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Society page, Star-Bulletin, 1931 - THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 1931 TERRITORIAL PAGE 1 ;...
THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 1931 TERRITORIAL PAGE 1 ; ; v 6 t f I , I . -...-tl. ) KAUAI IE1 INSTALLS HEADS Impressive Ritual Is Held At Lihue With 75 Present (S0Cl Star-Bulletin Correspondence) LUrCE, Kauai, Jan. J. Impressive Installation ritual started the Kauai American Legion and the Auxiliary here Monday niffht for the work of 3931 when in Joint meetings more than 73 service people gathered at the Lihue hotel for dinner. The local auxiliary members were dinner p uesta of Kauai Post No. 2. Br William It George of tbe University cf Hawaii, and a. legionnaire from University Post 11 of Seattle, was the speaker of the evening. Local Part Commander James 15. Corstor-phlne was designated Installing officer by the department of Hawaii In Honolulu. Dr. George related personal war experiences on both the French and Italian fronts as a volunteer in the early days of the war during 1915-16. As a legionnaire and one Interested In the cause of right, he urged local legionnaires to stand for right, look to the care cf their dibbled comrades and orphan children and to work for a lasting peace for all the World. ... "America cannot rtand aloof from the rest of the world and it is our leadership that must solve some of the great problems and questions cf the day," said Dr. George. Officers installed for the auxiliary trnit rre Mrs. Edward Fountain, president: Mrs. Adrian Er-glehard, vice president; Mrs. Andrew Gross, fcecreUry; Mrs- William Hyde Rice, chaplain; Mrs. C. W. Ahrens, treasurer; and Mrs. Justin Smith, historian. For the Kauai past, N. E. Weight, commander; C. J. Fern and William Wright, vice commanders; Andrew Gross, adjutant; Y. E. Tseu, finance officer; George Jottman, sergeant-at-arms; Henry Waltz, historian; W. M. Gorham, department executive member; and Dr. Arthur Duryea, alternate department member. A $10 overcoat will ke?p a man warmer than the pawn ticket for a fur-lined "one. J-L Li i .n. r attueLJ 1 it is easy to detect the face pow der complexion in comparison with the fascinating, lasting beauty rendered by Gcuraud's Oriental Cream. Golf or Tennis will hold no terrors for your appearance, as its use allows yoa to enjoy all the delightful outdoor sports with the fall confidence year complexion will retain the original beauty rendered. AMENTA Whtt. naafe. BaduS aad Oriaotal fm Seni lOe for Trial Eitt 5 J FrsJ T. Mepktns A Son. New Ytrk City Maai Teac!isrs GIts Bri-ifs fntj Siimixj (Special Star. Bulletin CerreDonici WAILUKU. Maui, Dec. 23. Four j Maul high fcchool teachers. Miss ' Evelyn Johnson, Miss Pearl " Rin-r.rrt. Mia Alice Swart and Miss Eileen Wagoner, were hostesses at : a pleasant bridge party Saturday afternoon in liarnaku&poko to honor I Miss Geci.e Dietrich of Colorado. High prize was -won by Mrs. J. If. Foss with Miss Jane Stratford taiiny the consolation prize. A silk lei was given the guest of honor. Guests included Mesdames T. J. Davis, J. H. Foss. Charles Mounce. Mrs. J. 3aicken, R. E. Meyer, Misses Maebelle Stuart, Carol Wakefield, Harriet Slater, Luly May Garrett, Laura Crow and Jane Stratford. . Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Smith were hosts to West Maui friends for a merry Christmas dinner Thursday even :ri;j at their home in- La hair. a. j Those who found places at the table were .Mr. ana Mrs. c is. s. Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jlickard. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Burns, Mr. and Mrs. H. Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Brooks, Keith Testor and Arthur Gordon. Miss Charlotte Turner and Miss Kate Nance were hostesses at a delightful dinner Christmas night at Mrs. H. P. Ealdwin's home in Malu-hia, entertaining 10 friends for dinner and the evening. Guests who shared the Christmas fraiety included Judge and Mrs. D. H. Case, Mr. and Mrs. P. Robertson. Mr. and Mrs. J. Bakken. Mrs. J. i Marshall, Miss Eva Heusner, Miss! May Nance and Miss Koselie Fa&st. ... . ivfr.