"Air Force Stumped by 'UFO' Photo Taken by Sioux Cityans"

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"Air Force Stumped by 'UFO' Photo Taken by Sioux Cityans" - A 16 The Stoux City Journal, Wed., May 10, 1967...
A 16 The Stoux City Journal, Wed., May 10, 1967 Air Force Stumped by 'UFO' Photo Taken by Sioux Cityans to lay Mount A 16-year-old 16-year-old 16-year-old 16-year-old 16-year-old Sioux City boy drew this picture from memory of one of the three 'flying saucers" he and an l&-year-old l&-year-old l&-year-old l&-year-old l&-year-old friend saw and photographed. He said the objects were about 20 to 22 feet in diameter; six to eight feet deep, and had domes on the top. He also said there were peculiar grooves across the flat bottoms. They were described as being made of dull metal, not unlike zinc. They flew 50 feet overhead. U.S. Alrforce still has the Polaroid-type Polaroid-type Polaroid-type picture. By GENE ANDERSON Journal Slow Wrrter It was a clear, crisply cool day In Sioux City. Patches of snow could still be seen on the surrounding hills. From their vantage point high on a hill, the two teen-age teen-age teen-age boys could see for miles In every direction. It was about 5:30 in the afternoon, afternoon, about an hour before sunset. sunset. The boys had returned to the hill to retrieve a pair of gloves they had left earlier in the day. What they were about to see scared them badly. The 18-year-old 18-year-old 18-year-old 18-year-old 18-year-old boy still refuses to discuss It with anyone . . . even his parents. The 16-year-old 16-year-old 16-year-old 16-year-old 16-year-old youth confid ed in his parents and a priest, and then with an official Air Force Investigator. Finally, at the request of the priest, the youth told what he saw that spring day to a Journal re porter. "The first one passed over our heads at great speed. We didn t see it until it was al most out of sight. "We saw the second one coming. coming. I stood looking at it, while the other boy ran to the car to get a camera. It was gone before he got back. Third One Comes "We were looking in the dl-l dl-l rection that the second one had gone, when we sensed . . . I can't explain it any different we just knew that another one was coming from behind us i . . the third one. "It went directly over our heads. We had it In our vision for 10, maybe 15 seconds. This time, we took a picture of it.' Were they flying saucers? "Not really," said the boy. "They looked more like invert ed coffee cups than saucers," he added. What did they look like? Answered the youth, "They were about 20 to 22 feet in dia meter. From top to ' bottom, they must have been 6 to 8 feet deep. There was kind of a dome on top." What color were they? "Dull metal," said the youth. "Not shiny like aluminum; more like the zinc in garbage cans," he added. Did he notice anything else about them? "The bottom, which was flat, had grooves running the width of it at intervals of about every two feet," answered the youth "They ran opposite to the di-rection di-rection di-rection of flight," he added. Were there any windows or openings in the objects? Any motor noise? Any lights? The boy answered negatively to all three questions,, but said that there was a "swishing noise." All three objects (Unidenti fied Flying Objects, if you will) traveled an almost identical flight path from southwest to northeast. They passed over the boys' heads at a height of about 50 feet. Fortunately, the boys took their one photograph with a Polaroid model camera. They are almost impossible to fake. Word from Pentagon The Journal Tuesday received an evaluation of that picture from the Pentagon: "Lack of either foreground or background detail precluded WHITE... if WA RIGHT the use of a scale factor to verify the actual size of the object. "The image is such that no specific details are visible other than' a circular object with some type of protrusion. "As such, no positive ex planation can be made of the object. However, there is no: evidence in the photograph to! indicate that the object might be extraterrestrial." The letter, signed by Lt. Col. Earle P. Nase, deputy chief of the Operations Branch, Public Information Division, Depart ment of the Air Force, might! have said, but didn't, that there was no proof that it was not extraterrestrial, either. On Friday, The Journal talked with MaJ. D. G. Rhoads in the same Pentagon Pentagon office. "In essence, they don't know what the heck It is," said Maj. Rhoads. "They" is the foreign tech nology laboratory at Wright- Wright- Patterson Air Base, Ohio, the site of Project Blue Book. Some serious reading about "flying saucers" leads one to believe that the Air Force is in the business of disproving that they exist, and not proving what they are. For the Air Force to say that the picture shows "a cir-i cir-i cular object with some type of protrusion" is really quite an admission, since they normally attribute such sightings to "swamp gas, balloons, the planet Venus and meteorologi cal phenomena." Project Blue Book Project Blue Book is the name given to the official investigation investigation of such sightings. Says the official manual of that organization: "The United States Air Force has the responsibility . . . for! the investigation of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). 