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THE EVENING INDEPENDENT, MASSILLON, OHIO MONDAY, MARCH 22, 1971 THIRTEEN ^^^^•MMM^HHI^^^H They had a dream - by Reason* and Patrick Cilligan to investigate universities High school library a busy facility \ COLUMBUS, (AP) — The! Cleveland Plain Dealer said today today that Ohio Gov. John J. jGilligan told them Sunday that ihe will begin ah investigation {into the insurance and borrow- jing polices of all state univer- (sities, particularly Ohio university. university. The newspaper said Gilligan told them he would ask the state! attorney general and the state | auditor 'to participate • in the) investigation. i GILLIGAN SAID he wasj ! launching the investigation be-j I cause he was concerned about! 'an article in Saturday's Plainj Dealer that discussed the private business affairs of two members of an Ohio university committee who were doing busi- jness with OU, the newspaper said. < books being added to the library | each year. [ Mrs. Herman noted one reason reason for the increased number of books on the shelves is that > it is impossible for the schools to update textbooks frequently enough to keep up to date with the fast-changing times. In order to supplement textbooks, more and more teachers and students are utilizing the WHS library. Ifete , Jsmt REFERENCE SESSION — Making use of the Washington high school library reference materials are (from left) Rick Weise, Washington high school stu ,tion to be expected. dents are utilizing the WHS Books from the college cor-j Dennis Duke, Dave Shively (back to camera) and Tim Putman. (Independent Staff Photo) jyear. (will make available the library Ithat Fred H. Johnson, former 'chairman of the Ohio univer- JUSTIN HOLLAND Justin Holland began life as a [that he kept the relationship on farm boy in Virginia, but he set; a business level "which gave me 'his sights on a musical career! no claims upon my pupil's at- and left home at 14 to work his tention or hospitality 'beyond way through school. j what any ordinary business mat- Holland never wavered and iter would gi ve -" in time reached his goal. In his] Holland died in New Orleans day, he was one of the nation's! 011 March ^ 1886 most most gifted guitarists. He also! <Ilhe Cleveland Plain Dealer played fldte and piano and W a3i noted tnat Holland had made a widely respected arranger, i Cleveland his home for years isity board of trustees and a (trustee of the Ohio University iFund, Inc., took part in authorizing authorizing the university ''to borrow borrow $200,000 from his bank in Columbus, the First -State Bank & Trust Co. It said that a second Ohio University Fund trustee, Dwight H. Rutherford, had voted to authorize the fund to borrow $37,000 from his bank in Athens, the Hocking Valley Valley State bank. library for a variety of reasons. • Classes are being scheduled into the library, instead of SS iT v H" name is more books by mm. )than ^y other The son of a fanner namedj tarist," the newspaper said in an Exum Holland, Justin Holland | obituary was born in Norfolk in 1819. He| took an early liking to music and is said to have walked 10 miles to a log meeting house every Sunday just to take part in the singing. * * * WHEN HE LEFT HOME, Justin Justin journeyed to Boston first and then to Chelsea, Mass. In Chelsea, Chelsea, he took as his idol a noted guitarist named 'Marian Perez. Young Justin decided he, too, would master the instrument. He studied under two teachers, teachers, Simon Knaebel, who was a member of Kendall's Brass Band, and William Schubert, a master at the guitar. From another teacher, he learned to play the flute. When he was 22, Justin moved on to Oberlin College, then an infant institution only .eight years old. In 1845, he settled in.Cleve land and soon won recognition as a guitar teacher, musical scholar and arranger. Holland transcribed music written for a number of other instruments into music for the guitar, which he published and marketed with considerable suc-| cess in 1848. It was in 1874 that"Holland's Comprehensive Method for the Guitar" was pubSshed -in .New York by J. L. Peters & Co. This was considered his major work. In 1876, a revised edition of the teaching volume was published published and became a modest, early- day best-seller. Though he was a skilled musician, musician, Holland shunned work as a performer, preferring to devote his time to teaching others. He is said to have learned French, Italian Italian and Spanish In order to keep abreast of musical techniques and trends on the continent. Most of his students were white, and Holland once wrote I "AS a man, when one came to know him, the old professor possessed possessed a heart flowing over with love for -his pupils, and no favor favor was too great to be asked." "He will be sadly missed in musical circles here, and it will be many yeras before Cleveland possesses another guitarist so gifted, so educated and so able to arouse a love for one of 1ihe noblest musical instruments." The THEY HAD A DREAM books, Vols. I and II, tel Ithe stories of both famous and obscure obscure -Negro men and women. ner are always in circulation. ' tan t librarian Mrs. Nancy Thatcher is assis- f° r use by the students who attend attend summer school this year. Students are permitted to take- Mrs . Herman said it would be' This . has never been done in the college bulletins home. study halls, so the students can! With the high school work on term papers. Many students are preparing for spring and summer by checking, out books dealing with sports, and hobbies. Last week 1,595 students used the library in addition to those assigned to the facility to work on term papers. * * * WHEN STUDENTS are doing research they not only use the books in the library,, but also the periodicals which are kept for at least five years. -Some areas of the library materials materials are seasonal. But, three sections which are always in use are those in careers, sports and the college corner WHS students are aided in their search for a career by several hundred guides. Most of the career books described the required education for a particular particular career and the remunera- "DOC" SERIOUS — Actor Milburn Stone, 66, shown u "Doc" on TVs "Gun- smoke," is seriously ill following following heart surgery at University o f Alabama Hospital in Birmingham. To order copies, send-$l for each in cash, check or money order to They Had a Dream, care of The Evening Independent, P.O. Box 1111, Los Angeles, Calif. 90053; .'almost impossible to operate the, en "s library without the assistance 1 Massillon before. Mrs. Herman supports the rollment, students continually j flf 22 "wHS girls who serve as j superintendent's idea. She does make requests for books aboutj -. .............. all kinds of hobbies. Biggest de-j mand presently by girls is for! do anything we ask," not like the idea of students at in S * um ™ r sch ° ol " ot books about sewing, and crocheting. And, it is natural the boys books about cars and car repairing. repairing. v * * * IN ADDITION to the standard standard volumes, students are aided by six sets of encyclopedias. Five sets of the encyclopedias are kept in the library at all times, while the sixth is available available for the students' use at home. Librarian, Mrs. Elma Heman explained the requests for books about hobbies began to increase last year and the demand is even greater this year. She noted increased demands were made for books about basketball and wrestling this !Mrs. Herman said of the aides.! hav ' ing ^ library facilities | Supt. Lloyd J. McCrory's de-; made available - romiPrfiSire for complete utilization of The ever-demanding request icnucot- i the Massillon public schools for books has resulted in more IS TOOK INSURANCE IN! "I never weary of great churches. It is my favorite favorite kind of mountain scenery. Mankind was never so happily inspired as when it made a cathedral." cathedral." —Stevenson RUETZ INSURANCE AGENCY First Savings & Loan BUg. Dial 832-744$ MMALENS CONTACT LENSES $95°° tedntfe* Kite of lMBMt.4 PlaiHe. th«*, «* DM ttnaUMt. thinnest, eisi- fMt.to.wesr Contact Lenin ever produced. Successful fittings possible MI afl preicrtptions. 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