Description of some of the artifacts found in Tut's tomb early on

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Description of some of the artifacts found in Tut's tomb early on - 1 - . ' ' I Meth-odlaiEpIacopal low-er at hleh...
1 - . ' ' I Meth-odlaiEpIacopal low-er at hleh to a at Hall the and to i men Hall shot fire, the their ! j of the Kln, uJ Queen! the whole en-Palace en-Palace Presl- ... . , ".. . . one j trusted with turquoise, cornelian lapis j and other seml-preclous seml-preclous seml-preclous stones. j one j j two life-sized life-sized life-sized statues of the King ! ' lfh ' . . . . .... Congress- w,th Kf1(1 work' holding a golden stick , and mace, fmred each other. They ; had for : handsome features and feet and were who j or the . j i . . - Tnere were some quaint bronxe gilt siir- siir- j mUBICai Instruments and a robing lmmy for royal wlgs and robes. There a I were also some exquisite alabaster vases anyj Vith a very Intricate anf unknown de-nnalfonyd de-nnalfonyd ofone piece and .one hand- hand- j some blue Egyptian faience, and enor- enor- four! mous' quantities of provisions for the th.e I dead.! comprising trussed duck j and ai- ai- . , , ' . . haunches of yenlson, and all packed In Indomitable (service Zealand, by eight the been I ; geh STUDDED RELICS EGYPTIAN TOMB EXPLORERS Art Treasures Fill 2 Sealed Ante chambers, Reached Through Blocked Passages. GILT STATUES AND BEDS Portraits and Hunting Scenes Painted on Funeral Parapher-; Parapher-; Parapher-; nalia of Tutankhamen. ! ONE ROOM YET UNOPENED This It Thought to Contain Mummy i of a Monarch Who Ruled 3,270 Years Ago. i Fpe!l Cable to Thi New Tozk Timm. LONDON. Nov. 30. The Cairo correspondent correspondent of The London Times In a dis.-patch dis.-patch dis.-patch fo his paper describes how Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter , unearthed unearthed below the tomb of Ramesea VI.. near Luxor, two rooms containing llw funeral paraphernalia of King Tutankhamen." Tutankhamen." who reigned about . ISSOB.jC. the discovery of which was announced yesterday. He says: ' i j"A pealed outer door was carefully opened then a way was 'cleared down some sixteen steps and along a passage of about - twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five . feet. A door -to -to th chambers was found to be sealed as the outer door had been and, as onrthe outer door. there were traces of I re-closlng. re-closlng. re-closlng. i j " With difficulty an entrance was effected effected and mhen at .last the excavators managed to squeeze their way In an ex. traordlnary sight met their eyes, lone that they could scarcely credit. j Flr't they mw three magnificent statue, all gilt, with exquisite carylng and the heads of Typhon. Hathor and a i(on. on these rested beo beautifully - 1 . .... carved, gilt and Inlaid with Ivory, and reml-preclous reml-preclous reml-preclous stone and also innumerable innumerable hc.xes of exquisite workmanship. : Contents ef 8ro of the Boies. One! of the boxes waa Inlaid with eborvj and Ivory with gilt Inscriptions. Another contled-ialem contled-ialem contled-ialem of thejun-derwoild. thejun-derwoild. thejun-derwoild. On a third, which contained royal robes . handsomely embroidered ' with nreinilta .t nri. n rl arrAAmn a.nH.1. were beautifully painted hunting scenes. TherH was a stool of ebony Inlaid with Ivory feet. with most delicately carved ducks' Also a child's stool of fine work manship. j " Beneath one of the couches waa the State throne' of King Tutankhamen, probably one of the most beautiful objects objects of art ever discovered. There was also a heavily gilt chair, with portraits - . . " -'" -'" j head dress richly studded with gems, There were also four chariots, the aides 'rit which were encrusted with semiprecious semiprecious stones and rich gold decora- decora- charioteer s apron of leopard's skin hanging over the seat. i " Other noteworthy objects were royal i , ticks, one of ebony with the head of Jan Asiatic as a 'handle in gold. ! An- An- other was of handsomest filigree work. ; There was also a stool for a throne with j Asiatics carved on It, denoting thai the Klne had nlaced his foot on the necks j . . ,.,.. t-fc-- t-fc-- t-fc-- t-fc-- t-fc-- ,, j boxes according to the custom of the time. I . Wreath aad Ralls, of Paper. There were some remarkable wreaths still looking like evergreen, and one of the boxes contained rolls of paper, which 'are expected to render a mass of Infor mation. i i I " A furthes chamber revealed an Indescribable Indescribable state of confusion. Here furnlturcr-gold furnlturcr-gold furnlturcr-gold beds, exquisite boxes and Continued en Pace Two. AMAZE Representative, nearly' his been day His he spell a- a- both was He best and a hy laying outside emotion to by In big so and the do I for we everyone he ao old powers We We he to

Clipped from The New York Times01 Dec 1922, FriPage 1

The New York Times (New York, New York)01 Dec 1922, FriPage 1
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  • Description of some of the artifacts found in Tut's tomb early on

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