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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28. 1936 Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Has Ruby Red I : 1 Swing - back p KNELL OF "CRAZY STYLE" ERA SOUNDED BY PATOU IN HIS STYLE CREATIONS FOR SPRING Divided Evening Skirts Are Innovations Welsh Lunch rrogram of Music and Readings Features Affair In Piatt Woolworth Au ditorium Womans' Auxiliary to the Lacka wanna County Pharmaceutical Society entertained delightfully at a Welsh luncheon and program yesterday aft' ernoon, in Piatt Woolworth Audi. torium. Mrs. George Brown, president, presided, and Mrs. Percy Davis and Mrs. Thomas B. Evans were cochair - men of arrangements. The program included: vocal solos by Mrs. J. Norman White, Edna May Payne Reese, Myfanwy Beynon Jones; Welsh reading by Mrs. D. J. Thomas; whistling solo by Miss Eirabeth Grif. fiths; recitation by Arthur Williams, nd a medley, of Welsh airs by Mrs. D. B. Thomas. Guest List Those present were : Mesdames Percy Davis, Thomas B. Evans, Mary Sulton, George Breig, C. Bruning, Eldred Borthwick, Harold Biddleman, Arthur Bissell, Henry Brown, Herman Brown, George Brown, David Birtley, George Breig, Harold Bridgeman, Everett Davies, J. M. Da vies, William De - laney, Gladys Davis, Howard Davis, John Davis, Nelson Davies, Thomas Corcoran, Joseph Culkinn, Emmett Cade, Carl Cunningham, Wendell P, Evans, Stanley Evans, Herman Frue - han, George Fletcher, - Marie Ford, John R. Gordon, T." J. Gardner, Arja Griffith, Hoyt Jones, William B. Jen kins, Myfanwy Beynon Jones, Paul Judge, Joseph Golden, John Hallock, Harry Knoepfel, Jessie Kehrli, Klon - cski, E. L. Kiesel, H. C. Leslie, J. J. Lonsdorf, John Lockery, Peter LaUey, Helen Laudig, Edward LeKarz, Percy Morris, Harold Miller, Richard Matthews, Matthews, Clarence Miller, Edward Mccracken, Mccracken, Frank Mulherin, Sadie Man - gan, Thomas Murphy, William McDonald, McDonald, P. J. McNamara, William Maxey, F. T. Melville, Joseph Nemethy, Emil Notari, Edward Notari, J. J. . OToole, E. H. Osborne, John Phillips, Phillips, C. R. Park, Osborne Richards, Walter Roberts, John Reese, Robling, T. T. Richards, Dan owank, George Sample, William Scheuer, Michael " Steples, Justin T. Smith, Robert Shenk, Conrad Schroeder, Elizabeth Schroe - der, Joseph Sacks, Edward Spalding, Albert Snyder, Sheridan, Ann Sobeck, Sanker, Stanley Thomas, Everett, Jos eph Thomas, Hannah Thomas, Harold Craig, Frank Radle, Robert Williams, T. Scranton Williams, Philip B. Wtf. liams, Alex Watkins, J. Norman White, Jennie Walsh, Torrington Watkins, David Davies. Edward Davis, John Dav. James Edwards, John Manley, J, W. White, Julia O'Donnell, Percy Mor rls, Alec Yanoshat, J. H. Allison, John W. F. Vitger, D. T. Lewis, D. C, Sheeley, A. W. Trass and Misses Montgomery, Montgomery, Katherine Schadt, Audrey Mulherin. Mary Mazzucca, Elizabeth Griffith, Frances Merrett, Emily Kiesel, Kate Davis and Martha Davis. 0 0 0 Tau Beta Sigma Plans Dance Tomorrow The Leap Year formal dance of the Tau Beta Sigma Sorority will take place tomorrow night in Hotel Jermyn, Miss Miriam Erster is general chairman chairman of the affair and is being assisted by the Misses Pearl Stein, Mildred Milgram and Anne Mardo on the ticket committee. The organization has been in existence existence for more than eighteen years and numbers chapters in the following priiv cipal cities: Scranton, Newark, New York, Binghamton, Hazleton, Baltimore Baltimore Rochester, Wilkes - Barre. Allen - town and Jersey City. The officers of the sorority are: Beatrice Abramowitz. chancellor; Ida Mazess', purser; Sylvia Baldinger, recording secretary, and Sylvia Lonstein, corresponding secretary. secretary. The sorority comprises the following members: Beatrice Abramowitz, Ida Mazess, Sylvia Lonstein, Sylvia Baldinger, Baldinger, Pearl Stein, Mildred Milgram. Mildred Baron, Rose Englander Lillian Lillian Lipman, Anne Mardo, Hanna Ehrenreich, Irene Bloom, Miriam Erster, Tess Schmerin, Anne Adler and Rose Cohen. ooo ' Plans Completed For Purim Carnival Plans are completed for the Purim carnival, to be held by the Temple Junior Junior League in the auditorium of the Temple Israel,,early next month. Murray Murray Barnett is general chairman of the affair, and is being assisted by the following committee heads: publicity, publicity, Reglna Marru; games, Frances Mann; tickets Arnold Gross; refreshments, refreshments, Harriet Weber; prizes, Natalie Abrams. ooo Owaissa Club To Conduct Party 0 0 0 The Owaissa Club of the Y. W. C. A. will conduct a St. Patrick's party Monday night, March 16, in the association association building. The committee on arrangements includes: Vera Kasin, Loretta Colomino, Ann Kelemanik, Helen and Ann Pizer, Ann Hratuck and Irene Petty. A business session of the club will be held next Monday night In the association building. 0 0 0 Veterans' Auxiliary Plans Party Tomorrow Scranton Electric City Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars, No. 1601, will entertain at a card party tomorrow tomorrow evening in the post rooms, 322 North Washington Avenue. Pinochle and dominoes will be played with prizes for high scores. Mrs. Jean Armbruster is general chairman of arrangements, and is being assisted by Mrs. Mary Smith as cochalrman, and the following following committee: Mesdames Amelia Willis, Willis, Anna Roberts, Margaret Hayes, Marie Kosko, Ethel Henry, Dorothy Hicks, Irene Thorn, Ruth Wagner, Jule Miller, Millie Campbell, Mary Miller, Marie Bachman and Alice Armstrong. Shand - Widdick Nuptials Announced . Mr. and Mrs. A. Widdick, North Fillmore Avenue, announce the marriage marriage of their daughter, Marjorie, and H. R. Shand, Philadelphia, which took place September 18, last in Wilkes - Barra. Tha attendants were Miss Elizabeth Dewey and George Robin - ton. Mr. and Mrs. Shand will reside to Philadelphia after April 1. iA i p 111' 'it Iwli - " Even the slip worn under the ruby red chiffon dress is of matching color. The cape is the same shade of Summer velvet, with flowing dolman sleeves. The gilt belt provides the lone note of contrast, but it, too, is studdied with rubies. It's a Lelong design. By JEAN PATOU OARIS, Feb. 28. Although the general silhouette of the creations included In my new Spring collection shows little change, distinguishing innovations in handling of materials and details continue the trend away from "crazy, styles." Daytime clothes sports, country and Informal dresses or suits are gay but comfortable and essentially practical. The use of pleating in its various forms contributes some novel effects and many skirts are divided for active sports wear such as golfing and yachting. Good, comfortable' topcoats in English woolens complete many of these outfits. Suits for every hour of the day and in every possible medium wool, silk, rayon, tulle, sheer fabrics confirm the success of this type of dress, which offers all the possibilities possibilities of expressing individuality and is above all practical. Wool dresses worked like silk, or vice versa, are completed completed by boleros, short capes or jackets fitted through the waist and hips, and a few 3 - 4 swagger coats. Some of the wool dresses are trimmed with braiding or embroidery, indicating that today the wool dress Is just as appropriate for afternoon as for morning wear. As a matter of fact, I have used a great deal of embroidery and embroidered fabrics in both day and evening dresses. Chinese Inflence Evident in Evening Color I have devoted a great deal of study and time to my new evening dresses and while some reflect a Chinse influence, influence, this is by no means predominating. I have also used a good deal of pleating and although the line is stressed it is never hampered. A number of semi - divided or completely divided skirts appear here, which are distinctly new. I am launching two new colors, reflecting the Influence Influence of the London Exhibition of Chinese Art. These are "Cattleya," a pinkish mauve, and "Spring Green," a green with a yellow