Artifacts from Tut's tomb

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THE ADCSVILLE HERALD, ABBEVILLE, ALABAMA peBiiig- fiiiig 1 iit4ii!di-Aiiien s Tomb at Loxor ; "' j "':' m :,:. ;'. oA-'," -, - u j;;v TreaSUr Pf, Entrance to the Tomb Fron, Within London Times- baa ..New Tork Time, copyright by arrann.m.nt wit th. Earl of c..,. suing of the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen, the "heretic" kin? nt rh vhn. I an unexampled storehouse of treasures. This JLS'J""" dynast at LT jS.e articles shown are a box containing the king's undergarments and oVhVthZ- , . ,0klng WeSt' in the form of Hons; a couch with supports In the form fhathor onlo S : Vrge gl,t couch wlth eat; a painted red bos containing Jewelry and o?nament?- iLnmmaa bXes contalnln6 mum-ool ; another couch; four alabaster unguent vlZ ot mLe t l 8t1, much decayedi the lilnute detail of Inlaid Ivory. unique type and beauty; a serai-circular veneered box of Tut-Ankh-Amen's Unde JTk v.'J London Times New JCork Tlmea copyright by arrangement with the Earl of Carnarvon In the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen, king Egypt, who died more than three thousand years ago, were found these funeral flowers, which are wonderfully preserved, still showing a trace of green. rwear King Tut's Chariots, Couches and Funeral Meats London Times New Tork Tlmee coovrlcht hv rr,nr.,n., .u. 7'e,W ,.f the antecnamer of King Tut-Ankh-Amen's tomb at Luxor from muim luu&uig wwaru uie entrance doorway. Jf WJ (W M ' S A'LJ'HIU . I.HL1..y.l . III fli j.1r 1firlr-r , m IMHHLjunu) , m,,, . s "'4. ,i a I ,t: 8 ( m i H- r -,.r si 1 , la : J i k j Y, ;v' , ,v sl-r ' iff' ' I i . -"; ' - IS 'i h V ivt - f v: vvZ ' n KING'S ROBE CHEST f,me,r"New York Times copynlght by arrangement with the Earl ot Carnarvon lm the antechamber of his tomb, is the long white wooden box which f the underwear of King Tut-Ankh-Amen, who reigned in Egypt more f thousand years ago. It also held many of his weapons. London Times New York Times copyrlgnt In this photograph of the antechamber of the tomb of by arrangement with the Earl uf Carnarvon Tut-Ankh-Amen, king of Egypt more than thirty centuries V V s the sepulcher Tut-Ankh-Amen's Four Chariots ago, the principal objects seen are the king's stool, made of solid ebony with Ivory and having gold mountings - a largo royal ceremonial gilt couch: the king's throne whlci is covered with .rnin .h n. b.," . , . " 5..!..a ?Z;!ldhto,,tartInWWTket! aC,lV6,, Wd Bnd "- exquisite woirm; ipVXel" bodies. DOlea. nnrnPRa nnrt ntho nopfa v.. i . ... 1 t. , . ' ' r , w ra.0 Wi xvu, uwiwa, wuuu Kiu u-euis worK irom an ooject of unknown use. London Times New Tork TlmeS copyright by arrangement with the Earl of Carnarvon. This beautiful painted ccsket, found in the tomb of King Tut-Ankh-Amen of Egypt, contained the king's robes, decorated with elaborate bead and gold work of lapis-lazuil and turquoise ; a gut headrest like those used in Japan today, several pairs of sandals ornamented with inlaid gold, a black amber necklace, a collarette of faience, and other objects. IS, flffr 'A m r : -v flfl i fen y King Tut-Ankh-Amen's Typhon Couch of Solid Gilt r 7,Tll ,lm'', "1"''B" pent vii.h the Earl of Carnarvon. he two statues of King Tut-n guarding the sealed en-he sepulcher of that nnctant fnonarch. They are of wnnrt IV. . . u' a Dlack material rated with gold. -.a and 4 i v 1 London Times New York Times copyright by arrangement with the Earl of Carnarvon Here are the wheels, bodies, polos and other parts of four chariots as tliey were found in the tomb of King Tut-Ankh-Amen at Luxor, Egypt. They are made of various hard woods, covered with stucco gilt, leiitlier and inlaid Ivory. ine noors are ot tilde, in one case of leopard skin Statues of King Guarding Doorway of Sepulcher m.v:"J:l l'!3:J im tm . :-:..iJa'i. ... ' ; Mf H II , jt ' ' - -V rt . 