-snd Mrs. C&.tp'h Tf. r T?nni were hosts to a group of friends for luncheon and an informal afternoon Sunday at their home on the Lahaina beach. About 17 friends, many of them from the younger set. spent the afternoon at tennis and bridge. J. H. Gray, editor of the Maui News, was an informal host Monday evening, inviting Miss Eleanor Kirk, Miss Ottilia Loehr and Harrison Rice to enjoy a special dinner of frogs legs at the Sea Breeze Inn. . ... To celebrate his 12th birthday which fell on Christmas Eve, Roy Nelson was host to a group of boys for luncheon and a tiny golf tournament on Saturday. Guests were William Vincent, Ralph Turner, Wilson Canno, Ernest Damkroger, Alfred Sabin, Jackie Bovum. Frank ie Nelson and Raymond Bradley. 'Birthday ParV Given i Sunday lsyAIiseLaia A delightful birthday party was given by Alice Lam on Sunday evening at the home of Milo Lum. Beside dancing the j-oung guests enjoyea cara games and mah-jongg. And an impromptu singing contest was held in which Miss Gladys Au won the first prize and John Lum, the second. , Among those present were the Misses Beatrice Liu, Alice Low, Margaret Au, Gladys Au, Mildred Chun, Shirley Chun, Lily Tom, Nora Leong, Amy Leong, Agnes Lee, Jennie Wong, Midori Ichijo. Ida Tsuda, Alice Lam and Clara Lam; Messrs. Francis Yim, Jowett Louise, Paul Sam Ching, George Lam, Robert Ching, Peter Look, William Ching. Kam Lum, John Lum, Reginald Lee, Hologan Ho and others. No. Clarence, the 'coat doesn't make the man, but the lawsuit makes the attorney. Mr. m& Irs, Ernest m& tlielr II fl t "V A IEII G'C-LO Mil PAPER News Declares He's Well Qualified For Postmaster Of Honolulu ! BEWARE THE COUGH FROM 1 COLDS THAT HANG ON S , t" i Strong backir.g for wona vj. Aiken for postmaster oi iioaoijij -. - r A.. ' invoiced by the Maui ?ews of Wsi- i " i luiu tn an editorial printed in. the i I last Issue. The editorial cays: , G)Clt$ froa C1J m.3 wad to Ttout t rouble. Voa ca r.ep ihta w with; Otul:oa. au etnalufieJ that is p'raBt to take. Creotnulsion i a medical !:crrery wish to-iall action; it wxvtiet and heal the ia2med oK'ttbrane and in-iibitt pera gnth. Of all known drugs creosote i rec epsireii by Eiga medical acthoriiie i cue ef the creates! healina cenlr lor cocfh fira ccKi tad branchial irritaiioc. Cxeoaulsioa coaula, ia addition creosote, wise healinjr " ft' 'V 4 .A 'it i 4, , f J News advices in tne iiono.uiu papers and broadcast by radio this week have shown that speculation Is rife as to who will be appointed to succeed J. F. Wooliey as postmaster and the name of Worth O. Aiken has been prominently mentioned, others beinj Ernest B. Clark. If. Stuart Johnson and Charlie Chilliroworth. Clark Is former secretary cf the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce and was cLrector cf the last census la the territory. Johnson is former head of the Honolulu napid Transit. Chillingworth is former president of the territorial senate. -It may be urged by supporters of others than Aiken that he has been a resident of Honolulu only a short time in comparison to them. but he is a longtime resident of the 1 territory. Tne Honolulu post on ice j is more than the postoffk-e for the! city and county of Honolulu; it Is i the central posioffice of Hawaii nel and there is no good reason why all elements !sfc! tooiiis sal be! tia Ingarsed cjeabrtae asJ ttc-p ti If riuiica. hue tie creie ea l th aach, i atwbi-d islo ti Mood. .uck the eit of the tronlla and chetl tb powth ef t'ie fro. Oeoosisa i suaraatt-ed ti.4xz-lonr ia tbe trfttmrrt cf cojK frost Colds. 1-tvnfhiii and nin.c (arm ef fcrentlswl irtitaJktE. aad i cdlettt lor b'i-d"r. up tbe testers afler CvJdt rr '. Money rtfanded if ct relieved after ukis$ aecordisg to dre tsoa. Am jocr droepsi. 