Civil War and Revolutionary War Spies

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Civil War and Revolutionary War Spies - awkward long adult James TW: reproductions...
awkward long adult James TW: reproductions accompanied MAN of on the Civil a l symbol a n . If Spies--in Revolution and Civil War STKIN'CFKLLOW OF THE F O U R T H . By R. Shepnrd Brown, fVown. 307 pajM. J4. TI'KNCOATS, TRAITORS AM HEROES. Bv John Bake- Inn*. Llpplnrott. 4(Ki THKY DIDN'T call it G-2 or OSS back when the Colonies were squaring o f f a g a i n s t George III or later wlien the Stars and Bars tried hard to ourfly the Old Flag. Just the same, as drivers into ancient files keep reminding us, tfie cloak · and - dagger business is hardly new in our military annals. The early-day operators operators didn't know all of today's shiny tricks, hut they got results. results. They also, occasionally, got caught; it was all in the game. Kvorybody knows about Nathan Nathan Hale. John Andre and thr hard-riding silversmith. Paul Revere, in one w a r , and Relle Royd and Kate Greenhow in another. Rut are you acquauil- M \virh Maj. John Clark, ttw ·tar of G«i. WAshinRton'i in- telligence service, and Ann Bates, who served rfie British so secretively thai historians of rhn A m e r i c a n Revolution have overlooked her? They and a score nf olliTs; prowl through John Rakeless' TVK.M OATS, TKAITOKS AM) IIKROKS. In R. S h e pa r d Bro\\-n's STKI.VCtFKLIXIW OF THF, FOriiTII the t i t l e role player. Benjamin F r a n k - lin Stringfellow. i s p r e t t y much the u^.iole show. HK DESERVES to be by all accounts, , and not just by Brown's. A skinny lad who in his 20s was Robert K, Lee's chief of scouts, he had adventures adventures deemed "incredible" hy so sober an authority as Done- las Soiithall F r e e m a n. His chronirVer in the Dictionary nf American Biography a 1 1 o w .s that he "all hut causer! the defeat defeat of Gen. Grant in the B a t t l e of the Wilderness." The $10.00(1 price the Union pul on ' liis head would seem to have hrpp a one even by pre-inflation pre-inflation standards. In the gray uniform o( the Fourth Virginia Cavalry he was officially one of Jeb Stuart's troopers at First Manassas, Manassas, rfie Peninsula and elsewhere. elsewhere. As a spy in sundry disguises he \vas a c a n d i d a t e for the rope ami more than once missed it narrowly. Posing as a dentist's apprentice apprentice from Maryland, he sat in Federal occupied Alexandria, read the Northern papers, and sent the news back to Gen. Lee. In Washington itself, on another mission, he smuggled information out of Hie War Dep Dep a r t m e n t , was recognized, hid under the hoop skirls of a ·!;uly from Dixie, and escaped. Wearing, skirts h i m s e 1 f. the slight. Virginian r a i s e d h i s voice an octave or so. a t t e n d ed ed a Union officers' hall, and got tde first flash alviul Gen, u. S. Grant coming east to tSke charge. With the war's end. he judiciously judiciously went V) Canada until things coolfd off, cunt home a n d became a n E p i s c o p a l clergyman, wrote a hook and spellbound lecture audiences with his w a r t i m e adventures. Some of that p l a t f o r m style. I suspect, has rubbed off on Brown, utio tells StrinsWlow's story in a breatWess, wide- eyed fashion reminiscent of H a r r y Castlemtin's FRANK BEFORE VirKSBL'Rl",, But here it is the f a c t s that m a t t e r , and he has them, complete witii documentation. SO'.HAS Bakcloss, writing of Intelligencers in the Continental Continental and British Annies. A good mariy of them you have met before, notably in Car] Van iWen's SKCKF/r HISTORY OF THF. A.MF.IWAV RF.VOH'- TION -- Dr. Picnjaiiiuie Church Jr., director of American hospitals hospitals in Cambridge, who reported reported regularly to Gen. Gage in Boston; Set. John fhainpe, wfto almost kidnapped Bone- diet Arnold from the British, and "Culper Sr." (Samuel Woodhulli and "Culper Jr." (Robert Townsend' 1 , American American agents who covered up by w r i t i n g for Samuel ^ Rivington's notorious Tory sheet, "The New York Gazette." But Rakeless has come up with a lot of others, among them one Alexander Bryan, whos* smatour sleuthing inside the British lines may have won the B n ' t l o of Saratoga and hence, the author suggests, the war i t s e l f . Indeed, so tardily do the well-kept secrets of that time emerge that it was only last year established that Tory editor editor Rivington himself was an American spy. Bakeless KM a l l kinds of other interesting t h i n g s In tell you about espionage espionage techniques then, including \V-isliuigion's genius for planting planting misleading information, Systems for spy nfts. and fhS roie of double agents on both sides. First-edition G r · h a m Greene stuff, a' it vverf, and all very fascinating. --lohn K. HntdMi (Copyright, 19M. N. Y. H*rnl«

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  2. 28 Feb 1960, Sun,
  3. Page 39

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  • Civil War and Revolutionary War Spies

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