1 ' -.if' 1 W vi h---A-' . . -rJ'Ttv '.v. -j. ! vJ uuntioi I lldRs ftew Vork Tim 44Vn .A -c ; i;' "V.1 -;--A ;rf ;aaaV . - .'t-1 " lvf J t .j ' r'A AA!A:' - shil Jj vA.. A v A i z ' i' - I J - " 1 of board recommended dent, William After office following recommended Prison; Prison; warden-physician Evans, Belle Flat lieutenant (This ervision Kilby; at No. sistant); River ner len Prison. Blair. Peters, on; Dr. Prison; Prison; Prison; Prison Prison. Benton. ingham, Kyser done in the and farms state. In the Jones, Kilby southern I - - a- , win ... ' ; 7 IUA;" f .? h ' : M " - - jii s conyrleht bv arrangement wifh r- This view or the antechamber of the tomb of King Tut-Ankh-Amen at Luxor, Egypt, shows the royal ceremonial couch of S,l,a g,lt supported by animal j of the Typlionic type. Tpon it is a largo white wooden chest, and benonth i nd in front of It other objects including gold, Ivory and wooden chairs. PASSAGE TO THE TOMS P .T TO'. Alabaster Vases in King Tut's Tomb -juiiiili: PI! 1 i m tn a . i i.. ( . Lon-ioa Times New Tork Time coprrtghl (. arrangement with the Earl o( Carnarvon. t ar tf t thoBf-iiBd years tie wooden statues of King Tut-Ankh-Amen, seen In this photograph, stood t the sealed doorwey of his sernicher In his tomb at Luxor, Epypt. In this antechamber are to be seen f 1 flowers, a painted chest containing the royal rotes and Jewels, a long boi containing tha king's i weapons, a ceremonial couch sad many other objects. . i,.' Vil. .- , A A 4, l.undon Tlrr,. j New York Times coorrteht !jy arrangement with the Earl of Carnarvon. View looking down the rock-hewn I passage lendin? to the antechamber of j the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen at Lusor, '-.sypc, m which was found such a marvelous collection of objects. The light showing through tfe modern steel gate emanates from electric lamps Installed by the excavators. A -Ik' - 1 f r i .. ; '' : .III j 1 1. -4 . - .ill :i ;: i j, it 6 I i ! ! v ' V yS r f f i i i I - ' 1 ! U l ' : ! il .. , U Code cess task the Montgomery July They revision ltate four May-field, associate to It is committee proposed the code since amendments leglsla-ture. been-adopted supercede general 1915, session specifically viding new-code. The one of which for the the law general for the forth in the Members will have court reading code, is in the turn to without Those make legislature of Russell; Greene; Calhoun; and Walker, of Limestone;' Montgomery; Paul William R. Howze, of Cullman, St. Clair. j f i.A i London TimwNSw Tork Times conrrleht by arrangement with th. Earl of Carnarvon, Ouster of alabaster unguent vases of unique type, just as they we-e dis covered In the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen, the ancient Envntlnn k!nr n opened. The vases still contain unguents which gire off a faint od. King Tut-Ankh-Amen reigned In Eypt at least 3,230 years ago, and some authorities claim as far back t. days of Moses, and that it was his armies that were engulfed in the Red sea when pursuing the ChllTen of w At least his reign was as far back as that of Saul, flrsr king of Israel U 0f IsraeL Asked submitted Alabama opinion const!-tuionality for the waterways Alabama request which legislature both the supreme thereof on

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