The New York Times (New York, New York) 9 April 1916 Page 31

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The New York Times
(New York, New York)
9 April 1916  Page 31 - TREE AND ! ' Mir Herbert Tree is sri iff...
TREE AND ! ' Mir Herbert Tree is sri iff lof-furs lof-furs lof-furs e lb dined, on ef Iht pesofMe tUttint erlrbfify nut pa t ia Xf)o rsrfc. Heerntt. - inu II pweaf . bease at s rffaaer oivm by ! Twilight CUb st la Wo'rl UrAlpim, sad that portion portion of hit tprrrh drarribi( ta .reals tal ieit mo to hit anpeareae. i it tft. dlaaer ts pHat.d beloto. I By till HERBbtRT TREE. IF there Is a wot 4 undescripttve 'of the genius of New Tork. that word Is "Twilight." Tou do not find here those half-tones half-tones half-tones In which your own Whistler immortalised Ixmdon and the Thames. Here at the first approach of twilight there are flashed upon the skyline those wonderful Illuminations; of Broadway, which, while they wosld have delighted the eye. would have baffled the brush of Turner himself, the most modern of poet-lrni'rts.lonlst. poet-lrni'rts.lonlst. poet-lrni'rts.lonlst. Twlliaht Is not only anl atmospheric condition.' it Is a mental state. n latitude latitude toward life; the nearest approach to it to be found la New York lw th Twllluht lof lh hlirh-1rows hlirh-1rows hlirh-1rows I have myself a sneaking lilt towartl aymbl-. aymbl-. aymbl-. ism, though I am bound t say that' In the modern drama 1 have failed to dm- dm- cover a symbol!: substitute for a tattle, a bed or rven a chair If fne sits down on a symbol one Is spt to find one's self the victim of nil pi send confidence--he confidence--he confidence--he confidence--he that sltttth down on a nail riselh sjid-denly! sjid-denly! sjid-denly! In a restless ase there is much to be said for the twilight condition.; I suppose the Twilight Club was created to supply a long-felt long-felt long-felt want. Some primeval i President sstd In his heart: " Let there be Twilight." and lo. there was a Twilight Club. Tonight we are luxuriating In the land of Twilight, j Ladles snd gentlemen, I will make a confession to you now that I am here. I feel I owe you something In the nature of a personal explanation.' Until quite lately I thought the Twilight Club was a myth, la phantasmagoria, a nebular hypothesis, a kind of "Mrs. Harris" among popular Institutions, with j no more reality than Btevenson's Suicide Club, a name without a local habitation, habitation, whose members were composed of " gentlemen of the shade, minions of the moon." 'It seemed to me a kind of Lorelei which should overturn the bark of the unwary exile who listened to the Insidious songs of the temptress. By the side ef the Twilight Club the " Cot-terdammerung Cot-terdammerung Cot-terdammerung " of Wagner seemed a stern reality, a concrete crystallisation of the moist element. j . This Is what happened. I left home laat November; from the moment I started I. was haunted by phantoms of the Twilight Club, When the good ship Ryndam churned the foam of Falmouth Bay and shivered toward these shores I received two messages one, 1 am proud to say, was a message of good wish, from Mf. Psge, your Ambassador In London, (the other was an invitation from the Twilight Club. , I had never heard of the Twilight Club, and 1 showed the cablegram to en Important cltlsen of New York, an acquaintance of the basin, rather thsn of the loving cup. It wss he who sowed the seed of poisonous poisonous suspicion In my mind. " Beware," said he, "of sll documents purporting to emanate from that quarter. Do nut compromise yourself . by answering them." From that time to the present I have not had a moment's peace. I have; endeavored endeavored to pursue a diplomatic silence the armed neutrality of discretion. ! On my arrival in New York I received another another message to which there was no signature, only the mystic words. "The Twilight; Club awalta your answer." That convinced me that I was the. intended intended victim of a great conspiracy. I even suspected that it might be a form TWILIGHT of frightfulness which should make my sojourn here unbearable; or worse, it might even be a practical Joke emanating