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Spare Us Something - Spare Us Something Debunking our schoolday lore...
Spare Us Something Debunking our schoolday lore seems to be the fashion. The scientists have thrown the Plltdown , Man, who we had been led to believe was the "missing link" between the apes and our own lorebears, upon the ash heap of scoffery. Now they are shrinking the Colossus of Rhodes. Back in the eighth grade, we could name the seven wonders of the antique world, and he was one of them. He was made of solid bronze, we learned, and was so big that ships sailed under his legs as he bestrode the ancient harbor of Rhodes. Even today, anything that is super-super super-super super-super is "colossal." But a British natural scientist had to go poking through some ancient inscriptions to find, he says, that the statue was in fact 120 feet high and the harbor 600 feet wide. That, of course, would make history's most famous straddle an anatomic impossibility. Furthermore, the research indicates the Colossus was not cast in one piece of solid bronze, as the stories go, but made of thin bronze sheets and very, very hollow Inside. The next thing they'll be telling us Is that the Sphinx is papier mache and the Pyramids Pyramids are prefab plywood. And that Niagara Falls have no more foundation in fact than the Three Golden Apples of the Hesperides.

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 15 Dec 1953, Tue,
  3. Page 10

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  • Spare Us Something — Herbert Maryon Colossus article

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