overtone. Both are featured in my afternoon and evening gowns in monotones, and in hats. Outside of these two fundamental colors I have employed employed a good deal of Chinese violet - blue, some greys and naturally a range of medium and dark navy blues (navy - competing with black as in every Summer collection). Fabrics offer particular interest this season and the French textile manufacturers have made a great creative effort to produce new weaves, and new prints which are bewildering In their extreme fantasy. Rodier's handsome silk jersey "djersamat" fashions a number of form - fitted gwns which I think will have a great success and Bianchini's quadruple "Superlorganza," of the organza family, appears in a number of very feminine trimmings as well as in dressy suits and formal evening gowns. New Prints Designed By Artists of Palette " Prints have never offered such a wide range of choice. While I have used a number of the more conservative, classic prints, in floral and other designs, I thought it . worth while to call upon painters, and not fabric designers, to produce prints which would be entirely different from .. any seen hitherto. I like to think I have been successful and there are some designs In my collection which can be classed in three schools the first akin to Claude Monet's Impressionism, the second to the cubist school of recent years and the third to the modern Russian School of Decorative Art. All three have been executed in a novel way and the result Is something entirely different. My reembroidered prints represent the maximum of luxury and sumptuousness achievable in 1936 and, in another another way, the printed fabrics which were executed on my instructions contribute the touch of eclecticism as well as novelty to my collection. I did this intentionally, as I . happen to be, in spite of everything, an eternal optimist. The attractive swing - back achieved by two pleats on each shoulder and wide "college gown" sleeves are new features of the knee - length swagger coats created for Spring by Creed. This ene is In shaded homespun of beige and brown. Lotions Advised For Oily Skins By ALICIA HART The woman with oily skin should spend the bulk of her beauty budget money on lotions, masks and special greaseless creams which, if used faith fully, will shrink the pores and check the flow of excess oil. She can leave creamy foundation lotions and rich tissue creams to her dry and normal skinned sisters. These so - called nourishing products have no place in routines to alleviate oil. Masks are recommended for all types of skins, of course. Whether or not they benefit your particular type of complexion depends on the way you use them. For instance, dry skin should be patted with rich cream before a mask is applied. Clean the skin, put on cream, remove, then smooth on the mask. When the mask is dry, rinse off and use lavish quantities quantities of cream again. Oily skins, on the other hand, should not be creamed either before or after. In fact, they need cream only after long exposure to cold wind or brilliant sunshine not at any other time. Naturally, oily complexions generally show rather large pores. For this reason, foundation lotion should be a medicated variety with astringent properties. In addition, po. - a cream ought to be used at night. If the oilyj condition is in an ad vanced stage, forget entirely about cleansing creams and clean with soap and water at least three times a day. Incidentally, practically every skin ought to be washed with soap and water at night. Mrs. Friedewald To Give Reading Mrs. salo Friedewald will read "First Lady," Tuesday, March 3, at the Providence Presbyterian Church. The public is invited. Churches to Observe Day of Prayer The annual World Day of Prayer will be observed today by Central City Churches, meeting at 3 o'clock this afternoon in Westminster Presbyterian Church. The program will be in charge of Mrs. Peter K.' Emmons, assisted by members of the Women's Missionary Societies of other Central