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 - 1 Wt, rt-. rt-. rt-. Baa-CMw-Aiaaaa...
1 Wt, rt-. rt-. rt-. Baa-CMw-Aiaaaa Baa-CMw-Aiaaaa Baa-CMw-Aiaaaa Baa-CMw-Aiaaaa Baa-CMw-Aiaaaa Haaisaah, tan ymn, aim I nw k jr. r.. aw ml SI Fmmm, Taxaa. froa fm B sin i. Ak. JTm Klmar ArktmiAt diad , ana a aaianii iubib srwmm ammm- ammm- mvaW. Om. Caartra Kiw acad ms Satsrdar awiig faaam lajnanwa, r III, jr. T- T- Ol " Wcrd vaa t.aarwd tats mainflln Iiii-H Iiii-H Iiii-H tTm MuuuaUoakiaa,a( iaaa,Cal, bat yan.i rt.y af aw, jr. t Jfaaa Miaa Mmmmim Kmtamxi, a yaan 4. mm last aaaawc at aamaajapuoa, : t luaii. JK y, raiaaMMMiM Ehaar Shai an ttmi at ka tuiaiaoa. aaaaardar. aftar a ba niilrnaai rtilti, kirn. Fm,. TlmmMr Pnohia V. Paaaa. SMam-ald SMam-ald SMam-ald daacktac at Jan. Waaaaw 4m laat Ot a, fit,, mm, garah J. riaieW aiad 7tar SwalaMuaaiattas. , tax, Ja.naal BabeH H. Ji Two facts will present themselves to the reader as he scans the above sad liat: the youth ot the victims and the sony of their sufferings. When the see Is mentioned It will be found to be between 'JO and 40 years, a time when, after years ot study and. preparation., preparation., they were ready to enter upon life's duties, and make a name for themselves in the various communities In which they Uved. This la the saddest saddest feature of consumption; it spares the very young and the very aged; those whose usefulness has not besiuiu sr is well nigh ended. It mows down Jboee In middle llfej at a time when We is worth the living; when the present present is fair and the future bright. . But the saddest fact In connection vita this awful list of deaths. Is that m many cases the lives of the victims JWfht have been saved. Consumption not an incurable i disease. . No con-. con-. con-. ious malady bs better understood; Soa for which we have a more certain fus. The germ wntch causes it has wn found and studied. We know exactly exactly how the disease is conveyed from n person to another. Scientists have aiwovered germicides which will kill tjttse germs and thus cure the disease. Tbese agents are .Oaone and Guaiacol. Combined with : pure Norwegian cod lirer oil they form Osomulalon, a preparation preparation that will cure consumption and all wasting diseases! Just so sure as It i taken. It acts on sclentiflo princl-P". princl-P". princl-P". It Is a food as well as a medi- medi- c'na. The oxone and the guaiacol kill germs: the cod liver oil repairs tee waste. This is why It not only alleviates, but Cures. There Is only one y to cure consumption, and that Is o destroy the verms which cause It. There la but one remedy that will do thl. and that is Osomulsion. It can be sad of your druggist, who - will tell Ten all about the good It la doing, and present yon with . a little pamphlet which will describe what osone and ualacol are. and why and how they mts disease. ,, : The Wonderful Ozomulslon. Is not only a fat producer, but a Wider of firm. hard, velvety flesh. re from all pimples, blotches and Vlemiahes; It does I not drive disease t through the skin, disfiguring the ce and other exposed parts oi tne y. but aids nature lu gently ex- ex- filing It through the natural channels. This t kv h kuliM like it. . It Is for Colds. Coiurhs. Consumption. wonchlUs, Pneumonia. La. Grippe. Ailhma and all nulmonarv complaints rofula. General i Debility. Iss pf iieah. and All Wasting Diseases. ammtmt naaiaa IWCaaSr.jr. r.. Jmmmmi Etta Bta4a aiad Uria i trial .aapaiaa. aaad lyaaa. , jr. M.. Ammrmm Mi Sartba F. BasaaU S4 SMaaltataaaa fl nai coa iyli m turn. X r, ftlm) Mmm KcUwriaa 3C. Ctmtt Swd at ast aaaa jiwatl tram aaaasurtan. ad amktmy, KIAmmrmitmr Mtm. Short diad at mam-Saaaa mam-Saaaa mam-Saaaa day. .. rtalinlni tiaai .aaiaraalnis - fl il i U a. ,,., Jimtmrn g. MoHasa dieda bai amaim a mm naidiaia, at aoaMialina a Saar. jr. r. jr. a. Caaia MUU diad yaata. St af aaaaaaatiaa, aaad JSjraan. . dees. tley find lodgment in ti?e system. This is how, the consumpUon germs enter the lungs. Theyi are contained In the expeetara-tlon expeetara-tlon expeetara-tlon of the consumptive patient, and are thrown oft by coughing. They soon become dry, mix with the air and are then ready for their deadly work. Now after the germs have been Inhaled, Inhaled, lit the conditions tre favorable that Sis. if by reason of cold or cough, or a nyi hereditary cause, the lungs or air passages have become Inflamed, or their tissues or sir cell abraded, tnd thus a suitable soil prepared for the reception of the germs they lodge In stantly, develop ouicxiy ma unuuyij with .mulu raddity. - . , If. however, the lungs ana air pas- pas- urM are In a healthy condition, ana the constitution is strong and vigorous, nature, unaided, destroys the poison ous germs ana expeis uem irem ip system.. . The way. thn, to prevent and cure consumption Is to put the body in such m. rendition of oerfeet health that the rerms of disease cannot And lodgment, or It already present, that they will be destroyed. This can oe done. py me use tt Oinmulalnn. EutJ vou xsk. what is Oxomulslon, and how does it prevent and cure consumption?'' consumption?'' :4 j Wm will tell vou... ; ! osomulsion is a scientific-preparation scientific-preparation scientific-preparation nf e. mi liver oiL with aruslacoL It is a rich. Unuid food. xowerful as a nutri ent, and the only remedy (which con uitih oxone aim a ujimw. Oioai Is a condensed form ot ox gen. Oxygen, as is well known. s a gaseous elemen V .which helps to support me, and forms per cent, of the'.atmos- the'.atmos- Phereiln which we live, oaone, or con densed oxygen, when taken into the blood la Oxomulslon,. kills the germs of consumption, and thus cures the disease. disease. Guaiacol Is a chemical product made from the resin of pine and beech trees, and it Is the volatile principle of this agent! which makes .