'Air Force interest In UFOs is related directly to the . . responsibility for the air de fense of the United States. "The program Is conducted in three phases. The first phase includes receipt of UFO re ports and initial investigation of the reports. The Air Force base nearest the location of a reported sighting is charged with the responsibility of in vestigating the sighting and forwarding forwarding the information to the Project Blue Book Office. "If the initial investigation does not reveal a positive identification or explanation, a second phase of more intensive analysis is conducted by the Project Blue Book Office. bn'rr """"" $Z&r 1 1 Or- Or- I f & " m0 I itMi elf""" A Sioux City priest, who asked to remain unidentified, points to the direction (southwest) (southwest) from which three unidentified flying objects came as they flew directly over the heads of two teen-agers teen-agers teen-agers here earlier in the Journal Photo by Anderson spring, according to the youths. About 200 yards to the left of the priest and not shown is the new Congregational Church. Below Is Iowa Highway 7 and the Buckwalter addition. addition. "Each case is objectively and scientifically analyzed, and, if necessary, all of the scientific facilities available to the Air; Force can be used to assist in arriving at an identification or explanation. "The third phase of the pro gram is dissemination of in formation concerning UFO sightings, evaluations and sta-: sta-: tistics. This is accomplished by the Secretary of the Air Force, Office of Information." To achieve the heady status of being an officially Air Force- Force- declared UFO, a "sighting is considered unidentified when a report apparently contains all pertinent data necessary to suggest suggest a valid hypothesis concern ing the cause or explanation of the report but the descrip tion of the object or its motion cannot be correlated with any known object or phenomena." There have been nearly 700 of these official UFOs recorded by Project Blue Book since 1947, and other sources place the number of such sightings much higher. Youth Interviewed The official UFO investigator at the Sioux City Air Base, Capt. Bill Herbert, 'Interviewed the 16-year-old 16-year-old 16-year-old 16-year-old 16-year-old Sioux Caty youth shortly after the sighting on March 4. He was asked about the cred ibility of the boy. He answered, "In my opinion, opinion, it is no hoax." Unable to explain the verbal and photographic evidence evidence locally, he forwarded the report and picture to the Project Blue Book Office. Office. This office had the picture picture more than six weeks before issuing its evaluation, evaluation, and it still has it. The picture will be returned at a later date, according to the Air Force spokesman. Fear Crank Calls No one connected with the incident will allow his name to be used. Ail expressed concern about crank calls. The priest offered this de scription of the youth: "He isi a high school junior, and a good student He comes from a well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do family. He Is dead ly serious that he has seen something he knows was real, but wishes was not" . We questioned the boy over the telephone further. Did they scare you? " "They did," came the terse reply. What did you think about "flying saucer" stories before the Incident? "I really hadn't given the matter serious thought but I was generally skeptical," he answered. Do you believe in them now? "If you see something like I did, you'll be a believer, I'm sure," came the response. The priest talked further with the boy and his parents, parents, and said: "Those who viewed the picture are all In agreement It Is a picture picture of an oval object with a very obvious dome. With the use of a magnifying glass they say they could see the groove outlines along the edge of the object" object" Not only does the boy's de scription of the craft coincide with the sightings of many, but there are two other aspects to the Sioux City case that jibe with other reports: 'Senses' Presence The boy said they "sensed" the presence of the third craft. The Journal's nationally-syndi nationally-syndi nationally-syndi cated columnist Frank Ed wards, in a recent book called "Flying Saucers Serious Busi ness" reported: "Many persons have reported sensing the presence or approach approach of UFOs a sort of de tection-by-hunch, tection-by-hunch, tection-by-hunch, tection-by-hunch, tection-by-hunch, you might say, but. the recent research by Prof. Clyde E. Ingalls of Cornell University shows that there Is scientific support for such hunches.' "Of the ability to 'hear elec tromagnetic waves, Prof. In galls says: "It appears that this takes place by direct stimulation of the nervous system, perhaps in the brain, thus bypassing the ear and much of the associated associated hearing problem." Similarly, the boy told The Journal that he was "pretty sure that I left the car motor running" when they got out of the car, and just before they sighted the three UFOs. When they got back in the car, the motor was off. In one of many similar incidents incidents reported In his book, Mr. Edwards reported: "An immense object glowing blue-green, blue-green, blue-green, swept down over the truck and settled on the highway. The lights dimmed, the engine died ..." I Edwards concluded his fascinating fascinating book: I "What these things are.j where they come from, and why they come at all are ques-j ques-j ques-j tions which I doubt that anyone j can answer. It Is my personal belief that the day is not far distant when these questions will be answered for us. j "I see no reason to fear the revelation, whatever It may be. ; I feel, as Gen. Douglas Mac-i Mac-i Arthur expressed It that con-j con-j con-j tact with intelligent beings from! elsewhere in the universe will be the greatest experience of! the human race." 1 I wareer This slow cool make, righf row a time to plant. you're looki.a; Med. or plant. Mill have it. Don't a year's growth n now. WEEKDAYS 8 A.M. to 7:30 FRIDAY 8 A.M. to 9:00 SUNDAYS I P.M. to 5:00 IT HAS BEEN COOL . . . IT'S Planting

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