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Jesse James Killed - JESSE JAMES. The Notorious Outlaw and Bandit...
JESSE JAMES. The Notorious Outlaw and Bandit Killed at St. Joseph, Mo. TUP. KILLINO IN DETAIt,. Biwc'al 10 KiinMs City .rounml. ST., Mo., April 3,—Between 8 and 9 o'clock thia morning .Tesse James, the Missouri outlaw, before whose record the deeds of FraDiavolo, Dick Turpin and Shi 11 terh am 1 es d wi t.i :.l .l.-i. •JllRrinsigDiQcHnce, w.ta killed by a li'iy 21 years old named llobt. Ford, nt his temporary residence on Thirteenth and Lafayette alreets, in this city. In the light of all moral reasoning the ahnnt ing was wholly unjustifiable, but the '.i»..Ymdi.cated,-and- the 150,000 re- wiird offered by the state for the body of the brigand dead or alive will doubtless doubtless go to the man who had the cour- ag«'to draw a revolver on the notorious Oittbiw when his back was turned, as in this case. There was little douot that the killing was tho result of a premeditated plan formed by Robert and Charles Ford several montlis tigo, Clmiles had been an accomjilJCB of •Jesse James since the 3d of last November, November, and enyrely jpossessed jus con^ 'Q(lence.7 Robert Ford, brother, joined Jesse near Mrs, Samuels (the mother ot the James boys) hist Friday a week ago, and accompanied Jesse and Charles to this city Sunday, March 23. Jo98o, his wife and two children removed removed from K;U)sa3 City (where tliey had lived several nimitha until they feared their whereabouts would be sus- liected) to this city, arriving here Nov. 8, 1881, coming in a wagon and accompanied accompanied by Charles FonJ. They rented a house on the corner of Lafayette and Twenly-firat streets, whe>'o the.y stayed two months, when they secured the house No. 1318 on Lafayette street, formerly, formerly, the property of Coimcilman Aylesbury, paying %\i a nionth for it and giving the name of THOMAS HOWAIi.D, The house is a one stovy cottage. Vainted white, witli green «huttera, and is romantically situated on tlje brow of a Itfty eminence cast of the city, com- mandinj» a flue view of th» principal portion of the city, river and railroads, and adapted by nature for the perilous and desperate calling of Jesse James. Jiiat e«st of the house is a deep, gulch- like ravine, and beyond that a broad expanse expanse ot open country backed by a belt of timber. The house, except from the west side, can be seen for several miles. There la a largo yard attached to the cottage, and a stable where Jesse had been keeping two horses, which were found there this morning. Charles aiidTlohert Ford have been occupying one of the rooms in the rear of the' dwelling, and have secretly had au understanding to kill Jesse ever since laat fall. A short time ago, before before Robert had joined James, the latter latter proposed to rob the bank at Platte City. He said the Rurgess murder trial would commence there to-day and his plan waa if they could get ajiother companion to take a view of the sitiia- tion and while the arguments were being being heard iu the murder case, which would naturally engage the attention of the citizeiLS, boldly execute one of his FAVORITE HAIDS. Charley Ford approved of tho plan, and suggested his brother Robert as a companion wortliy of sharing the enterprise enterprise with them. Jesse had met the boy at tho Idtter's house, iioiir Riclimond three years ago aud consented consented to see him. The two men accordingly accordingly went to where H:>bert wa.s, aiid ."irangedto have him accompany them to I'latte City. As stated, three came to St. Joe a week ago Sunday, Sunday, They Kin-iined at the IIOUSR all tilt.'week. J( thought it liesi tluit llobert should not exhibit hiaisi-ir on Ihd tireniiaoH, lest tho presence of three abie-holiel men who were I'.oiug tiothing should exc't '• suspicion. They had llxed upon to-night to go to Platte City. Ever since the buys have been with Je.'jfle thay have wateii- ed for au opportunity to shoot him, but he waa always so lieavily armed that it was imiwsiblo to draw a weapon weapon without Jesse seeing it. Thoy declare declare that they htid no idea of taking him alive, considering the undertaking Buicidal. The opportunity they had long wished for came thia morning. Breakfast was over. Cliarley Ford and Jesse Jnmea had been- in tlie stable cnrrying the horses preparatory to their night ride. On returning to the room wliere Robert Ford was. Said: "It's an awfully hot day." He pulled ofiE hia coat and vest and tossed them on the bed. Then he said, "I guess I'll take off my pistols for fear somebody will aee them if I walk in the yard," He unbuckled the belt In which lie carried two 45 calkier revolvers, one a Smith aud Wesson