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1894-09-08-WashingtonBee-p3-[TaylorNotes] - appli order in is for D. C Ar C. e. and M n. w....
appli order in is for D. C Ar C. e. and M n. w. n. w. errands Goo.i where resumed after Sil-fiitt well has installed the Ada from where Matthews the pleasant Lou mar-nage to evening residence hard of the the are litra an tor authors ferial ma-gaz'iie com musical Arthur new will Arditi, the same his a of is DR. DYSON". government to of position remembered a printers. in only remembrance legit unim-harrassed government Rev.R. u. Gr. Dison, the veteran ana ifOlOll Of Iho. Tinn-m mill;- ; ..- improving in health and .vill soon be I Richmond again. j So highly is he Wicuiht of by his" congregation that he has been presented presented with a horse and carriage. OUR FLAG INSULTED. MATTHEWS OF ALBANY The outlook now is that C. II. J. Taylor will be removed and lion J. (j. Mat I thews, the polished politician will be app. mted to succeed him. Mr. Matthews, Matthews, the short time he was recorder of deeds made a good officer and if Mr. Cleveland intends to appoint an outside outside man no better appointment could be made. Mr. Matthews is a gentle-man gentle-man and a line lawyer who would no doubt at this time receive the indorse meat of all irre3;;tiy e of n.irtv. Jf Mr, Cleveland wants to satisfy the neuro democracy, the removal of Tayh r and the appointment of such a man as Matthews, Uiley, Smith or Gross will do the thing? TOO SMART. Trampled Under Foot and tho British Flag Hoisted in Its Place. London, Aug. 15. A dispatch to the Times from Port Iihnoii, Costa Rica, dated August 12, says: "Tho British cruiser Mohawk has arrived here from the Mosquito country -with Chief Clarence Clarence and 112 refugees aboard. Blue-fields Blue-fields was retaken by 2,000 Nicaragu-ans, Nicaragu-ans, -wno arrived from Rama and Greytown aboard transports flying fcho United States flag. The American 'marines re-emtoarked on their approach, abandoning the American American residents, many of -whom removed fhe national flag from their houses, trampled upon it, and ihoisted the British flag. The Nioaraguan officials, on entering the government house, hauled down and tore into slhreds the Mosquito flag and arrested numerous Americans and Jama-clans suspected of sympathizing with Chief Clarence. Oapt. Stewart, of the Mohawk, went into the prison and rescued all who were willing to claim British protection. protection. The Mohawk remains at Port Limon awaiting orders from Great Britain. Chief Clarence is still aboard the Mohawk." LIQUOR DEALERS. THIS MAX" WHO THOUGHT IiE I1AD A CI VCII OX THE WIND BAG. i Before the Dale of Gloster wa made King, he promised the Duke of Buckingham Buckingham the movables of HeieTol. Buckingham us d all kinds of per suasive arguments to the pjh.1 co place the rascal on the throne." Murdering Murdering kings, queens, princesj-es,etc. was but a little thing in comparison with Glisters ambition to get on the throne. Through tie intrigues of Buckingham and the rascality cf Gloster he was matte king. 26 sooner was he made king he commenced his rascality and put his foot right in it. He wore the crown but a sluvt time. Geo. O. Smith was Taylor's right hand man, (i. e.) bethought so; he would denounce denounce his iriends because they would not support the Kansas wind bag. Befrre and after Taylor's nomination nomination and confirmation he declared over his own name that Taylor was the greatest man in the country. He went so far as to compare the wind bag with Daniel Webster, lie told the 13ms man that his god was too great to be disturbed: that he would start a paper that would knock the Bee out. Smith was sent by the wind bag to intimidate the Bee but it would not work. He got too .- mart for Taylor and the moment Smith thought he was solid , the wind bag in the language that was so charac eristic of Gloster. he cried1 off with his head, so much for Buckingham. The wind bag put one of his Kansas females in his place. What the Wine and Spirit Gazette Says About Mjrr. Satolli's Views. New York, Aug. 15. The Wine and Spirit Gazette says: "A careful survey survey of the whole field justifies us in stating that Mgr. Satolli's views of the relation between liquor dealers and the church are not likely to be carried out by the bishops In the cities of the country. country. We predicted such result in our issue of July 25. The full discussion which the whole matter has received in the press has been the means of disclosing disclosing to the dignitaries of the church a great light. Archbishops and bishops ave publicly declared their intention of ignoring Mgr. Satolli's admonitions. The result is a great triumph for the cause of 'personal liberty. ' TWO FIENDS. Indignant Whites Lynch Negroes for a Vile Assault. Jacksonville, Pla., Aug. 15. Two negroes, who outraged Miss - Potts in LaJfayette county a few days ago, were caught near McAlpine and confessed confessed their guilt. They were taken to the scene of the crime and lynched. Tho victim was only fourteen, and her mind is so affected by the terrible experience experience that dt is feared she max cover recover her reason. i j BRUTAL SOUTHERN OUTRAGES BRAVE WORDS FRO.U A GREAT PAPER. From Ihu Evening Star. The shock felt by the whole nation at j the news ot the murder ot six negro prisoners by a mob in Tennessee, described described in dispatches published in Saturday's Saturday's Mar, furnishes evidence that the public concience is awakening to a sense of duty in this matter of lyn -hing; The state of Tennessee owes it to itself to see that swift punishment follows the frightful crime of this mob, a crime not against the lives of those six defenseless defenseless negroes only, but against the honor and the liberties of .the whole people. Whenever a lynching occurs in a community respect for law is