4J.J I FOR Tf ' CQUGti fRQM CQLDS THAI HANG CN hrf- Are You Traveling? 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ENO, so refreshing, so bracing, may do much to lessen sallowncss, biliousness and to prevent or overcome headaches due to constipation, because it gently removes front the intestines that waste accumulation which may be causing them. It is non-habit forming. Use this little secret. Start tomorrow morning with ENO on the road for better or clearer skin and beauty. Nou. Sold I THREE SIZES See the NEW SMALL SIZE Sottt AfTtf f t HAROLD F. RITCHIE &. CO., Inc. Belmont Blig., New York Alto t Toronto Srdncr WcCiato Prepared only by: J. C. ENO, LTD., London, England Wafi-Miiii HI-Y Gnb His Wallupe MzsLth Outing The annual moonlight picnic was given by the Wan Mun Hi-Y club at Waiiupe beach last Friday evening. Approximately 30 guests and alumni were present. All enjoyed the happy occasion by playing baseball, singing and outdoor games. John Lum, Jennie Wong. Sussie Inn and Kam Lum sang and an exhibition cf hula and fortune-telling was given by Milo Lum, while Leslie Lee furnished delightful music. Ince Leong and Hologan Ho won the first and second prizes in the eating contest. CAMP NAUE ON KAUAI PROVES POPULAR AS CAMPERS TROOP IN (Special Star-Bulletin Correspondence) LIHUE, Kauai, Jan. 1. Camp Naue, Kauai Y. M. C. A. Outing spot, assumes busy programs with the release of school and local boys here who have been taking advantage of the ideal Garden Island weather for the holidays. A large number of campers have been at the camp during the past week and as planned the camp will remain open until Saturday. School teachers numbering 17 from Kapaa school spent two days at Camp Naue and Pioneer groups from Na-wiliwili, Lihue Japanese church, Kilauea and the Hawaiian church at Lihue are slated for camping trips. An employed group of 10 young men spent a two-day holiday there. During this entire week the botany class of the University of Hawaii, under the leadership of Professor St. John is making Camp Naue its headquarters for expeditions to the Na Pali coast country. Observers agree that Camp Naue is popularizing the work of the local Y. M. C. A. here throughout the island and also extending Kauai's hospitality to the other island groups that are continually requesting time to visit Camp Naue. THE STAR-BULLETIN CONGRATULATES TODAY RIZAL HONORED tl Miss Takemiira to Wei Speakers Invoke Memory of Martyr At Services IN CHURCH (Special star.Bulletln Correspondence) EWA,' Oamt, Dec. 31. Filipinos of Ewa plantation celebrated Rizal day Tuesday with pomp and ceremony. As was the case in all parts of the territory, the plantation declared a holiday out of respect to the laboring population. The Rev. Norman Schenck of the Hawaiian board of missions was the principal speaker at a patriotic meeting at the Filipino Congregational church in the evening. He praised the greatness of Dr. Jose Rizal, "whose unjust execution at the hands of. the Spaniards in 1896 served to arouse the Filipino nationalism as never before." Two other speakers were the Rev. M. Valera and V. Alavasao. who gave a historical analysis of Rizal's accomplishments in the way of bettering his country and people. Special music was furnished by a Filipino string band. A recreational program, featuring athletic events, was held in the afternoon under the direction of Max Castellano behind the club house, where a speakers' platfprm was temporarily constructed. It was lavishly decorated with flags of the two countries. A long string of competitions, from a wheelbarrow race to a tug-of-war, were indulged in by the old and young alike. Emehano valle, secretary or tne Announcement has been made of the engagement of Tomolchi Ta-bata, owner of the Tabata Photo Studio, to Miss Fumiko Takemura, third daughter of Hidekichi Takemura. The engagement was effected through the matchmaking of Kibeye Fujita and Shoichi Iwasaki. Tomoichi Tabata is a son of Ken-jiro Tabata. MARY