Col 1, Memorial Day floral decorations, 17 May 1883 Enquirer, Marie in col 2

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Col 1, Memorial Day floral decorations, 17 May 1883 Enquirer, Marie in col 2 - .EaOstlAt, DAT. JfrepeirsitlBM rr tfce Asiainal...
.EaOstlAt, DAT. JfrepeirsitlBM rr tfce Asiainal Tribaite. Tbe Flower Committee iu ebsrge of tbe memorial eeremontes at tbe Hprlng Grove, Wesley an. Hi. Joseph's. .Warsaw Pike, St, Bernard and Walnut Hllla Cemeteries on Memorial Day. May 30. 1883. is composed of th following-named following-named following-named comrades of tbe Grand Army of the Republic. Tlx.: Comrades Com xaanders Frank W. Brown, Commodore Foot Poet, No. 200: C. U. Wentzell. Israel Ludlow Poet; T. M. Secbler, George H. Thomas Poet: J. W. Morgan. William Nelson Post, No. 1M5; M.C. Parker. , M. Moore Post; Philip W. Plan hope. General Lytl Post ; K. P. Dost Id, . rvai; ana ourgeou J. Ji. May, elHOB Poau Jibe committee win meet at tbe parlor of W na ill . & 1 aa. a sa v . . . - n . p. m. rrioay. May va penset arrangsmenta, and ear- ear- aiesviy request use tne foliowlog-named foliowlog-named foliowlog-named ladles, .appointed to represent tbe posts of (he G. A. K. ot Hamilton County, be present, la order v Jr"." aiB:nii to specine duty 'm riant, jars. J . h. vtiiaon. uH r tv u -Clang. -Clang. Mrs. Kdward F. Noyes. Mrs. J. B. For- For- aker. Mrs. A. M.Warner, Mrs. K. V. Dawes. Mrs. W. E. Kuhn, Mrs. T. J. Herroa, Mra.E. R. Anthony,1 Mrs. George Mootettn. Mrs. J. K. kher wood. Mra. 8. A. Wbltneld. Mrs. Joseph. -O-Momson, -O-Momson, -O-Momson, Mrs. W. H. Morgan, Mrs. A. E. Jones, Mrs. Joseph L. Oaul, Mrs. Joseph L. Logan, Mrs. J. W. Dun lap. Mrs. H. P. Liord. Mra. Fred W. Moore, Mrs. S. N. Maxwell. Mrs. frank J. Jooea, Mrs. A. li Ickanlooper. Mrs. B. 'fctanton and Miss William. Veteran Regiment Mrs. Robert Cromer, Mrs. Lieutenant-Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel Choata, Mrs. Msjor Hopkins, Mrs. Msjor Hunter, Mrs. Hurgeon May, Mrs.CaptalnUllery, Mrs. Captain Hsynes, Mrs. Captain Mullen, Mrs. Captain Phelf-.far. Phelf-.far. Phelf-.far. Mrs. captain Bull! van, Mrs. Lieutenant Orowileb. Mrs. Lieutenant Issuer. Mrs. Lisa-.senantZier.ler, Lisa-.senantZier.ler, Lisa-.senantZier.ler, Mrs. Lieutenant Kruae. Commodore Foot Post Mrs. ti. L. Qreen. Mrs. tea rah Malott, Mrs. Robert Carver. Mra. F. W. Browo. R. M. Moor Post Mrs. Martha Breetinger. Mrs. Nancy Hollenkamp, Mra. Frances Nowe. August Wlllieb Post Mra. K. p. Doatia and Mrs. a. W. Hesreh. William Neisoo Post Mrs. J. P. Rabensteln, Mrs. Martha Kerler. Mrs. John Barnes. M rs. A. W. Belter. Mrs. Dr. John Campbell. Mra R. W. Wise, Mrs. Andrew Donaldson. Mrs. Moses L. -Andrews, Mrs. Milton Cook, Mrs. James It. Parker, Mra. H- H- W. K rase.. Mrs. Marion Margrave, Margrave, Mra. L. Grlmmingsr, Mrs. Ioui Ris- Ris- elt,'Mrs. J.D. Vanee, Mrs. P. Htapleton, Mrs. rJ. Ui Mahoney.Mra. JacobHoloman.' Mrs.Jobn Doeaehler. Mrs. J. R. Kelaner Mra.T. M. UrS. Mrs Evens. MtasTheresa Huber. Mtaa LJs- LJs- Ble M. Agar. Miss Evans, Mis Amelia (iot fcartli. Miss Annie C. Kwaia. Mia Uertroae Boade, Miss May Donaldson. -4 Israel Ludlow Post Mrs. H. N. Van Dyke, -Jan. U W. Whliely, Mrs. WUUaaa DavU, Ssa , . """ r w-m w-m w-m rs. r. m. (Mrenier, Mrs. J. H.CIlntou. Airs. J. M- M- Hunter, Mrs. (teorgs L. Tetter. Mrs. James Kyle. Mrs. Cbsa. ti. Kinser. Mrs. E. W Willi-;.,. Willi-;.,. Willi-;.,. w ..T .

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer17 May 1883, ThuPage 8

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)17 May 1883, ThuPage 8
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  • Col 1, Memorial Day floral decorations, 17 May 1883 Enquirer, Marie in col 2

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