.... .31 O McComb, c. f. ...... 4 I S WeHle, L f...... 4 0 0 Morton. 3b ....4 0 1 Boone, c 2 0 1 - T lals ;...3a "3 "i . 1 . . . in r r AB. B. IB. $11. PO. A. E. little sTwanec Leak. s. a 5 0 1 ttla-Jklock, ttla-Jklock, ttla-Jklock, 2I 3 0 1 Ca.dctnui, 3b...... 4 0 S SoaSer, lb ,.v 4 3 3 Dekter, c 4 j a Seuriple, P 4 O 1 Fjm.UU. c. f. ........ 4 0 1 MoOre, r. f., 4 0 1 Brokrn, L I 4 0 O ......3l 4 11 AB. B. IB. $H. PO. A. E. Tdtals ... 0 O 1 o o a a l O 3 O l 0 0 3 O O O 0 1 0 3 0 1 O 1 o o 0 0 11 0 0 11 "o 24 "a "5 1 ' 1 3 0 9 1 0 1 a o o a o o o o o o 2 27 11 2

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 10 Jun 1894, Sun,
  3. Page 5

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  • "...striking out like the mighty Casey" Louisveill Courier-Journal 10 June 1894 p 5

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