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Donneley 19Dec74 - at student of no We be that of for h a t to-...
at student of no We be that of for h a t to- morning. Fund Parson. and whom Corner Oak-wood in "In D a v i d Mrs. and s at 1000 Yesterday And Today-Mine Today-Mine Disasters Of West Virginia By SHIRLEY DONNELLY W.Va.. on Jan 18. 1906. The recent coal strike has Twenty - three lost their brought to mind a whole lot of l i v e s i n t h e P a r r a 1 things. One. is the great ( S u m m e r l e e ) . m i n e in number of major coal mine- Fayette County the night of disasters that have occurred Feb. 8. 1906 -- the night of a i n W e s t Virginia" ,* where coal is?king. is?king. Although ^ it is a ~ N me'lancholv total eclipse of the moon. a r m a t t e r , n u m b e r t h e m listed here. t h e f i r s t major mine disaster was the one at Newburg in Preston County on Jan. 2L 1886, when the lives of 39 men were snuffed out. The second major disaster in West Virginia was the explosion explosion in the Blanche mine at Standard on Nov. 20. 1894.. In that explosion .the lives of. eight miners were lost. On March 6. 1900. the Red Ash mine on New River near Thurmond exploded and took a toll of 46 men. It was. the largest loss of life sustained in a mine mishap in West Virginia up to'.that time. TEN MINERS were killed in the Chatham mine at Far- mmgton on May 15. 1901. and on Sept.-15. 1902.13 men were killed in Algoma Mine No. Seven.-In the Stafford mine at Stafford. 17 died on Sept. 22. 1902. Feb. 26. 1905 was the day at Wilcoe. when the Grapevine mine lost six men. Twin explosions explosions in the Rush Run and Red Ash mines claimed the- lives of 24 men in that Eayette County, mining operation, on the night of March 19.1905, On J u l y 5. 1905 t h e Tidewater mine at Vivian claimed five lives. In that number were two visitors in the mine. While five deaths in ii mine constitute a major disaster^ disaster^ the Vivian incident wasn't considered major since two of the victims were visitors. - . Twenty - two were killed in the mine at Coaldale on Jan. 4.1906. and 18 more were killed killed in the mine at AX E Q U A L n u m b e r of miners - 2 ^. met death in Century Century mine No. One. on March 22. 1906. There were 12 miners killed Jan. 26. 1907 In -the Lorentz mine at Penco: Fayette County experienced experienced a major disaster at Stuart (Lochgeliy). Jan. .29. 1907 when 84 miners were blasted into eternity. Feb. 4. 1907, 25 more 'miners were killed in Thomas mine No. -25 at Thomas. Fayette County was hard. hit again on May 1. 1907 when the explosion explosion in the mine at Whipple killed 16 men. 1907. was a black year for '·Vest Virginia in the matter of .nine explosions. It was on Dec. 6. 1907 that 362 miners w ere k i 1 1 e d i n M o n 6 ng a h mines No. Six and Eight at Monongah. That was the greatest loss of life in a mine in America up to. then. Mining experts were not able t o agree on the cause of that holocaust. Open flame lights xvere used by the miners of that time. Vivian are the ones in the period beginning Jan. 21. 1886 and ending March 31. 1909. Those fatal happenings do not take into account the mine accidents of that same period where less than five were killed. In that s^ime stretch of 23 years. 2 months, and 10 days, many miners were killed killed in lots from one to four. In those 23 major mine disasters disasters at least 891 persons were killed. In all probability those killed in minor mine accidents w o u l d swell number of mine fatalities for .that period, to at least one thousand. . In a forthcoming column, major mine disasters in West Virginia, between April 1. 1909 to date, will be listed together with the number of casualties. " . earned g FAYETTE County ; -\vas the scene of an explosion on Jan. 30. 1908. when the Bachmnian mine near Hawks Nest took a toll of nine. lives. . Fifty men were killed when Lick Branch mine blew up at Switchback on Dec. 29. 1908. Fifteen days, later. Jan. 12. 1909. that same coal mine exploded exploded again and 67 more lost their lives -- 117 lives lost in 1 5 days. . - . . . ' - Fa yet t.e C o u n ty, h a d a n o t h e r m i n e m i s h a p o n March 31. 1909. That day the Echo - mine at Betiry. down New river from Thurmond, was the scene of the death of six miners. Jack Anderson-Jackson Anderson-Jackson THE foregoing 22 major m i n e d i s a s t e r s i n West Detroit. Virginia, plus the mishap at WASHINGTON -- President President Ford has no intention o f t a k i n g S e n , . Goldwater's i vice that he park Air Force One in the h a n g a r a n d give full atten- t i o n to t h e economy. The President .has t o l d s u b o r - dinates that he'll give top priority to the economic c r i s i s b u t w o n ' t n e g l e c t ' presidential duties. He fully expects to c o n t i n u foreign travel, with scheduled visits to~China ? Europe and India. Friends of Richard Nixon xvouldn't be surprised to see h i m q u i e t l y a Catholic faith. He was raised in a devout Quaker home. according to his friends, he is impressed with C a t h o doctrine and ritual. They say he has had a lot of time-to reflect since he left the White House. He is a loner who seldom -confides his innermost innermost thoughts to his friends. his is a the failed to the the oil and a and the tax

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Beckley Post-Herald (Beckley, West Virginia)19 Dec 1974, ThuPage 4
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