and the other a Colt, and laid them on the bed with hia coat and vest. He then picked up a dusting brush with the intention of dusting sorae iiiclures which hung on the wall. To ilo this he got on a chair. Ilia back waa now turned to the brothers, who silently stepped between between JESSE AND ins IIEVOLVKHS. At a motion from Charley both flrew their guna. Robert was the "qiiicke,st of the two, and in one motion ho had the long weapon to a level with his eye, with the muzile not more than ronr feet from the back of the OUD- law's head. Even in that motion, quick aa thought, there was something which did not escape the acute ears of the hunted man. He made a motion aa if to turn hia head to aacertain the cause of that aiwpicious aouiid, but too latK ATnervous pfessiire on the trigger, trigger, a quick ilasli, a sharp report, and the well-directed bullet crashed thtough tiio outlaw's skull. There waa no outery; jtiat a swaying of the bod^ and it fell heavily backwards upon tht carpet of the floor. The shot had been ftital and all the bullets in the chambers of Charley's revolver still directed at .Tease's head could not MOUE EFFE0TUA1.X.Y have decided the fate of the greatest bandit and freebooterthat ever figured in the pages of a country's history. The ball bod entered the base of the skull and made its way out through the forehead, over the left eye. It had been fired out of a Colt's 45 improved pattern, silver-mounted and pearl-handled pearl-handled pistol, presented by the dead man to his Blayer-only » few days ago. Mrs. James was in the kitchen when the shooting was done, sepjtrated from the room in which the bloody tragedy occuri«4 bjjT Mfa diQing -iooKt. She heard the shot, ahd droiiping her household duties ran into the front room. Site saw her hubbuiid lying extended on hia back, his slayers, each holding his revolver iu his hand, making making for .the fence in the rear of the house, llobert had reached the inclos- ure, and was in the act of scaling it, when she stepped to the door, and calling to him: "Robert, you have done this, come back," Robert an- -swered^—-BWjBar-to-Go'J—I-didn't;" They then rgtitrned to where she stood. Mrs, James ran to the side of her husr band aud lifted up hia head. Life waa not yet exliuct, aud when she asked him if he was hurt, it seemed to her that h.e_w«nted to say something, htit could not. She tried TO WASH AWAY the blood that was coursing over his from the hole in his forehead, but it seemed to her that the blood would come faster than she could wipe it away, and in her hands JE.SSE JASIKS mv.D. Charley Ford explained to Mrs. James thtit "a pistol bad accident-sUy gone, off," "Yes," said Mrs. James, "I guess it went off on puipose." Mean- wliileCliarley had'gone"back'into tlie lumso and brouglit out two hats, and the two boys left the house. They went to the telegraph ofUce, sent a taea^ aage to Sheriff Timberlake, of Clay county; to Police Commiaakmer Craig, of Kmisas City, to Gov. Crittenden, and other ollicers, and then aurrehdeied thrmsi>lves to M >ar3hal Giaig. ^Vhetl tho Ford boya appeared at the poli(;e atation they, were told by an olliier that Marshal Craig arid apoisie of uillcers had gone in the dinctiou of the J.imea's residence, andtbey started after tliera and surrendered themselves. They accoispanied the ollieers to the bouse, and returned in custody of the police to the marshal's headtiuarters, where thoy were f uriuahed witli dinner dinner and about 3 p. m. were'removed to the old circuit court room .where the inquest wus held in the presence of a large crowd. Mra. James ACCOMPANIED THE PFFIOEHS to the house, having previously left her, two children, aged 7 and 3 years, a hoy and a girl, at the house of a Mrs. Turrel, who had known the Jameses under the tissumed name of Howard ever since tliey had occupied the adjoining adjoining house. She was greatly affected affected by the tragedy, and the heartrending heartrending moans and expressions of grief were sorrowjPul evidence of the love she bore for the dead desperado. The report of the killing of the notorious notorious outlaw spread like wildfire through the city, and as usual the report report assumed every variety of form and color. Very few accredited the news, however, and simply laughed at the idea that Jesse James waa really the dead man. Nevertheless, the excitement ran high, aud wheu one confirming point succeeded-the-oUier, crowds of hundreds hundreds gathered at the undertaking establishment where Wy tho body. At tho city hall, at the court hoHse, and iu fact on every streel; corner, tho almost almost incredible news constituted tho sole topic of cenveraation, to the ex- olu.sioii of the barely less engrossiug topic of the coming