A.L. Shackelford- severe storm in Gans

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A.L. Shackelford- severe storm in Gans - VOLUME 22. SALLISAW. OKLAHOMA, P A Destructive...
VOLUME 22. SALLISAW. OKLAHOMA, P A Destructive Storm at Gans i j} Ll^E AT SUR' i LIFE AND PROPERTY LOSS, SHOCKS A NEIGHBORING VILLAGE TO THE BOYS AND GIRLS OF SEQUOYAH COUNTY SALLISAW SENDS AID Al iibiuit iiDon Mon(!,i\ tlic lowii of (iiiiis, 9 milt 's sdulluMst ol' Siillisiiw. wiis siriick b\ the most severe :ind cleslriietive .^lonii Ilia hits been ree(ii(le(l in the annuls of Scquoyali eounty hislory for many moons. The wiies were all plaeed oul of commission by llie wind anil the news did nol reach Sallisaw unlil nearly iive o 'clock. B\' ." JIPIO 1-ee Helms,'' l-"red ('ampbell, Goy Wood, L. N. YVa'laec, Ur. McKeel. !)r. .loiles, .Dr^ Moi:r.ci\y.Oi)d.D)-, .CurAeJl,.uc;c;<)m.- panied by E. Bee Giilhrey of the SUir-Gazetle, were al the K. C. S. depot \vailing for a freight train lo take Ihcm to the aid of the sufferers. sufferers. While waiting at the depot a "wire was received from Gans announcing announcing that siiflicienl nu'dical aid hud arrived and the doctors did not go. The remainder of the party, howevej, went on rmd reached the storm-stricken village about 6:30 p. m. The K. C. S. Ry. Co. stopped one of Jls fast through freight trains in ordei' to accommodate the 'travelers. 'travelers. At i.inc Johns by 1 have just completed a year's j had course al the Cotinors Stale School (wo of AgricuUurc, located at Warner, trouble OkhdiMiiia. and can say I am highly j flic pleased wilh the work being done a1 that institution. T think if any tocney bey or girl of this county has a do- nie'dc sire lo attend a good agricultural duhng school they would do well lo go i fou left entirely dcstilule and by reason reason of Ihc seriods damage done all over the little village, uiilside aid is needed at once. These people do no! need aid next week, but Ihev NEED IT lUGIIT NOW. A local committee i-uiisisiing of Fonce Holland. Holland. E. C. Gilbert, A. L. Shackelford and Dr. L. .]. f'inncr has been app app unied IM receive and distribute an\thing oOered in the way of cash, provisions or clothing. The Star- Gazeftc will acknowledge leceipl of an>tbing offered and see lo il- that the conlril.uitinns arc promptly sent to the above named committee. T-he -Showi-n? Today Sallisaw, Okla., June 2:1 We, the undersigned, hereby contribute contribute to the Gans P>clief Conunit- lee composed of Fonce Holland, E. C. (Tilbert, Dr. L. J. Pinner and A. j L. Shackelford, foi- the use and benefit benefit of the storm sufl'erers, the amount set opposite our names below below and the Star-Gazelle is hcrehy authoiized to forward the same to said committee for us~e in such manner manner as the committee may deem best: A. Quesenfaunry S 5.00 j would do well lo lo Warner. Our motto is, "Learn To Do b\' Doing," and I think it applies in every way. Agricidlurc is the leading occupation of Ihe i world, and \ CL the very lowest class lof people make il their occu|)alion. ; IMease don't misunderstand my slale- 'ment; there are ciuitc a number of good fai'mers—fai-mers who make a success, but there is a still larger number whu do nol. If \ou intend to make leaching your jjrofession you most certainly cannot make any mistake by al- tenrling an ngricultural school. Whal store w6st. been Lloyd the the and asi w|i!1e ar'e What AVe Found At Gans Mrs. l-.ige Gibson is dead. Ahs. Tom Bell is seriously but not fatally injuied. .lasptr (j)wan is badly bruised about the head and face, but will sutler no permanent injury. Buildings Totally Destroyed: The .1. !"'. Harris two story brick] store building and stock a iulal loss. The upper floor of this building was occupied by the W. 0. W'. lodge and also by the Knights and Ladies of Secmity and both iodgcs sustained sustained loss to some extent. B. G. Strickland, store building. Slock only a partial loss. Dr. L. J. Pinner, large barn and contents consisting of hay and other feed stuff. Town Hall, a Iwo-slory frame building. M. E. Church and furnishings. Lige Gibson's four room frame residence and all contents. It was in this building that Mrs. Gibson v/as killed. • Her body was recovered recovered over two blocks from Ihe site of the residence. J. W. Sandlin, residence.. Tom Bell, residence. W. E. Hurley's barn. C. E. Johnson, residence. 1). B. Shriver, residence; occupied by W. J. Walton. Warehouse and contents; owned by Walton & Shackelford. B. Crossland, livery barn. J. F. Harris, old gin building, used as a barn. Mat Taylor, residence. The Star-Gazette 5.00] Merchants National Bank 10.00 j McDonald & Matthews 5.00 | Thos. Carlile 2.5» Palace Drug Store 2.50 J. A. Morrov,- L0(; Gus Warshaucr -5.00 J. H. Morgan 2.00 Frank Herring 2.00 Cherry i!i Winter 2.50 P.iggs-Turner Gm, Co 1-00 Sallisaw Bank & Trust Co..-_ ifJ'M Citizens National Bank \<i}>0 B. (). P.ce.L--- 1.00 Chas. W. Antlerson 1.00 J. A. Knowles 1.00 Gould Moore 1.00 Lelland firav 1.00 If you want to help our neighbors in this hour of need call on or phone the Star-Gazette. The committee can use clothing, bed clothes or food stulT, but articles of this kind should be reported here, and then sent by the donor direct to the committee at Gans; do you think of a teacher that can-jii^vc not harness a team or tell corn from cotton? And vet we have just such ka(he_rs_ i.ii_^oiJ\e I 'L I','-'.''