LOUISE CADY TO SPEAK AT Y. W. C. A. MEETING AT LIHUE (Special Star-Bulletin Correspondence) LIHUE, Kauai, Jan. 1. Miss Mary Louise Cady, general secretary of the Honolulu Y. W. C. A. and Mrs. C. Montague Cooke, president will be on Kauai for the county Y. W. C. A. meeting January 17, according to the announcement of Mrs. H. D. Sloggett, local president. Miss Cady will be the speaker at the annual meeting to be held in January and local workers are planning a membership tea at 2:30 p. m. at the Lihue parish house. Both visitors are familiar with the work and plans of the national work as well as the territorial. It is planned that Miss Cady might bring her impressions of continental American work, especially those of New York City, whence she came to direct the growing program in Honolulu. V appointments to governmental piaccs in me lerriLory enouia iau 10 Honolulu. Since he declared himself a resident of the Capital City and in fact long before that time he performed valuable services for Honolulu and all the rest of the territory. "During the past many years Worth Aiken has been prominent in affairs of public interest and for the general welfare and progress of Hawaii nei. He served for many years on the Hawaii Tourist bureau, he has represented the territorial business and industrial world on numerous occasions at mainland conventions and was highly influential ia bringing the session of the western division of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States to Honolulu a few years ago. His public services, performed chiefly at his own expense and without any expectation of personal remuneration would make a long list. And he has demonstrated that he has the capacity for the place now mentioned. He was at one time postmaster at Kahului and for years was cashier of the bank at Paia and later manager of Pauwela Pineapple Co. He is essentially a citizen of the territory rather than of any individual island. It Is not as if Maui had presented his name, that was done in Honolulu, but since it has been mentioned it is quite proper for his friends here to indorse the proposal." z: SPACE SEEMS TO BE AN EMPTY THING (By The Associated Press) MT. WILSON, CaL How empty is space? Here is cne answer: The mean distance between nebulae, that is, universes of stars like the Milky Way, is estimated by Dr. Edwin Hubble, Mt. Wilson astronomer, at nearly 2,000,000 light years. They are not distributed regularly, however, some bain 5 about one-tenth of this distance apart. A paradise for cows .is the way county agents describe the large acreage cf velvet beans planted in North Carolina. MILK INSPECTOR IS NAMED BY WRIGHT! Kai Hinj Luke, young Chinese' who recently was graduated from a mainland university, has been appointed city milk inspector by Mayor-elect Fred Wright. He will succeed J. A. Dias. Filipino club, was chairman of the 00 Tro wklS u4 ilJ 41 X JAMES T. PHILLIPS of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' association, who starts the new year with his 43rd birthday. He has rad a notable career as railroad man, auditor, teacher of accountancy at the University of Hawaii and salesman. After holding responsible railroad positions on the mainland, he came to Hawaii in 1916, served in the World war, and returned to prac tice his profession of accountancy. He joined the University of Hawaii ; faculty in 1921, and served also as auditor of the public utilities commission. He was later treasurer and general manager of the Royal Hawaiian Sales Co. and president of the Kauai Motor Co., Ltd. He Is a Mason and a Shriner, a member of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, the American Legion. Rotary and Commercial clubs and chamber of commerce, in nearly all of which he has held office. THE WORLD FAMED EFFERVESCENT SALT 111! x 1.1. hit ! i ti iillilliilil ll'lllll ill Hini I Stand by Hawaii my 111 H si i SiiiiHiinnin liiiiiUliiiihiiiiiliii II! Ill lilUUitt awaii ill EVERARDUS