April 1901 Necrology - Col. Benjamin Wilson

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April 1901 Necrology - Col. Benjamin Wilson  - a, - - - ! j J ! FLAT - DWELLER - t .' ....
a, - - - ! j J ! FLAT - DWELLER - t .' . NECROLOGY OF ;1901. j ; - ' JANUARY. ' I Ignatius Donnelly, author and Top n'tt politician. Mlnneapolta. Charles L. Carson. ngllh dramatic rrltle. Bishop InuUlus Mark. Catholic Marauette. MlchT S. Bishop W. 0C Nlnde, Methoaist, De troit. ; ? ; . . i. Geru Tilchar'S A. Eatchelder. former quarermaster - seneral, V. 6. A., Washing' t'.'n. " ' . 5. Ex - Governor Curtis IL Brogden, Nosth Carolina. Charles - Alexander. Grind Duke of ' axe - Weimar. ' John Bardsley. - embezzling Tianker. Philadol Iphiao , : i . . rhillp.D. Armonr,,pork packer.ilChi - eago. BHhop Wlnand M. Wlgger. 'Catholic. 'Catholic. Newark J. : px - Unlted States Senator James w. Braaoury, aiaiae. 7. Frank G. Clarke, Congressman, Pe - terboro. N. II. . 1A I itr - Admiral Thctaas F. Phelns. U 8. N.. New Vork. Javjd G. Adee, novel - let. Washington. J 1L WilUam L. Trenhblm, ex - Comptrol Comptrol ler of the Treasury. Nw York. 11. John C. Fee. founder of Berea Col 1 l - . .. t V. 13. Lord Lionel Cedl. London. . H. The Right Bev. Mandeil Crelgbton, Bishop of London. '. - ' i 15. William P. Flshback. Journalist and lawyer, IndlananoV - ' Johann Faber, German German lead Dendl manufacturer. IS. James A, Mount, ex - Governor, In - aianapoiia - ' - 17. Florence A. Boecklen, German land spado ortist. 19. Tihe Dnke of Broglle, French states man. Thomas Bhaw. tnventon i hliaaei - Dhla. . . i i 20. John Lelsenrlng, mine (owner and former Congressman. Upper Lehigh, Pa. ZL Prof. Elleha Gray, telephone in ventnr. Nton Majui - 12. I Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland. : Saron wllheim von ttotn schild,: bankerJYankfort. Germany. Bi Dion Hasaler. jnusical director, Philadelphia. Philadelphia. - - ' 26. Gulseppe VerdL Italian composer. 28. Viscount Ilenry do Bornler, French dramatist. .. - - 29. Count bonrko, Russian field - mar shal. W. DeWltt Wallace author. Jurist ana soiaier. iaiayette. fna. . ' FEBRUARY. . I. Professor Edward E. Salisbury, Sanskrit Sanskrit and Arabic scholar, Yale University. 6. The Rev. Jonathan Weaver, - United Brethren bishop emeritus. Dayton. O, The Earl of. Gal way. England. 9. Gen. Jaroeb M. Ruggles, who drafted the first Republican platform, Sprlngneld, Mass. ' - - . 10. Col. Albert D. Shaw Congressman and ex - comtaander - ln - chlef of the G. A. R - . Watertown, N. Y. 3 11. Milan. ex - King oif Servla, in Vienna. Henry J. Elllcott. sculptor, Washington. 12. Don Ramon do Capoamar, Spanish poet, philosopher and statesman. 15. Maurice Thompson, novelist, Craw - fordsvllle. Ind. Gilbert A. Pierce. ex - Sen Sen ator from North Dakota and. ex - Governor of "Dakota Territory, Chicago. 16. Prof. C. .C Coles, editor or Storms and Signs, Kingston. Pa. . 17. Ethelbert Nevln, musician and coin - . posef7 ...ew ; Haven. Sir Francis Cooke, London. '. f 19. i Dr. William H. - Egle. historian. Haf - rlsbtirg. Pa. i 22. The Rt Rev. Mgr. Bessonles, Catholic. Catholic. Indianapolis. ' . 27. . The Rev. Robert Alexander, editor of the Presbyterian, Philadelphia, 2S. , William M. Evarts, lawyer ; and statesman. New York. MARCH. 5. John R. Beecroft, hymn writer. New York, i i . ' 6. Dr. Richard J. .'DungUson, editor and medical author, Philadelphia. . The Rev. Canpn William Bright, English theologian. Walter Ford, - ..song writer. New York. 7. Lyman D. Morse, head of advertising agency. New York. . 