election. Cinxmer TlfnUYina waa notiOod, and undertaker Sidoiifaden instructed to remove the body to his establishment, Tlii.s was about 10 o'clock, A large crowd accompanied the coronei to the uiidertaker'.s, but only the wife and the reporters were admitted. The body lay in a remote room of the building. It bud been taken oiit of the casket and placed upon a tal)le. The features AI 'l'CIAnns) NATURAIy, but were disligured by tho bloody hole over llio left eye. The bo^ was neatly neatly and cleanly dressed; in fact, nothing in tlie appearance of the remtiina in- <licated the desperate career of the man or tho many bloody acenca ot which he had been tlie hero. The large, cavern- t. n-i eyes were closed as in a calm slumber, slumber, (inly the lower, part ot the face, the square cheek bones, the stout, prominent chin covered with a soft, sandy beard and the thin, firmly closed lipa in a measure betrayed tho determined determined will and iron courage of the dead man. A further inspection of the body reve'tled two laree bullet wounds on the right side of the breast within three inches of the nipple, a bullet wound in tho leg and the absence of the tip of the middle finger of the left hand. EOBERT FORD, Boh Ford left Kansas City ten days ago for tlie purpose of capturing Je.ise, dead or alive, and sent word to Commissioner Commissioner Craig next day that he would h;ivo him here in ten days; would kill liim it necessary on the first opportunity. opportunity. Bob Js 21 years old, of boyish appearance, appearance, with smooth face; was raised in Clay county, and afterward the family removed to Ray county. The house of the Fords, in Ray county, was raided raided by the olficers the first week iu Jim- nary, and it was this raid that resulted in tlie capture, of Hite, and the killing of Jesse JaineS; riniuediately affer the visit of the I (li.ers negotiations were opened with tiie governor at the St. .Tames hotel on the night of the Craig IV fin ball. .A.bout thrco weeks after tliis Liddii surrendered surrendered to Tiniberlake and was lii'.'Urlit to KaiisiiH City with Bob Fuid the same eveiiins;. S'.nco then Lidd'l hits been winking faithfully witli tho offloers for the capture of Jesse. The ofllccrs say he had given every evidence of good faith in the matter. Ford's house haa been the rendezvoaa for the gang for two ycara. Jesse aud Frank James were living in Nashville at Jlie J-jnae of _ Ryaii's .capture,, but sloortly after his wife and family removed removed to Kansas City and commenced commenced housekeeping a short dislarice eiist ef tho fair grounds, oh Fourteenth Fourteenth atipet, one block east of Woodland Woodland avenue. The house is a EinuU white fraine of four taoma. Jesse and fatuily lived there for three months. While in Ncrtli Carolina Jesse was known aa J. T. Jackson. In Nashville he waa known as Howard, Howard, the same as in St. Joseph, On the liih he removed to East Eiglilli street, just west of Woodland avenue near tho Woodland school, on tlie north side of the street. The house is a two-story frame. He lived there during the month of September ami the first week in October, when they removed to St. Joe. It was Jesse James who killed Conductor Conductor Wcstfall at the AViuston train robbery. He also killed a farmer named Dan Askew. At tho inquest Jeese .Tame?' wife Buidi "Icwne bwe November 9, lived two months on Twenty-first alrect; since then, where tny husband waa killed. Charlie Ford lived with ua. Last Sunday morning Robert came. These men were afraid to live at home. My husband told them they could atay with us. "I was married to Jessie eight years ago the 2-tlh ot April, at Kearney. Wo went to Texas and staid about fivo months, then returned to Kansas Cjfe "where we livedlil)0ut a year. We then went to NfLshville, where we lived until last March. I could tell where my hiisband has been when not with me, but 1 am not disposed to do so. We were married by \yva. James, a ilethodist preacher ot K-.msas City. "Charlie and Robert were in the Blue Cut robbery, and robbed.a slage between Lexington and some springs," In answer to the <iuPStion, "Where is Prwnk James?" she said, "I know, ljut slinn't tell." She said Jesse went to Ntb.