BOGARDUS. vice president and secretary of the Bishop First National bank, who is 34 years old. He was for three years with important financial institution of New York before he came to the Bank of Bishop in 1923. He first came to Hawaii in 1913, some time after his marriage to Elizabeth Carter, daughter of former Governor George R. Carter. He is a graduate of Yale, served with the navy during the World war, and is connected with a number of business establishments here. STOCKING CAPS FAVORED FOR WEAR IN WET DAYS (By The Associated Press) PARIS. Stocking caps another version of the popular beret are a favorite for rainy day wear. The snug little caps, bright in hue, have the double advantage of looking gay and holding stray locks in place. One Parisienne wears a knitted cap of dull orange with a brown tweed suit collared in caracul in wet weather. . Yes Champions do rrtako a car perform better. new head of the city and county neaiin department. The appointment of Luke and other food inspectors of the health department will be for three months only, since the city administration will ask the legislature to take over these duties exclusively as a territorial board of health function. More than 128.000 pounds of cabbages have been sold this year by farmers in Jackson county, N. C, through cooperative agencies. The diitribntion of Itentoii'd FfTdrodn TaWcfj resulted from th recovery cf citizen of I'usa-denft, Calif., after thiee years of tW-riddPii suffering frnm Arthritis Dpformins. These tab-Sets h&? done much to relieve mnwnlar aches atul pain, and ai'l in the treatment of arthritis, neuritis, aciatica, gout, and other rheumatic affiiitions, where due t' eicewire one acid in the system. Their intrinsic merit Ilea in the fact that they contain tie one known effective aolrent of one acid crystals. Prevribe4 by many leading physicians, stiJ endorsed by wholesale and retail dniggUn, these tablft tiave reached a sale from coat to coast largely through r-comniendation of one wifferer to enouier, SI. 50 for week 'a t.rrament. or S3.00 for month's treatment. At all lrug Stores. Tun in on ih Tifmfon Tiroirranrv Rtniioo KGJ1B, every Thursday e cuing 7:15 to 1:30' O clocfc Vita lO'HW Nf WW WfflffBMB to start a prosperous New Year and increase your earnings By calling todav at 8:30 a. m. on Mr. Meruk Room 7 SI S. Queen St. Pier 11, Terminal Cldg. (Haoles) 3 MEN 3 WOMEN Previous sales experience not necessary, free training school. You can start work at once. Average income $173 to $250 per month, with cash commissions, bonus and free life insurance. Work in Honolulu. This is an opportunity you can't afford to miss ! Work is selling Real Silk Hosiery and Heal Silk Products. STAR-BULLETIN $8 PER YEAR , n . I,,, , .I, i I, ,1 . i - - l:!F aB TWO TURKEYS START BIG FLOCK FOR CANADIAN (By The Associated Press) CALGARY, Alberta. Mrs. W. A. Freeman, Ardenode, Alta, won two turkeys at a raffle nine years a?o and has become the largest producer of the birds in Canada. Her original pair has grown to an annual flock of 2500 and next year she plans to raise 5000. The Freeman ranch is a show place of western Canada. A creek i furnishes plenty of water and a i sandy soil provides good drainage. The main flock is kept on about j 300 acres of land, and chicks are 1 raised in incubators. i 1 Territorial Distributor THE SCHUMAN CARRIAGE CO. AWrdieitt and AktUc Servtts Honofvft CHAMPION Dependable fcrBxrijEnqin9 TCLCCC, CIHIC. LI. S . A. PINEAP PLE BRAN REDUCTION The Hawaiian Pineapple Co., Ltd., announces a reduction in the Price of Pineapple Bran to S17.00 per ton f. o. b.its plant, Honolulu, effective January 1 , 93 1, also that ii will continue to make an allowance of 10c each for hags returned in good condition. Pineapple Bran is sold under standing order contracts calling for monthly deliveries Telephone 4931 for further Information. .Hawaiian Pineapple CoC9 Ii Cio

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