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 - Tne Dear aisij Dfmp. The aunnal rntcrtsj ri...
Tne Dear aisij Dfmp. The aunnal rntcrtsj ri mes, of the Royal Aaeaeiatioe in aid of the Derf and Dam's waa held Uat night at lb Freeroaeoui' Hall. TS saciety was estahlithed in If 41 at aa inalilurmn for teaching trade to the deaf aad dumb, aad it ws rrrvnisd at a Mat - sionry Arsonist on in 1MM, ita pnneipal bbjert beiag sew to secure fur adult mute religiwo initruciiun imparted in the lan:i)Ace which it it thought they can beat undertUnd. But it elto rrovide edu - ation for those who htr pasted a cert iia age without otherwise obtaintcg it, and by apprenticeships and training seeks to make the def and dumb telf - sopportinc. A revling - room, supplied with the illna - traled papen sad other publlcationt, and with chest and draught, has recently been etUbliahwl by the association. It principal piac ot woranip it u nw red - Mick shares at th corner ef Oxford - street weal sad Queen - street. The proceedings began yesterday with a tea - party, at SLte which 400 deaf and dumb, in two rooms, tat down. Thia was folluwel by publie meeting, with Sir George E. liodghin - aon in im r.nair. aoout iuu people were present in tut hall of ths Free masons' Tavern, sad they listened attentively to th addreaee. Wbea the' chairman spoke the aeuntary of the Institution, who it also ens of its chaplains, th Rev, Samuel Smith, stool by hi tide and interpreted by gnphle Features and by alphabetic dager - sirna the ipoken worus; uau - wsy aown tae nan ttood a missionary among tbe daf aad dumb, Mr. J. Sturdee, and be took up the tale and Ulrrpnted it for th back eat and for the gallery. Ia this way most of thoee" assembled had a eoaae of bearing what wa said and they shewed by their applause that they dil understand a good deal. The tec trace greeted witn most enthusiasm was on repeated by two speaken, " I wish you a happy New Yar.v Sir 0. Hodgkioion, ia toe court ot nit sdureta, aaxai for iuberptioc to erbl them to add a parsonage to th new church of St. Parlour's. B said there were LMO deaf mute atiendier the service ei the organisation in London ; it held 11 seniles every wcea ia etgnt amerent puce, in giving mutt th ehaae ef ears ing their own living, they might bring out enviable talent, rl himself, being struck by an advertierment ia Tkt J later atklnc for mrdoyment for a deaf aad dumb sculptor, bad put himself ia eommuniesAion with th association, had e in ployed the sculptor to execute a bust of his wirt, witn wman ne ws very mnca pleated, and which be should b dlightd to show to aar cn nho ehoes to eoaae to his bouse. The artist was st the time whea Sir Oeortre first employed him supported by a lady whom be knew. and sn eminent srtitt whom they all knew, Mr. George Crulksaaak. lie wss afterwards etnp loved by th celebrated eculptor Mr. Foley, aad on Mr. Foley's death waa sgstn out of employment. He had six ehilcbaa. Ia conclusion, tbe chairman aaid that, looking at those before him, he taw that many of them wen qualified by other adrantsges than the valuable one of muteness to mske good wives. Tb uv. samuet omitn spok ta M ordinary way, and was interim ted by lb Rer.W. Stainer. lie said that the uriacinal object of tbe society wss religious instruction, but it bad during tbe last ftw yean secured ordinary instruction for 62preot, who would otherwise have beea without it. In l&rl the lucerne of the sodtr wss 1169. After 20 years' asertions they had built their new church, at a cost of AUjOOO, the sit being granted by th kindness of to Duke of Westminster. They bad progressed us publie favour aad obtained the patroaeg ( th Queen. He proposed a ret ot thanks to tht chairman for coming forward that night and for all that be had done aad promised to do for tb society. Mr. Pbipp Errs seconded the resolution : and. in supportiar it, the Rev. W. Staiatr informed tbe deai and cutno parents of deaf sad dumb children present that u ocooei jMani ivr lAntJoa naa sisnea cists is lit schools for cbialren from the see of four or fire rears. Three months since on bad been estahlithed in a Board School at Eethnal - rreeo (ia Wilmot - ttret), and he had that dsy opened a new one in the neighbourhood of Kizut's - ero I tv incDetier - ttreet). sir. Btatner, wnue se spoas latb ordinary way, tpelt at the tame time every word to bia audience upon his fingers. lie was followed by Mr. Charles Ktiaal, missionary ia South London. After Um speech cam amnaeroentA, There waa the won - derfal perfor&ano of Ttmnaker's Great Dragon JaDaaeae Ira pe, ia their natlontl costume," and some disaolvieg view br Prof easor II ant, with a description by Mr. syiuusee swsiiiiicry. SHsesprvee. uy sir. osuruee, toe seoject of tbe new aad original tlidea beiog ' Livicgiteae aad Stanley." Ia tbe meantime, aad between tbe act, a nasaar wont oa in um room for tne sale, by puremva and lottery, of Berlin weolerk.tltoiocrabha. aad othar articW coatributed by frieadt of tb insatuUon. The January ausaber of th ilogaiiKtfor tkt Deaf af 19wbm wss alto wed, which con tains aa account of a deaf aad dumb Scotchman. Alexander Ferguson, who Is said to hare saved aa many lire from drownlnr a the blind Iamliert. Heurr Tyler, a deaf and dumb winner of twinming prise, decorated with maey medal aad boldiag hit print cup 1b his hands, was also ittrodaced to th meeting sad received with appUnse. The tprobation was, of coarse, thwart exprttted by the suads, but mcrrimeat was shown by laughter. During the performance the exnelieuet which the countenance of mute acquire to compensate forwaat of speech waa alrikingiy ah own ss they leant eagerly forward to catch all that was to be seen. Tnx - Axkbjcax RxtttaXists. The attendance at Messrs. Moody and Sankey's services at SheCeld wss greater thaa ever yesterday. The baU was filled te overcrowding, both at the afternoon and errning services, and oa each occasion thousands were unable to gain aomistioo. For the rait number who could aot get into the hall ia tbe aftemooo.a service was held ia tbe parish church yard,which waa addrened by tb Her. R. Stain ton. Independent minister ; tne ner. air. wren, sjoureji of England f Mr Jtegtnaid itateim i uverresoil, and outers, after tbe riot ther wen to many inquirers that tbe ehurea itself opened for them, and there ther con seised with several ministers. Th cleryv mtn, the Rev. R. gtaiaton, delivered an address la the chsneel. probably tb first Um ia th history of the pariah ehurea that th Noaecaformiat mhriaUr has spoken within it wall. At the night aervic ea rait wai tb crowd that after the l.a'l ws crammed to ex eea several hundred remained outside tinging Mr. Ssnkey " aymaa

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  1. The Times,
  2. 12 Jan 1875, Tue,
  3. Page 12

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