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Smuggling - are p u r chased says. of as Perry."...
are p u r chased says. of as Perry." »»+»+++*-»+++++++++++ SMUGGLING BY Pacific be the the AIRSHIP EASY men of and respectively, possession their In the of the that per today majority D. mayor candidate, commissioners over was commission OB transcontinental announce in Important commerce lawful to advance the There Imve been various reports lately of an Impending agreement with Mexico for the control of airships, ai»d the details are said to be awaited with some expectancy In Europe, where frontiers are many and where the advent of atrlal navigation ha* caused not a little dismay. Tne old rences are down -- there Is no use In blinking at t h a t . Y,'hcth?r one be sanguine or skeptical as to the future of tile ulrsl^p. ltd present achievements are enoush to dtatroy the Integrity of the most rigidly guarded frontier. 1m- tufnse sums have been Invested in fortifying, In fencing. In patrolliiK these imaginary lines between states on the theory, till lately quite sound, that an invading force, or a cmuKKltr. or a fugitive from justice, must pass on the ground level, and could be kept out by fcrce or seizure by the police. No frontier. to be sure, has ever been quite hermetically sealed. Even Russia, which spends enormous sums chiefly to koep "undesirable" pertonp from -pussliiK. knows very well that members cf organizations are helped across In defiance of the army and the police. And a l t h o u g many smugglers are caught by the vigilant Inspectors of the United States, there can be no question that a vast amount of smuggling is successfully done, and very likely many Immigrants 1 ejected at Ellm Island, .is well as many Chinese, find their way Illegally into the country. Yet. while far from perfect, the system has worked so well that there has been no question of glvinu It up because ot efficiency. Evasions have bcfn the exception, and even elaborately organized conspiracies to defraud the revenue or the Immigration laws hav.e been so often detected and punished as to constitute a real deterrent Influence. THK A The question to republican to campaign speaking address to Theo, from the taken so tar of the several American. ordered commander Mindanao, Zam- his side, Duncan Mobile Bell came to up to the Jail, regarding concerned Is what effect flying will have on those frontier regulations. At the present moment, presumably, it has none whatever; aviators are few and are either enthusiastic amateurs or cuphunters who find more profit in exhibiting before crowds than In evading laws. But at the present rate of growth of aviation within two or three years the experts will be numbered not by hundreds, but by thousands, and cruising will 4e as popular as trac* racing. "Cross-country flying Is practically a development of the present season, and thij fashion le now very naturally setting that way. Specially tempting to the amateur will be the discovery of fascinating air lines between points which havo no good terrestrial , communication. Now that the possibility of flying 260 miles or more without touching ground has been demonstrated, experimenter will be eager to show off the practical value of such flights. Why should not sportsmen, go- Ing Into the wilderness to shoot or fish, go as the crow flics, reaching in a few hours of breathless speed over forests, lakes, hills, and..marshe* -a spot which. ·It might take him the better part of a week to attain by railroad, by canoe and by trail? As toon as confidence in the working of the motor Is felt such flights will be In order. . Another feature that may be lookc-u , for is a wide diffusion of the art of fly- Ing. Already there are reports ot experiments In many parts of the country; It ·hould not be long before every considerable town has Its amateurs, and an aeroplane passing overhead will stir not wonder, but a lively Interest, such as followed the passing of a ''horselesa carriage" twenty years ago. Under such conditions jt is quite plain that facilities for snjuggling would be very naturally Increased, and the demand for measures to prevent it is entirely reasonable. Bulky articles, of course, would not be affected. Cheating with false scales would serve the sugar trust muah better than smuggling in aeroplanes. But the case Is very different with laces and diamonds. All the diamonds Imported into the United States In a year could easily be brought In by a single airship. The operation of such a smuggling scheme, too. would be simplicity itself. There need be no larger organijatlon--a partnership of three would answer perfectly. The aeronaut would simply have to take the goods received from