-aska recently to find a place to live where he could go to faim'ng. SI'.e said he never went out witiiotit vnna, lie had two wouniis in his iireastand one in his leg, Henry H. Cfii'g, Serg't Chas. Ditsch, Ollicer Ni^ rixwTt~Siref iff . Tiinherlake atiiniick Li'ldil c:iin« up toniglit and tri»d to secure the release of the two Fords. They were unsuccessful in thia, however. however. Gov. Crittenden will be here in tlie morning, and the naen will undoubtedly undoubtedly be taken to Kansas City tomorrow. tomorrow. Numberless wild rumors have been afloat about the attempt of frtenda ot Jesse James to take the Fords from jafi, arid much uneasiness was felt there. Dick Liddit asked to stay in jail, where he could be of asaistance in case of trouble. Commissioner Craig, Ser geatit Ditsch and Otllcer.Nugent remained remained with the.body of Jesse at the uudertnkera during the night. Charlie Ford is a young man of gen- tcel-api>earanc«, dresseil in a neat gray coat and vest, black pants and stiff Iiat. Me inU black hair, large, cavernous brown eyes, and a prominent dimpled chin. Uob't Ford has blonde hair, blue eyes, aud la dressed in grey. THE JUIIY was empaneled aa follows: W, II Chouriing, J, W. Moore, Warren Samuels, Samuels, Thomas Norria, Wm. Turner, Wm. H. George. The dead outlaw was fully identified by his mother and others who have known him. The jury returned the following VEiiniCT: "We tho juty^Uiul that the deceasej is Jease James, aod tliat he came his deotli bv a pistol shot iu the hsuds of Robert Ford." The two Ford brothers are confined in jail, charged with muril«r, under a warrant sworn out by Mrs. James. They will not be interviewed, and the Bjieriff refuses admittance to all comers. comers. 'rhe Fords live in R;iy counfy, near Richmond, where they were born and raised. Robert, who did the shooting, ia twenty-one years old and Charley twenty-four. The boys worked on their father's farm until the apring of 1880, when Robert went to Richmond to work in the store of an older brother. brother. He left there in July last to en gage in the detective business at Kansas Kansas City. He soon got his credentials aa a detective, and engaged in the hunt for Jessie Jamea. Charles engaged to help him, aud the latter fell in with James, and when he moved to St. Joseph with hia family accompanied him hither, passing himself as Johnson, Johnson, a nephew of Mrs. .Tames. Charles has lived here with the family since November 9. A little over a week ago Robert came, and, as he was well acquainted with Jesse, he, too went there and put up with the outlaw, and they have watched an opportunity to flx lilm The one who did the Shooting is nithei slender, not over robust yet wiry, ami certainly capable of great endurance aa well as shrewd and brave. Ills' eyea are sunken and of a hazel color, large, restless and piercing, Ilia forehead forehead is rather bold and high, and his hair ia thick, abort, and of a light brown color. He is 21 ye,ars of age, about Ave feet eight inches high, and wears a nut brown suit, with sack coat. Hia band ia long and sletnler, with tapering fingers. He would never never be signalled out of a crowd as ;i youth of extraordinary qnalitiea worthy of especial notice, yet he wo.ii.ld be taken taken for a man of iron will, with the couiage of a lion and abundance of self control. The brother, Charles, is considerably larger, taller, and broader. His hair ia dark, eyes dark brown, and bo is disli-faced. His lower jaw protrudes, and he has a decidedly bulldog look, AV.CL is, if anything, more brutal, and, perhaps, braver than Robert. It is evident evident that Charles would be a bad man in a flght; but while Robert is, perhaps, the slickest and the schemer, Charles will come in for cold-blooded work. The boys are cool, self-possessed, and move uprightly, with a firm and solid tread. It is understood that the body of Jesse James is to be delivered over to Mrs. Samuels, hia mother, who will bury it at her home in Clay county. This city ia full of strangers who have been attracted from every direction by the news of the tragic death of the notorious notorious outlaw. Suddenly Weakened. "I suffered with rheumatism ot the back and hip for a number of years," said Mr. Thomaa Morgan, Superintendent Superintendent of Streets^ "I was waited on by physiciana, but they gave no permanent permanent relief, and I resolved to try St. Jacobs Oil. My rheuinatlam weakened at the first attack of its great enemy, S'i. Jacobs Oil, and soon I was well,"— Ciriidnuati^mes-Star. How They Grade Beauty in Texas. bt. l.oula I{-.*puDlicnn, The young men have a way iu Texas of rating tho girls aa they do cotton. It only moderate in style and appearance, appearance, she is a -good -ordinary;-if-more than usually attrastive, she is a gord middling; but if superior in all the giacr 's and charms, then she ia tlio highest grade, middling fair. Further west, in the cattle region she is a lor horn, if only of moderate beauty, b a short horn if of superior attract' There Is scarcely a person to be who will not 1 )8 grently benefiti tlKirougU course ot Kidney-Wo' spring. It you cannot propair buv the liquid. It |ias the sa ^PoItadi ^TH,

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