. .^S"!''.'*.".''.',; ... i sincerely 'ho\)t' lo see Oklahoma ooe of the leading states in agricid- lural and educational lines, but it cannot attain the highest standard in either of them if we do not try to acquire more knowledge of them. So, I hope you will think it over and decide to make use of one of these good slate schools which Oklahoma Oklahoma is maintahiing for your l)cn- efit. The president of the Connors -Agricultural "school, Prof. J. S. Malone, Malone, will be glad to send you particulars particulars of this school if you will only write him. I also will be glad to tell you more concerning it. I jhope to see Sequoyah county send- I ing a frainload of industrious young I men and wr.men lo Ihe Connors fState Si'hofd of Agriculture at Warner, Warner, for Ihe fail ajid winter L-rm. which will begin Seplenibcr 7ll). Y>"iurs truly. HOMER LARWOOD. F^in wire Ks nln ITieu the ot and the fiT Grandfather Clause Dead. Wa^^hiniiliin, -Imu 21.— In i)riib- abl.v oric of the most imporUinl decisions decisions in ils hisloiy Ihe Sui)reme eiiurl today annulled as uneon'sti- 'lidional the Oklahoma grandfalher clause amendment and the .\nnaiJ- olis, Md., voters' (iualiiication liiw reslrieling the suffrage right of those v.ho could not vote or whose ancestors ancestors could not vote prior to Ihe ratification of the 15th Amendment. Chief Justice White, a native of had had Fain here do too had One of soldier, announced the court's decision decision which was unanimous except except thai Justice McReynolds look iio par in the case. 'TWAS EVER THUS Buildings Damaged: J. F. karris, residence; damage about $200.00 Dr. S. A. Jones, residence; blown from foundation and badly damaged. Citizens Bank building, damage about $300. A. L. Shackelford, residence; damage damage about $800. A. L. Shackelford, gin; damage about $2,000; no insurance. George Gunter, residence; damage about $350. B. G. Strickland, restaurant, and residence; badly damaged. It is impossible to estimate the damage done to household goods and wearing apparel. Several hogs and a large nupaber of chickens were kiire4* The following letter was mailed this evening lu the committee: Sallisaw, Okla., June 23, 1915. | the south and a former confederate Messrs. Fonce Holland, E. C. Gilbert. A. L. .Shackelford and L. J. Pinner, Gans, Oklahoma. Gentlemen: Addressing you as the Relief Committee Committee for the storm sufferers in your vicinity, we have'the pleasure to enclose herein a list of contributions contributions voluntarily tendered this morning from the citizens of Sallisaw Sallisaw and vicinity which we trust y(!u w-il! receive and use lo the best advantage in relieving the immediate immediate needs of those who were so unfortunate unfortunate as to be placed in a position position of needing assistance as a result result of the recent storm that has numbered your little city among its victims. The amount herein enclosed enclosed is only a part of what you may Bert Hodges of (he Okmulgee Democrat Democrat made a hard fight for the appointment appointment of postmaster but lost. Bert is one of the bulliest newspaper boys in ihe state, but he should learn to keep an editor's place— to ed Il whoop'er up for the party and let the other fellow have the office.— Wagoner Record. , NO REWARDS FOR PEACE OFFICERS Oklahoma City, June 16.—Peace expect from Ihis source as we have officers who make arrests in their had neither time nor opportunity jurisdictions are not entitled to re- to see many of our good people who, wards that may have been offered will willingly lend a helping hand for arrests of such persons. This under the circumstances confront- is the view that is tiiken by Judge ing you. ] Devereaux of the Supremo Court The attached list is a clipping from j Commission in Ihe case of Leonard the Sallisaw Evening Star of this] Beck against George Sulzer from dale and our check is herein en- 1 Wagoner county. Sulzer recovered closed lo cover the amount shown by the list to have been subscfribied. An additional report will be made tomorrow tomorrow evening. On behalf of the citizeijs of Sallisaw Sallisaw let us extend to you our sincere sincere sympathy and we express the hope that your injured may "speedily recover . and that your :.property losses may spon be regained. a judgment against Peck in that county,for a reward the latter had offered for an arrest. Beck appealed. appealed. Uudge Devereaux holds as' follows: follows: "It is against public policy 'for a constable or other peace officer act^ ing within bis jufiediction and within within the axithority pomj^prred upon him by lay? to receiva rewards other thap is Imnnediate Aid Needed TUB STAR-GAZETTE, :t]hie oompepsal\diji,_ Bjapwed by lay? ^^^^^ere^. pre' |pu^jr_^Qf'tapij^^^ ^^^j: Jyr %tt»r .ey ^^l ^|^^^^|ae .,,fDr.ina^^^^^^ ''»ti

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