City churches. All women of these churches are invited to attend. On Committee Etiquette, Social Culture Problems Questions dealing with etiquette and social culture will be answered In this column daily. Send your questions to Naldah Ross, care of The Scranton Republican. Republican. For class or private instruction instruction Is personality development and social culture call Mrs. Ross, 4 - 5380. Dear Naldah Ross: My husband and I wish to entertain a few friends on our fortieth anniversary. anniversary. Would you please suggest something in invitations, table decorations, decorations, menus, and what hours would be most appropriate. Thank you, E. M. ANSWER You will be able to entertain more friends if you plan a buffet supper, than in any other way. You can use your husband and your own combined visiting card, and in the lower left hand corner write Buffet Supper, Sunday, Sunday, March 22, 7 p. m. You should have several card tables set for four people each. . On your dining room table have a centerpiece of jonquils and tulips, a stack of plates, a platter of chicken salad, a casserole of meat balls and spaghetti, some olives, salted nuts, sandwiches and biscuits. At a side table have some French pastry, candy, preserved ginger, and hot coffee in your service. Bridge or Monopoly could follow later in the evening. Max Pine Club Elects Officers At a special meeting of the Max Pine Club, in the Y. M. H. A., the following officers were elected: President. President. Mrs. Fannie Waltzer; corres ponding secretary, Mrs. Lillian Perir recording secretary, Mrs. S. Liber - gott; treasurer. Mrs. Rebecca Miller. Italian Club To Meet Tonight The Young Women's Italian Club will meet tonight at 334 Lackawanna Avenue. Appointment of bylaws and standing committees will be made. Mrs. Luther Freeman will preside. De Lacey Tent To Meet Tonight A white elephant party will follow the meeting of Elizabeth De Lacy Tent. No. 10. Daughters of Union Vet erans, tonight in Memorial Hall. 'A Kiss in Xanadu' Is Charming Tale Century Club Interpretation Of Deems Taylor's Piece Exquisitely Drawn ersonals Miss Jay Miller is a member of the decorations committee, assisting with arrangements for the St. Patrick's dance, to be held March 17, in the Green Ridge Club, by the Alpha Omega Sorority. Misses Dorothy Raf - ferty and Jane Hoppell are cochairmen of the dance committee. "Y" Sports' Club To Elect Officers Election of officers will take place at the meeting of the newly organ ized sports' club of the health educa tion department of the Y. W. C. A. Monday night at 8 o'clock, in Piatt Woolworth Auditorium. The nomi nating committe comprises Ethel Weston, Weston, chairman; Grace Quinn, Grace Tighe, Helen Heil and Anna Lysak. Grace Williams, health education secretary, secretary, will preside, and a talk on Posture" will be given by Miss Doris Clifford. Past Presidents To Meet Tonight Past presidents of Ool. Monies' Circle, No. . 19, Ladies of the Grand Army will meet Wnight at the home of Mrs. Emma Reeser. Morris Avenue. Avenue. Missionary Society Will Convene The Woman's Missionary Society, Plymouth Congregational Church, will meet Monday night at 8 o'clock, at the home of Mrs. John R. Thomas, South Main Avenue. Mrs. H. D. sayer will discuss the study book, "Lobita," and Mrs. Thomas will display a number number of Mexican curios. All women of the church are Invited to attend. Keystone Auxiliary To Meet Monday Ladles' Auxiliary to Keystone Consistory Consistory Consistory - will meet in Norman Hall, Masonic Temple, Monday night at S o'clock, with Mrs. Robert Nicholas presiding. Mrs. John Evans and Mrs. Kenneth Derby will be hostesses for the meeting, during which plans will be made for the St. Patrick's Day party, to be held March 17. Rare it is that an amateur produc tion in pantomime takes an audience completely away from the mundane matters of daily life, but such was the exquisite beauty of the Century Club presentation of Deems Taylor's "A Kiss in Xanadu," presented yesterday that the