lessened, lessened, and life and prosperity are not so secure in that community as they were before. It is a noticeable fact that in the present case the negroes lynched were not guiltv of the gross crime which, according to the code of some communities, has been h ;1 I lo iustifyeven such a public outrage as lynching. The crimes charged to the six prisoners were exasperating, but not of a character that affords a shad-mv shad-mv of instillation for interfering with the course of law. The whole south g will hp.likelv to suiter from the effects i of the wholly inexcusable outrage in j Tennessee, as tne yicuuis wore negroes negroes the declaration made by represen-tative represen-tative bodies of leading colored churches that the lives of negroes are held in the South- as less sacred even than the lives of the brutes of the field, has received strong confirmation. It is for Tennessee and the South to prove by general condemnation of such crimes and the of adoption of effective preventative preventative measures, that theirs is a land where the teachings of Christianity have borne fruit and human law is respected Millions of Gallons of Whislcey. Washington, Aug. 15. Reports re-teivod re-teivod at the treasury department, from whiskey-producing centres, state 'dhere is a great rush to take wWskey out of bond at tho old rate of ninety cents a gallon before the new tax, $1.10 .per gallon, becomes operative. At inewft of tho large distilleries whiskey, In bond has already been gauged, ready upon payment of the tax, to be withdrawn. A conservative estimate plaea9 the amount, of whiskey in bond at G0,000,000 gallons. Raising the Price of Whiskey. Peoria, 111. Aug. 15. The Distilling md Cattle Feed Company has advanced advanced prices three cents all around. This was due to the big increase in the demand for tihe products caused by the passage of the Senate bill. The force of gaugers has been largely increased, increased, and the revenue colections jumped from 20,000 a day to more than $1G4,000. This increase is expected expected to continue till the tariff law goes into effect Carnot's Son Married. Paris, Aug. 15. Mile. Marguerite Ohirds, daughter of Senator Chiris, was married yesterday afternoon io Ernest Oarnot, son of the late President of the Republic. The betrothal of Mile. Chiris and M. Oarnot was announced last spring. A Disastrous Cyclone. Madrid, Aug. 15. During the cyclone cyclone which swept over the province of Ciudad Real. Over 200 persons were injured and several thousand domestic domestic animals were killed. The damage damage to crops in province is estimated at $300,000. BE WILL UU. From the Omaha Enterprise. The civil service commission has reccouiuunded Tayloi's removal. Cleveland will have to make a showing in civil service reform and will no donbt star t on Taylor, and Taylor will probably have to go back to Kan-as. where he can 1 keep himself busy unruarrin; some of the men wnoui tie claims to nava made. Tho Bennington Disabled. San Francisco, Aug. 15. It is reported reported here on good authority that the cause of fhe Bennington's failure to reach here is that she has disabled one engine, and is coming up the coast under half steam. National Salvation Barracks. .New York, Aug. 15. The -Salvation Army last evening laid the corner stone of Its new building on Fourteenth street, near Sixth avenue. The building building will be used as a national headquarters, headquarters, and will cost 350,000. Dies on a Train. West Union, la., Aug. 15. N. R. Ellsworth, of New York, who was on his way to Jackson, Minn., died of heart failure on the train between Fort Atkinson and Oalmar. 'His brother was .with him. excursion Glen scenic for leave Station p. S.OO term special will tickets permit Burdett coaches return Schester Sep. Itooklnj for BTeywarcl McAllister. Newport, Aug. 15. A young woman is registered at a hotel here as Mrs. E. A. McCall. She is seeking Heyward McAllister, son of Ward McAllister, and is very persistent in her efforts to see him. From the Journal of the Lodge. Governor Tilmau of South Caro liua, orders his Sunday soldiers out to force Negro laborers to work for small wages. Surely the whites of the Sou'h believe slavery still exists. C H. J. Taylor aud his Negro Democratic Laue followers followers will please makd a note. From tha Negro Progress. The Negro Democratic side-show is over auu toe ireatta ui uuiuiw "nave ben well aired. Tbe "bag of wind' from Km sas is sun cmei mogul. What they accomp'dbed by their great ( ?) meeting does not amount to the cost of the bread that, was consumed while they, la bored so . earnestly. Bat they think tbey did great wonders. Mayor GUroy Goes to Europe. New York, Aug. 15. Mayor Gilroy sailed for Europe on the Paris to-day. In explanation of his sudden determination determination to go abroad the mayor said he was in need of rest. Explosion in South tondon. '&- London, Aug. 15 The Telegraph reports reports that a bomb exploded last evening evening in the postoffice at New Cross, South London, and that the office wTas much damaged. Japanese Win a Battle. Yokohama, Aug. 15 News has been received of a battle which took place on the 11th instant between Japanese and Chinese fleets. The Chinese were driven off. Evicted Tenants Bill Rejected. .London, Aug. 15.-The Evicted Tenants' Tenants' bin was rejected by the House of Ixxrda last night by a votf 249 to 30. AV jr J4 2 vr $5 85 l 5. 5-a si Si ss K, $ & V, 'S'.i S IX ''. I AM ' And 609 F DR. L. O. PROF. Juo. W. Wyat J. A H. Ifi. W. S. and ch with Interest. chck ball ccoun M. to 1 est of Every of the v Will m tion ry within zine. The in of the postal S 1 Ur III die T 5tr.-'"K aumbsr, ind U . I ind

Clipped from The Washington Bee08 Sep 1894, SatPage 3

The Washington Bee (Washington, District of Columbia)08 Sep 1894, SatPage 3
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