13, Benjamin Harrison," ex - President of the United States, Indianapolis, j 1 16. Mariott Bros! us. Congressman, Lancaster, Lancaster, Pa. . ' . j. 17. The Rev. Elijah Kellogg, author and preacher, Hsrpswell, Me. 18. Patrick Donahoe, publisher of Boston Boston Pilot. Joseph Rldert inventpr of remington remington rifle; Newark.'O. 13. Phllllppe F. Gllle, French Journalist and playwright. !' 20. The Rev. Arthur j Edward, editor Northwestern Christian, Advocate, Chicago. Chicago. I I - 2L The Rev. Frederick' A. Muhlenberg, i first president of Muhlenberg College, Reading, Pa. i 24. Charlotte M. xonge, EnKllsa novei - 1st. David Clark, InventoK Haxelton, 27. 29. M. Gaxln, French landscape painter. James Stephens. Irish Fenian leader. Roland Reed, comedian. New York. 30. The Rev. John Jasper, celebrated colored preacher, Richmond. a. APRIL. 10. Sir John Stalner. English churcjh music composer. Dr. Schlicbter, German - African geographer. 10. Dr. William T. Youmans. editor Popular Popular Science Monthly, New York. : ' 12. George Q. - Cannon, Jlorman church apostle, Monterey, Cal. . . Gen. A. C. McClurg, publisher, Chicago. Chicago. ' - It Bishop J. J. Esher. Evangelical, Chicago. Chicago. Prof. Henry A. Rowland, astronomer, astronomer, Baltimore. 22. Rt - Rev. William Stubbs. bishop of Oxford. England. . 23. Dr. Horatio Guzman: secretary of the Bureau ot American Republics, Wash ington. , . . , . . .. 2G. Col. Benjamin Wilson, ex - Congressman. Congressman. Congressman. - and one of the organizers of the State of West Virginia, Clarksburg, W. Va. . - - - 28. James D. Beld, "father of telegraphy." telegraphy." New York. . saw this array of household equipment, tlrey put by their hammers for a moment and said the furnlturewas not as shabby as they expected. Mrs; Flat Nine Wondered Wondered if the mahogany? that had arrived fr the new tenant was' the real thing, or If it was birch, with a thin veneer of mahogany. Mrs. Flat Svea - wondered w hat Mrs. Flat Fourteen's other name was: If she had a jiusband. and what his name was; who Le worked ior and whether whether - he would come tip smiling on rent day. Mrs. Flat Nine wondered if he drew a larger salary than Mr. Flat Nine, who has to - put up with round - steak through the week and go to,' his father - in - law's for a good dlaner on Sunday. The men carried Rome rretentleus library library furniture, of the weathered oak va riety, rrom the van, and Mrs. Flat Six gave her hammer a swing and said It did not look nearly as good as the golden oak In her library that weathered oak looked too much like It bad been left out doors ail winter. The men carried several armloads armloads of peper - wrapped pictures Into - the house. Mrs. Flat Seven said, there were so ,many of the. pictures that they could rot be genuine art, and that perhaps Mrs. Flat Fourteen .had obtained there with pounds of tea." A dresser of birdseye maple, with a large round mirror, floated up the stairs on the shoulders of the Btrvearing. puffing men, who - battered a comer or two and knocked a handle off One of the drawers. Mrs. (Flat Six said she had priced that very same dresser In a Washington - street store,) but her husband husband o!ld rot buy It because! It did not cost enoiigh. An upright Stelnway - was dragged out of the van and the Janitor said if the men could not get the rlano In. (he building building without knocking a wall down hf would, put It In. hlnwelf. My wife, whu swings a hammer well for a youhg "knocker." wondered If Mrs. Flat Fourteen Fourteen would Join the ragtime crowd of musicians In the building, or If she was a pianist from a Wagnerian school. Mrs. Flav Five took a rap with her hammer and said Mr. Flat Fourteen did not make as much money aa Mr. Flat Five, or they would have enameled kdtcben tools In stead of tin ones. My