emanating from the mischievous intellectuals cf a Lamba Club gambol. ' Trom that moment I was bombarded with letters, telegrams, cablegrams, and wireless messages. I began to suspect every fellow-being fellow-being fellow-being I met upon - the street. On leaving the stage door of the New Amsterdam. Theatre ' strange . f igurea would dart from the darkness and tlrt In my ear the words, .Twilight Club "i deputations from women's clubs would assemble In the ball of my hotel they would pretend to talk about female suffrage, suffrage, but there was always one fatal burden lo their visitations, " Are yoa coming to the Twilight ClubT" I ?ni held on to sllenre. with set teeth. , Did I take refuse in a taaicab or la, the subway, still the marie words were ro-!eated ro-!eated ro-!eated in my ears, till they rreated a kind f bux&iiig. Even' the dorks seemed to be ticking, " Twilight Clob, Twilight. Club." ..till the words became' a kind of olieasion. ' I would lead the t-ff t-ff t-ff of a hermit t took refuge on the twenty-fifth twenty-fifth twenty-fifth twenty-fifth floor of the Piaxa Hotel a telephone telephone would ring I lifted the recercer': " Twilight Club. giod-b'e." giod-b'e." giod-b'e." In despair I ru.shed to jjet sir. f pulled up the blind, snd there through the chimney top oppiislto. I taw the now-drealrI now-drealrI now-drealrI words In, terrible, syncopating lettcra flashed In red ' upon the retina of my eye I fell in a fit upon the floor.- floor.- When I awoke from tar nightmare r found a doctor holding my pulse. As ho left me, clutching a prescription In my bsnd, he said. " I hope jyou are coming to the Twilight Club." j .! But worse remain! behind two days ago I received this letter from a young lady: j j , , Mr Dear Sir HerWt: May t m yew! I am aa An.wKan s'rt with a benttea kMrt. a Miit. of humor, and a vnlvrtr ii-a. ii-a. ii-a. tlon. and I know I rae art scauae I an terribly an4 ratbr vaia. I fte-t fte-t fte-t .. th. American manager rrt'ee. tb Im that Is til-mt til-mt til-mt without aad blank, wlthia. and has a llmouon 1 do t bisns thet you f.t a man's ar.ttnxirh bis ). 1 am a member of th Twlticht Club. t ' .hall meet you thr aM publicly ask you for an anrasetnent eniMS-t- eniMS-t- eniMS-t- eniMS-t- That was the Isst strsw X. put tt In my hslr when a msn comes to his test ? straw he generally puts It In his hslr. If he hss any left. I was brought here to- to- i night by a mysterious motor whose ' owner Is unknown to me; I was hurtled ! Into your presence, and here I am. La- La- tiles and gentlemen, the dreaded moment j has arrived, snd like most dreaded mo- mo- ! ments, now that I ara face to face wlrt, -It, -It, It does not seem nearly so terrible as t lu anticipation, but that Is life. X have often read In the newspapers : " T . criminal in the dock was the only person person unmoved." Whyt Because In bs ; Imagination he has passed through all ; the sufferings and terrors of his pi-1 pi-1 pi-1 altlon. and the reality seems bat aa un-'; un-'; un-'; substsntlal shadow cast by his Imagine-'' Imagine-'' Imagine-'' tlon. Bo It Is with people who are moi: Imaginative; they are as a rule th most calm In a crisis. It Is the unlmagt- unlmagt- ! native who are terrified when they face . the tixer. To be calm la cristsT-that cristsT-that cristsT-that is i the test of men, ; ' - - - : " Hip Hip Parade, 'J The 1,274 persons connected with th. Hippodrome will give a parade Wednes. day morning 4s a part of the Iir; o:r drome's tenth birthday celebration. John ; Philip Ho uaa and his band will head .che' procession in which every - department,! will be represented. The line of march will be: Hippodrome to Forty-second- Forty-second- Forty-second- Forty-second- Street, west to Eighth Avenue, South t. to Thirty -fourth, -fourth, east to Madison, north to Forty-second Forty-second Forty-second and back to the theatre. ;

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  1. The New York Times,
  2. 09 Apr 1916, Sun,
  3. Page 31

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  • The New York Times (New York, New York) 9 April 1916 Page 31

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