& residence in the wood so invigorating to tho consumptive, consumptive, jit increases tht appetite, lessen the cough, lowers the traprature and heals the Injured surfaces ol tne iuna. Osomulsion cures consumption be cause) it strikes at once at the real causei of the disease the poisonous germs which produce it. It la the remedy remedy above all otbtrs which, should be taken for colds, coughs. consumption, bronchitis, pneumonia, la grippe, asthma, asthma, and all pulmonary complaints: scrofula, general debility, loss ot. flesh and all wasting diseases. -. -. mAi a germicide to destroy tubercle bacilli a-ualacol a-ualacol a-ualacol has been found of vaat Importance. I use it In my practice with Cod Liver OiL' H. H. Carter. M. !.. Lecturer on Klectro-Therapeutics Klectro-Therapeutics Klectro-Therapeutics in Creifhton ileJlc! College. Omaha.,., ... - . i been prevented. '., Scientists have discovered discovered the cause of consumption he tu berculosis germ which proouoes i-Thelr i-Thelr i-Thelr investigations have slsoi found cure for the disease in oxone ana Guaiacol: the greatest iue-giing. iue-giing. iue-giing. trer-m-destroying trer-m-destroying trer-m-destroying trer-m-destroying trer-m-destroying agents in nature. These two product have been com-, com-, com-, Wned wit Cod Liver ou m a scientific! scientific! - preparation . called Osomulsion. This remedy cures- cures- consumption ana all lung troubles. It does this because It reaches the seat of the disorder and! destroys! the poisonous t germs, which cause the. disease. The Osone and Guaiacol do this. JNo otner rem edy contains these ingredients. me Cod XJver Oil supplies ine irainuon necessary in all wasting diseases. That Is all it doe, but it aoes ms wen. i is the prince of fat-makers fat-makers fat-makers ana tissue-builders, tissue-builders, tissue-builders, but It .does not kill the germs. It Simply alleviates and enables, na ture to struggle on a few years longer. Building hospital V a wormy cnar- cnar- tty-Hworthy tty-Hworthy tty-Hworthy from instincts of humanityworthy humanityworthy from. reasons of sanitary safety. Lntortunateiy. au sunerers canivot have the. benefits of hospital treatment: but every one can enjoy tne benefits of Oxomulslon. It cure peo ple at their homes. It brings the oxone of the ocean, and the balsamic odor of the oinv woods, to their bedside. It is the! greatest germ-destroyer, germ-destroyer, germ-destroyer, th most potent healer, the most marvelous fiesh producer In nature. It can be had hers in ' Your city of your druggist. who will tell you all about its wonderful wonderful i properties, and the good it Is doing among the sick and afflicted, i -; -; foxomulslon is proving of great advantage advantage in. the treatment of consumption consumption and other tubercular diaeasea." K. A. Gunn. M. X).. New York city: i ne wona or. loaay is progressive. progressive. The demand jis for lew ideas and better methods Dzomulsion, the new aire, fo: Consumption, is a product 6: o-day. o-day. o-day. It is made of ozone, udiacol and cod liver oiL jThesf ire. not new; separately the;. Tajve been bsed for years forth reatment of disease. It's the nethod of lapplying that's r.ew s compounded in Ozomulsior. hey forjn a positive medicim irw arerfect food. - Physician. ! vesenbe. f All, druggists ;selL.- ;selL.- Bavilaometr JUUMtrmtcH jBtxnt JrJEJJJT. 1- 1- '' staatifasared by - T. A. 8LOCU3S COMASrY, s$3 rearl Street. Kew Tork city. i " 1 111 ' . ,i - ...- ...- Pulmonary plaints; Scrofula; 0 Loss of Flesl 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 iseases Coin General Debility, Anaemia, raa-.aJa.VA raa-.aJa.VA raa-.aJa.VA . . VJaJfa ' i - - Wasting -v -v S) - . '-l.. '-l.. '-l.. considered make them a fact, but has impossible complished Of years tnh.H.nln.1. sumption. periments ni.ii. agents the Norwegian preparation cures : troubles. plain. It It first diseasethe produce it to perfect Guaiacol Oil That is reasonable. ing more and aU , . t w rible the the good give you The man to teaheV is curabte. will care own city. - , .'-.' .'-.' .'-.' i -:' -:' T have vouch for quaU-ties.- quaU-ties.- Dr. "I and for lune wood , "I regard remedy Uon."-J. Uon."-J. Uon."-J. "There to the treatment of lungs." Hi. "There of Ingredients prized in ancles in lung V.. "I am Guaiacol the lungs, Montgomery,

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 27 Mar 1895, Wed,
  3. Page 35

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