A to an arranged point across the line where B could find them. It may be possible to patrol a frontier line; it is obviously Impossible to patrol the superficies of a country. There are plenty of wild and solitary places along the Canadian frontier where an aeronaut could alight with the utmost ease and depart at hia leisure quite unobserved. Nor need the nlace of deposit ever be twice the same. There can be no harm in stating plainly these advantages for evading the laws, for they are obvious enough, and no one who would be likely to take advantage ot them needs to have them pointed out. It remains to bo seen, however, -whether regulations, such as control ships In far- Ing from port to port. If enforced by treaty, would suffice to prevent such evasions. Such restrictions would at least be very difficult. For one thing. . . . _ _ _ , . . . _ _ ,, would MtXlQAH OOL. Trios bDopy. Donalowa THE I9f Remodeled Season Place M. face of a hogs and Chlcagoans discovered to pay for Halt pound situation, veteran provision of bacon-producing across of flfty- hospital of the Forty- residences, by most airships seeking a license correspond in character with sea-going yachts, which, while not exempt from customs regulations, are left free to EO wh«re they please at any time, whllo the mercantile craft Is expected to proceed directly to the port for which It Is cleared. It- may not be true that the yachts of millionaires, as has sometimes been charged, are often used for smuggling, but opportunities are often presented, or could be made If the owners cared to take tho risk. But the. sea-going yacht, even though free to cruise where It likes, has no such advantages-Tor smuggling fes nn alr-go- Ing yacht, and it is a question whether tho most rigid system of licensing would which department Limited, threatens The has been de- Times block of the death and today was was 70 S. C. and four Inland steamer Oct. 9 for Head of wrecked twinlM died morning a f t e r an was serve as a check. Presumably no laws would forbid cruising near a frontier, and a point fifty mlle'fl away would answer perfectly for headquarters. Nor In spl'e of the Improvement In motors can an airship lie held to a strict account for Its movements, like a trolley car. If It should act out ono afternoon and return the next day from a brief excursion. It would be hard to prove that Instead of struggling with a refractory engine tho aeronaut had been skimming through tho night, sixty miles an hour, crossing tho drowsy frontier sMently. on vast pinions wlth'rowcr cut off. faring on Into alien territory, till lie ciiught the gleam of his private beacon, nnr.k before dawn, the joy rider of tho air Is once more the respectable licensed yachtsman. It is a real d i f f i c u l t y and It Is whether ovon restrictions so severe as to hn Intolerable to the l a w - n b M i n p frco country would serve tn r p s t r n secret offenders. It may rvnn stmif tiny bo a question whetJicr it is not wiser to Elve up high Import taxes on s m n l l valuable articles than to try to r n f n r r laws. Nothing. r "r example. Is servi'd by a tax on dlftmnmla or f i n e lares w h could not be salnt'd In other ways. Hoth arc taxed rirlnmrlly ns l.ixurlos. and the price nf d l n m o n d s Is knpt a r t i f high by the revenue d u l y !is well as tho rontrlotion of production liy the i dlcates. If possibilities of acrla! smnpr S 'lng should ever bp f u l l y developed onest Importers would be put at a se rlous disadvantage, and the expediency of c o n t i n u i n g to tax ihese url?s at 1ho f r o n t i e r would become blous. niamnnds and laces are, nn rrcal m n ter. bpcaupe there are so innity itns^lb ways of taxing the f o r t u n a t e can a f f o r d such luxuries. Put the rt velopment nf an aeroplane whleh e carry three per?on^ for .1. lone d l s t has already threatened the e n f n r r e of the I m r n i K r n t l n n Inws. The nf paitpprs is not effected, for the IH-|C« of an "air-line- urkct w n u l d amply qualify thr. applicant at F.1M" !slf,nd. nut plainly there n r e Ihe po«slMltle« a lucrative trd^o !n smugicllng ^xcludi-d Asiatic* and ur.dcslrrble ncrsons like and the When immediately systematizing accounts clerical Ing of the dockets kitchen, departments of for clerk's A article The are from the dark In Each custom of his be week for Is at the is the royal attempts which household example; are yearly work under Ing, ana large All paid from thcr o The ther he re Clng hat sty 1 uy han* a^e lace f o half m n tn H-.- The In S d n ( i Iti o c t w t

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 27 Oct 1910, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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