1905 Frisco Light and Gin Co

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1905 Frisco Light and Gin Co - ha Mttr Works Question. 'arcthcctijfcvwurn !...
ha Mttr Works Question. 'arcthcctijfcvwurn ! Saturday night. Th lpoei) i el u Fn.ro Ughl & r'n Co. wa ctm t "d presented to the id nwiirr. There wer quite iwcsVr interested psr- psr- lie Jtsi,t to "bp 'P" n(1 ,heir effort were awrn-P'' awrn-P'' awrn-P'' ,,,r? eTrjrthiDgtJiir.oa .' tley c-ceeded c-ceeded c-ceeded ia fpn'-.mt fpn'-.mt fpn'-.mt U -e -e fltr eept thl tbe fk'rt" h " ''cru PptoreU or tbe '"" 11 'KeV Jhi wtter l nSt's11 Mpt-le; Mpt-le; Mpt-le; J Uct, it j4 Kin: tn.l ir rfcbiriK. nd in the fe.ntV.c "uion of tlwr writrr bontd not 1 1 v- v- -,,t -,,t "lU h-1'.- h-1'.- h-1'.- h-1'.- I gi'jpou brfctir then i.jxitK'n to Xhe town; : t High . t id to sur-have ner, They ..i-v,, ..i-v,, ..i-v,, u, -to -to Kite them charter (,.sriD.J allow V , ... few feel of lege Semi-this fair olis wn pipes atuu i ibf ju- ju- Uc ju'e, for which they tic otv to pay them $500. a j eat i ?er', or in the g-Kgate g-Kgate g-Kgate fu Iti icrfvt-e icrfvt-e icrfvt-e U!t only in wif cj u-c u-c u-c If nuy hu!i:ev boufe dsfjlj,, ,,. this '-wstef '-wstef '-wstef for any porpoe tbry jM m a year to the, rrisco Liht v- v- n Co. (or tbe ptm-lege, ptm-lege, ptm-lege, i jwiiir ffnu y w.itili to any taru m';rr tbey mut r f' year; Jj i'ar k-.-cp k-.-cp k-.-cp k-.-cp k-.-cp a rtr or borse Si a ya w1riH--V-tiririf w1riH--V-tiririf w1riH--V-tiririf w1riH--V-tiririf w1riH--V-tiririf w1riH--V-tiririf ihry ant to spra tiiti: i;jiiirii or flowent these uiujt be ' f-r f-r f-r in a I:'.Hn. The people tnuJ f'uVri li tbe eiteot o( 5JO year to hue the wlcr brought iu reach o( them, and ilitu 'it they want to ue any o( j:, t;m uuvst buy iul pay for it wrin. Tb-. Tb-. Tb-. .: uA took like fair propositi a i mt. I (ait to ee Hgbt or Juliet :n u li i lieal. I do lKt like to pay for ;'..:n; We out. Are the iher pt-oj, pt-oj, pt-oj, : ';;tj; to pay tvrire? If they pay tbr r :.xr ari l thru pay (or tbia water ih".b :nul tlj they ee ) tbe -rr -rr ! pJio twice. If tbey do . t ue any ol t, they pay foT it oore, ii ;';. iy any taxea. 1 tn oppHtJ to K uj; thia prepv,. nail. But it is op to '.fl'jrr they want it ' i r; t it. acd theae til be'p them get it ::. irr tu aay. I haee ; t!-e t!-e t!-e peopie atJ find : n :ti..n them a to . : Koinx ioto thii an see but one juM th.am tton oo any u b the peop'e to , or not. If thei ! tertna ault thei-. thei-. thei-. and hare atbir talked with i f a diTeraiit of o: tbe Jri,J lr, cbeme ad fail that iat pay erf o( t. rule. T W ribe Tir 1 1 1 1 L I . '.he quatio, ati t a oe oi the tas an ! iet the majority (! aii-l aii-l aii-l dtuiKlalic. es, the the he t 10 r ut it of ; r .at-.. .at-.. .at-.. t iiU" rt t a: '. :ir ait iin i i nVrt ! . f-t f-t f-t .,'. . i t!! ! - !t.( t' J I.'. 1'. i-dailj; i-dailj; i.t tl h i, the I. dot.e l.rn.g I'.. r -I -I mm m m y t ;pre.l to R'wng into . i'i-tainx i'i-tainx i'i-tainx detita of 5 year y f or oo my cluMftu e, t on tny nnxbhti or .. I (Link the tmodple ia I v .1 not willingly ito it. no! ! held weat month to rr, then why not at the . 'itr.'t lhi qwevitn to srote r atid let tbein decide it bat tbey want' It will ettra to have thia propnai-. propnai-. propnai-. hy t'.ie jep!e. . ay :u conclaait'U that Bo ury frtW Rfeater inter wta. prosperity an 1 gener the ttr,rt ttwa 1 b. ami no , turtna wilt go farther or I totearl s leant in if ( the town, lit we should tl.it Graii'mry la ntt b aa tome if oat eia:hlor . r.ncot keep up w ith Ibem -.Ve -.Ve cannot do it if we JolUr we hatt in tbe eHrt t abe itTiproTenienta s (t bv.1 we eanu get eeerj We bat only s limite- limite- ; am with sbiib to make , H e n-w n-w n-w hae u"k' lent le an ! t:'T,, ,D P,lt'u ,t r- r- e i'ur treela, tmt i tit and pay foe water at . a I . .Sow Willi U aua.l t f,., e Ufel water w.r.e the rrfber bipetetiiefit . .u ce ur tbe other, but i , tune without rwoiunaf ,(!,it,- ,(!,it,- I th rk weaboull ...are asd 6 9 vvt tin tbe water worka prop t1 ,,,. an ) ia tbe B.e.n- B.e.n- ; j,. uoa frcm "ber ii-ltBare'"g ii-ltBare'"g ii-ltBare'"g viks. to ol S. . ran tf ',,,r than sct"el " . ;.. t-t t-t t-t . . .i-..it .i-..it .i-..it thia er tin . rf t,t rither Ut as f-, f-, f-, .u,'etv.t. disMr't.e .1 ,.h a fen'y f' '' ,1 s a. "pi k (ores ' f lliVl I e. I ' ' t ,, o,.. f.irasdj (,., , tmt the' an I s .r. , . , dtsy r","'fJ IfUl were f ant to Ini'l i :V1lv tss afciw rsur.i a t . ..a I I t at US' a a -mi -mi 'it t f'M. .. b..e..', e.rle and h"! ... I'', It S:e.et,...e Jet.. . . ' ... t. ..a Irf ' ,t si "". T tlUth' eit'.ru we; J D. paown.

Clipped from The Granbury News09 Mar 1905, ThuPage 8

The Granbury News (Granbury, Texas)09 Mar 1905, ThuPage 8
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  • 1905 Frisco Light and Gin Co

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