audience was transported into a fairy tale world of charming people. The play, a revival of the produc tion given in 1927, at the club, was under the direction of Beatrice Tyler Sanderson, and costuming was by Eleanor Hosie. Myra Thornburg Evans told the story of the play, previous to the first curtain, and played the descriptive musical accompaniment, which adds so greatly to the beauty of the pantomime. Delicately humorous and thoroughly delightful, the story tells of a young prince and princess of Xanadu, who are bored with each other, and yearn for romance. Individually, they seek to escape the humdrum court life, by a masquerade. They meet, and make love, and part, each with a keepsake of a lovely moment, and the true identity of each unknown to the other. The play closes on a pensive note, as the two, breakfasting next morning, hear the love song of the night before, before, played with hearbreaking tenderness, tenderness, and recall the magic of the brief space when each had tasted of romance. The stage setting was most attractive, attractive, and the lighting added effectively effectively to the dainty charm of the peace. Sylvia Grossman Greenwald was the princess, and a lovely one. and the part of the prince was taken exceptionally well by Betty Reevrs Little. Jeanne Samter Heinz, as the maid, and Mildred Conray Comegys as the attendant, contributed a great deal of the humorous situations. Drake Vosburg and Sandy Warman. looking like something out of the Arabian Nights, were the pages. , o oo Catholic Club Has Bridge Tournament The opening game In a new series in a duplicate bridge tournament was played at the Catholic Women's Club this week. Top score prizes and U. S. B. A. city master points were given the winning pair in each section. High scores were held as follows: North - South, Mrs. F. O. Megargee and Miss Marjorie Megargee; Mrs. William T. Nealon and Miss Catherine Davitt: J. J. Mahon and J. P. Jennings; Mrs. F. J. Moylan and Miss Catherine Da - cey; East - West, W. G. Parry, Michael De Petro; Mrs. J. J. Burns and Mrs. Francis Morgan; Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Stevens; Mrs. J. J. Cilligan and Mrs. Frank M. Walsh. 0 0 0 Tennis Club To Hold Tourney The eighth duplicate bridge tournament tournament in the series conducted by the Scranton Tennis Club will be held this evening at Hotel Casey with play starting at 8:15 o'clock. Top score prizes and V. S. B. A. city master points will be awarded to the four leading players. The standing of the leading players for the main series prize is as follows: first, Mrs. Horace A. Mahon; second, Mrs. George. Parry, W. W. Coston Jr. and M. DePietro; third. Mrs. W. W. Coston Jr. and William Thompson; fourth, Mrs. Frank Kaufman; fifth, Mrs. J. D. McCutcheon; sixth, Mrs. Harry Raker. The monthly sweepstakes game will be held Monday evening at Hotel Casey. The weekly game this evening and the monthly on Monday evening are open to all bridge players who care to compete .Details as to either of these games may be obtained from Mrs. Morris Lawrence, chairman of the Scranton Tennis Club bridge committee. committee. - - Mrs. John D'Aquino, Washburn Street, is convalescing from a recent operation at the Hahnemann Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Sherbine, Penn Avenue, are in New York. Miss Claire Richards, this city, sailed Wednesday for 'Havana, Cuba. Richard Swan, North Sumner Avenue, Avenue, is a patient at the Moses Taylor Hospital, where he is recuperating from injuries sustained In a recent automobile accident. . Mrs. F. W. Addyman, Harrison Ave nue, is spending several days in New York. Miss Jean Amerman, Monroe Ave nue, has accepted an advertising posi tion in New York. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Congdon, Elec trie Street, have left for Florida. Mr, and Mrs. Dudley R. Atherton Jr., Quincy Avenue, will leave in the near future to reside in Philadelphia Miss - Leona Fay, Marion Street, convalescing at her home, following an illness. Mrs. Warren G. Saul, North Web' ster Avenue, is recuperating from an operation at the Moses Taylor Hos pital. Polish Sodalities Will Hold Meeting Fourth Annual Convention to Take Place Here Sunday Afternoon Junior Welsh Society Convenes The Junior Welsh Woman's Society of Lackawanna County met last night In Hotel Jermyn, with Mrs. Lincoln Williams jr., presiding. Plans were made for. a fashion show and card party, to be held March 19, in Piatt' Woolworth Auditorium. Miss H. Eliza' beth Jenkins, recording secretary of the club, gave a talk, describing her trip, last Summer, to California. Cards followed the business session. St. Luke's Women To Serve Luncheon A group of women from St. Luke's Church wiu serve luncheon and conduct conduct a food sale in the parish house. Wednesday of next week, from 11 to 2 o'clock. The public is invited. Siculo League Has Meeting Ladies' Auxiliary to the SiculO' American League met last night in Hotel jermyn, with Mrs. Joseph Zummo presiding. A social hour fol lowed the routine business. Miss Elizabeth Tweedle, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Tweedle, 1760 Sanderson Sanderson Avenue, Scranton, a junior at Mount Holyoke College, has been busy during the past few weeks as chairman of the 'scenery committee appointed by the college Dramatic Club for the production of Noel Coward's "Hay Fever" to be given Saturday. Male members of the faculty will assume the masculine roles of the play. Births FLOWER To Mr. and Mrs. Carl Flower, Gouldsboro, a daughter, February February 24, at home. JAMES To Mr. and Mrs. David R. James, 424 Fifteenth Avenue, a son, February 25, in the Hahnemann Hospital, Hospital, A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, ym can get relief now with - Creomulsion. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomulsion, Creomulsion, which goes right to the seat of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed membranes membranes as the germ - laden phlegm is loosened and expelled. Even if other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) The fourth annual convention of the United Polish Women's Sodalities of the A. N. S. Of the Polish National Church, with fifty branches throughout throughout the United states and Canada, will take place Sunday afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock, in St. Stanislaus National Church Auditorium, this city. ' Reports on the organization's activities activities will be given by the ' various branches, and discussions will take place on the subjects of physical health, intellectual health and spiritual health, essentials of good citizenship. Papers will be presented on the following following topics: rThe Revival of the Real Christian Religion;" "The Value of Literature;" "The Parent - Faculty Association of the Polish National Church;" "The Relation of the United Poish Women's Organization to the Polish National Union of America;" "The Editing and Enlarging of the Polish Women's Only Publication The Quarterly polka." Election of officers will take place after the reports. The convention will open with services services of benediction at the church, after which the delegation will proceed proceed to the auditorium, where the session session wiU be in eharge of Mrs. Emilia Sznyter, national president. The Rt. Rev. Bishop Francis Hodur will deliver the invocation. 0 0 0 Lackawanna Chapter, No. 189, Order Order of the Eastern Star, will conduct a benefit card party tomorrow night at Washington Hall, West Scranton. Bingo, dominoes, pinochle and bridge will be played and prizes awarded. A Dutch lunch will be served. Mrs. Elizabeth Elizabeth Owens Is in charge of the arrangements. arrangements. Girl Scout Scribes Submit News Notes Specials On Quality Meats At MOORE'S Today and Tomorrow Fancjr... Tender CHUCK ROAST lb. 25c . (But Coin) , P0EK LOIN ROAST lb. 23c ' (Either End) " PRIME RIBS OF BEEF . lb. 35c ' (Lrge Bad) LEG OP . ! LAMB lb. 35c Large.,, Fancy " FOWL lb. 35c FANCY POTATOES peck 29c Iceberg Lettuce 2 heads 