Pantagraph 27 Dec 1864 94th thanks to sanitary commission

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Pantagraph 27 Dec 1864 94th thanks to sanitary commission - llu 1antac(tapb. gf Uil, C1BPKNTKB A CO.,...
llu 1antac(tapb. gf Uil, C1BPKNTKB A CO., Publishers "' C.L. TUL1. . I. OAKT1JITU. f. t . SSIewt. ' Acknowledgment. HiAD-QrutTias, HiAD-QrutTias, HiAD-QrutTias, 94th III. Vol. Iitr'r. ) Ft. Moroaw, Ala., Nov. 29, 1864. J Ms. Editoi .The officers ef the 94th, desirous of expressing their thank to the "Friends of the 94th," for then Terj liberal donation of Sanitary supplies, at a meeting, called for the purpose, appointed the following following named officers a oommittee to prepare a suitable acknowledgment for publication in the MoLean and Tazewell county papers : Surgeon J. C. Ross, Capt. C. M. Farland, Co. 4'B," Capt. Joseph Dennison, Co. F," Lieut. M. L. Moore, R. (J. M., and Lieut. Col. R. 0. Laughlin. By inserting the asoompanying letter in your paper, you will confer a favor upon the committee and the regiment. Very respectfully yours, R. 0. Lacghlix, ; Chairman of Committee. Hbad-Qcartirs Hbad-Qcartirs Hbad-Qcartirs 94th III. Vol. Imf't. ) Ft. Moroan, Ala., Nov. 28, 1864. j To the Friendt of the 94th t The undersigned, in behalf of the 94tb III. Vol. loft., desire to express the thanks of the regiment to the "Friends of the 94th'' who hare so kindly reminded ns, through the Illinois Sanitary Commission, that they hare not forgotten us. One consideration (and allow us to say not the least) connected with this very agreesoe episode in our soldier life, wm list many little articles that otherwise would not hare appeared on our tables at our " Thanksgiving Dinner," were there to remtod os that we had something In own Duo th our friends at home. Toe substantial token of good wishes in tbsform of barreled and boied up compli- compli- Bents, eonsisting of vegetables, fruits and dslioaciea, was most opportune. For the last twelfe months, tne regiment hu been located on our nvl remote frvo. tier, (on the Rio Grande) and at this place. la both situations we have been uoraroraDiy rumstaneed with regard to facilities for tl transmission of Sanitary supplies on the oat hand, and on the other, and f r the same nasuas, mainly, rendered peculiarly liable t the ravagee or scurvy ana .inure uis- uis- Throufh t- t- eo f "0. S. Sanitary CeW .u," (Mr. Edgrly) we received a Ut,ltne little donation at Brownsville, 1 Ins. We also received, wben mere. from the M Ladies' Society of Towanda," which reached t a time, and under eireumstaneee which Je it moat weleoae Indeed. We are likewUe loJr bled to the "In Jiaaa Hie Sanitary Comwieeiua" for valuable I an Indebtedaeae we feel sure our tnod Slate of Illinois will renay with atsreet, as it U well kaowo she spurns Ike h"f. Davia.MissieippI doctniM of repudie- repudie- M of State obligation. TL noil trilLnf nfla from Irieode at !e, are appreciated b? ibeeoldiere in the 14 in a manner and to degree, that one si U a soldier hlm-rtf hlm-rtf hlm-rtf to fully realise. VenutuiB!. aasuldiere are, to many self- self- -eials, -eials, and the aUenre of nearly all home IWte, each gifts as soar to them have a able value. They not only swpply aa la- la- ul want, and are la their own laagtuge gn treat" ta tneaweeltew, but ttey Yi furrlblj to id Use. erorte M eedetraeat--.- eedetraeat--.- eedetraeat--.- eedetraeat--.- eedetraeat--.- to them they eUiva vaJo, and awakea Hbieof lawet agreeable nature t ihej u a, them from the aleent oaee. In laa thai aak.Uu.el. eayet "We are I 'a Aarvnaad liar, of old j we are ready V V4l tf your hands and sheer Jr hearts ("d Me battle Is fought and the victory Mi k4 aatil the false light of thiewwk-Allied thiewwk-Allied thiewwk-Allied has eel to rUe no mot. "iile we wish to leader our t greie t4 thaake to the M frieade cf Mih,M wtdwrire likewise to msnlJja eer b ead and tvmrade In areis, Lieut. 0. fd, farmer If of this recit, whom ( Ute made the almoner of yr bounty. 'e iu m raithfallr fulfilled hie mls 1 mission. afsil ns to sav. thai our l ta and VMhakea la the Justice ef I se and in the certain evenual tri Ntf Oevernsseni ever the macKia Mf evil sjten, who bate laid enieidal fn that Uvvevamsel tleetf, aadenr riked free Ineti tuUons thai we '"ardtetba speedy and bappy en ec a lasting peexw thr?eakt our Uvi, a Uuvsrasssel Mvmanewtlf re- re- as a prWeiees boo to all eosaiog aad when ear Mtrfei H be reality, aad "i!f st-n st-n st-n ws ess ee. mmmn salt, HIsh sea i J teetf.Ily yewra, n. O. LaruRun, Lienk Col. d CaairmM of CvmauUe. By ew To by HIS ONE Gen. D. of main artillery, 150 cars, materials position ' To I the ftftv and of To I jusl of Gen. to pating ith cbt by the the who guns, a of cotton, these Llnl-Ism woo. t with over clear The The - (he change Th from Xi elel the Uen. senea, to cavalry eamp, firms bul ! si-i-tw Hakhia-en. a-vancing bey i. The Our The neitbe veit eker argent Mai. confer ject af nnlil fmi

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The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois)27 Dec 1864, TuePage 1
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  • Pantagraph 27 Dec 1864 94th thanks to sanitary commission

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