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Dear Abby SDA letters - 1 0 The News-Messenger. News-Messenger....
1 0 The News-Messenger. News-Messenger. News-Messenger. Fremont. O., Wednesday. April 18, 1984 Advice Facts confused on religious group DEAR ABBY: If you had to print that letter from "Nancy B." with her off-the-wall off-the-wall off-the-wall off-the-wall off-the-wall list of no-nos no-nos no-nos for Seventh-day Seventh-day Seventh-day Adventists, why didn't you follow it with some facts? I always thought you did your homework, Abby. Now I'm beginning beginning to wonder about your literary literary professionalism. If you're going to throw church ideologivs and personal theories into your Dear Abby By Abigail Van Baran column, you should become knowledgeable in the doctrines of all churches and not accept as gospel any old thing some reader happens to send to stir up things and cause your readers to come to wrong conclusions. Seventh-day Seventh-day Seventh-day Adventists are Christians who worship in church on Saturday, await the second coming of Christ, believe in the virgin birth, the Trinity and baptism baptism by immersion. They discourage discourage divorce and do not drink alcoholic beverages or use tobacco. tobacco. They are discouraged from drinking coffee and tea (notice (notice I said DISCOURAGED, not THROWN OUT if they do). They are interested in medical and welfare welfare works of all kinds around the world and so many other caring Involvements with our society. Back to Nancy B. and her "list" of taboos: For the most part she was on target, but I'm an S.D.A. and I wear a wedding ring and a touch of makeup. However, that last no-no no-no no-no forbidding forbidding marital relations on the Sabbath Sabbath because "it is considered a sin to seek pleasure on the day set aside to worship the Lord" is totally totally false. Please set the record straight. MAGGIE B. IN BAR-STOW BAR-STOW BAR-STOW DEAR MAGGIE: My apologies. apologies. I shall attempt to set the record record straight by publishing this letter: DEAR ABBY: "Nancy B." is not very well-informed well-informed well-informed about RELAXATION STATION what is expected. She was correct to say that Adventists Adventists avoid the use of tobacco and alcohol. That may be one of the reasons they live about seven years longer than the average. Abby, God invented sex, so it is highly unlikely that he would forbid forbid it on the Sabbath. SEVENTH-DAY SEVENTH-DAY SEVENTH-DAY SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST PASTOR key PAI1ADOL ASPIRIN-FREE ASPIRIN-FREE ASPIRIN-FREE PAIN RELIEF Tablts 30 et. Capsulos 24 et. Limit 2 979 ULTRA BRITE TOOTHPASTE Soz. sign Lornot 2 I The New contains controversial, lung from a living in for an being what been prior were PAIN RELIEF Tablets 30 et. I Capsules 24 et. Limit 2 1 U rd i 0 Ofr) a ....N.,.. 1J-1 1J-1 1J-1 A ,-70,------.. ,-70,------.. ,-70,------.. ,-70,------.. ,-70,------.. ,-70,------.. ,-70,------.. ,-70,------.. ,-70,------.. ,-70,------.. - t R el.-4 t . -...-!-- -...-!-- -...-!-- -...-!-- -...-!-- ....,-1 ....,-1 ....,-1 , 4, , 4 ,A,. ULTRA JO BRITE 414b TOOTHPASTE 4 S 19 I unit 2 0 - '-ir-, '-ir-, '-ir-, '-ir-, '-ir-, el 0 12 0 "mollgq ...dromm-91" ...dromm-91" ...dromm-91" I i DO

Clipped from
  1. The News-Messenger,
  2. 18 Apr 1984, Wed,
  3. Page 10

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