wife wondered H Mr. Flat Fourteen made more - salary than I do, and why he did not come home and helf his Jin - looking wife. Toward 12 o'clottk the van was emptied and the driver had failed In an attempt to boost the pr!e on account of the weight of the; Futio and the lack of a freight elevator, vore Mrs. Flat. Fourteen had made a I ; MAY. t Roaseau B. ' Crump, ' Congressman, West Bay City. Mlchi ' - , iX. Dr. Irving .C Rosse. medical author, Washington. . ; - 4. Archbrshop LewU. of Ontario &. Fir Dlnshaw Mauockjee, Tarsee - pil - Ixnthrotilst - . .. I ' 17. .Edwin F. lhl. es - ambaasador toj Germany.' Grand Rapids. Mich. Mrs. Ly man J. Gag, Washington. 3, Gen. Fitx - John Porter, ,MrTistown, N. J. .Ex - Congressman. Charles A. Bou - tallo. Bangor, Me. ' - 23. John R. anner, ex - Governor of Illi nois, Springfield. ' SO. Count Wflliam Blsmarckr Germany. . XL Br'f - Gen. Thomas Wilson, U. 8. A - , . . JUNE. 1 ' - 1 1. Ejf - CapL Henry W. Howgate. Wssh - ington. i , 2. James A. Heme, actor and play. wright. New York. The Rev. Dr. Mc Kay, Canadian missionary In Formosa. 1 The Rev. E. W. Parker, Methodist missionary Bishop to southern Asia. 10. Walter Besant. English novelist. Robert W. Buchanan, English poet and prone writer. 12. David Rea, Congressman, 8t. Jo seph, Ma - 18. Hazen ; 8. Pingree, ex - Governor of lri.i.1 . t i !i 18. P. C. Cheney, ex - Governor, Man chester. Ti. Hi 22. 'Adelbert Hsy, ex - consul to Pretcjria, New Haven. Conn. ' . 24. t Charles K. Saloman, English com poser. .25. The Rev. Joseph Cook, author and lecturer. Tlconderoaa. K. x. 27. Joseph Ledle, founder of Dawso.i t,ity fiaitsDurg. a. x, 28. United States Judge William A. Wood, Indlanarolls. 29. Col. David R. Paige, financier and ex - congressman, Cleveland. .: j JULY. L . James H. Kyle. United States Sena tor, Aberdeen, o. L). 2. Albert Johnson, traction capitalist. Cleveland.; J. S. Rogers, locomotive man uiactureri t - aterson. is. J 4. Prof. I FrankUn W. Flsk, ex - presl dent of Chicago jTheologlcal Seminary, fror.,ionn piske, philosopher and his tonan, cumondire. Mass. 6 - Prince 'von Hohenlbhe, ex - chancellor or liermany. Prof. Joseph Leconte. Uni versity of Calif orria. Prof. - Johannes Schmidt. Indo - Germtn scholar, Berlin Lntv - rslty. 7. Pierre Lorlllard, capitalist and turf man, xsew.iork. 12. R. H. Newell - ("OrpTieus C. Kerr"", humorist. New; York. I Richard B. Hub - Dara. ex - Uovernor, of Texas. 17. Gen. Daniel . Butterfield, Pough keepsie. N. Y; - i 22. petr Jackson, colored pugilist, in Australia. - 2S. George - K. Washington. Lawton! astronomer. 2S. Rear - Adralral John" Irwin. U. 8. N.. reurea, Washington. W.' IL Johnson, .n ventor, Louisville. The Rt Rev. Brooke westcott. oisnop or uurnam, ungiano. 29. Thfe Rev. Adam Miller, "father of German Methodism in America." Chi cago. Paul Alexis. French novelist. 3L Prof. Charles . A. Schott, physicist. n asamgion. . i AUGUST 3. Right Rev. Abram L. Littlelohn. Episcopal blshoD of Lonr - Island. i - e. uq wager jimpress Frederick of Ger many. v 6. Judge William C. Price. ex - United states i reasurer. cnicago. . 7. Maj. - uen. James 8. Neelev. Plain - neia, - 'iN. v. 8. lMlliam A. Newell. ex - Governor. Al lentoVn. N. J. 9. Prince Henri of Orleans, in Cochin. cnina. IL Francesco . CtIsdL ex - Premier of Italy. . 14. Sir William Laird. Scotch Ironmas ter, uomenico Morein. Italian painter. . IS. Beaumont Smith, playwright and actor, Denver. W. J. Chamberlain, war correspondent. Av xork. 20. C. M. Vicuna. Chilean minister to the United States, at Buffalo. 23. James W. LyelL Inventor. New York. i . 29. Charles A. BusleL ex - rGovernor. La - conta, .n. 11. I - . 