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 - THE DECATUR DAILY HERALD. 1 Y'S a entered in...
THE DECATUR DAILY HERALD. 1 Y'S a entered in HOW COL. WILLS' . SON "SLIPPED ONE OVER" Youngster's Offer to Loan Him $1,000 Saved From His Own Earnings Was a Stunner "and Presents Problem He Has Not Yet Been Able to Exactly Figure Out.. v ." HILIP WILLS, 933 East Eldorado Eldorado street, is now traveling for the Springfield Paper company, having resigned his position as general utility man at the plant of the E-Z E-Z E-Z Bag company. To those persons who know Phil Wills it is not necessary to give his street address to designate him. That is to those persons who know him as semi-publie semi-publie semi-publie characters are known and for a boy he has beep much in the "lime light," because of his fondness for athletic games. r , Since he first entered "the Decatur High school he has been known locally as an athlete. During his spare moments moments he was an athlete before that, for when in knickerbockers he might be found on some vacant lot during ball season, sweaty and grimy, putting putting all of his physical and mental energy in a game of football. When a student in the High school he. took on football, and was one of the stars of the team It Taken Time. There are scores of baseball ' fans who, having watched him play baseball baseball and talked to him about the game, fancy that they "know" him. Some of them, the1 greater number, . are mistaken. mistaken. They have a speaking acquaintance acquaintance with him. - It takes time to come to "know" Phil Wills. If. you have any doubts as to the correctness of that statement ask his father. Col. E F. Wills, baggage-agent baggage-agent baggage-agent for the Illinois Central In Decatur. Decatur. v ... After an intimate family association of almost 20 years the colonel one day was brought up against the astounding astounding fact that he did not "know" his own son, that is that the boy had pronounced pronounced and positive characteristics which the father had never observed, and when the evidence was finally rubbed under the paternal nose, the father father gazed long and steadily at the boj and then invited the wife and mothei into an adjoining room for a quiet conference, conference, for the awakening came to the head of the family, while all ot the members were gathered at the supper supper table. ; . . Surprise on Dad." Several years ago Colonel Wills, 'who owns several pieces of residence prop-erty prop-erty prop-erty facing East Eldorado street, shifted shifted the houses about, remodeled them, built a new one for his own use and rented the - others. At the table one evening, addressing his wife, he said that he had invested more than he had contemplated at the beginning of the 6rK.'and that he would be compelled to get a loan to meet all of the expenses expenses that he had -incurred, -incurred, but he added that he had the satisfaction of knowing that the loan was such a small part of the total value of the property involved, that he could get the money for the asking and that he would get $2500. "Make lr$1500 dad," said the onlv son. The father paid no attention to the interruption, but coatinued his conversation conversation with his wife, and when the sum of $2500 was again mentioned incidentally incidentally the High school fullback, the cracker baseball pitcher, broke in: . ."Fiften . hundred , dollars . will be enough, dad." , ' Off em 1000 Loan. Again the head of the house chose to completely disregard the kindly ad vice given him and proceeded to speculate speculate on the Income from the tenant houses, the interest paid on the loan and all that sort of thing, and when he paused for a moment to give his wife a chance to say something, this son of his, with whom lie had only a speaking acquaintance, said: Don't ask them for more than $1500, dad." The head of the house laid down his knife and fork. He had not been losing much time during the conversation with his wife and had "something in the air" all the while. But now he was ready to devote his time to conversation, conversation, exclusively. Addressing himself himself directly to his son he said: "Are you the captain of this ship? Are you running this thing? If you are, get busy." .', "I don't want to run it", was the reply. reply. "All I wanted to do was to help furnish a little steam to make it go. I wanted to give you $1000 so that you would not have to borrow more than $1500. l'ou may have it without interest, interest, and that'll save, you something." Couldn't Quite Decide. The father would not have haa the title of colonel, if he had not earned it He has been against several propositions propositions where he simply bluffed his way out,, but to have his son sit at the table table and talk that way rather disconcerted disconcerted him. He tried to figure out if the boy was making fun of him, or if. he was talking seriously. He could not decide, but he asked: "Where will you get $1000?" 1 "I'll draw It at the bank," was the reply in a most matter of fact way. "'Have you that much money In the bank?'.' ' Tve nearly -$1200 -$1200 deposited," was the answer. "Come in here, I want to talk to you." - The colonel addressed his wife and they retired for a private consultation. Behind the closed door she admitted that she had known that Phil was saving saving his money and she knew all the time within a few dollars how much he had to his credit on deposit. The colonel was on the point of collapse. His wife explained that the. boy wanted wanted to help, and that he should be allowed to advance the money. The colonel agreed to accept the- the- loan, from that source, only on condition that he should pay interest. Phil protested at first but finally accepted the condition, and gave his father $1000.

Clipped from
  1. The Decatur Herald,
  2. 19 Jan 1913, Sun,
  3. Page 23

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