15c NEW CARROTS NEW BEETS 2 bunches 13C HARRY D. MOORE "Good Meat" 313 N. WASH. AVE. DIAL 4 - 6161 The Senior Scouts meeting at the Immanuel Baptist Chuprch will have Mrs. Cavanaugh to instruct in requirements requirements for the Dressmaker badge at the next meeting Wednesday afternoon. Other members of the Troop will be in the star study group. - v The Sunday vesper service of the Green Ridge Presbyterian Church was conducted last Sunday by the Girl Scout troops of that church. The Scouts marched in in a procession carrying carrying the Christian, American and In ternational flags. The flag salute was given, also the Girl Scout Promise and Laws. Ellen Hill presided over the rest of the meeting which included a scripture scripture reading by Barbara Burns and a prayer by Nina Stoeckel. The sermon, given by the Rev. Mr. Leber, was on the subject "Keep Life Wonderful." The service was ended by taps blown by Jane Davenhall. A covered dish supper will be held by Scouts of Troop 8 at the Washburn Street Presbyterian Church Monday eevning at 6 o'clock. Scouts of Troop 10. Temple Israel, enjoyed a shadowgraph of Peter Rabbit Rabbit at their last meeting. Scouts of Troop 16 who pa?sed the Health Winner badge at the last meeting meeting are Lois Cranston, Jean Hosfield, Dorothy Hoffman, Betty Kingsley and Betty Barthel. The card party held by Troop 19 of Weston Park, was very successful. Classes being held by the troop are Judging, under Miss May, laundrers for Weddings And All Other Occasions PR I 7 T C . FOR YOUR K I L L 0 . CARD PARTY Betty Starr ha Just returned from New York with a new selection of Unique Gifti, Picture Framei, Perfume Trays. Lamps, ete. Betty's Gift Shop 225 MILLER BLDG. under Mrs. Rhule. Some are attending folk dancing class at Weston Park for the dancer badge. Scouts of this troop are taking turns reading to a blind member of their troop. Several Scouts of Troop 22, Asbury M. E. Church, successfully completed the cook's badge. They are: Marjorie Poster, Flora Bowrer, Marion Williams, uorotny Hemisr, Lucille1 Knapp, Prls - cilla Hazzard. Two new helpers have Joined Troop 23, of the Plymouth Congregational Church, Miss Gertrude Bennett and Miss Ruth Johnson. . A play was presented at the meeting of Troop 25, St. Luke's, last week in commemoration of George Washington. Those who took part were I Aneline Calderone, Freda Calderone and Genevieve Genevieve Calderone. Troop 42 at the Dunmore American Legion Rooms, also enjoyed a George Washington play at the last meeting. The Hostess Class of Troop 46, Good Shepherd Church, entertained the troop at a Washington party last week. Games were played ard delicious refreshments refreshments served. A party was alos enjoyed by Troop 67 of the Audubon School at the last meeting. Troop 17 of the Hickory Street Presbyterian Presbyterian Church answered the quest correctly. The answer is the mink. Self - Consciousness OvereoM Personality Developed My course will assist von lo developing developing Dolse and charm And In eliminating eliminating the handlciDi of Deflected ado - r'lon NALDAH ROSS - 7S8 TATLOH ATI Telephone 4 - SMt LADIES' PUK DRESSES Dry Cleaned 4 B And Pressed IwU ALL GARMENTS INSURED ALL WORK GUARANTEED WALKER DRY GOODS CO. 317 LACKA. AVE. IN SPITE OF A RISING MARKET we offer All Fur Coats Reduced 3313 to 12 off Original Price Endfield's Fur Shoppe Suite 701 CONNELL BUILDING BAN DEE Cleaners and Dyers; Ine. 2008 Sanderson Ave. Dial 4 - 1271 HY QUALITY CLEANING PAYS Dandle Cleaners and Dyers, Inc., are quality cleaners. The cleaning methods we use are those that hare been tested and proved by scientists to be the best in their cleaning abilities, and to be the safest method to use for both the type and the color of any : certain cloth. DomomIaJ Same Day, Odorless; Kememoeri QMmj cleaning SorTle

Clipped from The Scranton Republican28 Feb 1936, FriPage 8

The Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania)28 Feb 1936, FriPage 8
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