30. Brtg. - Gen. WUliam Ludlow. Con vent. N. J. . SEPTEMBER. , 3. Dr. Samuel Porter, educator of deaf mutes, JFarmlngton, Conn. Justice Murphy, of the Irish Supreme Court. . , . . . v. ... - 8. IL O. Armour, pork packer, Chicago. 9. J; Gordon Coegler, poet, , Columbia, S. - C - ! - 13. Eugene Diaz, composer. London 14. William McKlnley.; President of the United States, at Buffalo. Gen. E. H. Hobson, president 'of the Mexican. War Association, Cleveland. 16. Right Rev. Henry B. Whipple. Prot estant Episcopal bishop, of st Paul. 17. Rev. Dr. Orvllle M. Hartshorn foun der of Mt Union College, Alliance, O. 18.; James G. Batterson, granite - cutting inventor, llartrord 20. Charles C. Delmontco, restaurateur, Colorado Springs, CoL 24. Judge Jeremiah M. Wilson. ex - Con rressman rrom Ohio. W ashington. 26. John O. Nlcolay, private secretary end biographer ot : Abraham uncoin. Washington. ' , OCTOBER. I. Henry W. Cramp, shipbuilder, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, i i The Ameer of Afahanlstan. 7. William Rodgers, father of the sheet iron industry In America. V heeling, 8. The Rt Rev. Alexander Burgess, FnlBcoDal blshon of Qulncy, 111, Ji Dr. H. M. Tuttle, inventor of thorite, Seattle. - Wash. I 10. Lorensa Snow, president of the Mor man church, Paltf Lake. it. Joshua T. Brooks, second vice - presl dent of the Pennsylvania railroad. flaUm. o. i I v The Rev. George 8. Mott. president df the American Sabbath Union, East Orange. N. J. . 15. The Duke of Alba, Spanish grandee. In New York. 18. Ariel Barney, theatrical manager. Vow York. 18. John 8. Plllsbury. flour merchant and ex - Governor, Minneapolis. . 19. Rear - Admiral Francis M. Bunco. U. B V.. retired. Hartford. Gen. Walter S. Payne, ex - command er - ln - chlef, Sons of Veterans. FostOrta. O. t 2a Gen. James Walker, ex - Congress man. Richmond, Va. - ) NOVEMBER., ; j 1 4. Joel P. Bishop, author of legal text books. Cambridge, Mass. ' 4. Joslah M. Reed, cooking range In ventor, Everett. Mass. James G. Peakea, sinsrer. ISew xorg, 7. Li Hung Chang. Chinese statesman. Adolph F. Kraus, . sculptor, Hyde Park, Maas. 1 8. Miss Kate Greenaway, Engllab book lllustratorl f 14. Col. J Henry W. Mapleson, English operatic manager. Rrlg. - Gen. Henry L. Robinson. I retired. New York. . 15. Wlllfam McMillan., president of the American Car and Foundry .Company. ..18. Dr. William F. . N orris, oculist and medical writer. Philadelphia. '22. Gount von Hatxfeldt - WIldenberg, German dlplomate. 24. A. J. Streeter, former union labor nominee for President, New Windsor. III. 27. Clem Studebaker. wagon manufac - 1 turer and ex - Congressman. Indiana.. Ds" vtd IL Waite. ex - Governor of Colorado. - 30. Dr. Herman Strecker, sculptor and entomologist. Heading. fa.. - DECEMBER. 2. Dr. Charles Esslg, dental author. Ph adolph a. 4. Oen. A. D. Haxen. eat - Third Assistant I Postmaster - General, - . yashlngto. - Burl William McCormac. president of the Brtt - Ish Roval College or burgeons. - 10. Ex - Judge Robert W. Hughes. Jour - nallst Richmond. Va. is. John swinton, ? political economist, Brooklyn. " ' IS. William Gregory. Governor of Rhode Island. . 17. Dr. Rush 8. Huldekoper, veterinarian and volunteer army surgeon, Phlladel - chla. ' " 23. William E. Channlng, author. Con - 1 cord, Maas. Mrs. - Jennie. 'June Croly, organiser of - women s clubs, New York. Ut. j. it. Malcolm, meoicai autnnr, tiutcn - tnson. Kas. Sir Joseph IL Gilbert, Eng lish chemist. 24 John R. Rogers, Governor, Olympla, Wash. 27. William J. Few - all, United States Senator,, Camcjen, is. J. of of at of

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  • April 1901 Necrology - Col. Benjamin Wilson

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